Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/5/06

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/5/06


Written By Kristy
Pictures by Juanita

Nick joins Kayla at the annual Brady-Horton barbecue. Kayla explains to Nick that this is a big bash her family throws every year on the fourth of July. Nick has questions about some members of the families,  and is having a little trouble remembering who belongs with each family. His frustration with remembering everyone seems to be getting the better of him and he tells Kayla that it is impossible. She reassures him that it will all seem simple once he gets him memory back, and if they are lucky, it will happen today. Nick doesn’t seem as sure as Kayla that his memory will return.

At the Deveraux house, Jennifer is lying in bed next to Jack. He wants Jennifer to be celebrating the fourth, not playing nursemaid for him. She tells him that she is perfectly happy right where she is, and that it’s no big deal. That does not please Jack. He tells her that the fourth of July had turned into a big deal for him. He reminds Jennifer that the barbecue, the big band, fireworks, and the infamous Deveraux burgers are very important to him and he insists on her taking part in the holiday festivities. She comes up with the idea of grilling some hot dogs and watching fireworks on tv.

At the coffee shop Chelsea and Abby are having coffee. Abby is anxious to get back home so that she can spend as much time with her father before he is gone again. Chelsea feels sorry for her and tells her that she is hoping for another miracle for Jack, and reassures Abby that with her father, anything is possible. Abby wants to know if Chelsea is having second thoughts about turning Max down, Chelsea tells her that she has made up her mind. She wants to start living her life again after all the hell she’s been through, and that it is Independence Day and she wants to have fun and celebrate her freedom. All of a sudden, Max slides in next to Chelsea, overhearing her statement that she wanted to go out and have fun. He tells her that it sounds like a good plan and that they should do it.

On the roof, Carrie and Austin are together talking. You can see that Carrie is upset. Austin asks her what is wrong. She tells him that she is going to be honest with him and tell him the truth. She starts remembering her conversation with Lexi at the hospital when Lexi told her that she and Austin share a genetic marker that could be problematic, causing severe birth defects or even be life threatening if they were to have children together. Austin wants to know what she means by telling him the truth. She tells him that she is talking about why they can’t be together.

Sami sees Lexi in the hospital and rushes over to her telling her that she has left messages for her and demands to know why Lexi didn’t tell everyone the truth about why she had been blackmailing her. Sami is obviously the last person Lexi is interested in seeing, as she seems rather annoyed that Sami is in her face. She tells Sami that she has nothing to say to her, and Sami snaps back and informs Lexi that is too bad because she has a lot to say to her. Sami takes hold of Lexi’s arm and she quickly pulls back. She questions Lexi about her intentions, and wants to know why Lexi is biding her time and if she is going to wait until the most humiliating moment to expose her. You can see the panic in Sami’s face. She is sure that Lexi is planning to expose her at Carrie and Lucas’ wedding. She insists Lexi tell her right now!

Back on the roof with Austin, Carrie has all of a sudden decided against telling Austin the “real” truth about why she chose Lucas instead of him. Her reason is that he belongs with Sami because they love each other and Sami has changed now. Carrie feels that both Sami and Austin deserve to be happy. Austin questions Carrie about what she wants and tells her that she deserves to be happy too.  Carrie says, “Austin, don’t. I’m marrying Lucas tomorrow. I can’t just change my mind. We’re having a baby.”  He says he knows that. Carrie tells Austin that she can’t have this conversation again and she needs for him to respect her decision. She tells the best thing for all of them is for him to move on.

Meanwhile, Sami demands an answer from Lexi, and Lexi has this far off look on her face and says she wishes she could tell. Sami doesn’t know what that means. Lexi snaps out of her daze and tells her that she is not planning to expose her at the wedding and, now, she is leaving because she has work to do. Sami absolutely refuses to let Lexi leave! She has to know why Lexi is covering for her. It shows Lexi remembering the phone call she got that ended her intentions to out Sami. They continue to argue about Carrie choosing Lucas and Sami not deserving to be with Austin. Sami worries that Carrie may change her mind and decide she should be with Austin. Kate has spotted them together and here she comes announcing that the two of them ARE hiding something.

Max wants to know if he and Chelsea have a date for today, and wants to go the pier for a picnic, fireworks, and to convince her that they belong together. Chelsea makes a sarcastic remark to Max about him being so sure of himself. This aggravates Abby, and she tells her not to give him a hard time and to go out with him and have fun. Chelsea tells Abby that she loves her but to stay out of it. Max urges Chelsea to come with him today and he’ll take her to the wedding tomorrow. All he wants is for them to be a couple. She explains that the next thing he’ll want from her is to be walking down the aisle, and she’s just not ready to be that serious. He jokingly tells her that he’s not proposing but he just wants a little commitment from her tonight and that he plans on getting it. Abby tells her not to blow it, and leaves to spend time with Jack.

Frankie comes into the room with Jack and Jennifer and wants all of them to go to the pier for the celebration. Jennifer is reluctant, but Jack insists that he is up for it. He is excited and reminds them that this should have been their honeymoon and they should celebrate. Frankie has already cleared this with Lexi as long as Jack doesn’t overdo it. Jack has a headline for their escapade…”Death takes a holiday”. They leave to head for the pier.

Nick and Kayla are on the pier looking at the water and the boats together while Kayla is remembering their wedding vows to each other. She explains to him that this is also where they spent their first fourth of July with Stephanie, and she thought bringing him here would trigger something in his memory, especially today.  She shares another memory about that day with him as we watch scenes of the Nick calming a crying Stephanie as a baby. As she is telling him about Stephanie crying, Nick makes the comment, “I got the baby to stop crying”, and overjoyed Kayla throws her arms around him saying that he remembers!

Carrie is having more visions of her wedding…but this time, Austin is the groom.

Sami is shocked to see Kate standing there while she and Lexi were talking and wants to know how long she has been there.  Kate says that she has been there long enough and wants to know the truth. Aggravated with  Kate, Sami leaves. Kate turns her attentions to Lexi and she flat out tells Kate if she wants to know, just ask Sami. Then, Lexi leaves Kate standing there.

An emotional Carrie catches Lexi as she walks away from Kate, and wants to talk about the day Lexi informed her she and Austin shouldn’t have children, saying that it was the worst day of her life.

Nick shatters Kayla’s moment believing that he has remembered and you can see the heartbreak in her eyes. He told her that he just guessed about him calming the baby. It just seemed to him that was where she was going with the story. But, she is looking forward to him seeing Steph. She thinks that connection between them will bring it all back to him. He just hopes she doesn’t resent him for being gone all these years.

Max and Chelsea make their way onto the pier and Max leaves her to get them a couple of sodas. He no more than turns around, when Chelsea spots a hot guy. She goes over to him and asks him for a dance. A HOT dance!

Jack and Jennifer reminisce over past Fourth of July holidays, still at home. Abby comes in and they tell her they are all going out to celebrate. She is hesitant at first with Jacks need to rest, but is happy he feels like going. Jennifer thanks Frankie because all this was his idea and it has really made Jack happy.

Jennifer, Jack, Abby, and Frankie run into Nick and Kayla at the pier and they all join in together for the famous Deveraux burgers that Abby has prepared.  She is the only one besides Jack that has the recipe and Jack tells her he expects her to carry on the tradition. She promises to. Jennifer confides to Kayla that she can’t believe this will be her last Fourth of July together with Jack.

Max comes back to see Chelsea involved in some very “dirty dancing” with this guy on the pier. To say the least, he is upset.  He tells the guy to get his hands off Chelsea. Frankie runs over and tries to calm Max down.  He tells Frankie the guy had his hands all over Chelsea and the guy tells him to get his story straight, and that she hit on him first. She definitely did! Chelsea said to everyone that she just wanted to dance and the guy said that she should have told him she had a boyfriend. He didn’t need any trouble here. He apologizes to Max and leaves.  Max is so mad. He finally lets Chelsea have it and tells her that she can have all the fun she wants!  He says, “ I’m done”!!  Frankie asks Max if he’s sure in what he’s saying. Max tells him he should have done this a long time ago and he didn’t know what he saw in her in the first place. Abby tells Chelsea she is going to regret this.

Lexi consoles Carrie as she tells her about her reservations regarding Austin and the baby they would have had together. She is ashamed of herself, and is afraid if Lucas found out that he would think that was the only reason she chose him.

Kate follows Sami into her apartment and Sami is mad. They argue again about Kate finding out the truth and exposing Sami. Austin walks in and calls Kate off Sami.  He tells her she will have to accept that he and Sami are going to be together. Kate vows NEVER!! Austin and Sami leave to celebrate.

Jack tells Jennifer that this was the best day for him. Abby can’t believe Chelsea did that to Max, and tells her that she has probably lost her chance with him forever.

We are seeing a race car running around the track, and assume it is Max. All of a sudden, tires start screeching! Max crashes into the wall, but he is fine.  Max get out of the car, pissed! He is yelling as the driver, with driving suit and helmet on, walks toward him. He is asking the driver,  “What the hell was that? You see what you did to my car? What the hell is the matter with you? Hello, are you crazy”!   The driver of the other car walks past him, stops with back turned toward him, and takes off the helmet. IT A FEMALE!! With long red hair!  She turns to him and says, “Sorry, you got in my way”.

Back to Chelsea and Abby. Chelsea tells her that she’s not really worried. She knows Max is pissed, but he’ll get over it. Abby is not so sure and informs Chelsea that there are tons of girls who would kill to have Max Brady as their boyfriend. Chelsea says that they will both play the field then and says that there is plenty of time for them to hook up later. Right?

Scenes of Jack and Kayla, Austin and Sami enjoying the fireworks. Kate watches Sami and Austin and, thinking to herself, warns Sami to enjoy her time with Austin because fireworks are going to explode in her face when she finds out the truth!

Lexi is reassuring Carrie that she is just having pre wedding jitters, and that she is marrying a wonderful man.  She urges her to forget about Austin and focus on how blessed she is.  Carrie thanks Lexi and she leaves.  Lexi questions herself and how she could let Carrie go through with this wedding.

The female race car driver tells Max that there isn’t much damage to his car, but  as for the damage to his ego, there’s not much she can do about that!  Max asks who she is.

Previews for tomorrow:

Tek:(to Lexi)  Something or someone scared the hell out of you, and it’s not Sami.

Will: (to Lucas) What if mom does something to screw this up?

Lucas: (to Will) This wedding is going to be perfect. Trust me.

Kate:(to Sami) Time is running out on you and your little secret, Sami.

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