Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/4/06

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/4/06


Written By Jessica
Pictures by Juanita

At the 4th of July festival, Kayla and Steve are walking around together. Kayla comments that it’s unusual that there’s no Horton/ Brady barbecue. She tells Steve that if they’re lucky, perhaps he’ll get his memory back today.

In Jack’s room, Jack tells Jennifer that she should be off celebrating the 4th of July. Jennifer lies back on the bed with Jack and tells him that she’s perfectly fine right where she is being there with him. She suggests that she grill them some hotdogs so they can watch the fireworks right there. Frankie comes in and says he has a better idea, and suggests they all go out and celebrate.

At the pub, Abby tells Chelsea she needs to get going so she can spend as much time with her Dad as possible before he dies. She tells Chelsea she’s still hoping for a miracle and Chelsea assures Abby that with her Dad, anything is possible. Abby asks Chelsea how things are going with Max and she tells Abby she’s just not ready to settle down with anyone, especially after everything that’s happened. She says she just wants to go out and have fun. Max comes and sits down, saying that sounds like a plan to him, having missed the first part of the conversation.

On the roof, Carrie tells Austin she is going to tell him the truth. She has a flashback of Lexie telling her that if she and Austin were to have a child together, the child would be very likely to have birth defects. Austin asks Carrie what she means by “the truth” and she tells him she means the truth about why they can’t be together.

Sami gets off the elevator in the hospital and asks Lexie why she didn’t tell everyone at the party the truth about her. She insists that Lexie must be waiting for the most humiliating time to expose her; at Carrie and Lucas’s wedding. She tells Lexie that if that is her plan she needs to tell her right now.

Carrie tells Austin that the truth is that he belongs with Sami. She insists that she’s marrying Lucas and tells Austin it will be the best thing for all of them if he moves on.

Sami asks Lexie if she plans to expose her at the wedding and Lexie mumbles to herself, “if only I could.” She tells Sami she doesn’t plan to expose her at the wedding. Sami demands to know why Lexie is covering for her. Lexie has a flashback of the person with the black gloves telling her over the phone not to expose Sami. Lexie tells Sami that she should just be thanking God she didn’t expose her and let it go. Sami says she has a really bad feeling about the wedding. She asks if Carrie is going to all of a sudden decide she wants to be with Austin. Lexie argues that Carrie should be with Austin but Sami insists that Carrie made her choice. Sami says that she’s not going to lose Austin. Lexie says that Sami would lose Austin if he knew what she had done. Sami asks Lexie again why she is covering for her. She points out that Lexie has nothing left to lose. Kate walks over and announces that Lexie and Sami are hiding something.

Max asks Chelsea if she’d like to go to the 4th of July party down at the peer. Max wants to have a picnic so he can convince Chelsea they belong together. Chelsea sarcastically asks Max if he’s that sure of himself. Abby urges Chelsea to just go out with Max and be his girlfriend and Chelsea tells her to stay out of it. Max tells her he wants to take her to the wedding the next day. Chelsea says that sooner or later it would be them walking down the aisle and says she’s just not ready to be so serious. Max tells her he wants a commitment and plans on getting it. He kisses Chelsea and gets up to pay her and Abby’s bill. Abby says she has to leave and suggests to Chelsea that she not blow it.

Frankie suggests that he and Jennifer bring Jack down to the peer with them to have some fun for the 4th of July. Jennifer insists that Jack is not up for it but he tells them he’s fine to go. Frankie says that he checked with Lexie and that she says it’s fine as long as Jack takes his medicine. Jennifer hesitantly agrees.

Kayla walks with Steve along the peer and shows him the river where they were married on the boat. She has a flashback to their wedding. She tells them that right where they are standing is where they had their first 4th of July together with Stephanie. She has a flashback of her and Steve and Stephanie having a picnic on the peer on the fourth of July. Steve remarks that he got the baby to stop crying, and Kayla throws her arms around him, excited because she thinks he has remembered something.

Austin is still on the roof and punches a punching bag as he hears Carrie’s voice in his head, saying she has to accept his decision. He has a fantasy about him and Carrie getting married. Afterward he says he knows what he needs to do.

Sami asks Kate how long she has been standing there and Kate says it’s long enough to know that something is going on between them. She tells Lexie she needs to tell her what really went on in the apartment the night before because she came over to tell them something bad that Sami had done and in the end said nothing much. Lexie insists that all she had wanted to say was that Sami was blackmailing her. Kate says that she doesn’t buy it and insists that something else is going on. Sami tells Kate she’s grasping at straws and says she has no time for this and leaves. After she leaves she asks Lexie what is really going on and Lexie says she’s not discussing it anymore and tells Kate that if she wants answers she needs to talk to Sami. Kate walks off and Carrie runs into Lexie. She sounds upset and tells Lexie she was hoping they could talk. She tells her it’s her wedding day the next day but she can’t stop thinking about the day Lexie told her she couldn’t have a baby with Austin.

Steve tells Kayla that he took a guess at what happened with Stephanie, that he didn’t really remember anything. Kayla says that she thinks when Steve sees Stephanie there will be a connection and he’ll start to remember. He says that he hopes Stephanie doesn’t resent him for being gone for years.

Max and Chelsea arrive at the party on the peer and Max goes to get them some sodas. Chelsea walks over to a guy she’s never met and asks him to dance. He turns on some music for them and the two begin dirty dancing on the peer. Max comes back and looks very upset. Jack and Frankie grab Jack’s medicine and Jack says they need to get out and have some good times even though Jennifer is hesitant. Jack has a flashback of him and Jennifer sitting on top of their car near the airport on a blanket. Then he has a flashback of when he came back to Jennifer after being held prisoner on Captive Island. He tells Jennifer he just wants to have one more happy memory of their family, including Frankie. Abby comes back and they tell her they’re all going to the peer for the fourth of July. Abby says she has a surprise for Jack that she needs to get ready and leaves to take care of it. Jack goes in the other room to get dressed. Jennifer tells Frankie it’s so sweet of him to do this for Jack. Frankie says he’d do anything for her and she tells Frankie he’s the most incredible man. Jack comes out of the other room to find them hugging.

Kayla and Steve meet up with Jack and Jennifer and Jack Jr. on the peer. Jack tells them that Frankie is the one responsible for helping him get there. Abby announces that she’s making Jack’s famous Devereaux burgers, saying that she’s the only one he’d share the secret recipe with. Jack tells her that she’ll need to keep carrying on the tradition every year and Abby promises she will. She goes off with Frankie to cook the burgers. Jennifer tells Kayla it’s hard to believe that this will be her last 4th of July with Jack. She asks Kayla how things are with Steve and Kayla says he still doesn’t remember her. Jennifer insists they will get their happily ever after.

Max comes up to Chelsea and her dance partner and gets into a fight with him. The guy tells Chelsea that she should have told him she had a boyfriend, apologizes to Max and leaves. Max demands to know what she was doing and Chelsea tells him she’s just not ready to be with one guy. Max says he’s done with her. Frankie tries to stop him but Max says he doesn’t know what he ever saw in Chelsea in the first place and storms off. Abby comes over and tells Chelsea she just blew it with a really great guy.

Carrie apologizes for getting upset and insists that she needed to know the hard facts that Lexie told her and thanks her for being there for her. She says she knows that Austin needs to know the truth but doesn’t think he would accept her decision if he did. She says that Lucas would think it was the only reason she wanted to marry him as well. She says that everything is so complicated with Austin and that she really wants to have a baby of her own. She asks Lexie if that’s wrong and she tells her it’s not. She says that she would still love a child with a genetic syndrome but doesn’t want to bring a baby into the world for it to suffer. Lexie says there’s something she needs to tell Carrie.

Kate comes into Sami’s apartment and insists that Sami is lying. She says she’s not going to stop until she learns the truth. Austin comes in and tells Kate that they already know the truth and tells her he needs to live his own life. He takes Sami to go off and celebrate the 4th of July.

Jack tells Abby, Jennifer and Jack Jr. that this day is the best memory he’s ever had. Abby tells Chelsea that she’s lost her chance with Max.

Max is driving his race car, recalling Chelsea telling him that she just wants to have fun. He begins to speed off the road as someone cuts in front of him.

Max gets out of his car after crashing it into a wall. The driver of the car who cut in front of him comes over wearing a helmet. Max yells at the driver about what’s happened to his car and she takes off her helmet revealing her long, wavy blonde hair. She says, “Sorry, you got in my way.”

Chelsea tells Abby that Max will get over it. Abby says that there are tons of girls who would love to have Max as a boyfriend. Chelsea says she’ll just play the field for a bit. She says there’s plenty of time for her and Max to be a couple.

Kayla tells Steve it’s the nicest 4th of July she’s had since the last one she had with him.

Jack tells Jennifer it doesn’t get any better then this as they watch the fireworks.

Sami and Austin arrive together to watch the fireworks. Kate watches them and says to herself that Sami’s world is going to explode right in front of her face as soon as she learns Sami’s secret.

Lexie has a flashback of the person with the black gloves telling her she can’t expose Sami. She tells Carrie that she’s just having pre-wedding jitters and tells her to just forget about Austin. Carrie says that she’s marrying Lucas and Austin will marry Sami and says that this is what’s meant to be. She thanks Lexie for always being there for her. Lexie reminds Carrie that she’s marrying a wonderful man. Carrie walks off. Lexie asks herself how she can let Carrie go through with the wedding since she’s in love with Austin.

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