Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/27/06

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/27/06


Written By Jessie
Pictures by Juanita

Abby lies with Jack on his bed, resting her head on his shoulder.  He begins to experience some pain and she offers him his medicine but he doesnít want to take it.  She says she thinks she knows of something that will make him feel better and leaves. 

In Jack and Jenniferís living room, Kayla tells Steve that she will answer all of his questions about his past.  He tells her he doesnít know where to start.  Kayla says she wants to start with a question for him and asks Steve what really happened the day he supposedly died.  Steve begins to have a flashback of a messy bedroom.  He asks Kayla if she really wants to know what happened and she says yes.

In the backyard, Frankie insists that Jackís return must have reopened her feelings for him.  He asks her what it means for them and she asks him what he wants it to mean.

Sami insists that she wants to elope because she doesnít want to deal with the stress of a big wedding but Lucas insists that heís seen Sami get like this before and knows thereís more to it.  Lucas says that Sami must have done something wrong and tells Austin that heíll kick her to the curb when he learns what it is.

In the hospital, Hope tells Patrick she needs to talk to him about their future.  Bo listens i-n from outside.  Shawn runs past him, telling Hope he got a message saying that she was there and she assures him sheís fine, just a little tired.  Bo comes up behind Shawn and Shawn says he knows what happened and blames Bo.

Phillip, Belle and Mimi catch up with Shawn, joining Bo, Hope and Patrick.  Shawn tells Hope that he and Bo are going to go outside and talk and they leave together.  Outside of the room, Bo tells Shawn that Hope doesnít need any more stress and he agrees, telling Bo that he should leave her the hell alone.

Abby comes back into Jackís room, carrying Jack Jr.  She hands him to Jack.  He tells him that he missed him very much and that coming home to them is a dream- come- true. 

Frankie tells Jennifer that what he wants is for her to be happy.  He says that if she wants to be with Jack he wonít stand in her way.  Jennifer starts to cry and apologizes to Frankie for all the heartache she must be causing him.  She tells him that when they got married, she meant every word she said and still wants to love him and cherish him for the rest of her life. 

Steve tells Kayla that all he has are quick flashes of memory.  He says the first memory he has was of waking up in a dirty motel room, feeling like he had a hangover, only it was much worse.  He says he didnít know where he was or who he was.  He knew he had been through something, he just didnít know what it was.  He knew then that he was just lucky to be alive.

Lucas says that the last time Sami wanted to elope she was hiding something.  He insists that Sami wants to get married more then anything and wouldnít give that up unless sheís done something that she knows Austin would leave her over.  Austin asks Lucas what sheís done and he canít answer the question because he doesnít know.  He tells Lucas not to make his own issues with Samiís his.  Austin says he does not believe Sami has done anything and Lucas says heíll just have to prove it.  He gets on the phone and asks Lexie to come over to Samiís apartment.

Jack insists he could have sworn he heard Jack Jr. call him Daddy.  Abby says itís probably because she and Jennifer show him his picture all the time.  Abby tells Jack that she wonít give up on him and suggests that there are lots of websites online where people share information about diseases.  She says that if there turns out to be no cure, sheíll accept it, but until then, she doesnít want to waste another moment with him.  She says that Jack returned because God answered her prayers.

Jennifer and Frankie kiss in the backyard.  They pull away and Jennifer tells him sheís really going to have to be there for Jack during his last few days.  She asks Frankie if itís going to be a problem for him, feeling like heís second to Jack.

Hope asks Mimi if she will go and check on Shawn and Bo, to make sure they arenít killing each other.  She asks Patrick what he and Bo were talking about earlier.  Patrick tells Hope that he told her the two of them are getting back together and asks her if itís true.

Out in the hall, Bo tells Shawn heís not going to leave Hope alone and Shawn says heís just going to keep hurting her.  Bo tells him that all marriages have their ups and downs.  He tells him that he hated lying to Hope the night that Zack died.  Shawn says that he betrayed her by letting Chelsea drive his car when she had no business driving.  Bo says heís right and that he regrets it.  He says it was his responsibility to tell Hope when he knew she was strong enough to hear it.  Bo insists he did not switch the disk and assures him that he loves Hope and will do anything to get her back.  Shawn says Hope doesnít want him back and that he hates what Bo has done to their family.  Bo tells Shawn that heís going through hell, having lost his son, and quite possibly losing the woman heís loved his entire life.  Shawn tells him he knows exactly what itís like to lose the love of your life as Mimi, Belle and Phillip listen.  He tells Bo to get on with his life without them.  Mimi runs off upset and Belle attempts to go after her.  Phillip stops her, saying sheís probably the last person Mimi wants to talk to. 

Steve tells Kayla that everything before the motel room is a blank.  She asks him where he went after the motel room and he tells her he went back inside to have a look around.  He says he found a wallet with $500.00 in it and an ID that said his name was Nick Stockton.  He tells her he went to the address on the ID which was in Cincinnati.  He tells her it was in a run down area and the house appeared to be abandoned.  He was ambushed by someone.  Kayla asks him what happened next.   

Lucas tells everyone that he didnít reach Lexie on the phone, that he got her machine.  He tells Sami that Lexie will probably be over as soon as she gets the message.  Austin asks him what Lexie has to do with anything and Sami has a flashback to Lexie, telling her that she believes Sami wrote the note about her affair with Tek and gave it to Abe, telling Sami sheís going to get back at her by telling Austin what she did to break up him and Carrie.  Sami tells them that she was fighting with Lexie after the ceremony and that Lucas must have heard them and gotten the wrong idea about it.  She asks Austin if he believes her and he tells her he does.  She tells Austin sheís so lucky to have him and thanks him for trusting her.

Mimi runs downstairs and thinks about Shawn saying he knows exactly how it feels to lose the love of his life.

Phillip demands that Belle tell him if sheís known all along that Shawn was in love with her.  She tries to twist his words and say that Shawn meant that he knows what itís like to lose someone he loves but Phillip insists Shawn said ďthe love of his lifeĒ and that it wasnít past tense.  She tells Phillip she is committed to their marriage.  Phillip says heís not sure that Shawn is committed to his and says that judging from the way she just ran out, neither is Mimi.

Shawn asks Bo if heís still in love with Hope and he says he is.  He asks him then why he just ran out on her and says he chose Billie over and over again.  Shawn says that the only good think thatís come out of this is that Hope has proven, by getting through the death of her son alone, that she can get through anything.  Bo argues that she didnít have to go through it alone and says he tried to be there for her.  Shawn says he hopes his mother can find someone who can be there for her and suggests that Patrick can, since heís been there for her all along. 

Patrick has a flashback of making love to Hope on the island.  Hope asks him what he was thinking about and he tells her he was thinking about the night they spent together on the island and asks Hope if it meant as much to her as it did to him.

Frankie tells Jennifer that Jack needs her right now and she thanks him for being so understanding.  He says that her family needs her love and support more then ever and he tells her heís there for her, if she needs anything.

Abby takes Jack Jr. to put him in his crib.  Jack looks out the window and sees Jennifer and Frankie hugging in the yard.

Steve tells Kayla that after he walked out of the house, the next thing he remembers was waking up in a hospital.  The police were questioning him about what happened and he told them he couldnít remember and didnít know who he was.  He told Kayla that after a while he stopped trying to remember who he was and tried to put together some sort of life for himself.  Kayla says he must have been terrified and he says he wanted to repay the people at the hospital for helping him out by working there, and thatís where he has been ever since.

Sami insists that Lucas only wants to believe the worst in her and doesnít know her at all.  Lucas says he knows her better then she thinks and says he heard her talking with Lexie when they were raided at the club.  He knows that she knew about Lexieís affair before anyone else and asks Sami what Lexie has on her.  He tells Sami to just fess up to whatever sheís done.  Austin says he canít stand to listen anymore and tells Lucas to leave.

Bo tells Shawn heís always tried to do what was best for his family and says he loved Zack more then anyone.  He says he loves all of them, including Chelsea.  Shawn says he loves some of them more then others and Bo agrees, saying that he loves him, and Zack and Hope because they are the family that has been his whole life.  He tells Shawn he has a lot to make up to Chelsea.  Shawn says that Chelsea is the one who has a lot to make up for.  Shawn tells Bo that he was right for thinking that he should have been in trouble for when he was in trouble with the law himself.  He asks why he wants to protect Chelsea.  He tells Bo that his actions toward all of them have not been out of love.  Bo explains that his position was very difficult because his daughter killed his son.  Bo hopes that in time Shawn will forgive him but Shawn says he doesnít want to have anything to do with him ever again.  Bo says he wonít live a life without Shawn and Hope.  Shawn tells him itís too late for anything else and leaves to find Mimi.  Belle points out to Shawn the direction that Mimi has gone and he goes off to find her.  Belle remarks that itís awful what is happening to Shawnís family.  Phillip tells Belle that itís inevitable that Mimi will leave him after what he said and asks Belle what she will do when Shawn comes crawling back to her.

Shawn finds Mimi and asks her what is wrong.  She tells him that if he wants Belle he can have her and tells him she wants a divorce.

Hope tells Patrick that night meant a lot to her too and Bo comes back and asks if she feels better.  Dr. Stewart comes in and tells Hope that sheís fine and that she is  pregnant.

Jack makes his way down the stairs.  Jennifer and Abby insist that he go back up to bed and he tells Steve that heís taking him back to the hospice to die.

Carrie tells Austin that she and Lucas are leaving and says goodnight.  Lucas apologizes to Austin and tells him he just doesnít want him to get hurt by Samiís lies again.  Lexie walks in and asks them to stay.  She tells them theyíll want to hear what she has to say.

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