Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/26/06

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/26/06


Written By Jessie
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, the orderly tells Bo that she’s not sure what is wrong with Hope, but assures him that her pulse is strong and her breathing is regular. He stays with Hope while she goes to get a doctor.

Austin, Sami, Lucas and Carrie return to Austin and Sami’s apartment and Austin suggests they order a pizza. Lucas tells them he feels bad for Jennifer, who now has two husbands and has to deal with the fact that Jack is dying. Sami is acting very nervous and upset and Austin insists it’s because she and Jack were good friends. Carrie asks Sami how she heard about Abe and Lexie in the first place. Sami has a flashback to her earlier conversation with Lexie, where Lexie accuses Sami of writing the note which told Abe about her affair, warning Sami that she’s about to lose Austin. Sami says she’s convinced that all Salem weddings are jinxed and suggests they all get on a plane and go to Vegas and elope.

Frankie, Steve, Jennifer, Jo, Kayla and Abby help bring Jack back to Jack and Jennifer’s house. Jo asks if he’s sure he shouldn’t go back to the hospital. He insists he just wants to be home with his family. Steve and Jennifer help him up the stairs to bed. Kayla tells Frankie it’s going to be alright.

Jo tells Kayla she’s sorry about Steve and Kayla says maybe she’s just pushing him into something he’s not ready for. Kayla tells her she’s sorry about Jack. Jo comments that it’s Jennifer who’s been through so much and she doesn’t know how she’s going to move on.

Steve helps Jack to get to bed and Jennifer sends Abby to go make some tea. Jack asks where his son is and Jennifer tells him Mrs. Mason is watching him but tells him that she doesn’t want to tell her about Jack so that the whole neighborhood comes over to see “the man who came back from the dead.” She tells Jack she has nothing for him to wear and he suggests Abby may have an old t shirt and shorts of his. She walks off. Jack and Steve come into the bedroom and discover the bed sprinkled with flower petals where Frankie and Jennifer were going to spend their wedding night.

Max offers Frankie a drink but he turns it down. Max asks Frankie how he is and he tells him he’s fine. Max insists that he can’t be fine, that Frankie has wanted to marry Jennifer since high school and is now upstairs taking care of Jack. He asks what is going to happen with them and looks at Frankie.

Hope wakes up and asks Bo what happened. He tells her she passed out at the church and he wasn’t able to wake her up. Patrick walks in and asks Hope if she’s alright. Bo frustratingly asks Patrick what he’s doing there.

Lexie comes in to examine Hope and asks Bo and Patrick to wait outside. She tells Hope she’d like to draw some blood and asks her to sit up. When she tries to sit up she realizes she’s still dizzy. Outside the room, Bo asks Patrick what he’s doing there and he tells him he’s there because he’s Hope’s friend and he’s worried about her. Bo tells him that he, himself, is there for her and says that if Patrick is really Hope’s friend he’ll get the hell out of her life.

Carrie says there’s no way she’s eloping and Lucas agrees, adding that Salem weddings only get ruined if Sami is invited. Austin points out that the last time they tried to elope it didn’t work out so well. She insists that they’ve all been down the isle too many times to make such a big deal about it. Lucas says that Sami only wants to elope when something’s going to go wrong. She says she just wants to marry Austin as soon as possible.

Hope asks Lexie what she thinks is wrong with her. Lexie tells her she’s not sure but notes the Hope’s blood pressure is a bit high. She asks her what’s wrong and offers to talk to her about it. Hope tells her that she’s confused, that she’s loved Bo since they were kids but insists that a marriage is supposed to be based on love, trust and honesty. She asks how it can all just fall apart.

Patrick tells Bo he’s not going anywhere. Bo insists that Patrick won’t leave because he has feelings for Hope. He says those feelings aren’t reciprocal. Patrick says that the last he checked, Hope wasn’t confiding in him and Bo tells him they’re on the way to working things out.

Frankie tells Max he loves Jennifer but this way, Jennifer and Abby get a chance to say goodbye to Jack. Max asks Frankie how he really feels about everything that’s happening.

Jennifer comes in and announces that Mrs. Mason is going to bring Jack Jr. home. She is surprised to see the petals all over the bed and asks Abby if she puts them there. Abby tells her that Hope had people come over and do it while they were at the church. She asks Jack if he’d be more comfortable in the other room. Jack assumes that Jennifer doesn’t want him to stay in their bed because it’s hers and Frankie’s now and starts to struggle to get up. Steve and Jennifer force him to sit back down. Steve tells Abby he’d like to get a drink and asks her where the kitchen is, encouraging her to leave so that Jack and Jennifer can have some privacy. After they’ve left, Jennifer tells Jack that she layed awake in bed, every night, wishing that Jack could still be alive. She tells him she begged God to bring him back to her, and remarks that now he’s here.

Sami presses Austin to elope and he tells her he wants to get married in a real church with their family watching. She reminds him that just a few hours earlier, Jennifer thought she was going to have a wonderful wedding with Frankie and Jack walked in, alive. She says it goes to show that things can go wrong that you’ve never dreamed of. Austin says that he understands she’s scared and says that when they get married, he only wants to be thinking about her. Sami asks him if this means he’ll elope with her and he says no.

Jo tells Kayla she needs to call Vern and let him know about Jack and Steve. Steve and Abby come downstairs and Steve stops and looks at Kayla. Kayla asks him if he’s remembering something.

Abby walks into the kitchen where Frankie and Max are talking and Frankie asks if Jennifer is upstairs. She tells him Jennifer is upstairs, with Jack, in their bedroom, alone. Frankie wants to back off but Max insists he go up and check on Jennifer because she’s his wife. Frankie insists they need some time alone and says that Jennifer knows he’s there and will come down when she’s ready.

Jennifer asks Jack if he was trying to kill himself by driving off the bridge. He tells her his mistake was coming back but she argues that his mistake was leaving in the first place. She tells him she’s grateful that he’s lying there but is angry at him, because now he’s back and she’s married to Frankie and she doesn’t know what to do. He tells her to let him die.

Lexie begins to cry and Hope asks her what’s wrong. She tells her that her marriage is over because she’s been having an affair with Tek. Hope asks Lexie if she loves Tek and she insists she loves Abe but that she betrayed him. She tells Hope that she has a chance to do what Abe won’t do and forgive Bo. She says that Bo’s betrayal goes deeper than having sex with Billie because he tampered with the evidence against Chelsea. She says she wishes she could stop loving Bo but can’t.

Patrick tells Bo that his reconciliation with Hope is news to him. Bo argues that he and Hope have loved each other for over 20 years and tells Patrick he should do them all a favor and “get a life.”

Steve tells Kayla he hasn’t remembered anything, he was just noticing how pretty she is. Jo goes into the kitchen to leave them alone. Steve tells her he gave up trying to remember his past years ago, because he realized it was never going to happen. He admits that now that he’s in Salem, all of those questions he had are coming back and he needs answers to them.

Jack tells Jennifer he wanted hers and Abby’s last memories of him to be of the Jack they loved. He says it was his pride that didn’t want Jennifer seeing him dying. He holds Jennifer and tells her that she does love Frankie and needs him. He says he doesn’t want to leave them. He tells her he’s afraid to die. He tells her that he believes in God and Heaven but just wants to be sure. Jennifer tells him that she is sure, that she knows there’s a Heaven and that they will be together again. Jack says he wants her to do one more thing, he wants to see her happy during his last few days. He tells her to never forget him but tells her to love Frankie and let Frankie love her. Jennifer says she will. She insists he must be tired and tells him to get some rest.

Lexie tells Hope that if she still loves Bo, she needs to find a way to forgive him, the way she wishes Abe would forgive her. Hope tells her she prays that Abe will forgive her but she’s not sure about Bo. Lexie tells her that Zack wouldn’t want them to break up over this. She says it’s also fairly obvious that there’s something going on between her and Patrick. Hope says Patrick was there for her, that’s all. Lexie asks Hope if she loves him. She tells her that Patrick is wonderful but doesn’t answer the question directly. Lexie asks her if he’s worth leaving Bo over and Hope says she’s not leaving Bo for another man, but because he betrayed their marriage. She says she knows she can trust Patrick if she chooses to be with him. She doesn’t know if she could ever trust Bo again.

Patrick tells Bo he’d be doing the same thing in his position, threatening any man who came near his wife. Bo tells him if that’s the case then he should leave. Patrick tells him that he and Hope only got close when they knew their marriage was over. Bo assures him it’s not over and Patrick says if that’s the case he’ll stay out of his way. Bo comments that Patrick still wants her and Patrick tells him he loves Hope, but he’ll walk away if that’s what Hope wants because he wants her to be happy. Bo gets a call on his cell phone and has to walk away, leaving Patrick outside of the hospital room, alone. Lexie comes out and Patrick asks her how Hope is doing. She tells him he can go in and see her. Patrick goes into the room.

Austin tells Sami that they can take away any stress associated with planning their wedding by hiring a wedding planner. Sami insists they are too expensive. Austin says he wants to give Sami the wedding of her dreams and Carrie agrees that he should. Sami insists she just wants to marry him as soon as possible and Lucas points out that that is the second time she’s said that, asking her what is the real reason she wants to get married so quickly. Lucas demands that Sami tell them what’s going on. Sami and Austin decide to have a drink and Carrie says she has to leave. Lucas then claims he’s suddenly realized why Sami is in such a rush to marry Austin.

Bo comes back and realizes that Patrick is with Hope. Hope tells Patrick she needs to talk with him about their future as Bo listens outside the door.

Abby comes into Jack’s room and tells him she’s so glad he’s back. She asks him if he needs anything and he tells her all he needs is his family. She tells him they’re not going anywhere.

Kayla tells Steve she can answer all of his questions about his life. He tells her he doesn’t know where to start and she tells him she has a question of her own and asks him where he was the day he supposedly died.

Jennifer comes out to the backyard and meets Frankie. She begins to apologize to him and he stops her. He tells her he’s happy that Jack and Steve are alive and says that Jack’s coming back must have reopened the emotions Jennifer has been working so hard to move on from. He asks what it all means for the two of them.

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