Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/14/06

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/14/06


Written By Kristy

Bo and Hope anxiously await the test results in her hospital room. Dr. Bader comes in and tells them that the results are in and she believes they can tell who the father is.

Austin and Sami return to their apartment and Austin suggests they go to bed and snuggle. They discuss the wedding ceremony and reception. Austin jokes about E.J.’s idea to postpone their wedding. Austin receives a message and has to run downstairs to his car to get a spreadsheet. Sami jumps up and pulls the letter from the gloved hand out of her purse. She says to herself out loud, “What if the truth comes out?” E.J. walks through the door at the same time and wants to know what she is talking about.

As Austin comes outside, Billie is jogging by, and runs right into him. She wonders how he is doing with his feelings for Carrie since the wedding. He tells her that Carrie made her decision the same way he’s made his.

Carrie and Lucas have finally come up for air. They are both starving. Lucas surprises Carrie telling her he had Maggie bring over food from Chez Rouge. He gets out of bed to get the food. She talks to her baby. Something happens and Carrie passes out on the bed.

Phillip and Belle are at home in the loft having tea. She tells him how happy she is with him and also for Mimi and Shawn. The phone rings, and it is nurse Betty, telling him that he and Belle should return to the hospital, and, that there might be a slight problem. Phillip shares the information with Belle and they leave for the hospital.

Mimi and Shawn follow Dr. Jaynes into a room. Mimi wants to know what kind of problem he is talking about. He tells her there may have been a mix up with the embryo transfer. Shawn wants him to explain. He tells them that their surrogate may have been implanted with the wrong embryo. The gloved hand watches him deliver the news from behind the curtain.

Bo asks Dr. Bader how long Hope has been pregnant. She tells him that she would like a minute alone with Hope before she reveals that information. He doesn’t want to leave, but Hope tells him to go. As soon as he’s out, Hope asks her who the father is. Patrick comes up to Bo and asks if there is any word on the tests. Bo tells him that there is something he needs to know first.

Dr. Jaynes tells them that somehow the Petri dishes ended up on the wrong shelves after the embryo’s had been implanted. He says that he wasn’t sure when the mix up happened and that it could be that nothing at all happened. They are running tests to find out the truth about the mix up. Mimi says that she knew something would go wrong. Dr. Jaynes promises to get to the bottom of this. Phillip and Belle come through the door and want to know why Mimi and Shawn are here too. Mimi covers her face with her hands and is saying, “Oh no, Oh no.”

Lucas comes in to find Carrie passed out on the bed. She gets up and he wants to know what happened. She refuses to let him take her to the hospital. She says that she didn’t eat anything today, and passes it off. She keeps apologizing, but you can see worry in her face.

Austin and Billie are talking about him and Carrie, and the plans that they had made. Billie tells him that he doesn’t seem happy, and neither does Carrie. They wonder why she chose Lucas knowing how much she loves Austin. Billie suggests that it is because of the baby, and Austin doesn’t believe that. He reminds her that Carrie chose Lucas before she knew that she was pregnant. Billie fishes for reasons. Neither can come up with anything. Austin brings up Sami, and Billie doesn’t believe that she has changed. She tells him if he is truly and honestly in love with Sami, that she is happy for him. Austin wants to Billie to tell him what is going on with her love life.

E.J. apologizes for walking up on her. She says to him that she should learn not to talk out loud to herself. He wants to help, but she tells him that she’s gotten herself into a bit of a jam and that she would just have to claw herself out, and that she’s good at it. Clawing. She wonders why he is there. He tells her that it is business but that it can wait until tomorrow. She says that he should probably go. He is concerned about her and he’s not leaving until she tells him what is going on.

Billie asks Austin, “What love life?” Austin knows that she still has feelings for both Bo and Patrick, and he wants to know who she would like to end up with. She explains to him that she feels about Bo the same way that Austin will always feel about Carrie. She goes on to say that she loves Bo, and that she hopes the baby belongs to him and not Patrick. She wants Bo to be happy, and he will be happy with no one but Hope. Austin reminds her that Bo might not have a choice.

Back at the hospital, Bo and Patrick argue about the baby. Well…. Bo argues. Bo tells him that he will never give up Hope. Inside the room, Hope has just read the charts. She looks up and says that she knows exactly who the baby’s father is.

In another room at the hospital, Phillip wants to know what the problem could be. Dr. Jaynes explains about the mix up. Phillip is outraged! The gloved hand watches. Phillip thrashes the doctor. Dr. Jaynes accepts full responsibility. He tells them that they are testing the genetic residue in the catheters that they used to transfer the embryos. He says that he can be 100% sure when the results come out. Everyone in the room is on edge. We now see two employees in the lab checking the genetic residue under a microscope. All of a sudden, they find a problem. One of them tells the other to get Dr. Jaynes down here ASAP! He says that he has an even bigger problem than he had originally thought.

Our honeymooners have just finished eating. Lucas puts the plates away and gives Carrie a box. She open it, and inside is a tiny silver baby rattle. She loves it. Lucas tells her that his grandmother gave it to him because it was his fathers’. He promises to never leave her, and he will always be there for her and their baby. She tells him that she feels blessed to be his wife. They kiss.

Billie tells Austin that she isn’t going to wait around for Bo any longer. She doesn’t deserve to be second best to anybody. Austin turns around and says that he knows a perfect guy for Billie.

We are back with Sami and E.J. in her apartment. She thanks him for his concern, but says that she don’t think he can help her. He wants her to let him help. He promises to be her friend and tells her she can trust him. She questions how she can tell him even when she can’t tell Austin. He reminds her that he isn’t Austin for one, that he’s not part of this town, nor would he hang her out to dry. She just stares at him.

Bo and Patrick are still at it outside Hope’s room. Patrick tells Bo that if he is the father, he is GOING to help raise his child, but, in no way would he try and use it to have a relationship with Hope, unless that’s what she wants. Hope sends word for the two to come into the room.

Belle, Phillip, Mimi, and Shawn wait in the room for the results. The tension in the room is thick, and Belle and Mimi pace the floor. Belle and Shawn exchange glances. Shawn says that they are probably worrying for nothing. Phillip wonders why Dr. Jaynes wasn’t extra, extra, extra careful since Victor funds all of his research. He also threatens Dr. Jaynes’ future if the outcome isn’t what he wants it to be. Belle remembers asking the nurse how she knew that was her embryo before she was implanted with it. Belle tries to remain positive. Mimi isn’t handling this very well at all. She leaves the room and Shawn follows. At this point, Mimi is screaming at him. She insists that she has always had a bad feeling about this, and that it is her fault. Shawn doesn’t want to hear this. He tries to reason with her, and she calms down a little.

The lab guy gives Dr. Jaynes the bad news.

Carrie and Lucas are making love and you can see a candle burning in the open windowsill. There is a slight breeze blowing the curtains.

Billie thanks Austin for trying to find her a date, but she is not interested. She asks him who he has in mind. He gives her a brief description about him, and then reveals that he is speaking of E.J. Wells. She smiles.

Sami believes that she should tell Austin the truth first. E.J. wants her to tell him and she says she can’t because she will wind up alone. He tells her she’s not thinking straight now and she needs an objective opinion about all of this. Sami really doesn’t have anyone. She is crying. She explains to him that no one would understand her. E.J. wants her to confide in him and gives her another chance. Sami gives in and makes him promise not to tell anyone and not to judge her. She opens her purse and gets out the envelope.

Bo and Patrick walk into Hope’s hospital room and she turns around. She immediately tells Patrick that he is the father.

Carrie and Lucas have fallen asleep. The curtain catches on fire from the candle! Austin is still outside with Billie. They are discussing Billie and E.J., and making jokes about it. Austin wants to set up a date for her. She agrees to think about it. The fire is spreading fast as Carrie and Lucas sleep.

Sami is holding tight onto the letter. She’s still unsure whether or not she can trust him. He heads toward the door and she stops him. As she hands him the letter, she asks him to promise not to hate her.

Mimi and Shawn come back into the room with Belle and Phillip. Dr. Jaynes comes in and tells them that he has good news and bad news. The good news is that Belle and Mimi’s surrogate were implanted with THEIR own babies. The bad news is that Belle’s egg was fertilized with Shawn’s sperm and Mimi’s egg was fertilized with Phillip’s sperm! Mimi and Phillip are pissed. Shawn and Belle are just standing there with far away looks on their faces. Phillip gets in the doctor’s face and asks how he could let this happen. Belle touches her stomach as she looks over at Mimi, and they stare at each other. Phillip runs the doctor out of the room screaming at him while Shawn is trying to calm him down. The gloved hand pulls back the curtain. We see him watching Belle and Mimi and we still hear Phillip screaming at the doctor outside of the room. Freeze frame.

Previews for Monday:

E.J.: At the very least, I'm burning it, and that way, neither austin nor anybody else is ever going to find out about this.

Jennifer: I need you so much. Please, I can't live without you, please.

Hope: This baby's really lucky to have you as a father.

Philip: The only sane thing to do is to terminate both pregnancies right now.

Belle: Absolutely not.

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