Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/12/06

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/12/06


Written By Kristy
Pictures by Juanita

Lucas and Carrie are back in their apartment starting their honeymoon celebration. Carrie is anxiously waiting for Lucas to put the finishing touches on the room. He wants everything to be special for their first night together as husband and wife. The evening begins……

Austin and Sami arrive at Dune, followed by Max who receives a call from Stephanie as he walks through the door. She promises to be there soon to meet with him. As he is finishing his call with Stephanie, Chelsea walks in behind him. Max turns around and sees her and wonders why she followed him there. She denies following him and says she’s there to meet with Sami. He doesn’t believe her and accuses her of coming there to see who he would be with tonight.

As Mimi and Shawn wait at the hospital, Mimi is worried and complaining because there has been no word on their surrogate. Belle and Phillip are getting ready to start the procedure. Nurse Betty sets the tray with the fertilized egg on the table in front of them. Belle asks if she is sure the egg is really hers. Betty reassures Belle that they have plenty of safe guards in place in the hospital and that there is no room for error. She tells her she gets that question a lot, and not to worry. Belle has a worried look on her face, but takes her word on it. Dr. Jaynes enters the room and the procedure begins. He tells her to count to 10 and the procedure will be over. He’s right, it was. He tells her to lie back and be still and they will get her check out papers ready. He then leaves the room.

Kayla and Nick are lying on the couch, kissing, in the lounge. Nick stops her and gets up, telling her to stop. She reminds him that he is her husband and that somehow he was brought back to her. She tells him that she wants him. He says that he don’t even remember her. She doesn’t care about that. She tells him that she thinks that he wants her too.

At the Deveraux house, a very sick Jack is lying in his bed. Jennifer and Frankie are sitting on the bed next to him. She is having a hard time knowing that there is really nothing she can do to help him, except for keeping him comfortable. She wipes a cool cloth over his forehead. Frankie tells her that her being here helps Jack, but she feels so useless to him. She tells Frankie that he’s been her husband for so many years, and the father of her children, and she doesn’t want him to die. The doorbell rings and Frankie suspects that it is Lexie. She leans over Jack as he is sleeping, and whispers to him that she can’t let him go. Frankie is headed down the stairs toward the door. It is Lexie and he directs her upstairs to Jack’s room. Frankie sits down at the computer and quickly types a few keys. He has noticed something that makes him wonder why they haven’t seen this before. He comments to himself that he isn’t a doctor, but this could save Jack’s life.

Lucas and Carrie are passionately into each other in their room. Carrie thanks Lucas for everything he has done to make the evening so special. She tells him it is perfect. They continue to make love.

Back at Dune, Sami tells Austin that it’s nice for the two of them to be out together without Lucas and Carrie. Austin agrees and says that there has been too much togetherness between the four of them. She likes just being alone with him and tells him that Lucas and Carrie’s wedding has made her think about their wedding. She wants her wedding to be a little more lavish than Carries. Austin explains that they have a little business to take care of first, and Sami agrees, saying that it will just give her more time to plan her wedding so that everything will be extra special. Austin likes her positive attitude about the delay their wedding. Sami talks about the bridesmaids she wants, and tells Austin that she can’t have any one of them too beautiful because they might outshine the bride. Austin tells her she is so beautiful that no one could out stage her, not that she would even let them. She thanks him and continues the conversation. She notices someone she needs to speak to and tells Austin that she’ll be right back. As she leaves, E.J. walks over to Austin and greets him. He sits down and wants to talk to him about Sami.

Chelsea pretends to Max that she doesn’t care who he might be meeting there tonight. He accuses her of listening to his phone conversation and dying to know who it was. She denies the accusations and admits that she might have been a little curious, but that was all. She wonders why, only a few days ago, he was only interested in seeing her. He reminds her that she was the one who shot him down. Before she can respond, Sami walks up wanting to speak with her. Chelsea turns to Sami with a discusted look on her face and wants to know what she wants. Sami says that she has a proposition for her.

Phillip has just contacted the sitter to check on Claire and returns to Belle’s bedside. He tells her that he ran into Dr. Jaynes in the hall. The doctor told him that the procedure with Shawn and Mimi’s surrogate went well and that he had just finished the implant. Belle is pleased with the results. Nurse Betty walks into a room with a tray holding both Belle and Mimi’s Petri dishes and sets them down. She gets a page and leaves the room. The gloved hand comes out from behind the curtain, and swaps the women’s dishes. He/she takes the one on the right and moves it to the left and visa versa. He/she does not switch the lids this time.

We come back to see Kayla and Nick still kissing in the lounge. Again, Nick pulls away. He says he needs to find out, for himself, who he is, and until then, he doesn’t see the point in much else.

Lexie is examining an unconscious Jack as Jennifer stands behind her questioning her on Jacks condition. Sadly, Lexie tells Jennifer that he is dying. She tells Jennifer that, at this stage in his illness, he is very cognitive. Immediately Jennifer goes to his side and pleads with him to hang on. She begs him not to leave her. Lexie sits down behind Jennifer and holds her, trying to give Jennifer a little comfort and support. Downstairs, Frankie has found something that might give Jack a chance to live. He picks up the phone and makes a call.

The gloved hand is now at Dune putting a letter in an envelope. Austin wants to know what E.J. needs to talk about. He wants to apologize for the way he came across earlier concerning Austin and Sami’s wedding plans. He feels like they have postponed their wedding because of him. Austin tells him that it is fine, and that it might have been a blessing for them anyway. He tells him that there are things they need to take care of in their personal lives, and all the wedding talk has been a distraction. He needs Sami to focus on business right now. Austin wonders if he should put her in charge of E.J.’s account, and asks him how he would feel about that.

Sami has obviously asked Chelsea to be a bridesmaid in her wedding. Chelsea can’t believe it and asks her why she would want her in her wedding. She says that she didn’t even think Sami liked her. Sami said that at first, she didn’t like her, but the more she thinks about it, they have a lot in common. She tells her that everybody hates the both of them, and she thinks they should get to know each other better and help each other out. Sami said maybe she could help Chelsea get her boyfriend back. Chelsea wants to know why she would think that she has lost her boyfriend. Sami refers to “that” and Chelsea turns around to see Max hugging Stephanie.

Stephanie apologizes to Max for being late. He is glad she came and offers to get her a drink. Chelsea watches them, not looking so happy.

Mimi and Shawn have just met Lauren, their surrogate, and they both approve of her. Another nurse walks into the room where the Petri dishes are sitting on the table, and notices that Belle’s dish is sitting in front of the sticker marked Mimi Kiriakis and visa versa. She immediately picks up the phone and has nurse Betty paged, stat.

Nick wants Kayla to tell him that she understands where he’s coming from. She does not. He tells her that he doesn’t want to lead her on, and that if he doesn’t remember her, it wouldn’t be fair to her. She wants to know if he thinks that her spending time with him and wanting him when she can’t have him is fair. She is upset. He tells her that when they make love, he wants to remember her and he don’t want it to be just about sex. He doesn’t want to hurt her. He tells her that she is beautiful and sexy and he does want her, someday. She questions him about the possibility that he may never get his memory back, and tells him she couldn’t bear loosing him again.

Jennifer is still by Jack’s side as Abby rushes through the door. She is worried and wants to know if her father is alright. Jennifer had left a message for Abby telling her to come home and it scared her. Jennifer is sorry to have upset her. Lexie leaves. Abby notices that Jennifer has been crying. Jennifer tells Abby that they have to accept that Jack is dying. Abby refuses, stating that as long as he is alive, there is still hope. Jennifer wants to believe that. Abby tells her they can help by praying for him. They say a prayer. Frankie gets a hold of a friend by the name of Hank. Frankie questions him about the clinical trial that he has been conducting, and that he has read about the success of it. He tells Hank that his friend may have the same disorder. He listens as Hank tells him the trial is closed. Frankie pleads with him for his help. Then he agrees to help Frankie. Lexie is coming down the stairs, Frankie hands the phone over to her.

Carrie and Lucas have just made love. They are wooing each other, and decide to make love again.

Belle and Phillip prepare to leave the hospital, and Phillip surprises Belle with a ring Victor had given Isabella. Nurse Betty comes into the room to discover the switched Petri dishes, and stands there in disbelief.

Chelsea agrees to be Sami’s bridesmaid. Chelsea leaves her and walks toward Max and Stephanie with a “I’m up to no good” look on her face. She notices a waiter walking their way and purposely bumps into him, causing him to spill all his drinks onto Stephanie. Stephanie is amused by this and leaves to clean herself up. Max accuses Chelsea of doing that on purpose. Sami goes to the bar for another drink, and is handed an envelope from the bartender with her name on it. She accepts the letter with a confused look on her face.

Nick tells Kayla that he will not leave her and Stephanie. He says that he feels connected to them, and that’s worth something. He promises to fight for their relationship.

Abby apologizes to Jennifer for her actions in the past weeks. Jennifer reassures her that she is a wonderful daughter. Abby wonders what Jennifer would do about Frankie if Jack survived. Jennifer hasn’t even thought about that. Lexie is surprised when she hangs up the phone and questions Frankie’s ability to have arranged this for Jack. She tells him that he is the most selfless human being that she knows. Frankie wants no praise because his reasons for doing this are because this illness with Jack is tearing Jennifer apart. Lexie wants to know if Frankie understands what will happen between him and Jennifer if this procedure for Jack works.

Scenes of Lucas and Carrie heat up the screen.

Phillip and Belle walk up to Mimi and Shawn in the hospital. Shawn thanks Phillip for everything he has done to help them have a child. Nurse Betty is frantic, telling herself and the other nurse that there is no way she could have mixed up the Petri dishes. She is sure of it.

Kayla tells Nick that she will never give up on him and that she will do whatever she can to ensure he gets his memory back. He thanks her. She tells him that she has never stopped loving him, and that some day, he would remember how much they loved each other, and how much they had to go through to be together. They stare at each other and he puts his hand on the side of her face. She covers his hand with hers.

Chelsea, aggravated, insists to Max that bumping into the waiter was an accident. She asks him if he thinks she’s jealous. She tells him not to flatter himself and stomps off. Stephanie returns with ink on her hands. She has no idea where it came from when Max notices it.

E.J. is happy with the idea of Sami being in charge of his account at Reed and Co. He also tells Austin he should hurry up and tie the knot before someone else jumps in there to take his place. Austin has a dumb-founded look on his face. Sami reads the letter as Angela, the owner of the bar, watches from behind. Sami quickly turns around and demands to know where the letter came from. She says that a waiter found it and gave it to the bartender. Angela notices the look on Sami’s face and says that it must be bad news. Sami turns around and her mind is racing.

Frankie confesses to Lexie that he can’t think about the long term right now. He just wants to help out. Frankie knows that if it is successful that he could loose Jennifer. He is disturbed by this. He can’t stand to see her suffer, and Jack is his friend. Lexie is going to leave to get started on the paperwork. Jennifer is coming downstairs and hears Lexie telling Frankie about an experimental drug. She wants to know what they are talking about. Lexie explaines what Frankie has just done for Jack as she is leaving. She promises to call as soon as everything is ready. Jennifer jumps into Frankie’s arms and is overjoyed with Frankie’s efforts to save Jack, and for giving them hope.

Previews for tomorrow:

Hope: It is a miracle, a gift from god after losing Zack.

Bo: This baby is our future.

Shawn D.: If this child does turn out to be my father's, I'm just concerned that he's gonna put even more pressure on her to get back together.

Mimi: Oh, my god. What was that?

Stephanie: I wanted to see if you're really as good as everyone says you are.

Max: So what's the verdict?

Stephanie: I'll have to take you for a test-drive.

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