Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/10/06

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/10/06


Written By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita


Kayla and Steve arrive for Carrie and Lucas’ wedding but Kayla is in no hurry to enter the church. Kayla wants to spend more time in the garden in hopes that it will jog Steve’s memory.

Abby and Chelsea arrive for the wedding but Abby doesn’t look pleased. Chelsea asks Abby what is wrong and Abby explains that she doesn’t want to be away from Jack even though Jack asked her to go to the wedding to represent their family since Jennifer stayed behind to take care of Jack. Chelsea and Abby spot Max arriving with Stephanie though they don’t know who she is. Chelsea isn’t pleased to see Max moving on but Abby reminds her that she was warned.

Max makes Stephanie laugh as he questions how the pit crew can even concentrate with her as their driver. Max tries again to find out Stephanie’s name and her relationship to the family but Stephanie prefers to keep Max guessing. Chelsea and Abby watch with shock on their faces.

E.J. arrives for the wedding and ducks behind a bush when he recognizes Stephanie.

Inside the church, everyone is smiling as Belle starts the progression down the aisle and is helped up onto the altar by Philip. Billie comes down the aisle next and Will helps her onto the altar. Sami comes down next and Austin leads her to the altar. Everyone stands as Roman leads Carrie down the aisle. Austin looks sad and Sami looks nervous though she’s confident that she’ll still get Austin. Kate silently urges Lexie to bring Sami down before it’s too late. Roman lifts Carrie’s veil, kisses her, and tells Lucas to take good care of Carrie before taking his seat. Father Jansen leads the congregation in prayer but as he speaks, Carrie imagines Austin in Lucas’ place. Carrie becomes breathless and tells Sami, “I can’t, I can’t.”

Everyone looks confused but Carrie brushes it off as a passing feeling and assures Lucas that she can’t wait to get married. Kate discreetly heads to the back of the church and pulls Lexie aside to talk. Sami watches them both leave and looks panicked. Kate urges Lexie to tell the truth. Lexie doesn’t think Kate should make the decision to tell the truth but Kate insists. Lexie flashes back to getting the call from the mystery stranger telling her not to tell the truth on Sami. Lexie refuses to tell Kate the truth but Kate continues to beg.

Father Jansen asks Carrie and Lucas to confirm that they’ve both come freely to give to each other in marriage. Father Jansen then turns to the congregation and asks for anyone to speak up against the marriage. Everyone gasps when Kate leads Lexie back into the chapel and announces that Lexie has something to say. Lexie looks as shocked as everyone else at Kate’s declaration.

Lucas accuses Kate of trying to ruin his wedding again. Kate turns the floor over to Lexie with a glaring look. Lexie confirms that she has something to say and reminds the crowd about how she lost Abe. Lexie addresses the congregation and tells them to be honest and faithful to one another. Lexie urges Carrie and Lucas to always uphold their vows for she wishes she had done the same. Lexie, now crying, apologizes for interrupting the ceremony and urges them to be sure that they truly belong with each other. Lexie ends her speech and rushes out of the chapel. Lucas tells Carrie that he is sure of his love for Carrie and still wants to get married.

Back in the garden, Steve apologizes for not remembering his life with Kayla. Kayla says she feels more sad than hurt. Steve likes the pictures he was shown especially of the ones with the whole family and Kayla curses the fact that she can’t reach Stephanie. Steve picks a rose from the garden and gives it to Kayla. It reminds Kayla of how Steve used to bring her flowers all the time.

E.J. continues to watch Stephanie and Max from behind the bush. E.J. decides not to interrupt. Abby and Chelsea duck behind the nearest bush as they watch E.J. walk by. Chelsea acts like she isn’t hurt seeing Max with Stephanie and decides that she can also play the field as she admires E.J. passing by. Abby doubts Chelsea’s sincerity.

Stephanie admits that she’s here on behalf of the Brady family and Max jokes about being able to sit on the same side of the church. Stephanie reveals that she knows more about Max’s childhood than he thinks. Stephanie claims that she read it on Max’s fan club web site but Max points out that none of that personal information is written on any of his fan club sites. Stephanie tells Max to relax for all will be revealed. Chelsea watches them with a scowl.

Max jokes that he can handle any of Stephanie’s games and vows to find out all of her secrets. They decide to go inside and Chelsea and Abby duck out of sight so as not to be seen as they walk by. Stephanie and Max run into Kayla in the lobby and Stephanie and Steve meet for the first time.

Maggie and Alice worry about Carrie’s shaky demeanor. Carrie confirms that she’s committed to Lucas. Father Jansen then asks if Carrie and Lucas will accept children willingly and raise them as a gift from God. Lucas quickly says he will but Carrie flashes back to when Lexie warned her against having children with Austin and upon learning she was pregnant. Carrie agrees that she wants children as well and promises Will that she will do her best to be a good stepmother. Everyone laughs, as Will stumbles over what to call Carrie now.

Kate urges Lexie to still stop the wedding for Austin is the one who belongs with Carrie.

Maggie and Alice talk of how proud they are of Lucas to be standing here today. Everyone watches with baited breath as Carrie hesitates to say, “I do” when prompted.

Lucas jokingly clears his throat and Carrie quickly says “I do” followed with an apology for being so nervous. Father Jansen declares their consent into marriage and steps aside as they use two candles to light one single candle.

Kate continues to urge Lexie to oust Sami before it’s too late.

Max, Chelsea, and Abby watch in shock as Stephanie tries to grasp the concept of standing in front of her presumed dead father. Kayla explains that Steve doesn’t remember their life together. Steve confirms that he didn’t even know he was Steve and apologizes. Stephanie wraps her arms around his neck in tears and Steve cries as he strokes her hair. Max looks defeated as he realizes this means Stephanie is his niece.

Chelsea quietly cheers for the newly defeated relationship but Abby reminds her that Chelsea is technically Max’s niece too. Chelsea thinks her relationship with Max is okay because they are not related by blood but Abby points out that Stephanie is not related to Max by blood either. Abby gloats about how Max has taken such a liking to Stephanie despite Chelsea’s obvious annoyance.

Kate remains confident that she will stop the wedding with or without Lexie’s help. Kate warns that she will oust Sami even if it means getting Lexie caught in the crossfire.

Father Jansen blesses the wedding rings but Lucas asks to speak from his heart first. Lucas tells Carrie that he loves her from the first time he saw her and as he speaks, flashbacks of their first meetings and original relationship are shown. Lucas holds up his ring for Carrie and vows to stay faithful and honor Carrie before slipping it on her finger. Sami fights back the tears as Carrie tells Lucas that she feels blessed to be marrying her best friend. Carrie recites her vow of faithfulness and slips the ring on Lucas’ finger. Father Jansen pronounces Lucas and Carrie to be husband and wife and presents them to the congregation as Mr. and Mrs. Lucas Roberts. Everyone claps and cheers as Lucas and Carrie kiss.

Lucas and Carrie step down from the altar and Roman hugs Carrie before they walk down the aisle. The respective groomsmen each lead a member of Carrie’s wedding party back down the aisle. Roman questions why Kate doesn’t look happy. Roman guesses that Kate is already plotting against Austin and Sami and asks her to leave Sami and Austin alone.

Sami and Austin talk of how Carrie almost faltered but really loves Lucas.

Caroline and Shawn Sr. enter the garden and reunite with Stephanie. Steve reluctantly tells Caroline that seeing Stephanie didn’t help bring back any memories. Caroline and Shawn Sr. leave for the party. Abby and Chelsea push their way through the group to sit on a bench nearby. Stephanie tells Kayla and Steve that she’s in town for a race as well and Steve admits to suddenly feeling overprotective of Stephanie. Kayla hopes it’s a sign of remembering more.

Max talks through the shock with Stephanie and asks why she was so secretive. Stephanie kept it going because she thought Max was enjoying it. Max asks if there are any more secrets just as E.J. walks up to greet Stephanie. Abby and Chelsea exchange glances at their intimate greeting.

Shawn approaches Mimi, Belle, and Philip with a message from Dr. Jaynes saying that they should get to the hospital right away and they rush out of the church.


The mystery stranger watches from behind the curtain as Mimi, Shawn, Philip, and Belle arrive. Philip uses his connections to learn that the foundation got in touch with Mimi’s surrogate and she is now on her way as well. Mimi is still worried that something is bound to go wrong. The mystery stranger flashes back to switching the labels. Belle also becomes nervous and Shawn watches sadly as Philip comforts her.


E.J. and Stephanie explain to Max that they raced against each other in Europe. E.J. warns Max against racing against Stephanie. Max asks Stephanie to the reception but E.J. insists on being the one to take her. Stephanie asks to go as a group and they walk off together. Chelsea decides to march up to Stephanie and claim Max back and she and Abby head for the reception. Steve is hurt that Stephanie was so quick to run away from him. Kayla assures him that it only takes time but Steve doesn’t think they can be a family if he can’t remember them.

Lucas thanks Carrie for including Will in the ceremony. Carrie promises that their happiest day isn’t over yet.

Sami promises that she and Austin are going to be happy and hugs him. Lexie watches them from across the room and curses the fact that Sami didn’t know how close she came to losing Austin.

Kate criticizes Billie for not being at the wedding with Bo. Kate refuses to give up on breaking up Austin and Sami. Billie asks how Kate can be so confident but Kate will only promise that before long Sami will self-destruct. Kate smiles at E.J. talking with Stephanie and glares menacingly at Sami hugging Austin.

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