Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/24/06

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/24/06


Written By Kristy
Pictures by Juanita

Stephanie and Max are working on his race car. They are trying to salvage what they can from the damaged car. Max is skeptical about saving it, but Stephanie thinks it can be done. She knows the car means a lot to him and she wants to help him fix it. She tells him that she thinks cars are a lot like relationships, sometimes, they can be more trouble than they’re worth. (Could that be a stab at Chelsea?) Max looks over to the lockers where he has posted a picture of him and Chelsea.

Chelsea is waiting for Abby at the hospital. She tries to keep Abby’s spirits up about Jacks treatments, saying that he always finds a way to come through. Abby goes to tell her mother goodbye before they take off, and Chelsea says, out loud, that she has to find a way to get rid of Miss Goodwrench. She is flipping through a magazine and stops on a certain page and says, “That’s it”.

Jennifer is sitting by Jack’s side as Abby comes into the room. Lexie asks Frankie how Jennifer is doing and he says that he wishes there was something he could do for her. Lexie thinks there is and asks him to follow her.

Maggie helps Austin put the finishing touches on the surprise dinner that he has planned for Sami. Austin’s phone rings and it is Carrie. She tells him that they have to go to the hospital for the results to her tests. He hopes they can join them for dessert later. Sami and E.J. are in her apartment getting ready for the dinner. She is still worrying about telling Austin the truth. He tells her that if Austin can’t forgive her for whatever she’s done, then he doesn’t deserve her. She’s not sure he would still mean that if he knew what she had done. E.J. tells her that he has made mistakes too. Sami remembers about the girl in London that chose her career over being with him. He feels that he should have fought harder for her and maybe they would be together today. That’s why he thinks she should fight for Austin. Austin walks in and tells her how beautiful she looks. He says that this is going to be a night that neither one of them will forget. He says that it’s time for her surprise. She wants to talk to him about something before they go to the roof.

Lexie comes into her office to see Carrie and Lucas who have been waiting there for her. Carrie wants her to tell them that the baby is okay. Lexi tells Carrie that she’s sorry.

Max asks Stephanie if she is referring to him and Chelsea. She says that she didn’t say that, but he can tell that’s what she meant. He says that she hasn’t even seen the best part of her yet, and she says that she hopes that what she’s seen isn’t the best part of her because that would be kind of scary. He tells her that she’s jealous, and she reminds him that Chelsea said that she wasn’t jealous of her. Max says of course she is because Stephanie is beautiful, smart, strong, self-confident, and successful. He says that Stephanie is everything that Chelsea isn’t and wants to be. He does say that Chelsea is beautiful too. He says that maybe he enjoys the challenge and that she’s not like anyone he’s ever known.

Chelsea is reading through a magazine article entitled, “How to Keep Your Man Crazy for You”. She’s got an idea. Jennifer tells Abby to go out and have fun tonight because Jack is stable and he would want her to. She tells her to come back tomorrow. Jennifer talks to Jack and tells him how much they need him. Frankie comes in and tells Jennifer that Maggie wants to set with Jack and that she needs to take a break. He has something planned for her. She leaves the room with him and Jack opens his eyes and looks her way as she leaves. (He knows everything that has been going on.)

Austin tells Sami that Carrie and Lucas will not be there for dinner. She hopes everything is okay. Austin wants to head up to the roof. E.J. leaves first and Sami wants to tell him something very important. He says that it can wait until later. As they come out on the roof, Sami is amazed with everything Austin has done. He tells her that he wants to show her and all their friends how much she means to him. He says that there is a much bigger surprise waiting for her.

Lexie tells Carrie and Lucas that there is no baby. She’s not pregnant. Lexie tells them that she was never pregnant, and the home pregnancy test gave her a false positive. She says that she had a hysterical pregnancy. Lucas says that they will try again. Lexie says that there is something else too. Carrie begs her not to tell her that she can’t have children.

Max tells Stephanie that she’s not the first person to ask him what he sees in Chelsea. She says that it is a well known fact that Max Brady has an eye for cute girls, and she says GIRLS in plural, meaning not just one. He jokes that the rumors are true. He says that he’s not like that anymore because of Chelsea. Stephanie says that there must be more to her than meets the eye. Max says that there is and that she’s been hurt a lot. Stephanie asks if he loves her and he says that he does. He says that there is something about her that makes him want to be a better person. (You think?) He tells her that someday when Chelsea is all grown up, that he wants to marry her. Max asks Stephanie if there is someone special in her life. She says that actually there is. And then she turns away from Max and says, “…there was.”

Abby and Chelsea come to Dune. Abby asks how Chelsea is going to make Max jealous. She says with another guy. Abby rolls her eyes and tells her that she’s done that enough. Chelsea says that she’s not going to just make Max jealous. She wants him to think he’s got some serious competition.

Jack is awake as Maggie comes into the room. He asks about Jennifer. She tells him that she is with Frankie (like he doesn’t know) and he wants her to leave them alone. Frankie takes Jennifer into another room in the hospital. She thanks him for taking such good care of her and he tells her that he loves her.

Austin and Sami kiss on the roof. She is wondering what’s going on. E.J. comes out and urges Sami to tell him fast. Austin forgot something downstairs and leaves to go get it. E.J. tells her Austin is quite the romantic. She thinks she’s going to ruin it and runs herself down. E.J. thinks that she’s afraid that if Austin finds out the truth, that he will go back to Carrie. He tries to reassure her that will not happen because she’s married to Lucas and they are having a baby. He tells her to look at what Austin has done here tonight. It’s obvious that he loves her. She says that she’s going to tell him as soon as he gets back. Austin pulls an engagement ring out of his bag! He picks up a picture of Carrie, and then sets it down. He then leaves the apartment to meet Sami on the roof.

Lexie tells Carrie that she can’t have children. She has already consulted with other doctors and her chance of conceiving are less than one percent. Carrie is devastated.

Back at Dune, Abby chastises Chelsea about playing more games with Max. Chelsea tells her that it’s already started, and that she told her before that when a man thinks he has you, he starts loosing interest. Abby does not agree with her and tells her that Max’s car being destroyed has been hard on him and that Chelsea is mad because he’s not paying enough attention to her. Chelsea says that Stephanie Johnson is what’s wrong with her and that everything was fine until she got here. Abby says that they are just friends. Chelsea disagrees and says that she wants him and that she knows Max notices that. She thinks he likes her too. Abby tells her that if she goes through with this plan, she may loose Max forever. Abby grabs the magazine and reads the articlle. Then she tells her that it also says that it’s a dangerous game and it could backfire. It says it could also be the number way to loose a man. Play at your own risk. Chelsea is going to text Max.

Max gets the message from Chelsea saying that she is at Dune and wants to have a drink with him. He asks Stephanie to come along with him. She accepts his invitation.

Chelsea gets a text back from Max that says he’s on his way. She heads off to make her move on another man.

Jennifer tells Frankie that he has been patient and kind and that his feelings matter to her. She feels that she has been selfish to him. She wonders how long he is willing to wait for her. She loves him but doesn’t know what to do.

Chelsea asks a guy to dance and Abby interrupts. She says that she’s not going to let her do this to Max. Chelsea is flirting heavy with this guy. She engages in a huge kiss with him just as Max and Stephanie walk through the door. Stephanie just shakes her head.

Maggie is showing Jack pictures of Jack Jr. He sees a picture of Jennifer and Frankie and tells Maggie that he is happy for the both of them, and that’s what he wanted. Jennifer and Frankie get closer and Frankie thinks they should stop. Jennifer doesn’t want to.

Lucas is trying to console Carrie, but she’s very upset. He tells her that they can still have children, even if they have to adopt. His phone rings and leaves the room to take the call. Carrie tells Lexie that she would have never put Lucas through this if she’d have known. Lexie asks if she means that she never would have married Lucas. Carrie says that she accepted his proposal only because she thought she was pregnant. She wonders what she has done.

E.J. wants to leave so Sami can tell Austin, but she wants him to stay. Austin comes in and pulls out the ring. He gets down on one knee and asks her to marry him. She says that she would love to but she can’t.

Previews for tomorrow:

Hope: Prove to me that you didn’t tamper with the evidence to keep Chelsea out of jail then maybe we can try to work on saving our marriage.

Mimi: Shawn is Claire’s biological father.

Billie: You may be cooking dinner for Sami, but you’re thinking about Carrie aren’t you?

E.J.: You’ve been through this with Austin before. You know you can go through it again. If it doesn’t work out, you know there’s going to be a whole line of men to take you out.

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