Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/20/06

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/20/06


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The hand watches Sami and E.J., as they are still in her apartment. Sami has agreed to tell Austin the truth, and E.J. wants to make sure that she does it quickly. She is still hesitant about it. She tells him that she has dreamed of being with Austin since she’s been a teenager, and fears that this will ruin everything that she has worked so hard to get.

Austin thought Carrie was asleep when he was talking to her in the hospital the night before. He remembers the nurse telling him that she was sedated. He thinks she might not remember everything. She insists that she remembers him telling her that he still loves her and always will. He admits it and suggests that it’s not anything new. He tells her that a big part of him always hoped they would get back together, but, he’s glad that they are friends. He tells her again that he loves her and always will. He doesn’t want her to say anything because he knows what they have to do.

Max and Chelsea are having breakfast at the Brady Pub. She wants to know if he thinks she’s a tramp? He tells her no and wonders why she would ask such a thing. She says,” Do you honestly think I go around carrying a twelve pack of condoms in my purse?” He says that he was just trying to be safe. She badgers him about the two of them not having sex, and that there’s always a reason why they shouldn’t. She says she thought he was a “bad boy” and lived life in the fast lane. ( I think she’s saying that Max is boring!) He wonders if she wanted to get pregnant last night, and she told him that she didn’t. Then he tells her that last night wasn’t an excuse. She thanks him for looking out for her. Stephanie is looking in trough the window and Chelsea sees her. She leans over and kisses Max and then looks out the window at Stephanie and smiles at her.

Belle and Shawn finish their talk about Phillip, and she has to leave. On her way out, Shawn promises Belle that Phillip will come back home. Mimi walks up behind Shawn as Belle is leaving. She tells him that she talked with Lauren (the surrogate) and everything is fine. Mimi wants to know how Shawn feels about Patrick being the father of Hope’s baby. He just doesn’t want Bo to hurt her anymore, other than that, he doesn’t know. Belle comes up and tells Mimi that she is sorry, and that she hopes Mimi isn’t like Phillip, thinking that she is happy about this. Mimi says that she knows it isn’t Belle fault that the eggs were switched.

Phillip is racing around the track. He reaches to wipe his eye, and crashes! He hits the wall and flips the car. The car is upside down and Phillip is lying in there unconscious.

Mimi asks Belle where Phillip could be, and Belle has no idea. She tells her that he was mad because she wouldn’t abort the pregnancy. Belle explains to Mimi and Shawn that they both have always known that she is pro-life. They agree with her. Belle asks Mimi if she is going to ask the surrogate to terminate the pregnancy. Mimi tells her that she’s not, but that it is none of Belle’s business anyway. She has an attitude with Belle. Belle says to Mimi that they are all tied together because of these babies, and Mimi tells Belle that she seems awful happy about that too. Belle does not understand what she’s saying. Mimi says that it is different for her and Phillip because they were never in love like she and Shawn were. Mimi wants Belle to look her in the eye and tell her that she’s not happy about this. Shawn interrupts and asks to speak to Mimi in private. Belle says that’s probably a good idea.

Stephanie sees the race car turned upside down on the track. She runs over and discovers that it is Phillip. She calls for help. She talks to him and tells him that help is on the way. She makes another call.

Max and Chelsea talk about them being a couple. Chelsea promises to be a good girl. He steps away from the table for a moment. His phone starts ringing and Chelsea picks it up and notices that it is Stephanie. She turns the phone off.

Sami is now trying to back out on telling Austin the truth. E.J. asks if she has ever really gotten away with anything scott free. The answer is no. She hopes this time will be different. She thinks that everything falling into place this time is a sign that it is meant to be. He tells her to trust it then. She can’t because she has never gotten anything unless she’s made it happen for herself. She says that she can’t loose him and that she’s still holding onto hope that it will work out for her. She tells E.J. that the easiest, nicest, and most simple relationship she’s ever had has been with him. He is flattered but does not believe it is true. She thanks him for helping her and being such a good friend. She promises to be there for him if he ever needs her. They try and figure out who might do this. She starts naming off people like Tony Dimera, Tek, Lexie, Alex North, and Kate, saying that they were the only ones that would want to hurt her. He tries to narrow it down. He wants to know who all knows about the information in the letter. She says just Lexie and Tek, then, she adds in Abe Carver. She tells him about the letter Abe received the night he caught Lexie and Tex in the motel room. He asks her if she thinks the person that wrote that note, maybe wrote this note as well. She agrees that it could be, but wonders who. He tells her that she really needs to get out in front of this and take control of the situation before it destroys her life.

Carrie asks Austin what they should do. He says nothing, and that he never meant for her to hear what he said last night, and tells her that he’s not here to break up her marriage. He tells her that he respects marriage vows and he would never come between anybody’s vows. She tells him that she remembers him saying that he hoped she would come back to him.

Max comes back to the table and sees a letter Chelsea dropped from her purse. It was a letter from the District Court Community Services Program. She says that she forgot about them and he notices that she never even opened it. She thinks the letter is about some boring work program that she’s supposed to sign up for. He is upset with her about this and tells her this is important, and wonders if she thinks that they are just going to go away. He reminds her about the sentence of two hundred hours of community service that she agreed to so that she wouldn’t have to go to jail. He tells her that she could be in contempt of court for not responding to this by a certain time, that she could go to jail. All of a sudden, Chelsea looks serious. He opens the letter to read it and looks up at her and tells her that yes, she could be in some huge trouble.

Belle comes back into the room where Shawn and Mimi are holding each other, and says that she still can’t get in touch with Phillip. Shawn thinks that he is somewhere blowing off steam because he’s still mad, but that he’ll be back.

The ambulance arrives and the EMT’s rush over to take care of Phillip.

Austin admits that he has always dreamed of a life with her, but she chose Lucas, and he will never understand that. She does not think that she can give him an answer that will satisfy him. She knows that she has hurt him so much and don’t know how he ever forgave her for being unfaithful to him when they were married. He quickly responds with, “I love you.” She goes on to say that marrying him was the best thing she ever did, but that she threw it all away. He interrupts and reminds her that they both made mistakes. She tells him that he deserves someone that will treat him better than she has. He wonders why they couldn’t have had this conversation months ago. She wonders if he thinks it’s a good idea to marry Sami if he’s still in love with her.

Sami tells E.J. what a horrible person she is, and in all truth, she really doesn’t deserve Austin. He tells her that she can’t change the past, but she can change the future. He says that she’s not the only person that has done bad things. She knows this is her last chance with Austin, and if he finds out the truth, she will loose him forever. He tells her she is beautiful and if he had the opportunity to be with someone like her, that he wouldn’t hesitate to do so.

After reading the letter, Max tells Chelsea that apparently, she has already received one letter telling her to appear for community service. This one says that she has to show up by the end of the week, or she’s in contempt of court. She’s safe right now as long as she goes this week. She promises to change and do better for herself. She says being with him might just save her life.

The EMT’s still continue to work on Phillip and Stephanie picks up the phone to call Belle.

Shawn, Mimi, and Belle come back to Belle’s apartment to look for Phillip, but he’s not there. Mimi tells her that he is a big boy and can take care of himself. Belle snaps back at her and tells her that she’s worried about her husband, and asks her if she minds. Shawn’s phone rings and it’s Stephanie. She is looking for Belle and knows that they live next door. He hands the phone to Belle and Stephanie tells her about the accident.

E.J. tells Sami that true love understands and forgives. She wonders now if they are even meant to be together, and E.J. tells her that he does not think that Austin is her true love and waits for a response. She jumps up, trying to avoid the question. She explains a little about Lucas. He concludes that she is settling for Austin. He doesn’t think she is Austin’s true love either. The hand is outside the room watching them, and E.J. tells her that she will never be alone.

Belle runs toward the race car and Stephanie fights to hold her back and to calm her down. Shawn and Mimi are there with her. Shawn tries to comfort Belle. Mimi stands behind them. Shawn tries to calm her down and tells her to think about their baby.

Austin and Carrie wonder how things got so messed up. He wishes her and Lucas the best. She does the same for him and Sami. He stops on his way out and tells her that he does love Sami, just not the same way her loves her.

Sami doesn’t think anybody else will ever have anything to do with her after the truth comes out. She tells E.J. that she will tell Austin the truth. He walks out of her apartment as Austin walks in. She asks about Carrie, then, throws herself into his arms and tells him that she has to talk to him about something.

Stephanie runs into the Brady Pub, out of breath, as Max and Chelsea are coming out. She tells him about trying to reach him, but that his phone rang and rang and then went to his voice mail. He looks at his phone and then looks at Chelsea (she tries to have an innocent look on her face) and accuses her of turning his phone off. Stephanie says it doesn’t matter and tells him what happened with Phillip. He is extremely upset about this and they leave for the track.

Belle is out of control and feeling guilty. Shawn is fighting with her to keep her calm. He says, “…..I don’t want to loose you or our baby. I LOVE YOU.” Belle just stops and looks at him, as well as Mimi. She was standing right behind him when he said that to Belle. At the same time Shawn told Belle that he loved her, the EMT’s had gotten Phillip out and had pushed him, on the gurney, right behind Belle. Phillip is conscious and he also heard Shawn tell Belle that he loved her. When Belle sees Phillip, she knows he heard. Freeze Frame.

Previews for tomorrow:

Belle: The fact that you and I are having a baby together completely freaked him out.

Sami: I think tonight is gonna be my last dinner with him ever.

Carrie: Lexie wants us to go to her office right away. My test results are back.

Stephanie: She might be afraid we're not just working.

Chelsea: When I'm done with max, he's not even gonna remember her name.

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