Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/17/06

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/17/06


Written By Kristy
Pictures by Juanita

Jack is in the hospital receiving the first treatment of the trial procedure that may save his life. He is unconscious, and Lexi takes his hand and tells him to hold on. Jennifer is outside his room filling out paperwork. Frankie comes in and asks Jennifer how Jack is doing, and she thanks him again for getting all this set up for Jack. She knows this is his last hope, and she believes that this will work.

Hope is in the room with Bo and Patrick. She says that Patrick is the father. Bo does not believe it, and wants another test. Hope tells him that there is no way he could be the father because they weren’t even together when the baby was conceived. Bo says that he will not accept that.

Dr. Jaynes is explaining that Belle’s egg was fertilized with Shawn’s sperm, and Mimi’s egg was fertilized with Phillip’s sperm. Phillip is irate! He is screaming at the doctor telling him that he was negligent and all the funding from the Kiriakas foundation will be over. The hand is watching from behind the curtain. Phillip also goes on to tell him that he is going to sue him and the hospital and that he will never practice medicine again. It is obvious now that this problem cannot be fixed. Mimi is frantic. Phillip says that he is going to take care of this and leaves the room.

E.J. and Sami are in her apartment and E.J. is trying to convince Sami to confide in him. She is holding the letter. She asks him not to hate her after he reads. He promises her that, and she hands the letter to him. She is worried. He wants her to tell him the truth, and asks her if she did it?

Carrie and Lucas are sleeping sound as the fire rages in their apartment. Austin sees it from the street and rushes inside.

Back at the hospital where Jack is receiving treatment, Lexi reminds him to do his part. Lexi tells Jennifer that it’s too soon to know if the treatment will work. Jennifer and Frankie watch Jack from a window outside. She is so worried about him because he is so weak. Frankie reminds her to have faith.

Hope tells Patrick that she needs to speak to Bo. He leaves the room. Bo is having a hard time with the news. He explodes in anger about how this child being Patricks is killing him. Hope, knowing how he is feeling, says it’s the same way she felt when she found out Billie was carrying Bo’s child. Bo takes a deep breath and apologizes. He says that he loves her more than anything and he doesn’t want to throw away their relationship. He tells her that this baby is her baby and that he will love it no matter what. He wants to pick up where they left off. Patrick is on the phone with Bonnie, and tells her that she is going to be a grandmother. He tells her that it is his baby. He hangs the phone up and turns around to see Billie standing behind him. She heard the conversation.

Phillip is on the phone with a lawyer instructing him to “ bury” Dr. Jaynes. He slams the phone down, grabs Belle’s arm, and tells her he wants to take her home. She doesn’t want to go, and says she’s fine. That upsets him. He wants to know why she is so calm. Shawn is trying to comfort Mimi. He wants to go home and call Mickey. She’s apologizing again. She says it’s because of her that they are all in this mess.

Sami tells E.J. that she didn’t do anything. He reads the letter out loud: “I know what you forced Lexi Carver to do. If I tell, you will loose Austin, and everybody will hate you.” He reminds her that she made him promise that he wouldn’t hate her. He wants to know why she made him promise if she did nothing wrong. She grabs the letter, crying, and shoves it back in her purse. He asks her again if she forced Lexi to do anything. She does not want to answer. She finally confesses the truth to him. He comes to the conclusion that maybe whoever sent this letter to her, may have something on Lexi too. She wonders who. She says that eventually the truth will come out now that two people know the truth. She tells him she did it to be with Austin when he wonders what it would have to do with Carrie and Lucas. He suggests going to the police, but she can’t because of Roman. She thinks, whoever this is, is going to wait until the perfect time to ruin her, like at the alter. He tells her to burn the letter. She sets it on fire, and they watch it burn.

Austin is screaming for Carrie and Lucas to get up. He goes in after them. He picks up Carrie and the three of them head out. Lucas is overcome with smoke and falls on the floor in front of the couch.

Bo is begging Hope for a clean start. He mentions that Zack would not want them apart. Hope is angry that Bo brought him into this. He wants her to listen to her heart. She tells him that she wants time away from him and asks him to leave. He agrees to give her space, but he will not give up on her. Billie congratulates Patrick outside the room.

Frankie and Jennifer are sitting by Jack’s bedside. He leaves to get her something to eat as Hope enters the room.

Shawn wants Mimi to stop blaming herself. She thinks this will cause Shawn and Belle to get back together. Shawn questions why she would say such a thing. She tells him it’s because Belle is carrying his child, and that maybe this is God’s way of telling them they should be together. Belle is just trying to keep Phillip calm. He accuses her of wanting this because it’s Shawn’s baby, not his.

Sami and E.J. are still trying to access the situation. He tells her to keep her hands clean. He will find out who did this, and they will never hurt her again. Sami embraces E.J. and thanks him, telling him that he really is a friend. The fire alarm goes off. Austin brings Carrie out into the hall. Sami comes out and panics because she doesn’t see Lucas. She runs into the burning apartment to find him.

Billie tells Bo how sorry she is about the baby not being his.

Jennifer tells Hope all about the possibility of the treatment helping Jack. Hope explains why she was already at the hospital. She tells Jennifer that she is pregnant, and that the baby is Patrick’s. Jennifer is stunned.

Lexi runs into Frankie as he makes his way back with food for Jennifer. She tells him again how selfless he has been through all of this.

Belle tells Phillip she does care about this baby because it’s hers’. She tells him that it’s not the baby’s fault. He is so frustrated and angry. He tells her that he loves her, then, leaves to talk to Shawn. Shawn tries to comfort Mimi by letting her know how much he loves her. He wants her to be calm. He is leaving to call Mickey to see if there is anything they should do. Phillip walks up as Shawn leaves. They joke about having a baby together and the fact that they have never even kissed. They start to walk out and see Belle standing by Shawn on the phone. They both seem to have an uneasy feeling about that.

Bo apologizes to Billie for snapping at her. She understands the stress he’s under. She feels like, because of their daughter, all this has happened. Bo blames himself. He feels like everybody but Billie has turned their back on him. Billie wants Bo to save his marriage, and she wants to know what he’s going to do about it.

Jennifer can’t believe the news Hope has just given her. She questions her intentions with Bo and Patrick. Hope tells Jennifer this baby is a miracle. She wonders if, since this isn’t Bo’s baby, this could be Zack’s way of telling her that she no longer belongs with Bo. Jennifer doesn’t believe that. Hope is just not sure about anything anymore. She wants to stay to support Jennifer, but Jenn won’t hear of it. She wants her to go home and get some rest. She leaves and Jennifer returns to Jack’s bedside. Patrick walks up to Hope just as she walks out of Jack’s room. They leave together to talk about the baby. Frankie watches Jennifer with Jack outside the window.

Austin is trying to get Carrie to breath. Sami is searching franticly for Lucas. She finally sees him and begs him to get up. She hears E.J. calling and screams for him to help her get Lucas out. E.J. throws Lucas over his shoulder as the ceiling starts to cave in.

Jennifer is still by Jack’s side. She tells him that she knows he can hear her. She begs him to find the strength to hold on. He squeezes her hand and she knows that he is listening. She tells him how much she needs him and can’t live without him. Frankie has opened the door and hears everything she says.

Patrick tells Hope he knows that she’s under a lot of pressure, and he doesn’t want to put anymore stress on her. He also tells her that he is excited about the baby because he and Alma had talked about having kids before she died. He lets her know that he will be here for her regardless of who she chooses to be with. She thanks him and tells him that he will always have a big part in this baby’s life. When the baby is older, Patrick wants the three of them to go back to the island. Hope doesn’t look really excited about that idea, but says nothing. She tells him that this baby is lucky to have him as a father. She hugs him as Bo walks in from another room.

E.J. and Sami lay Lucas in the floor, and Sami starts CPR. Carrie is in and out of consciousness. In a panic, Sami tells Lucas that she loves him. Austin and E.J. both hear her.

Belle, Phillip, Mimi, and Shawn get off the elevator at the loft. Shawn wants all of them to talk about this tomorrow after they get some sleep. Phillip says that he wants them to come over now, because there is something he wants to put out on the table tonight. They agree, and the four of them go into Phillip and Belle’s apartment. He gets straight to the point. He wants both pregnancies to be terminated right now! Belle say’s, “Absolutely not!” Shawn says that there is no way he’s going to let that happen. Mimi and Phillip are stunned.

Previews for tomorrow:

Mimi: I'm so scared that this baby with belle is going to come between us and ruin all of our dreams.

Frankie: You said you love him and that you need him. That is really what you want, isn't it, jen?

Sami: This person says they're gonna ruin my relationship with austin. I don't know what to do.

Austin: I can't lose you.

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