Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/28/06

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/28/06


Written By Liz
Pictures by Juanita

(Note: The beginning of the show wasn’t aired due to local news coverage.)

Jack announces to Jennifer, Abby and Frankie that it may be better if he left. Frankie tells him he’s not going to let him walk out on his family again.

Hope’s doctor tells her that there’s nothing wrong with her. Hope admits she’s been under tremendous stress and has been dizzy and light-headed. The doctor tells her that “they’re all normal signs that are common in pregnancy.” Bo is thrilled and gives her a hug. Patrick stands by Hope’s bedside with a look of surprise.

As Carrie urges Lucas to leave Sami’s apartment, they bump into Lexie in the doorway. She tells Lucas she got his message. She sees Sami and Austin and tells them that she’s glad they’re all there. “I’ve been waiting a long time for this.” She tells Lucas and Carrie not to leave. “You’ll want to hear what I have to say. It’s about time everyone knows what Sami Brady has done.”

Bo tells Hope that her pregnancy is amazing news. It must be a sign. He asks for time alone with his wife. Hope tells Patrick she’ll talk to him later. Patrick and the doctor leave the room. Bo is elated with the news. Hope has a flashback of making love to Bo then to Patrick. Bo asks her if she’s excited. He says it must be a sign from Zack that he wants them to “work things out.” Hope tells Bo she wishes it were that simple.

Patrick watches Bo and Hope through the doorway. He turns and sees Billie coming. She asks how Hope is. Patrick is distracted and Billie asks him what’s wrong. He tells her he just heard some “mind-blowing news.” Billie questions him and he tells her that Hope is pregnant. She’s clearly shocked as well.

Lexie apologizes to Lucas and Carrie for what she’s about to tell them but says they all “know the truth.” Sami interrupts her and tells everyone that whatever she has to say is wrong. “She’s just bitter that Abe has left her.” Lexie tells Sami she takes full responsibility for that and now Sami must take full responsibility for her actions as well. Sami claims she doesn’t know why Lexie is there and that she must be crazy. Lucas tells Sami that Lexie isn’t crazy. He admits he called her over because he knew she had “something” on Sami. He says that Austin is crazy if he thinks Sami is telling the truth. Carrie asks Lexie if she’s sure she wants them to stay. She is sure of her reply. “Oh, yes. This affects all of us.” Will enters the apartment and upon hearing this wonders what his mom has done now. Kate is close behind and wants to know the same thing.

Jack insists he is not walking out on his family. He tells Frankie he is protecting them. He doesn’t need anyone watching him die and he doesn’t need an audience. Jennifer is angry at his reply. She tells him that his decision is selfish and that if he leaves it would kill them. Jokingly he says that he certainly doesn’t want her going before him. He tells her he loves her but wants her to be with her new husband. Jennifer asks Jack if he realizes how understanding Frankie has been. Jack agrees that the situation is awkward. Abby points out to him that it was his decision to come back. Jack tells them that he never planned to see Steve. He had to bring him back. Kayla thanks him for giving her her life back. Jack is obliged and says that it must have been part of Gods plan for him to stay alive long enough to bring Steve home. Now that he’s accomplished that, Jennifer and Frankie have a chance at life. So does Kayla and Steve. He tells them “Don’t waste time taking care of a sick guy who’s dying.” Jack asks Frankie what kind of man he would be if he stayed. In reply, Frankie asks him, “What kind of man would you be if you don’t?”

Kate is eager to hear what Lexie has to say. Austin pleads with her to stay out of it. Sami takes Will aside to talk to him. He wants to know what Lexie is accusing her of doing. Sami has a flashback of when she blackmailed Lexie in her office. “All you have to do is make sure Carrie doesn’t choose Austin or say goodbye to your happy life with Abe and Theo.” Sami tells Will he doesn’t have to worry. She hasn’t done anything. Lucas interrupts and tells her to stop lying to their son. Sami tells Lucas to “shut up!” Carrie apologizes to Austin for the way Lucas is acting towards Sami. Austin wants to know what’s going on. Kate tells Lexie she knew that there was something between her and Sami. Kate wants to know what it is. She assures her that “Once I tell everyone, Sami Brady’s life as she knows it will be over.” Kate smiles with heated anticipation.

Billie asks Patrick if the baby could be his. He admits he and Hope were together one time on the island. Billie wonders how Hope feels about her situation. Patrick tells her that Bo is in the room with Hope. Patrick asks Billie how she feels. He knows she has feelings for Bo. He doesn’t think Bo will get back with Hope. Billie tells Patrick that if Hope is pregnant with his child, Bo will be devastated.

Hope tells Bo that she isn’t sure the baby is his. She reminds him that she and Patrick were together on the island. He says that they were also together. Hope points out that they haven’t been together for a while and she just started getting symptoms. They have to be realistic. She asks “What if this baby isn’t yours?” Bo tells her “Then Lockhart’s a dead man.” In walk Patrick and Billie. Bo turns and punches Patrick in the face. Billie comes between them. Hope yells for them to stop.

Carrie tells Austin she wants to believe Sami but has a lot of respect for Lexie and what she has to say must be important. Austin agrees but tells Carrie that Sami didn’t force him into anything. He points out that Will just moved back in with her and she has a great job. “Why would she risk everything when all her dreams are about to come true?” He thinks that maybe Lexie is just angry and humiliated about her and Abe and trying to take it out on Sami. Carrie reminds Austin that Lexie tried to tell them something once before at the hospital but was interrupted. She thinks that they’re about to find out what that was. She asks Austin if he remembers how nervous and guilty Sami was acting. Austin hopes that they’re not about to find out that she’s done something they will all regret. Carrie agrees.

Will tells Sami he’s not sure he wants to hear the news. He asks her if it’s really bad. Lucas asks Will if he could talk to Sami alone. He tells her to confess before Lexie tells everyone. He points out that there may be a chance that everyone, including Austin, will forgive her. He admits he still cares for her and wants her to be happy. He knows that Austin sees the best in her and she can’t keep letting Austin down. Lucas tells her that she must be the one to tell Will whatever it is that she’s done. He reminds her that he was there for her when her parents were going through their divorce. She admits that a lot of her good times then were because of him. He tells her he thinks the same. She tells him that she thought he spent most of his time “pining after Carrie.” He points out, “Not all the time. We had a child didn’t we?” He tells her that she doesn’t have to be perfect. Will needs to know that he can trust her. Sami agrees and tells him she knows what Will is going through. When she was just a bit older than him, she saw her mom sleeping with another man. She tells him that everyone thinks her mom’s a saint and she’s the “demon child.” She says she loves her mom and she knows Will doesn’t trust her. However she thinks it’s too late to change things. Lucas urges Sami to tell everyone what she’s done. Austin also pleads with Sami, “If you’ve done something wrong, tell us now. Don’t compound everything by lying. We’re either going to hear it from Lexie or from you.”

Jack comments that he would be a dead man if he goes. Frankie questions Jack on how he could do this to his family again. He tells Frankie that he didn’t plan on spending his last year of life as a “dead man walking.” Frankie tells him that it’s the worst thing he can do to Jennifer. He has walked out on her once. When Abby was a baby she spent years alone. She didn’t have to. He tells Jack that he has made Jennifer feel that he doesn’t trust that she loves him enough to stand by her. Frankie calls Jack a coward. Abby yells at Frankie for calling her dad a coward. Jack agrees with Frankie. Kayla tells Steve that they need to give them some privacy and they both leave. Jack tells Jennifer that he will never forgive himself for leaving her “all those years ago.” Jennifer pleads with him not to do it again. Jack insists that it makes no difference. He’s dying. Jennifer reminds him that they won’t let him die alone. She knows it’s his wish but asks him if he’s considered their wishes. Jennifer tells him that it’s a “precious gift” that he’s standing there. She pleads with him not to go.

Outside, Kayla tells Steve that Jack and Jennifer’s situation is awful. She doesn’t know how Jack can think about leaving. Steve tells her that if Jack leaves he is going with him. Kayla pleads with Steve to stay and try to remember his life with her. He wants to remember but tells her that she has done good things with her life while he was gone. “We can’t go back.” He tells her that she is no longer his wife.

Carrie asks Kate if she can have a moment alone with Lexie. Carrie tells her she’s sorry about her and Abe. Lexie tells her that she must take the blame. Lexie asks Carrie if she’s happy with Lucas. Carrie tells her that she’s extremely happy. Lexie also asks her if things were different and if she could be with Austin would she. Carrie looks puzzled.

Will asks Kate what she thinks Sami has done. Kate tells him that she doesn’t know but has nothing to do with it. Will believes her. He says that it must be something big. Kate thinks Lexie has something to do with it. Will tells Kate he knows she hates his mom. She insists she doesn’t hate his mom. Kate is very proud of him and tells him she loves him and will be there for him.

Sami tells Lucas she can’t believe Lexie is doing this. Lucas asks her if she’s ready to tell the truth. Sami asks Austin to please understand. Austin tells her he loves her but he can’t promise her anything until he finds out what’s going on.

Jack tells Jennifer he wants to stay but it will create problems for her and Frankie. Abby tells him that he’s the man her mom loves and Frankie is just a replacement. Both Jack and Jennifer scold Abby and tell her to apologize to Frankie. She refuses. Jack insists it was his idea that Frankie marry Jennifer. Abby insists not while he was still alive. Jack still wants Jennifer to be with Frankie. He tells him that knowing Jennifer is happy with Frankie would make his dying all that much easier. Abby tells Jack the reason he’s leaving is because he can’t stand to see Jennifer with Frankie. Frankie tells Jennifer she belongs with her family.

Billie yells at Bo for hitting Patrick. She tells them it’s the last thing Hope needs. Hope tells Bo she needs time alone. Billie takes Bo outside. Patrick’s nose is bleeding. Hope helps him tend to it. He tells her he expected Bo’s reaction. Hope apologizes. Patrick tells Hope that he assumed Hope told Bo that the baby may be his. Hope tells him that she never meant for him to be dragged into this. He tells her that there’s no place he would rather be.

Bo is furious. He tells Billie, “That bastard slept with my wife and got her pregnant!” Billie assures him that the baby could still be his. He says that Hope doesn’t think that she’s that far along. Billie tries to persuade him otherwise. Bo tells Billie that if Patrick is the father it could be over for him and Hope.

Patrick tells Hope that if he is the father they will work it out. Hope tells him, “What if it’s Bo’s?” Patrick tells her then it’s between her and Bo. She says there’s only one way to find out.

Carrie tells Lexie her decision is final. Austin is her past and Lucas is her future. She tells Lexie that she told her that she could never have children with Austin. Lexie asks her if she could have children with Austin would she be with Lucas.

Sami understands why everyone is suspicious of her but she says that Lexie has been after her for a long time. She won’t let Lexie accuse her of something she didn’t do and stand in the way of her happiness. Austin tells Sami, “So you’re finally going to tell us what’s going on.” She says she will. She then claims she has an eyelash in her eye and runs into her room and closes the door. Lucas tells her he doesn’t believe her. He tells her she’s trapped. Inside her room, to herself she admits she’s trapped.

Bo tells Billie he hates the fact that Patrick slept with Hope. Billie points out that Hope must feel the same way about her sleeping with Bo. Hope’s doctor passes by and Bo asks her if everything is OK. She tells him that Hope just had her paged. They both go to Hope’s room to see if she’s alright. Hope wants to know how far along she is in her pregnancy.

Talking to an image of herself in the mirror of her room, Sami says “You’re supposed to be on my side. There has to be a way to stop Lexie.” She envisions hitting Lexie over the head with a frying pay before she has a chance to tell everyone. Sami admits that the idea of the frying pan is lame and that she’s totally losing her imagination. She sees her image in the mirror checking her purse for a passport, tickets, and money. Sami asks her what she’s doing. “What you should be doin’ honey. Gettin’ the hell outta’ here.”

Lucas bangs on Sami’s door. Meanwhile, Carrie tells Lexie a future with Austin just wasn’t meant to be and it wouldn’t matter even if she can be with Austin. She’s with Lucas and carrying his child. Aside, Lexie says that both she and Sami are responsible for ruining Carrie’s dreams. Kate pressures Lexie to tell everyone. Lexie assures her she will if Sami doesn’t do it herself. Sami comes out of her room and walks over to talk to Will. She pulls him aside and tells him that things could get ugly. She wants him to leave. He says he wants to hear what she has done. Sami tells him that she always wanted to do what’s best for him and his future. He says he’s old enough to be the judge of that. Lexie asks Sami, “Are you going to tell everyone what you’ve done or should I?”

Kayla wants to know why Steve said she is no longer his wife. He tells her that since he’s legally dead we’re not married anymore. Kayla says that she can’t lose him again. Steve says he can’t force it if its not there. Kayla is trying to understand but he has to understand that she loved him for a long time. She never stopped loving him. She tells him that it took a long time for him to commit to her in the beginning. He hasn’t changed much. She asks him why he wouldn’t stay and try. He wants to know why someone as beautiful as her would want anything to do with him. She tells him there are many reasons. She pleads with him to let her try to help him remember. He asks her what she has in mind. She just tells him “You’ve got to trust me.” He says he will try.

Jack thinks Frankie is being selfless for wanting his new wife to be with him. Frankie insists that he belongs with his family. Jack asks him if he’s really sure. Frankie says he is. Abby offers to take Jack back upstairs. Abby thanks Frankie for putting her family first. Jennifer also thanks him. He tells her that Jack is now with the people he loves.

In the hospital waiting room, Billie thinks to herself that if Hope is pregnant with Patrick’s child she may have a chance with Bo. Then another side of her says that the only woman for Bo is Hope.

Hope’s doctor can’t answer her question until she runs more tests. She asks Hope if it’s true, according to her medical history, that she has an irregular menstrual period. Hope tells her yes. Hope tells her she really needs to know. The doctor tells her she’ll schedule an ultrasound. Bo wants it done now but the doctor tells him that it’s not a medical emergency and that she needs rest at home. Hope tells Patrick and Bo she needs to be alone. Bo tells her he’ll be outside. He goes into the waiting room and tells Billie what he learned. Hope wonders “How can this be happening?”

Sami tells everyone that it’s her turn to tell everyone the truth. Lexie is glad to see that Sami finally realizes it must come to an end. Lexie is just as guilty. Sami begins to admit what she’s done. Kate tells her to “get on with it.” Lexie blurts out that Sami was blackmailing her. Austin asks why. Sami says it’s complicated. Lexie says she’s sure Carrie, Austin and Lucas would love to hear it. Will says he would too. Lexie apologizes to Will but says he needs to hear it too. Lexie then encourages Sami to tell everyone why she blackmailed her.

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