Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/13/06

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/14/06


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Stephanie and Max meet at Dune and discuss the little incident between them on the racetrack the night before. She wants to buy him a drink to make up for it, but, not admitting fault because Max was the one who lost control. Abby arrives looking for Chelsea and shares the good news about Jack’s possible cure. Max points out Chelsea on the dance floor hugged up to another man. Abby just watches her with disbelief.

Hope meets with Dr. Bader at the hospital and thanks her for setting up the ultrasound so fast. Bo and Patrick are both there and exchange words about which one of them is the father of Hope’s baby. Shawn comes in and lets Bo know that he doesn’t want Bo to be the father of her baby. Shawn still has blames Bo for Zack’s death. Bo tells him that he loves him and that he is sorry. Shawn pretty much tells Bo that he has let everyone down, including himself, and he hopes that Hope never takes him back regardless of who the father is.

Bonnie is volunteering at the hospital and runs into Mimi. Mimi tells her of the success implanting the surrogate. Bonnie is elated! She is happy that Mimi may be the mother of a Horton-Kiriakis heir. Then, refers to Patrick’s chance at being the father of Hope’s baby, and hoping by then, they will all be on easy street. Mimi reminds her that they do not care about the money. She fills Bonnie in on the bad feeling that she is having, telling her that something just doesn’t feel right.

We then go to nurse Betty, frantic, that there may have been a mix up with the Petri dishes at her hand. She insists that she was extremely careful.

Bo and Shawn continue to argue over the whole situation. The doctor comes out and informs Patrick and Bo that they are ready to start the ultrasound. Bo sits by her bedside. Patrick watches from behind. Shawn waits outside as Caroline comes in to support Bo. Shawn shares the news of the successful IVF procedure, and that it was a success. He tells Caroline that he thinks Hope would be better off without Bo. As they start the ultrasound, the baby looks fine and healthy. Bo believes this baby is their future.

Chelsea notices Abby and rushes over to her. Abby tells her the good news about Jack. Abby steps away to get a drink, and again, Max accuses Chelsea of following him. They argue about their relationship, and Chelsea demands that she is not going to talk about this again. She leaves to dance. As Abby is returning, she notices that Chelsea has left Max alone again to dance with someone else. She rolls her eyes, sits her drink down, and walks away.

Bonnie is trying to re-assure Mimi that she is not psychic, therefore, she should not read bad thoughts into situation. Mimi continues to be doubtful.

Nurse Betty is still in denial about the mix up. The gloved hand is still behind the curtain watching the two nurses debate over what could have went wrong.

Caroline tries to reason with Shawn in Bo’s defense. He reminds her how hard Bo was on him when he made mistakes, and how easy he has been on Chelsea. Shawn is not going to budge on his feelings and tells Caroline that they will just disagree. Bo is anxiously awaiting the news about the baby’s paternity. The doctor is not able to determine the baby’s due date with the ultrasound.

Stephanie is dancing with a stranger on the dance floor as Abby is apologizing to Max about Chelsea’s behavior. She tells him that Chelsea is just jealous of Stephanie. Max insists that they are just friends. Abby begs him not to give up on her. Max leaves to go outside. Chelsea runs up to Abby and tells her she should be having fun and notices the look on her face. She wants to know what is wrong. Abby tells her that she is just sick of watching the way Chelsea is treating Max. She tells her that she is being a witch and that she is just pushing him away. As Max walks out the door, someone comes up behind him and covers his eyes. He thinks it’s Chelsea and says that he was hoping she’d come after him.

Nurse Betty is STILL in a state of panic. She finally decides that it is time to inform Dr. Jaynes of the possible mistake, and leaves to find him, hoping he doesn’t fire her. The gloved hand peeks out from behind the curtain as she passes. There is a scream and a loud crash and Mimi and Bonnie hear it. Mimi goes to investigate.

Dr. Bader explains that she can’t get a clear enough picture of the baby to measure for it’s due date, but, tells them she can do a blood test that will tell them how far along Hope is in the pregnancy. She says the blood test will not be exact, but in conjunction with the information she has from the ultrasound, she should have a much better idea of the timeframe. Hope wants the blood test done, and wants the test results tonight.

Abby knows what she said to Chelsea was harsh, but tells her that she needs a reality check. Chelsea appreciates the concern, but says that she knows what she is doing with Max. Abby disagrees and tells her to re-think her strategy. She is afraid that Max will realize that Chelsea isn’t worth the effort. (Who’s more worried about Max? Abby or Chelsea?)

Max turns around to see Stephanie behind him. She notices that he was thinking it was someone else, apologizes, and turns to walk away. Max stops her and tells her that she did not disappoint him and he is just surprised. He tells her he needed some air and was going for a ride. She admires his car, and he jokingly tells her to stay away from it because it has no scratches on it. They disagree about the little fender bender they were involved in the night before. She flirts a little and then lays a big kiss on him.

Caroline is disappointed with Shawn and tells him he needs to get over his anger. Bo and Patrick come out and fill them in on the results of the ultrasound. Phillip asks Shawn about Mimi, and Shawn wants to speak with him privately. He thanks Patrick for taking care of Hope, and hopes that he continues to stick by her. Shawn also tells him the good news about the IVF success. Patrick congratulates him and thanks him for the support and leaves. Bo expresses his disbelief to Caroline that Shawn could side with Patrick. Caroline tries to explain to Bo that Shawn just needs time to sort his feelings out. Shawn goes in to check on Hope. She is so glad to see him. He also tells her of the IVF success. She is happy for them. She worries what Shawn must think of her, and he reassures her that she has done nothing wrong in his eyes. She knows that her actions have complicated the situation even more.

Nurse Betty is behind the loud crash. She is so nervous over the mix up that she knocked over a tray table. Mimi walks in to see if everyone is okay. Bonnie paces the floor outside in the hall and Mimi returns telling her the nurse just told her she dropped something. Mimi is getting very paranoid. She informs Bonnie that the nurse just “freaked out” when she walked in there. She insists something must be wrong. Betty is telling Dr. Jaynes about their problem concerning the Petri dishes. He tells her to check the charts again, and in the meantime he will have to tell the Brady’s and the Kiriakises about the mix up.

Meanwhile, at Dune, Chelsea tells Abby that Max isn’t going anywhere as long as she keeps him guessing. (What nerve!) Abby tells her to take a look around the room and to see who’s not here. Chelsea looks around and does not believe that he could have left. She insists that he must be in the bathroom. Abby says, “Yeah…and guess who else just disappeared with him.” Chelsea guesses.

Max and Stephanie are still kissing, and Max pulls away and tells her that he’s sorry, but, he cares about Chelsea. She says that she understands and hopes they can still be friends. She hopes that Chelsea understands how lucky she is to have Max. She tells him that he is a great guy and that Chelsea will regret it if she ever lets him get away.

Max is in his car listening to music. Chelsea runs out and is glad that he is hasn’t left. She apologizes for the way that she has been treating him. She asks for his forgiveness and for another chance to make up for her actions. He’s not sure if he can believe her. She starts crying and tells him that he is the best thing that has ever happened to her and she is done playing games with him. Chelsea tells him that if he still wants her, she’s his. He just sits there for a minute. She thinks that means she’s too late and starts to get out of the car. He stops her. He wants to know if she really means what she just said. She does, and he leans over and kisses her. Stephanie is walking out of Dune and stops when she sees them kissing in his car. You can tell it bothers her.

Bo tries to convince Caroline to go home but she refuses. She wants to be there for him. He thinks if this baby isn’t his, he could loose Hope for good. Shawn sits by Hope’s bedside and they talk. Shawn leaves to get Mimi because Hope would like to see her. She rubs her stomach and tells the baby that she loves it no matter who the daddy is. Bo and the doctor come into the room, and Dr. Bader tells her that the results are in and that she can help her determine who the baby’s father is. Hope stares at Bo.

Bonnie is still trying to get Mimi to cheer up. Patrick joins them and congratulates Mimi and tells the two women that the paternity results for Hope’s baby haven’t come back. Shawn comes over as Bonnie and Patrick leave. Dr. Jaynes comes out and tells them that they have a problem.

Previews for tomorrow:

Sami: What am I gonna do? What if the truth comes out?

E.J.: Truth about what?

Hope: I know exactly who the father of my baby is.

Bo: Who's the father?

Mimi: Well, if our surrogate is not carrying our baby, then whose baby is she carrying?

Philip: What's going on?

Belle: Hey, what are you doing here?

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