Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/11/06

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/11/06


Written By Kristy
Pictures by Juanita

Belle, Mimi, and Shawn are in the hospital awaiting news from Dr. Jaynes.  Phillip waltzes looking pleased with himself and announces that he had been in touch with “The Foundation”, and they had been in touch with their surrogate Lauren, and that she is on her way to the hospital as well. This pleases everyone. Dr. Jaynes comes into the room and says that he, unfortunately, has bad news. Everyone’s faces drop.

Carrie and Lucas have locked themselves in the lounge as the reception is underway. They are hugging and kissing and obviously enjoying their new union. There is a knock at the door, and Lucas, believing it to be Kate, opens the door to Maggie.  She came with a telegram for Carrie explaining that telegrams make her generation very nervous.  Carrie opens the telegram and Lucas wants to know who it’s from. With her back turned to Lucas, she looks up from the letter and reveals that it was sent by Mike Horton.

Meanwhile, at the reception Kayla and Nick are sitting alone at a table.  Kayla is looking for her little photo album in her purse and it’s not there. Nick tells her that he took it from her purse and apologizes. He says that he just needed to look at the picture of Stephanie and their wedding again. Looking hopeful, Kayla asks if he is remembering something.

At the bar, Kate is sitting alone playing with the olive in her martini.  Roman walks up smiling, telling Kate that no one throws a party like she does, but, that not everyone has the money to throw around that she does either. (Ouch)  Kate says that he knows she just likes to see her children happy. He agrees.  He tells her that he needs a favor from her and that she is not going to like it, but he has to ask anyway. He starts out by stating that Lucas has finally settled down with a woman that she approves of, but, that she has already told him that she is worried about Austin marrying Sami. Kate just sits there with her head turned away from him toward the camera.  Roman tells her to worry all she wants but DO NOT INTERFERE with my daughters’ happiness AGAIN.  She turns her face back to him and he says, “Leave it alone Kate. Leave Sami alone”.  She just stares at him.

Austin and Sami catch a waiter coming through with champagne, and quickly wisp two glasses from the tray as he passes.  Sami is saying that she can’t wait for it to be their turn to be married.  Austin laughs out loud and says, “Me too”.  He says that they will get it right this time.  They do a special toast with their arms intertwined.  E.J. is watching Sami and Austin in the background as……….

The scene fades into Caroline and Alice bragging over another Brady-Horton wedding.  Alice agrees with Caroline and sadly wishes Bo and Hope would find their way back to one another.

At another table, sit Billie and Bo.  Billie tells Bo that she is glad he is there with her because it’s no fun being the “dateless bridesmaid”.  Bo is obviously pre-occupied and glances around the room as Billie talks to him.  Billie knows that it’s hard for him right now while he is awaiting the paternity results of Hope’s baby.  She has an idea. She wants him to relax and have fun for a few hours.  He’s looking behind her as she is saying this to him, and notices Hope walking in with Patrick. With a “I can’t believe this” look on his face, he says, “Yeah, like that’s gonna happen”.  Billie turns around to see them too.  Bo just stares at them shaking his head.

Chelsea and Abby walk to the party outside and Chelsea questions Abby on the where-abouts of Josh.  Chelsea talks about how clean cut Josh is and how he’s the kind of guy you bring home to meet mom.  Abby gets a little frustrated with her and tells her that she or Josh, for that matter, isn’t as goodie-two-shoes as she thinks they are. Chelsea likes Abby just the way she is, but Abby says she doesn’t.  She says that she used to be more fun and turns away.  Chelsea reminds Abby that her father is dying and that her feelings are understandable.  Abby tells her that she didn’t even want to come to the wedding, but Jack wanted her to. He wants them to continue on as if nothing is wrong.  Chelsea is feeling sorry for Abby that all this is coming down on her and wishes she could make her feel better. Abby turns back to Chelsea and says there is nothing she can do. Then, she catches something or someone behind Chelsea and says maybe there is something that she can do. Something that will help her realize there can be happy endings again.  Chelsea turns around to look behind her, and it’s Max, and Abby says, “Give Max a chance”.  Max is standing there looking at her and Chelsea turns back around.

Back at the hospital, Dr. Jaynes explains that the problem is with today being a holiday, and that it will cause a delay in getting the embryo transfers underway.  Mimi reassures him that is not a problem as they are still waiting for the surrogate to arrive. He tells them he has a meeting and to have him paged when she arrives.  Mimi has a bad feeling.  Dr. Jaynes stops by to inform nurse Betty that he wants to begin the procedure as soon as the surrogate arrives. She begins to set up the sterile instruments on the patients’ trays and says that she will be ready. Dr. Jaynes leaves the room.  Warning music plays as it shows nurse Betty bent over the trays with the Petri dish in her hand…………as the gloved hand watches from behind the curtain!

As Sami and Austin share a kiss after their toast, E.J. walks up and apologizes for interrupting.  They chat about the wedding and the upcoming Sami and Austin wedding.  E.J. is concerned about them getting married so soon.

Bo stands up to go to Hope and Billie tries to keep him at their table.  He says that he don’t want to upset Hope. Hope sees Bo and pulls Patrick aside to tell him. She is worried about Bo causing a scene. Here comes Bo.  They all exchange uncomfortable glances. 

Carrie is still holding the telegram with her back to Lucas and Maggie.  Lucas asks Carrie to fill him in.  All it said was that he wished they could be there for her wedding. Signed “love and friendship, Mike”.  Lucas and Maggie’s faces brighten up after she reads it aloud.  One can only assume that they were on edge about what could have been in the letter and then breathed a sigh of relief.  Lucas and Carrie kiss and Maggie reminds them that they have a room full of guests and warns them not to be long.  Carrie promises that they will be right there, but Lucas has other plans.  He wants to keep her in there so he can have her all to himself.  They embrace in a passionate kiss.

Chelsea’s back is still turned to Max.  Abby is not happy about Chelsea’s attitude toward Max and tells her not to blow it,  Abby leaves to go inside.  Chelsea wants to know where the “beautiful Stephanie Johnson” is and Max informs her that it is Chelsea he wants to be with, not Steph.  He tells her that he is in love with her.

Kate and Roman are still sitting at the bar debating on who can or cannot change. Kate or Sami.  Roman wants to know if she is going to leave Sami alone  and wants to know if he’s right when he believes that Kate will never stop trying to ruin her. He tells her to fess up.

Nick is apologizing for continuing to make Kayla think that he is remembering his past.  He insists that he is just trying not to forget.  Kayla wants him to see Marlena when she comes back to town. He is doubtful because he has seen “shrinks” before, but agrees that it wouldn’t hurt to talk to her.  Kayla is pleased with his acceptance of speaking to Marlena.  He tells her that it is bizarre that the last thing she remembers of him is his supposed death, and the first thing he remembers is waking up at the motel room with no knowledge of anything.  All of a sudden, you see distress in Kayla’s face and she says, “Oh my god”.

Nurse Betty walks over where Mimi, Shawn, and Belle are waiting to tell them they are ready to start the process.  Mimi gets excited and nervous because the surrogate isn’t there yet.  Belle is ready, but hesitant because Phillip stepped out to take a phone call and she wants to wait for him to be there.  The nurse tells them to call for her when they are ready.  Belle wonders what is taking Phillip so long and is worried that it might be Claire.  Phillip returns and tells them that was “the foundation” calling about Mimi and Shawn’s surrogate, and that she had been in a car accident.  Mimi gasps and puts her hands over her mouth.

Austin and Sami want to know what E.J. meant by his comment about them getting married to soon.  His point is that they just took him on as a new client. If they spend all their time planning a wedding, as it takes a tremendous amount of time to prepare for a wedding, that Titan, Lucas, Shawn and Max will get a lead over them and that’s not acceptable to him.  He reminds them that the three of them have a product to launch and they need to invest all their time and effort into making sure it succeeds.  Austin does see his point.  Sami thinks Kate should handle things while they are on their honeymoon.  E.J. is disappointed with Sami’s comment and tells her if that is the way they are thinking, their deal is a non-starter. Sami stares at E.J. and looks back at Austin.  Austin is standing there with his eyes on E.J. pondering the situation.

Bo insists on speaking to Hope alone.  Hope agrees and Patrick leaves and talks to Billie.  Billie asks Patrick what he is going to do if the baby Hope is carrying if his.  Hope reminds Bo that they are at a wedding reception and not a place to discuss the paternity of the baby.  Bo understands and just wants her to know that no matter how things turn out, that he will still love her.  She questions his feelings if Patrick is the father.

Chelsea and Max are still in the garden at the wedding reception.  Chelsea is hinting for Max to reassure her that he is there for her and not Stephanie.  She refers to herself as a consolation prize.  He tells her that she’s not and that he came here because of her, and wants to know if she believes him.  She does.  He is pleased with her answer. 

Kate and Roman share a drink together and she admits to Roman that she don’t think Sami could ever make Austin happy.  But, she has decided to back off and leave Sami alone.  Roman questions her again to be sure she is telling him the truth.  She promises she is “off the case”.  She still insists that Austin and Sami have nothing in common. Roman tells her that opposites attract and to look at their relationship…..that they had one hell of a connection.  She turns to him and smiles.

Noticing the distress on Kayla’s face, Nick wants to know what’s wrong.  She tells him that someone staged his death and erased his memory.  He wants to know who would do a thing like that.  She says, “Stephano Dimera”.

Mimi worries about the surrogate.  Nurse Betty comes for Belle when she see’s that Phillip has returned.  Belle leaves with her and Phillip goes to make another phone call before joining her.  Mimi wishes Belle luck. 

Austin understands E.J.’s concern but reminds him they have a contract. Sami starts to speak but he reassures E.J. that he doesn’t want him to be unhappy.  He promises to devote all their time to their project until it launches.  E.J. agrees.  Austin goes for drinks. Sami turns to E.J. and wants to know what all that was about.  He plays dumb. She thinks he is trying to postpone her wedding.

Bo thinks the baby is his and if it’s not, he will do anything he has to to make sure he doesn’t loose her.  You can see the hurt on Hope’s face as she tells him that she’s not trying to hurt him. She then walks away leaving Bo standing there.  She turns around one more time and then leaves.

Carrie runs into Austin as he is getting drinks.  He tells her she deserves to be happy, and then Lucas walks up to remind him that it’s his turn next with Sami.  Austin tells him that they are going to have a great life (Lucas and Carrie).  Maggie walks to the center of the room and announces Mr. and Mrs. Lucas and Carrie Roberts.  Austin watches them walk away with a long look on his face. They begin to dance.  Austin is imagining that it is him and Carrie out there instead of Lucas.  Everyone stands around and watches, clapping and wooing after Lucas dips Carrie during the dance.

Back at the bar, Kate and Roman are still together.  Reminding Kate that they were once happy.  She says she has made herself forget about that because it’s too painful.  He says that he wishes she could be the woman she once was inside.  Not the woman manipulating and running other people’s lives.  She defends herself.  He tells her to be happy for once and run her own life and not her childrens’ lives.  He wonders if the strong, confident, sweet, kind woman (what??) that he fell in love with, that needed him, is still in there inside of her somewhere. She just looks at him as he gets up to leave.

Nick wants Kayla to explain about Stephano.  She gives Nick a brief history of him and tells him that she believes this happened to him because of her and her family.  She tells him about Stephano erasing Hope’s memory and that she got her memory back and not to think this is over.  He tells her that she’s already tried everything to help him get his memory back.  She says “no” and has one more idea.  She tells him to come with her.  He follows.

Billie finds Bo at the bar and wonders if he made any progress with Hope.   Says that he doesn’t know anymore. 

Sami is watching the newlyweds dance as E.J. comes up behind her and whispers that his concern was not about her wedding.  He just wants her to be the business woman he knows she can be. He told her the reason he decided to work with Reed and Co. had nothing to do with Austin or his mother. Sami just stares at him in astonishment as Austin runs up to grab her for a dance.  She walks away with him while her eyes are still on E.J.  E.J. turns around toward the camera as they walk off looking pretty amused with himself.

Shawn is with Mimi reassuring her (again) that she will be a great mother.  Dr. Jaynes walks up behind them with the good news that their surrogate has arrived, and explained that the wreck she had was just a fender bender.  He says she is ready to go ahead with the transfer and that Mimi could meet her as soon as the procedure was over.  He wishes them luck and Mimi is excited. 

Phillip is by Belle’s bedside and the gloved hand is still there peering out from behind the curtain.

Lucas and Carrie finish their dance. Maggie announces for everyone to join them on the dance floor.  Max and Chelsea are dancing.  Max is happy to be close to her.  She tells him that he is great but she’s not ready to commit to anyone. (it’s just a dance Chelsea, not a proposal)  He understands. He lets her know that he wants to be with her, but he will not wait around for her.  As she tells him she’s going out with friends tonight, his phone starts ringing.  It’s obviously a female (maybe Steph).  He turns around and thanks Chelsea for the dance, and leaves her standing there (woohoo!).  She has an ‘I can’t believe he did that’ look on her face, and then walks away.

Billie asks Bo to dance with her. He agrees.  Hope sees this and asks Patrick to leave with her.  Bo watches them walk out.

Austin and Sami dance while discussing the conversation with E.J.  Lucas and Carrie come over to cut in.  While Lucas and Sami are dancing, Lucas tells her that he is proud of her.  Sami puts her arms around Lucas and lays her head on his shoulders and cries.  Carrie is telling Austin how lucky she is to have him in her life even though she married Lucas.  He tells her that he will always be there for her.

Kate is still alone at the bar.  E.J. walks up and asks for a dance.  He wants to know why she is so against Sami.  Kate is not willing to talk about that right now because her son was just married and she wants to leave on a good note tonight.  She leaves him sitting at the bar alone.  On her way out, she stops to look back at him. They exchange glances, and she continues to walk out. 

Kayla leads Nick into the lounge and lays a very passionate kiss on him.  They continue to kiss as they drop down on the couch!

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Kayla (to Nick)  Somehow you were brought back to me, and I want you, and I think that you want me. 
Jennifer (to Frankie) You’ve given us hope that Jack might survive. Oh my gosh!

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