Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/29/06

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/29/06


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Kayla and Steve are talking outside of the pub. Steve tells Kayla that Jack has decided to stay in Salem. She says that’s great news for them as well, because it means that Steve will be staying in Salem and suggests that maybe something will jog his memory. Steve tells her not to get her hopes up but agrees to keep an open mind. Kayla asks him if he’d like to go somewhere with her and he says “Sure.” They walk off together.

Jack mumbles something in his sleep and Jennifer rushes over to him. Frankie comes in and asks Jennifer how Jack is. She says he’s finally asleep. Frankie says he knows how hard this must be for Jennifer and Jennifer remarks that she’s lost Jack so many times before, but never like this because this time he won’t be coming back.

Mimi rushes into the apartment, very upset and Shawn comes after her, begging her to stop running away from him. Mimi says that Shawn has made it very clear that he never wanted her and just settled for her when he couldn’t have Belle. He admits that a part of him still loves Belle but tells Mimi it’s not the way her loves her. He tells Mimi that she is his life but Mimi sobs that she’s not the “love of his life” and locks herself in the bedroom. Shawn begs her to come out and talk to him.

In the hallway, Phillip tells Belle that she never answered his question. Belle assures him that Shawn and Mimi are not breaking up but Phillip reminds her that Shawn basically told his Dad and everyone else that Belle is the love of his life. He asks Belle again, what she’s going to do when he comes crawling back to her. Belle insists that Shawn was her first love but that she’s married to Phillip and loves him now and nothing will change that. He asks her if she’s sure and she says yes. She kisses Phillip. He says he doesn’t want to lose her and she tells him he won’t, just before Shawn walks outside and sees them.

At Sami’s apartment, Lexie tells everyone that Sami has been blackmailing her. She asks Sami to tell everyone how she has been doing that. Lexie cautions Sami not to put her own little spin on it, assuring her that she will be there to set the record straight.

Jennifer remarks that it’s so unfair that Jack has survived so much and now is going to be taken by a horrible disease. Frankie tells Jennifer that Jack will still be looking out for her in her heart. Jack wakes up and remarks that Jennifer will have Frankie to look out for her after he’s gone.

Kate suggests that perhaps they should call the police to hear Sami’s confession because blackmail is a crime. Sami tells Lexie that she can call it blackmail if she wants to but says that Lexie is the one who ruined her marriage and remarks that she is not going to take the blame for it. Outside, the person with the black gloves opens their cell phone.

Steve and Kayla come to a bench and sit down. Steve apologizes for not remembering anything when he saw the yacht. He remarks that if he didn’t remember the wedding in the other church, he couldn’t remember this one. She tells him this was their first wedding and says that before the wedding she was injured and lost her hearing and ability to speak. She has a flashback to the moment when they were saying their vows and Kayla began to speak again. Steve says that if he couldn’t remember a thing like that he doesn’t see how he can remember anything. Kayla tells him she’s not giving up and says she has some more things to show him. They continue walking.

Mimi cries in her room and remarks that Shawn will be better off without her. She says he should be with Belle and his daughter.

Shawn apologizes to Belle and Phillip for interrupting and Belle says it’s alright. Phillip insists they need to go inside and Shawn insists it will only take a minute. Belle tells Phillip she’ll be right there and Phillip hesitantly goes inside and slams the door behind him. Shawn tells Belle that Mimi asked for a divorce and begs Belle to go in and talk to her. She tells him she can’t.

Jennifer asks Jack how long he’s been awake and he says long enough to hear what they were talking about. Jack says he’s going to be there until the end and insists that Frankie isn’t going anywhere either. He doesn’t want Jennifer having to go back and forth any more. His pain starts to increase and he tells Jennifer he needs some morphine and she runs to the table to get it. She tells Frankie to tell Steve they need him and he runs downstairs to get him. She helps Jack to take the medicine and Jack struggles in a lot of pain. She begs him to hold on and stay with her.

Lexie says she tried to get Sami to come clean on her own but says obviously that’s not going to happen and that she’ll have to tell them herself. She gets a call on her phone, suddenly, and apologizes to Lucas but insists she has to take the call because it might be a patient. She leaves the room. Austin tells Sami it’s her last chance to tell the truth on her own. She says that she was blackmailing Lexie because she felt horrible about what she was doing to Abe. She says she was threatening them because she wanted her to stop fooling around with Tek. Austin asks her if she asked for anything for herself and she says no. Carrie asks her if she was the one to tell Abe about the affair and Sami says “of course not.” She says she didn’t want to see Abe get hurt. Lucas asks who else could have told him.

In the hall, Lexie answers her phone, saying “Oh my God” after asking who it is.

Kayla and Steve come over to visit the jail cell where Kayla almost gave birth to Stephanie. She tells Steve that they actually had three weddings. She tells him that their first wedding was invalid when his presumed dead first wife Marina came back alive, the second was interrupted before they had a chance to pronounce them husband and wife when Kayla had been arrested for Marina’s murder (which she did not commit). Steve looks at her in disbelief. She tells him that is how she ended up in jail and almost had Stephanie there. She has a flashback to how she finally had Stephanie in jail. She tells Steve that she was finally let go after a number of other events including a prison break, she and Steve fleeing the country and Stephanie getting kidnapped. He asks Kayla if she’s pulling his leg. She tells Steve that she doesn’t want to scare him off and can’t guarantee that their future won’t be as crazy as their past but knows that they can still be happy together.

Shawn asks Belle why she won’t talk to Mimi and she says it’s not her place, it is Shawn’s as her husband. He agrees and says he’ll try again. He tells Belle that he meant what he said back in the hospital, that she was the love of his life, and doesn’t want to go through losing Mimi the way he lost her. Phillip listens from the door. Belle wishes Shawn luck and he goes back inside. Phillip comes over and apologizes to Belle, telling her she is the most loyal and loving wife he could ever hope for.

Back in their apartment, Shawn tells Mimi he can’t just walk away from her and she comes out of the room, agreeing that they do need to talk about their future.

Jennifer holds Jack’s hands as Jack struggles through his intense pain. Frankie comes back in and says he couldn’t find Steve or Kayla but says that the worker at the hospice said that they need to keep him comfortable. Jennifer says she already gave him morphine drops and doesn’t want to give him too many as Jack moans loudly from the bed. Jack insists they do something and Frankie agrees they should give him more medicine. Jennifer is afraid Jack could go into a coma but agrees and gives him some more.

Sami says she doesn’t know who told Abe about Lexie and Tek but remarks that she is the one paying for it. Lucas remarks that her story doesn’t make any sense. Austin says he wants to believe her. Kate announces that as soon as Lexie comes back they are all going to see that Sami hasn’t changed and is probably worse than ever.

Lexie asks the person on the phone if they know where she is. She tells them she won’t do what they’re asking because it’s not right. She says, “What?!” and then agrees that she has no choice but to go along with them. The person wearing the black gloves is seen hanging up the phone. Lexie comes back into the apartment and tells them that the phone call wasn’t important after all. Kate tells her that Sami has been saying that the only reason she blackmailed Lexie was to protect her and Abe but she knows there’s more to it. Lexie shocks everyone, telling them that Sami was telling the truth for once.

Kayla remarks that the whole experience must be overwhelming for Steve. He says it must be overwhelming for her too. She tells Steve she can’t stop thinking about that day she lost him and has a flashback of Steve laying in the hospital before he supposedly died, thanking Kayla for everything in his life before she watched him flat-line. She tells him that nothing has ever been the same and remarks that his coming back is a miracle and all she wants is for them to be together. She tells Steve that he is the only man she has ever loved and always will be.

Shawn tells Mimi that he was so upset when he was talking to his father that he barely knew what he was saying. He says it’s no secret that he used to love Belle but says that he thanks God for having Mimi in his life every single day. He tells her he has never been happier and looks at his family and sees how his father’s lies have ruined Bo and Hope’s marriage and tells Mimi that is why he loves her so much, because he can trust her. Mimi yells for him to stop and sobs that he can’t trust her because she’s a fraud.

Steve walks Kayla back to the pub. She invites him in for a drink but he tells her he needs to get back to Jack. She suggests that maybe they can take the trip down memory lane some other time and thanks Steve for trying. They kiss goodbye on the cheek and Steve suddenly has a flashback of him and Kayla kissing.

Jennifer tells Frankie that Jack finally fell asleep. Frankie tells Jennifer that she needs to get some sleep. She insists that she can’t sleep and he encourages her to do it for Jack. She tells Frankie she loves him so much and he leaves the room. Jennifer lies down beside Jack and has some flashbacks to some happy times with Jack. Jack places his hand on top of Jennifer’s.

Belle comes inside and tells Phillip she’s ready for bed, only they won’t be doing much sleeping. They start to kiss.

Shawn asks Mimi what she is talking about. Mimi says that if Shawn really knew her, he would know she’s a monster. She tells him it’s too late for their marriage and goes back into their room, slamming the door.

Kate asks if that is really the only thing that Lexie came there to tell them and she says yes. She tells them that what she did to Abe was wrong but that Sami had no right to threaten her. Kate remarks that this is crazy. Lucas asks again if this is really all there is to it. Kate insists there has to be more to it. Lexie excuses herself and leaves. Kate asks Lucas if she believes that and he says he’s not sure. Sami asks Austin if he’s mad at her. He says he’s not. Carrie and Austin both agree that her heart was in the right place. Will tells Sami that he’s proud of her for trying to stop the affair. Lucas apologizes to Sami and says that maybe she’s changed. Austin asks Sami if she wants to elope and she says no. She tells him that she only wanted to elope because she was afraid that Austin would be mad at her and says that now they can have the biggest and best wedding in Salem and send Kate the bill.

Out in the hall, Lexie remarks that this can’t be happening. She wonders who the person on the phone was and wonders why they won’t let her tell. She gets into the elevator to leave. The person with the black gloves comes from around the corner and peaks into Sami’s apartment at her and Austin.

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