Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/21/06

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/21/06


Written By Kristy

Sami is pacing the floors in her apartment and Austin is asking her why she is so upset. He knows that something is wrong with her, but she is hesitant to tell him. She does tell him that she needs to talk to him about something important, but she doesn’t think he’s going to like it.

Lucas is on the phone arguing with the contractors about getting their apartment repaired from the fire. They are telling him that it will take two more months and he is very upset. Carrie is sifting through their possessions when she comes across a baby book that was ruined.

The EMT’s have gotten Phillip on the gurney and prepare to take him to the hospital. Max runs out on the track with Stephanie and E.J. following him. He is upset with the whole ordeal and says that he should have never told Phillip that he may have a shot as a driver. Stephanie reminds Max that this wasn’t his fault and that he never gave Phillip permission to be on the track in his car. She hugs him as Chelsea is walking up. E.J. walks around and notices that there is gas dripping from the car and sparks coming from underneath. He says nothing. Belle is an emotional wreck and she is blaming herself as Shawn tries to calm her down. He tells her that he doesn’t want to loose her and the baby, and that he loves her. Phillip and Mimi both hear him and he tries to explain it away. Mimi tells him that she and Phillip know exactly what he meant and tells Phillip that she will be at the hospital. She walks off and Shawn goes after her. The car explodes!

Carrie and Lucas look through the baby book. They talk about Sami coming back into the apartment to save Lucas. Carrie asks him is he ever wishes that he and Sami were having a baby together. He says that he has because they had always talked about having another baby. He says that it’s over between them, but that she is a good mother to Will. She comments on how she broke up with Austin over the take-over of High Style, and now, she can’t imagine how it (High Style) was ever really that important to her. He asks her if she’s having second thoughts. She tells him no, it’s just that having this baby has changed everything for her. Lucas knows that he missed out on a lot of Will’s life when he was a baby, and he’s looking forward to sharing this time with her and the baby when it’s born.

The explosion knocked Mimi down and the firefighters are putting out the fire. Shawn helps Mimi up and asks if she’s okay. She says that she’s not hurt, but that she’s not okay either. She tells him that she knows he loves Belle and he can’t deny it this time. She shouts at him and tells him not to insult her intelligence, and leaves him standing there to check on Phillip. Belle is standing over Phillip and he tells her that he’d rather die than see her with Shawn. He is having a terrible time breathing. E.J. gives Max his condolences about his car and he leaves. Stephanie tells Max that it’s okay for him to be upset and he thanks her for being there. As they leave, Stephanie takes hold of Max’s arm. Chelsea is watching them as her phone rings. She answers it and it is Abby. Chelsea tells her that she needs her help to take a certain woman out of the race.

Sami is having a hard time trying to tell Austin the truth about what she did to Carrie, Lucas, and to him. He has to take a call and tells her she will have to tell him later. This call can not wait.

Lucas reminds Carrie that they have to keep things in perspective, and that soon, they will be it Italy on their honeymoon. Carrie is kissing Lucas, but she is imagining that it is Austin. Austin walks to the door and watches them.

Chelsea is waiting outside Max’s garage as Abby walks up to meet her. Chelsea fills her in on the wreck Phillip had in Max’s car, and she tells her about turning off his phone earlier when Stephanie tried to call. Abby can’t believe she did that after knowing what had taken place and worries what Chelsea will do next. Chelsea says that she has a plan. Stephanie and Max are working on his car. He is trying to stay calm but he’s angry at Phillip. He loves his car and refers to it as “her”. Stephanie wants to help him repair his car and he is pleased but surprised. He tells her that most other drivers are glad to see the competition loose, no matter what the circumstances may be. She tells him that she wants to race against the best, otherwise, there would be no challenge. He asks her why she would go out of her way to help him. Before she can answer, Chelsea walks up and answers for her. She says that it’s because Stephanie has a thing for him.

Phillip arrives in the emergency room and Lexie makes Belle wait outside while she examines him. He tells her he has pain in his chest when he exhales. Lexi checks for a collapsed lung. Phillip tells her about the wreck and she chastises him for driving the car at 200 miles an hour. She asks why he would do this. He explains that he was mad because Belle is pregnant with Shawn’s baby. Shawn tries to tell Mimi that he loves

Belle the same way Mimi still loves Rex. She says that it’s not the same thing and he disagrees. He tells her again that he loves her and wants to be with her and not Belle. Mimi thinks that when Belle has the baby, it will bring the two of them closer together. He promises that he will not let that happen. She tells him not to make promises that he may not be able to keep. Belle hears the conversation from behind the door.

Sami answers a knock at the door, and it’s E.J. He tells her about Phillip’s accident. He wants to know if she told Austin the truth. She tells him that she tried, but he was too busy to listen to her. E.J. tells her if she doesn’t tell Austin the truth soon, her world is going to fall apart. He says that she needs to find him right now and tell him. She doesn’t know where he is, but E.J. tells her that he is at Lucas and Carrie’s apartment.

As Austin watches Carrie and Lucas kiss, he is imaging that it is him and Carrie. He knocks and asks for a box of cd’s that he left some time ago. Lucas leaves the room to get them for him. Austin asks Carrie if she has the test results from the hospital, but she says that she doesn’t have them yet. Lucas returns with the cd’s and tells him they have to rent an apartment until their apartment is remodeled. Austin invites them to stay at Sami’s apartment until their apartment is finished.

Stephanie accuses Chelsea of being jealous and Chelsea pretends that would be a joke. Stephanie tells her to admit that she’s afraid she will steal Max away from her. She asks Chelsea if she realizes, because of her pettiness, that if Max had gotten her message right away, he would’ve made it to the racetrack in time to save more of his car. And, she goes on to say that he could’ve helped the rescue squad get Phillip out of the car faster. Chelsea tells Max that she is sorry about Phillip and that his car got totaled, but says that she had a perfectly good reason for not telling Max that she’d called. Stephanie and Max want to hear this. Chelsea says that she didn’t tell him that she had called, because Stephanie is stalking her boyfriend. Stephanie laughs out loud and thinks that is ridiculous. Chelsea says that she’s not saying that because she’s jealous, but because she finds it creepy. Max wants to know what she’s talking about. Chelsea says that Stephanie was standing outside the Pub this morning watching them eat. Stephanie tells them that she was at the Pub because her mother is staying there. Max is angry and tells Chelsea that she should not have kept Stephanie from getting in touch with him, and right now they are trying to salvage the rest of the “scrap pile” (his car), so he’ll call her later. Chelsea says, “Max”, and he says, “NO! I’m in a bad mood. Get out! I’ll call you later.” She storms out. He and Stephanie continue to work on his car. Outside, Abby tells Chelsea, “Well, that went well.” Chelsea is mad because Max defended Stephanie, and she scolds Abby for not saying anything in her defense. Abby said that she couldn’t say anything because what Chelsea said, sucked.

Lexi discusses the error over the IVF with Phillip. She tells him that she is sorry. He is afraid that Shawn and Belle’s feelings will come back for each other. Lexi tries to reassure him of his marriage. She tells him that neither Belle nor Shawn is at fault, and not to take it out on them. She tells him to have faith in his marriage to Belle, and to talk to all of them so they can all agree on some plan of action and work this thing out. Belle is still listening to Shawn and Mimi’s conversation through the door. Mimi tells Shawn that they all know he and Belle would be together today if it hadn’t been for Jan Spears. He says that it wasn’t all Jan’s fault, and that he and Belle were at fault too, but they have grown up since then. He tells her that he loves her. She wants to know which child they will raise. He doesn’t know, but says that all four of them will sit down and figure it out together. Belle walks in. Shawn wonders why Phillip would do such a thing and says that it is hard on all of them. Belle says that Phillip has flipped out about this and she is worried about him.

Sami thought Carrie and Lucas would not feel like going out on the town tonight after what they have just been through. Lucas accepts Austin’s invitation to stay with them for a while until their apartment is restored. Sami isn’t too excited about the idea but agrees to it anyway. Sami still tries to get Austin to talk to her, but he says that he doesn’t have time right now. Lucas asks Carrie if she’s alright with the idea of them staying with Sami and Austin. Sami, obviously very angry, comes into her apartment and slams the door behind her. E.J. wonders if the conversation with Austin didn’t go so well. She says that once again he didn’t have time to talk to her, and he invited Lucas and Carrie to go out with them to dinner tonight. E.J. thinks that Sami is just making excuses for not telling Austin.

Max and Stephanie work on his car, and Max notices that she is quiet. He apologizes for the way Chelsea acted in front of her. He tells her that she is young and insecure. She says that she would probably feel the same way, and that Chelsea doesn’t want him working so closely with a woman. Stephanie flirts with Max and says that she might not think that we’re “working” so closely. He smiles. Chelsea can’t believe that Abby is siding with Stephanie. Abby says that she isn’t siding with anyone, and that she’s just tired of Chelsea playing these games. She wants to know what happened to the new and improved Chelsea, the girl that was so grateful that she didn’t have to go to prison, and swore she was going to change her life around. Chelsea says, “Point taken, alright?” Chelsea plays on Abby’s pity. She says that when she’s done with Max, he’s not even going to remember Stephanie’s name.

Phillip tells Lexi that she’s right about the mix up with the embryos. He loves Belle and he’s not going to loose her. Lexi wants him to rest and she wants to keep him over night for observation. Mimi makes a sarcastic remark about Phillip crashing into the wall, referring to when Shawn crashed his motorcycle into the church at Phillip and Belle’s wedding. She says she’s just saying not to be so hard on him because all of them have done crazy things out of anger before. Belle feels that she should have handled things better. Mimi leaves to call her mother. Belle tells Shawn that the two of them having a baby together is not the only reason Phillip was so angry. The other reason was that he knows she wants to have his baby. She says that she didn’t say that to him, but she can’t hide the way she feels, and tells him that she does want to have his baby. She says the truth is, she couldn’t want anything more. Mimi had stopped on the other side of the door where Belle was listening in earlier, and heard Belle’s confession to Shawn.

Lexi comes into her office with Carrie’s medical results. She picks up the phone and calls Carrie right away and asks her to come to the hospital now. Carrie agrees and she and Lucas head out.

E.J. asks Sami if it has occurred to her that the person responsible for the notes could possibly send the next letter to Austin. Austin comes in and asks E.J. to join them for dinner tonight. He gets a page and leaves again. He tells her to meet him on the roof later, as Sami is still trying to get him to talk to her. Now E.J. realizes that Sami really had been trying to talk to Austin and he would give her no time. He says that she’s just going to have to pin him down. He tells her that whatever happens, he will be around to help her, and that she can count on it. She says that if she’s only going to have one best friend ever, she’s glad it will be him. They hug as the hand watches outside. Freeze frame.

Previews for tomorrow:

Chelsea: Yay, you did it.

E.J.: If austin can't forgive you for whatever you've done, then he doesn't deserve you.

Frankie: We shouldn't do this.

Jennifer: No, I want you. I need to do this, please.

Lexie: There's something else I need to discuss with you.

Carrie: Lexie, don't tell me that I can't have children.

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