Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/5/06

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/5/06


Written By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita


Today is Carrie and Lucas’ wedding day. Mimi, Shawn, Philip, and Belle arrive at the church. Belle wonders aloud whether Carrie is rushing into the marriage because she is pregnant and Shawn asks if Belle thinks Carrie still has feelings for Austin. Mimi dismisses all talk by pointing out that Carrie and Lucas got engaged before Carrie knew she was pregnant. Talk turns to their hopes for shared pregnancies.


The mystery stranger runs his gloved hand along the table holding Mimi and Belle’s in vitro dishes and flashes back to when he switched the labels. The mystery stranger ducks behind the curtain when he hears someone approaching.


Mimi hopes they won’t be facing yet another disappointment.


The mystery stranger watches from behind the curtain as the doctor discusses with a lab tech how important their grant money is to the success of the in vitro process working for Belle and Mimi.


Max slams the hood of his car down in frustration and runs his hand along the damaged paint on the side of his racecar. Max flashes back to confronting the driver and realizing that it is a woman driver. Max refers to Stephanie as “the chick who damaged his car” and Stephanie confronts him about being against women drivers. Max threatens to report Stephanie to the racing officials for reckless driving. Stephanie remains smug and insists that Max was the one to lose control and veer out of his lane. Stephanie makes a joke about how Max’s car is damaged less than his ego.

Bridal room:

Caroline makes last minute alterations on the wedding dress while Roman watches Carrie bluster around the bride’s room nervously. Roman calls Carrie on her nervousness and Carrie explains that she is nervous due to her bad luck at weddings. Roman confirms that Carrie is truly happy and points out that life doesn’t always turn out the way we expect. Carrie points out how she thought she’d be marrying Austin today instead of Lucas.


Billie pulls Austin aside to question whether he is really okay with Lucas marrying Carrie today.

Lucas fixes Will’s tuxedo, as Will remarks how odd it feels to have his dad marrying his aunt. Will shares his fears that this wedding will end up in disaster just like Lucas’ attempts to marry Sami. Lucas assures him that this wedding will go smoothly.

Abe walks into the church and wonders aloud how he and Lexie ended up apart.

Lexie arrives at the church and Tek walks up to find out how it went exposing Sami. Lexie tells Tek that she couldn’t expose Sami but Tek doesn’t understand why not.

Kate watches Sami stare nervously out the front window and confronts her. Sami tries to make a quick exit but Kate won’t leave her alone. Kate wants Sami to tell her the truth but Sami plays dumb. Kate repeats what Sami thought she was leaving on Lexie’s voice mail and Sami asks if Kate plans to tell everyone what she heard.

Bridal room:

Roman asks Carrie if she’s changed her mind about the wedding and wants to get back together with Austin. Carrie insists that Lucas is her future now. Caroline has Roman leave so she can get Carrie ready for the wedding.


Lexie tells Tek that she got a phone call that stopped her from exposing Sami but won’t answer any more of Tek’s questions. Tek refuses to drop the subject.

Kate reluctantly admits to Sami that she’s the only one who heard the message and has no proof of it. Kate vows to find out what Sami is hiding and expose her so she loses Austin for good.


Stephanie avoids answering Max’s demands to know her name. Stephanie sticks to her claim of driving safely and accuses Max of being distracted by girlfriend troubles. Stephanie teases Max about not knowing she was his competition and Max fires back by adding that Stephanie must not be very good or he would have heard about her. Stephanie vows that Max will soon know her name.


Mimi and Shawn light a candle at the altar and ask God to bless their surrogate mother and their hopefully soon to be healthy baby. Mimi tells Shawn that being at the wedding makes her feel really close to him and Shawn assures her of his love. Mimi apologizes for overreacting the night before and blames it on the hormones and what she overheard Shawn say to Bo. Shawn apologizes for what he said to Bo and vows that he and Mimi will be together forever. Belle and Philip join them. Shawn steps away to call Dr. Jaynes to check for any news on their in vitro. Philip shares his anxiousness about having a baby brother or sister for Claire.

Austin admits to Billie that he expected to end up with Carrie and have Sami end up with Lucas since they do have a child together. Billie points out that having a child together doesn’t mean the couple should be together just like her and Bo.

Will worries that Sami will still screw up this wedding. Lucas assures him that the wedding will be perfect. Will steps away and Lucas reveals his true worries about Sami ruining the wedding.

Church and hospital:

Shawn calls Dr. Jaynes and learns that both Belle and Mimi’s eggs fertilized successfully. Dr. Jaynes promises to schedule the embryo transfers very soon. Shawn is anxious to tell everyone and ends the call. The mystery stranger still hides behind the curtain.


Roman steps out of the bridal room and spots Abe walking down the hall. Roman uses the opportunity to talk to Abe about reuniting with Lexie.

Bridal room:

Carrie is behind a partition putting on her wedding dress. Caroline is putting away the sewing supplies and asks how the alterations turned out. Carrie peers over the top of the partition in a panic and tells Caroline that there is a problem.


Billie and Austin discuss how they both expected Austin to end up with Carrie. Lucas overhears them and calls Austin on how he’s engaged to Sami but talking about still loving Carrie. Lucas wonders whether Austin is going to be the one to break Sami’s heart this time.

Sami maintains that she did nothing wrong. Kate doesn’t believe Sami and vows to find out what secret she’s really keeping.


Stephanie admits that she’s been watching Max race for years now and credits him for inspiring her to go into racing. Max offers to race and Stephanie agrees.


Austin pulls Lucas aside and assures him that he has nothing to worry about for Austin is completely committed to Sami now and will honor Carrie’s choice. Lucas agrees to do the same for him and Sami.

Kate walks up to Billie and Billie asks what she will do once she can no longer meddle in her children’s lives. Kate gets Billie to agree that Austin isn’t truly happy with Sami. Kate asks Billie to talk some sense into Austin but Billie doesn’t feel that either of them are worthy of giving out love advice. Kate brings up how Bo belongs with Billie but agrees to drop the subject when Billie complains. Kate vows to find out what Lexie has on Sami. Billie warns that it could backfire on Kate and Austin.

Shawn returns to Mimi, Belle, and Philip and delivers the news that both eggs were fertilized. The foursome is overjoyed and talks of the possibility of having their children born on the same day.


The mystery stranger reaches for Mimi’s Petri dish but ducks back behind the curtain when he hears Dr. Jaynes ask, “what do you think you’re doing?”

Bridal room:

Carrie is frantic because after putting on the dress, she’s discovered that she’s actually lost weight. Caroline tries to offer explanations but Carrie negates them all. Caroline suggests that she simply took the measurements wrong and takes back the dress to make new alterations.


Roman compares what Theo will be facing to how Sami turned out due to not having her parents together. Abe tells Roman that his problems with Sami weren’t his fault because he wasn’t around because of the Dimeras. Abe also thinks that Lexie’s problems stem from her being a Dimera.

Lexie cries as she tries to push Tek away. Tek refuses to back off and correctly guesses that Sami is not the one making Lexie so upset. Lexie will only confirm that it isn’t Sami and walks inside. Tek is determined to find out who is protecting Sami.

Billie can’t understand why Kate focuses so much of her energy on interfering in her children’s lives. Kate prefers to think of it as fixing a few wrongs and claims she’ll butt out once all of her children are happy and settled. Kate wants to go talk to Lexie and Billie is unable to stop her.

Lucas walks up to Billie and shares his concerns about Kate’s behavior at the wedding. Billie assures Lucas that Kate is thrilled for the couple and will be fine once they are up at the altar. Billie adds that Lucas shouldn’t hold his breath on Kate behaving until then.

Kate pulls Lexie aside to talk.

Austin notices Sami’s nervous behavior but Sami chalks it up to having matron of honor jitters. Austin asks if that is really true and Sami spots Kate and Lexie walk back towards the lobby together. Austin follows Sami’s gaze and asks her to be honest about Lucas getting married to Carrie. Sami claims to be happy for Lucas. Sami hopes that this wedding goes off perfectly because it means theirs will be perfect too.

Lexie agrees to tell Kate the truth.


Stephanie and Max stop to chat after the race. The result was a draw but Max boasts that he could have beaten her. Stephanie boasts about not flooring the gas pedal in order to let Max cross the finish line with her. Stephanie watches Max unzip his race suit to reveal a shirt and tie underneath. Max teases Stephanie about not being able to join him at the wedding because of her own racing attire. Stephanie strips off her racing suit to reveal a formal gown underneath. Stephanie invites herself on Max’s drive to the wedding as she reveals that she’s headed to the same wedding.

Bridal room:

Caroline makes sure that Carrie is truly ready to go through with the wedding.


Abe tells Roman that if this had been the first time Lexie had cheated on him, he might have been able to forgive her but this was too many times. Roman tells Abe about Lexie asking him to plead her case. Abe agrees to talk to Lexie.

Lexie tells Kate that the truth is that she was unfaithful to Abe and Sami found out. Kate wants to know the rest of the story but Lexie claims she’s the only one to blame and walks away.

Belle, Philip, Mimi, and Shawn gush about how their babies will most likely be born around the same time and will grow up to be best friends just like they all are.


The mystery stranger breathes a sigh of relief when he realizes that the doctor, who has now entered the room, was talking to an orderly who was following too close behind while wheeling a gurney into the room.


Mimi advises them all to not get ahead of the game just yet and they all decide to take their seats for the wedding.

Sami promises to make Austin happy. Austin admits to being worried when Lexie admitted the blackmailing but then commends Sami on her noble intentions.

Kate asks Billie about Hope’s baby’s paternity and Billie tells Kate how even Shawn wants the baby to be Patrick’s. Kate claims that she and Billie agree with Shawn but Billie still claims that Bo belongs with Hope. Lucas walks up and tells them about Carrie’s dress mishap. Kate offers her well wishes and Lucas and Billie step away to take their places.


Stephanie puts on her makeup to finish getting ready for the wedding. Max is shocked that Stephanie truly is going to the same wedding. Stephanie refers to St. Luke’s as the church that she was baptized in and as the church that her family has all their weddings in.

Bridal room:

Carrie slips back into the dress while behind the partition and laments to Caroline about how the rest of her family couldn’t attend because they had to move up the date. Caroline gives Carrie a bracelet as a gift from Carrie’s mother. Carrie’s mother wore the bracelet when she married Roman and she wanted Carrie to wear it on her wedding day. Roman knocks on the door to see if Carrie is ready and Carrie says yes as she wipes away her tears.


Kate lights a candle and prays that Sami’s lies and schemes are exposed before taking her seat. Austin and Sami stand at the back of the church and Austin tells Sami that he can’t wait to see Sami walking down the aisle as his bride. Sami is so touched that she hugs Austin but also gets a glaring look from Kate. Sami recalls Kate’s warning about time running out on her secret and Sami tells Austin that she should go check on Carrie.

Tek spots Lexie leave the church in tears. Lexie complains that Tek didn’t stay away but still blames herself. Tek apologizes but Lexie says it’s too late to fix it. Abe walks out to talk to Lexie but instead spots Tek comforting her.

Caroline greets Mimi and Shawn before taking her own seat. Shawn looks toward the back of the church and sighs. Mimi asks what is wrong and Shawn replies that he’s thinking about Hope. They smile at each other as they wait for the procession to start.

Belle walks down the aisle first and Philip kisses her hand when she reaches the altar. Billie walks down the aisle next and exchanges smiles with Lucas before taking her place at the altar next to Belle and opposite Lucas, Austin, Will, and Philip. Sami walks down the aisle next and Austin links arms with her before leading her to her place on the altar. Kate smiles as Belle and Billie reach the altar but rolls her eyes and sighs when Sami walks by. Everyone stands when the music changes to indicate Carrie preparing to walk down the aisle. Roman walks Carrie down the aisle. Austin looks shocked to see Carrie and Sami looks very nervous. Kate watches everyone’s reactions. Sami tries to convince herself that once this wedding is over, she’ll be set to marry Austin. Kate spots Lexie at the back of the church and hopes she has come back to nail Sami. Roman hands Carrie over to Lucas who then helps her step up onto the altar. Sami forces a smile through her nervous tears.

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