Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/3/06

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/3/06


Written By Jessica
Pictures by Juanita

Carrie and Austin are talking on the roof. Carrie comments to Austin that he still has feelings for her and he insists that she should be able to talk to him anyway because she’s marrying Lucas and he’s made his peace with that. He asks Carrie whether she’s sure and asks her if she would still be marrying Lucas if she weren’t pregnant with his baby.

At Sami’s apartment, Lucas tells Sami that he certainly has not changed his mind about Carrie, he loves her and they are having a baby together and that is that. Sami asks Lucas what he meant about moving in there and he tells her that he can’t spend the night with Carrie because it’s the night before their wedding so Austin has agreed to let him stay. He asks Sami if it’s alright and she says it is. He tells her he senses something is wrong but she insists nothing is. Lucas insists that a part of Sami doesn’t want him to marry Carrie.

At the hospital, Belle asks Phillip what sort of a problem he thinks they may have. Phillip tells her that he’s afraid the invetro may not work. Belle tells him they need to stay positive.

Shawn suggests to Mimi that they go to the nursery to look at the babies there for some inspiration. She asks him what will happen if they can’t have a baby and it breaks them up. Shawn remarks she must still be upset about the night before and tells Mimi he needs her to be 100% committed to bringing their baby into the world. He tells her he loves her and she says the same to him.

Hope asks Bo how he can possibly have proof that he’s her baby’s father. He insists that the baby is a gift from Zack, as well as a sign that they belong together. Hope tells Bo that even if the baby is his, she’s still not sure if things can work out between them. She insists that Bo will never be able to forgive her for sleeping with Patrick. She says that she will never be able to look at him the same way. She insists that she tried hard to deal with things when Chelsea came into their lives and points out that it didn’t work out very well. She asks Bo if he will still be willing to try to work things out if Patrick turns out to be the father.

Bonnie listens on as Patrick talks to Billie. Billie tells Patrick that it sounds like he wants to be the father of Hope’s baby and asks him what he’s going to do about it if he finds out he is. Bonnie comes out from around the corner and excitedly tells Patrick how happy she is and insists that he’s going to marry Hope and they are going to have her grandchild. Patrick insists that he and Hope are not getting married and tells her the baby could be Bo’s as well. Shawn comes by with Mimi and hears Patrick, shocked to find out his mother is pregnant.

Carrie insists that she and Lucas were engaged long before she found out she was pregnant. Austin says that she’s only rushing things with Lucas because of the baby and says that he heard her say that she wasn’t sure if she loves him. Carrie says that she loves Lucas the same way that Austin loves Sami and explains that she just wants to be sure that she loves him enough to be the wife he deserves. She tells Austin they can’t play the “what if” game their whole lives. He says he just wants her to be happy. She remarks that she has made a commitment to Lucas and he has made one to Sami. Austin points out that it’s better to admit how she feels now then to wind up getting divorced later. She asks Austin if he’s trying to tell her not to marry Lucas.

Sami asks Lucas since when has he cared about anything she’s done. She asks Lucas if he is having second thoughts and he says no. He remarks that it’s ironic that for years he’s wanted her to become the woman she is now, and now they are both marrying other people. Sami asks Lucas if he thinks they would have gotten back together if Carrie and Austin had not come back to town.

Belle insists that no doctor would be giving Phillip false hope for no reason. Dr. James comes by and Belle asks him if there is any news.

Shawn is astonished to learn that Hope is pregnant. Patrick says that they are there to learn whether he or Bo is the father. Shawn tells Patrick that he isn’t angry at him. He blames Bo for the fact that Hope was on the island. He says he wants to make sure that Bo does not use the baby to get back into Hope’s life. He demands that Patrick tell him where they are and he tries to stop Shawn from going to them upset. Shawn says he’ll just ask the nurse. Mimi wants to go with him and Patrick tells her not to go. Bonnie tells Patrick and Mimi that once Patrick and Hope have their baby and Shawn and Mimi have theirs they are all going to “hit the Horton Jackpot.”

Hope asks Bo not to do anything that they will regret and he tells her she has nothing to worry about because he’s sure the baby is his. Shawn comes into the room and tells Bo to stay out of Hope’s life, no matter who the father is.

Lucas tells Sami that he can’t even begin to think about what would have happened if things had played out differently. He tells her that he’s going to be happy with Carrie and she will be happy with Austin if she doesn’t do anything to screw it up. He points out that they both have a major history of backsliding and tells Sami that she has a good chance of being happy. He leaves to go and put his things in Will’s room.

Sami comments to herself that she’s already done something that could ruin all of their futures.

Austin says that he takes his commitment seriously and says he knows Carrie does as well but insists that it’s not over. He tells Carrie that she is the great love of his life and says he knows that once upon a time he was hers as well. Carrie has a flashback of her and Austin standing on the roof looking at the stars, then another of them kissing on New Year’s Eve, also on the roof. Finally she flashes back to when Austin came back to Salem and they told each other they loved each other. She tells Austin those times were special to her but insists they can never go back. He tells her he can never love Sami the way he loves her. Austin tells her that if she’s not sure, she owes it to all of them to tell him (Austin) how she feels about him.

Shawn tells Bo that he doesn’t deserve Hope’s forgiveness. He asks Hope who the father of the baby is and she tells him they won’t know until she’s had an ultrasound. Shawn makes it clear that he’d prefer Patrick to be the father because at least he was there for Hope. Hope asks if she can have a minute alone with Shawn.

Billie meets Bo in the hall and tries to calm him down, insisting that Shawn is just angry.

Patrick tells Bonnie that it’s not about “hitting the Horton jackpot.” He says he won’t take advantage of Hope. Mimi says that she would still love Shawn even if his family had less money then theirs. Bonnie tells Mimi to bite her tongue. Patrick says he’s going to check on Hope’s ultrasound and leaves. Mimi tells Bonnie she can’t help feeling like she married Shawn under false pretenses because of Claire. She tells Mimi that once she has Shawn’s baby she’ll have a stronger hold over him then Belle ever could because she’s married to him. Patrick comes back and tells them they haven’t done the ultrasound yet.

Belle asks the doctor if they’ve done the invetro and he says they haven’t. He tells them he’s very positive about how the procedure will go. The doctor goes to speak with the lab technician and tells him to be careful not to mix up Belle’s and Mimi’s eggs. We see a flashback of the person with the black gloves having already switched them earlier.

Phillip asks Belle if she’s ready to be pregnant again and she says yes. She points out that they can still have the big family they’ve always wanted because if the procedure works this time, it will work again.

Billie tells Bo that he was in an impossible situation having to choose between Hope and Chelsea. He says that if the baby is not his, he’s going to lose Hope forever; but if it turns out to be his, he’ll have a chance. Billie says that she wants Bo to be happy and remarks that Hope is the one he would be happy with.

Patrick points out that he and Hope were only together once but Bonnie insists that Lockhart men are known for being “one shot wonders.”

Hope tells Shawn he needs to find a way to make peace with Bo. He asks Hope if she’s thinking about forgiving him. The doctor comes in and tells Hope they need to talk.

The person with the black gloves watches as the lab technician tells the doctor that he will triple check the labels on Belle and Mimi’s eggs.

Belle and Phillip decide to go have dinner and celebrate. Belle says she hopes Mimi and Shawn will have their baby too.

Bo and Patrick come back into Hope’s room just as the doctor is telling her that there is something wrong with the ultrasound machine and they won’t be able to get it fixed until after the 4th of July holiday. She tells her they will have to reschedule her test.

Bonnie tells Billie she’s sure that the baby will be Patrick’s. She urges Billie to take her chance with Bo.

Hope asks Patrick to walk her to her car and they leave together. Shawn tells Bo that Hope made her choice, just like he made his. He walks out and Billie walks in, asking Bo if he’s alright. Bo insists that the baby is his. Billie asks Bo what he’s planning to do if it isn’t and he tells her he’ll do whatever it takes to get rid of Patrick.

Sami calls Lexie on her phone and leaves her a message, insisting they talk before Carrie and Lucas’s wedding. Lucas comes back in the room and asks her who she was calling and she tells him it was her hairdresser. He insists that she has a great future with Austin if she wants it and tells her he has to go take care of a few things and leaves. Sami mutters that it’s not up to her, it’s up to Lexie.

Carrie tells Austin that it doesn’t matter how she feels about him, that they can never be together. Carrie has a flashback of Lexie telling her that if she and Austin were to have a child together, it would likely have birth defects. Austin asks Carrie why they can’t be together. He tells her that she owes him the truth and Carrie says, “You’re right, I do.”

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