Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/19/06

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/19/06


Written By Kristy
Pictures by Juanita

It is morning in the Kiriakas loft apartment and Phillip has made coffee as Belle comes into the room. Tensions are still high in the air. He offers Belle coffee and she reminds him that she can’t have it because of the baby. He tells her that Dr. Bader told her before that she could have up to two cups, and is sarcastic with her when he says, “But of course we don’t want to do anything to put Shawn’s baby at risk now, do we?”

Shawn and Mimi are at the hospital to check on their surrogate. She is there to have tests run to see how the embryos are doing. Nurse Betty assures them that the tests were fine. She also tells them she is sorry for the mix up. Mimi walks off. Shawn sees Hope and wants to go talk to her and tell her about the babies. Mimi will not go with him and tells him to go without her. Mimi is getting coffee when Patrick sees her and calls out to her. He notices something is wrong with her and she explains what happened with the embryos. She tells him that she’s going to loose her husband because of it. Hope tells Shawn why she is in the hospital and he tells her about the mix u with the babies. Hope is shocked. She questions if part of him is happy that Belle is carrying his baby. He tries to say that he’s married to Mimi, and Hope knows he loves Mimi, but, she thinks that she’s right about his feelings.

Lucas is by Carries’ bedside as she wakes. She says Austin’s name out loud and looks over to see Lucas there. He asks her if she was dreaming about him.

Sami is sill looking at the note as Austin comes in the door. She shoves it in a magazine. He asks if something is wrong, and she tells him she was thinking about the fire and what could have happened last night. He leaves to take a shower. E.J. comes to the door and Sami pulls him in and tells him that someone is trying to destroy her relationship with Austin, and that he has to help her.

Lucas tries to pass her dream off as nothing. He thinks she was dreaming of Austin because he saved her life the night before. They talk about the health of their baby, and that Lexie is running tests just to make sure everything is okay. Lucas talks about the repairs to the apartment. He wants to extend their honeymoon so the apartment will be ready when they return. He talks of all the things they will do and how perfect it will be. Lucas tells her how happy he is with her and their baby.

Austin is in the shower and he imagines Carrie coming in with him, telling him she made a mistake marrying Lucas. E.J. tells Sami to calm down and he can help her. He tells her that he noticed the concern she showed Lucas at the hospital, and she passes it off as nothing. He agrees with her that the second note changes everything. He thinks she should go to the police because they don’t know what this person could be capable of doing to her. She absolutely refuses to go to the police. He tells her that this is not a game, and that if this person just wanted to break her and Austin up, he would have done it. He says that this person is enjoying toying with her. He’s afraid that it could turn physical and that her life could be in danger. She is scared, but still refuses to go to the police.

Belle tells Phillip that she wouldn’t put ANY baby at risk. She wants to know what he could possibly find wrong with her wanting to have a healthy baby after what happened with Claire and her liver transplant. They are yelling at each other. He tells her that when they had Claire, he thought their marriage was finally cemented. He says that this baby changes everything. She wants to know why. He says it will bond the two of them together forever and he has to watch them get closer and closer while Shawn’s baby grows inside his wife. With that, he picks up a glass and throws it across the room and it shatters against the wall! Belle tries to console him and asks him if he thinks that she likes the fact that he’s having a baby with Mimi. He screams that it’s not the same thing because he’s never been in love with Mimi, and that Belle’s never stopped being in love with Shawn.

Patrick asks Mimi how the hospital could make a mistake like that. She doesn’t know, maybe because of the abortion or just because she’s a Lockhart. He tells her that he came to support Jennifer and then tells her that Hope’s baby is his. She thinks maybe Hope will divorce Bo and marry Patrick. He says Hope hasn’t made a decision yet and he doesn’t want to push her into anything. She tells him about her fears of Shawn and Belle getting back together. Hope wants Shawn to tell her how he really feels about Belle carrying his baby. He fumbles around and says he remembers how many years he and Belle talked about having a baby. But, he tells her that he would have never married Mimi if he didn’t love her with all his heart. He says that when Claire was born, he knew that Belle was gone. Hope tells him to stop looking at how his life was supposed to be, and start looking at who his life is going to be with, Mimi, or Belle and his baby.

Austin is still fanaticizing about Carrie with him in the shower. E.J. wants Sami to understand that this is serious. He wants to know exactly what she did. She doesn’t want to tell him the details. He says that he can’t help her if she will not tell him everything. He goes on to tell her that she has to take away the power this person has over her by telling Austin the truth. As she is telling E.J. that she can’t tell Austin the truth, he walks out, hearing what she just said, and asks her what it is that she can’t tell him.

Hope tells Shawn that he has to decide who he wants to be with. He wants to know who her baby’s daddy is, and she tells him Patrick. He thinks she’ll be better off with him anyway. So, she asks him since Belle is having his baby, should he be with her instead of Mimi. He says it’s not the same thing because he hasn’t even slept with Belle and he’s not going to do the same thing to Mimi that Bo did to her. He said that he’s not going to break his vows and he wouldn’t ask Belle to break hers either. She smiles at him and tells him that when two people love each other and they belong together, there is nothing in this world that could ever keep them apart. Nothing. He says, “Mom, are you talking about Belle and me, or are you talking about you and dad?” She just looks at him and turns away.

Phillip accuses Belle of still loving Shawn and wants to know if he’s right. She says that she loves him and their daughter and that she is committed to their marriage. He wants her to tell him that she don’t have feelings for Shawn. So she says, “Do you want me to lie to you?” He asks her about terminating the pregnancy. She knows that he is her husband and any other decision they would make together, but this is her body. He tells her that they are talking about a couple of cells here. She jumps in and reminds him that they are a couple of living cells, and also that when they went to see the embryos before they were implanted he was calling them “our baby”. He wants to know if the mix up had occurred with a total stranger, would she still want to have the baby. She just looks at him and can’t say anything. He answers for her, “NO! You want this baby because it’s Shawn’s, and you’re just trying to justify it to yourself and to me!” She says that’s not true. He tells her that she has a choice to make. She can either have a future with Shawn and his baby, or she can have a future with him and Claire. He tells her that she can not have both. She asks him not to do this and he says that she’s made her choice, and then he storms out.

Sami covers up their conversation by telling Austin that E.J. was helping her plan a surprise for him tonight. He falls for it and leaves to run some errands. E.J. says that he’s never heard anyone come up with a story so quick or so convincing. (She’s had a lot of practice E.J) He stands firm on her telling Austin the truth, and reminds her that if Austin does find out, things will be a hundred times worse. He tells her to explain what she did to Austin, and that she needs to trust in his forgiveness. She tells him that the only reason Austin proposed to her was because he really believes that she’s changed. He says that’s the whole point, and that if she tells him now, he’ll know that she really has changed. She wants to know what happens if he can’t forgive her. He says that she will be able to stop worrying, and he also tells her that this could be her last chance.

Carrie and Lucas show up at their burned apartment. Obviously, Carrie was released from the hospital. He tells her that they will buy all new clothes. He says that he knows their wedding night wasn’t perfect, but their honeymoon will be unforgettable. Austin walks in and says that he was on his way out and saw the door open and thought he should check it out. You can see that each of them have something on their mind and it seems a little bit uncomfortable for all of them. Lucas thanks him for saving them the night before and says that they’ll never forget what he did for them. Lucas’ phone rings and he steps away to take the call, leaving Austin and Carrie alone. She tells him that they need to talk.

We see Phillip in Max’s race car speeding around the track saying, “Damn you Shawn.” He’s getting faster as he grits his teeth.

Shawn asks Hope if she’s really considering taking Bo back. She doesn’t know, but she does know that she hates seeing Shawn caught up in the middle of this, and she doesn’t want him to ever feel like he has to take sides. He says that he can’t forgive him. He tells her how close he and Zack were, and that he’s always going to be there for her. He says that he and Mimi have a good marriage and he won’t break her heart. Hope says, “So, you’ll break your own heart?” He says Belle and Phillip have a good marriage and that he would never forgive himself if he came between that, and that he and Phillip have been friends for a long time and that they are even related. She knows that it’s a lot to think about, but that he loves Belle and she loves him, and even though he loves Mimi and Belle loves Phillip, it’s a different kind of love. She says that he knows this in his heart. She don’t want to see Mimi and Phillip to get hurt, but she doesn’t want to see her son go through a life missing out on real love and happiness. He says he tried to win Belle back and that she chose to stay with Phillip. After that, he chose to move on. Hope says that she does not think he did. She asks him how he felt in his heart when he first heard there was a mix up and he heard Belle was having his baby. He said that he felt like everything that he’d always dreamed of was happening. But, he says it’s wrong. Hope says that true love can never be wrong. He says that he’s got to go and that they will talk soon. She says that she loves him no matter what he decides to do. He looks back at her as he leaves the room, and as he shuts the door, Belle calls his name. She is standing there and she is upset.

Patrick tells Mimi that Shawn loves her and that he will always be there for her as long as she is honest with him. He tells her that he loves her and he leaves. Belle tells Shawn that she thinks her marriage is over. He holds her.

Phillip is flying in the race car. He grabs his eye, and crashes!

Shawn wants Belle to explain why she thinks her marriage is over. She tells him it was over the baby and him. He wonders why the argued about him. She tells him everything Phillip said when he accused her of having the baby because it was Shawn’s. She tells him about the ultimatum Phillip gave her. She tells him that having his baby just feels right. He pulls her close to him and we see Mimi standing behind the door. She heard everything Belle said.

Phillip comes into the room with Hope and gives her a little stuffed animal. She remembers all the stuffed animals Zack used to have. Patrick feels bad for upsetting her. She takes his hand and puts it over her stomach and tells him that she and this baby need him, and that she thanks God that he’s in their life.

Lucas finishes with his phone call and tells Carrie and Austin that he has to leave for a while. After he leaves, Austin wants to know what they have to talk about. She says that last night she wasn’t asleep when Austin was talking to her and that she heard him say that he still loved her and that she heard it all.

Sami tells E.J. that he’s right and that she has to change. She has to tell Austin the truth. She hopes he will forgive her. E.J. is proud of her, and tells her that her telling the truth should show Austin just how much she loves him. He believes Austin will realize that, and that she will also be taking the power away from the person that is sending these letters. Freeze frame.

Previews for tomorrow:

Chelsea: Do you really think I could be in trouble?

Max: Yeah, Chelsea, you could be in some huge trouble here.

Carrie: Do you really think it's a good idea for you to marry my sister if you're still in love with me?

E.J.: If I had the opportunity to be with a woman like you, I wouldn't hesitate for a second.

Shawn D.: Don't put yourself and your baby at risk -- our baby.

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