Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/18/06

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/18/06


Written By Kristy
Pictures by Juanita

Phillip, Belle, Mimi, and Shawn enter the Kiriakas loft. Phillip doesn’t want to mince words and gets right to the point. He tells them, while they are just dealing with embryonic cells that have yet to become fetuses, the only sane thing to do is to terminate both pregnancies right now. Belle says, “Absolutely not.” Shawn agrees with Belle and says that he isn’t going to let that happen. Phillip does not understand why they don’t agree with him. He says that he doesn’t like abortion, but there’s just nothing else to do. Shawn would only agree with an abortion if the woman had been raped, or her life was in danger, and that isn’t the case here. Shawn refuses to go along with Phillip’s plan.

Jennifer is still with Jack. He squeezes her hand and this lets her know that he’s listening to her. She tells him that she needs him and can’t live without him. She begs him to fight to live for her and the kids. Frankie overhears Jennifer telling all this to Jack as he stands in the doorway. Lexie comes in and Jennifer turns around to see Frankie standing there. She knows that he must have heard her. Lexie asks Frankie to take Jennifer out so that she can examine Jack, but Jennifer feels that she should stay there (she doesn’t want to face Frankie right now after he heard what she just told Jack). Lexie insists that she go, and will call her if Jack needs her. Jennifer walks out of the room with Frankie, talking, so that she can avoid what she knows is coming next. Frankie tells her they need to talk.

Kayla is sitting at a booth at the Brady Pub and Stephanie comes in to join her. Kayla wonders if she would like to spend some time together tonight. Stephanie explains that she has just been trying to give her mother and father some time alone and asks where Nick/Steve is right now. He’s outside. Stephanie tells Kayla that her dad coming home was the best thing that could happen to her, but that it feels a little strange. Kayla understands how she feels, and tells her that she would like for her to make one more big change in her life. She would like for her to give up racing.

Max and Chelsea walk out in the sand and you can hear the waves crashing. They are making out and enjoying themselves.

Lucas comes into the hospital emergency room helping the EMT’s push Carrie in. Sami and Austin follow. Lucas is screaming for some help. The doctors come in and take her as Lucas giving their information. He is in a panic. They tell him they will get back to him as soon as they evaluate her.

Jennifer puts her head down. She apologizes to Frankie. He wants to know if she’s sorry she said what she said, or is she sorry that he heard her. She doesn’t know what to say. He tells her he just wants the truth. He wants to know if she wants another chance with Jack. She just continues to look at him.

Back in the emergency room, Austin is reassuring Lucas that Carrie if a fighter. Lucas is scared because she was unconscious the whole time in the ambulance. He is blaming himself for the fire. E.J. steps in and tells Lucas that the measure of a man is in his response. The doctor comes out and tells all of them that Carrie is fine, and she wants to keep her overnight for observation. Lucas doesn’t understand this since she told him everything was fine. She explains that Carrie has suffered smoke inhalation, and hospital rest will give her a chance to recover and him some time to get the air cleaned out in their apartment. He wants to see her. Carrie is still sleeping as Lucas leans over her, crying and upset.

Stephanie, getting a little upset with Kayla’s request, informs her that racing is not just a passing phase, and it’s not just her job, it’s her life. It worries Kayla. They argue about all this and Stephanie is not happy. Nick/Steve comes over to the table and whistles to stop the argument. Stephanie jumps up and throws her arms around him. She tells him that she’s been waiting her whole life to do that. Kayla is afraid that Stephanie could be killed racing. She asks her father to come see her in her next race. She also asks him, in front of Kayla, if he thinks she has a right to tell her what to do with her life. He looks over at Kayla, turns back around, and clears his throat.

Max and Chelsea enjoy a picnic on the sand. He wonders why she tries to push him away. She tells him that she’s just not ready to give up her freedom. He concludes that it is okay for her to see other men, but it’s not for him to see other women. She thought that Stephanie was just a friend. He tells her that she is, and that she’s just getting jealous. She says that she’s not jealous. This makes her mad and she tells him to enjoy this dinner by himself. He grabs hold of her and pulls her close while he’s telling her that he doesn’t want to be with anybody else but her. They kiss.

Phillip still can’t get over what happened at the hospital. He doesn’t know who to sue first. He tells Shawn that their wives are having babies by men without their consent, and that sounds like rape to him. Shawn knows it’s bad, but he reminds Phillip that the babies are innocent. He wants his baby to live no matter who the mother is. This statement obviously upsets Mimi. She says that she can’t take this and heads for the door. Shawn runs after her. Phillip notices that Belle has been very quiet, and she says that she didn’t want to upset him any more than he already is. He reminds her that she wants to keep another man’s baby that she’s carrying, and wants to know how she thinks that it wouldn’t upset him. He walks over to her and says, “Understand this. I have done all I possibly can to tolerate and maintain a friendship with Shawn for the sake of our marriage, but don’t think for one second that I’m going to stand her and watch you have his baby.”

Jack, still unconscious, calls out for Jennifer. Frankie has mixed feelings even asking Jennifer about their relationship. He wants to know what he’s supposed to do if Jack gets better, just walk away. Jennifer doesn’t know.

Lucas and the others still wait outside the emergency room. Lucas asks Austin and E.J. if they would give him a moment alone with Sami. They leave and she asks what she did wrong now. Lucas says it’s what she did right. He tells her that she went into a burning apartment and saved his life. He tells her she is a hero. (WOW!) He is feeling bad for all those times he accused her of being selfish, and now she has risked her life to save his. She tells him that he is her son’s father and she cares about him, and always has. (You can tell it’s more than him being Will’s father by the look on her face.) He says that she proved that tonight. He tells her that she’ll never know how much that means to him. (They stare at each other and you can feel the love.) Austin asks E.J. to give Sami a ride home because he wants to stay at the hospital. Sami overhears them talking and wonders what they are talking about. E.J. tells her that Austin asked him to take her home. Sami looks puzzled. Austin jumps in with the excuse that she should be there in case Will should hear about the fire. Sami agrees that he’s right. She and E.J. leave. Lucas asks Austin to keep an eye on Carrie so he can run downstairs to the cafeteria to get coffee. (Of course Austin will watch over her, that’s what he’s been waiting for.) As soon as Lucas steps away, he heads off to Carrie’s room. She is still asleep. He talks to her and says that what happened tonight really woke him up. He whispers that he can’t loose her.

Nick/Steve tells Stephanie that he knows her mother isn’t happy about her racing cars and that he’s not going to lie to her because it scares him too. She argues that it’s just because they are being overprotective parents. She believes it’s in her genes because her father was an “outlaw” and a” hypo-maniac” like herself. She says that she has to race just like Kayla had to be a doctor, and Nick/Steve had to be a cop. He says for her to follow her heart. Kayla thanks him sarcastically. He can see Stephanie’s passion for racing. He tells the two how lucky he feels to be there with them, and he knows that they love him. He tells Stephanie to go ahead and have her career, and to climb her mountain. But, he feels it important to have someone at home that cares about you. He asks her if she has a special guy. She smiles.

Then, we go back to Chelsea and Max rolling around on a blanket in the sand. He tells her that he’s wanted her for a long time. She wonders why he stopped kissing her. He has to know if she’s not ready, it’s okay. But, if she is….. She says she is ready and for him to stop talking.

Mimi is already in bed when Shawn comes into the room. She keeps her back turned toward him because she’s crying. He apologizes to her for talking about his feelings on abortion and says that he wasn’t even thinking about the fact that she’d already had one. She says that she can’t forget about it because that’s why all this has happened to them. Mimi says, “Shawn, does it not bother you at all that Phillip is the father of my baby?” And he finishes her sentence with, “…and that I’m having a baby with Belle? Yes, it bothers me.” He can’t stop thinking about how he and Belle had talked about having children together when they were younger. She thanks him for reminding her of this. But now, he wants children with Mimi and only Mimi. He asks her how she feels about all this. She thinks he’s telling her that she should feel guilty. She says that she would never ask another woman to have an abortion unless it was her choice. She complains about how excited and hopeful they were and now everything has fallen apart. He holds her and tries to comfort her. He reassures her that it hasn’t fallen apart and that they will raise this baby together. They have so much love in their lives, and they can do this. He is referring to himself, Mimi, and the baby. He says they can be a family.

Belle gets that Phillip is frustrated, but reminds him that if Kate had asked Vivian Alamain to have an abortion when she was implanted with her egg, he wouldn’t be here today. (Good point) He realizes that. She says that they may not even be pregnant, but if she is, she says that he knows the odds, and she may not even carry the baby full term. She tells him to let nature take it’s course and things will work out like they are meant to. “Meant to?” Phillip wants to know if she thinks this was meant to happen. She huffs and tells him that is so not what she meant. He wants to know what she did mean. He is pissed. She doesn’t know what else to do. He says there is nothing else to do. This is an impossible situation. Phillip says abortion is an option, and the only option, and all he is asking is for her to consider it.

Jack is still calling out for Jennifer. Lexie is with him and tries to get him to talk to her. Jennifer tells Frankie that she is sorry, but that she has two husbands right now and she is confused. She understands that he needs answers right now, but she doesn’t have them right now. She tells him if he can’t wait, she will understand. He reminds her that he has waited his whole life for her. He says that he loves her and she tells him the same. Frankie says that they can’t figure all this out right now because this is about Jack, as it should be. She thanks him for being there for her.

Sami and E.J. return to her apartment. E.J. tells her that he was proud of her and that she was very brave tonight. We see an envelope lying on the floor in front of the door. Sami notices it and rushes over to pick it up. She tears it open, and, as she is reading it, she says he’s going to destroy my relationship with Austin. E.J. thinks he still may be in the building and runs out to look for him. She stands there looking at the letter and we see the panic in her face.

Austin is still standing over Carrie’s hospital bed talking to her. He tells her she looks so sweet, like an angel. He strokes her hair and pulls up a chair. He talks to her about their past, and that someday, he hoped they would be together again. He tells her how scared he was when she was caught in the fire. He will accept being just friends if that’s all he can have just to be next to her. He bends down over her and whispers to her that even though he’s engaged to her sister, he will always love her. Always. He kisses her forehead. As he is leaving the room, Carrie opens her eyes and calls his name.

Stephanie asks Nick/Steve if he thinks it’s possible to love someone before you even know them. He tells her that she shouldn’t come to him about love and to ask her mother. She talks to her mother all the time and she wants an answer from him. He thinks, yes, when it comes to love anything is possible. He wants to know if that’s what happened to her. She says that it is. It is a race car driver that she has looked up to for a long time. She says he’s never raced her, not that it counted anyway. (Max!) Nick notices Stephanie’s confidence as Kayla comments on her being full of surprises. (Does she know who Steph is talking about?)

Max and Chelsea prepare to make love. He still questions if he’s doing the right thing. He tells Chelsea that he really cares about her and that he wants to make love and not just sex. He asks her if that’s what she wants too. She says that it is and thanks him for understanding. They continue and Max asks if she has a condem. She doesn’t and they stop.

Shawn and Mimi are still discussing the situation. They agree that they can still have a family together. He tells her that she’s an amazing woman. She will never go through IVF again. She tells him that she’s so scared that this baby with Belle is going to come between them and ruin all their dreams. He pulls her close, but does not reply to her comment about Belle.

Belle wishes Phillip would have a little faith that everything will work out. He accuses her not being “unhappy” about carrying Shawn’s baby.

Belle is firm in telling him that she has never given him any reason to make an accusation like that. She says that she is just trying to make the best of the situation, and that he is going to have to find a way to do that too. She tells him that she will see him in the morning and she is going to bed. He walks over to the bar and knocks something off onto the floor. His back is turned to her and she stops and looks back at him standing there. Then, she puts both hands on her stomach, and we see a slight smile. (Like she is secretly pleased)

Frankie tells Jennifer that he married her because he loved her and that he will hang in for the same reason. They kiss and Lexie runs out telling her that Jack is asking for her. She leaves Frankie and goes to him.

Kayla and Nick/Steve comment on Stephanie’s personality. She says that she’s never seen a look on her face like she had when she was talking about that guy, and wonders who could be. (She doesn’t know)

Max thinks this is a sign that they aren’t ready to make love. Chelsea is frustrated and tells him that she feels like they are moving in slow motion. He says that there is so much more that they need to learn about being together. He wants to know if she’s even thought anymore about them being exclusive. She says that she has and that he’s the only guy she wants to be with. As she says this, she has her fingers crossed behind her back! They kiss a little more and we see Stephanie walk up behind the trees. She watches them.

Sami holds the letter from “the hand” and paces the floor waiting for E.J. to return. He walks back through the door and says that whoever was there, he couldn’t find them. Sami is hysterical and E.J. puts his arms around her.

Austin is waiting outside Carries room as Lucas walks back in. He is wondering why Austin left her in there alone. Austin told him that he just came from the men’s room and that he has just been gone for a second. Lucas apologizes for overreacting. He goes to sit with her. Austin says that he will be is in a minute. Lucas walks over to Carrie and she is awake. She looks upset and Lucas worries that something is wrong. She tells him that she is fine and just worried about the baby. They say that they love each other and they hold each other. Austin walks around the corner and sees this. Carrie is facing Austin, and they stare at each other. Freeze frame.

Previews for tomorrow:

Hope: This baby is yours. This baby needs you, and I need you.

E.J.: You need to go to the authorities.

Sami: I am not telling the police.

Carrie: Austin, we need to talk.

Shawn D.: What is it? Has something happened to the baby?

Belle: No, but I think my marriage is over.

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