Days of Our Lives Update Friday 6/23/06

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 6/23/06


Written By Liz

Mimi, Shawn, Belle and Philip arrive at the hospital fertility clinic to begin infertility treatment. Mimi thanks Philip for arranging to have her and Belle see Dr. Janes. He tells her that hopefully with the help of the Kiriakis Foundation Dr. Janes will be able to help a lot of young couples who are trying to get pregnant. Belle mentions that she feels bad having to miss Jen and Frankie’s wedding for the appointment but Shawn assures her that they would understand. The couples discuss the process and Mimi comments that it would be a “miracle of modern medicine” if Shawn and Philip could be the ones to have the babies. Philip says he would do anything to make sure that they have another child like Claire. Absentmindedly, Mimi blurts out that she hopes it works for her because “the last thing I need is for him to have another baby with another woman again.” Shawn gives her a questioning side glance and asks her what she’s talking about.

Lucas enters the vestibule of the church from the back room. Austin asks Lucas if Carrie is OK. Lucas explains she has morning sickness and is lying down in the bride’s room. Austin tells Lucas he’s lucky they’re having a baby. Lucas is happy but tells him Carrie is worried about showing at her wedding. Lucas wants his wedding to go smoothly. Austin admits they both have had their share of strange weddings. Lucas says that with Sami involved there’s always some kind of “fiasco.” He tells Austin that he made up his mind that Sami is not the girl for him. He asks Austin why he changed his mind about Sami especially since he once left her at the altar.

On the church grounds, Sami and Lexie run into each other. Lexie steps in front of Sami and won’t let her proceed. Sami asks her what she’s doing. She tells her that she’s threatening her. Lexie blames Sami for writing the note to Abe about her affair with Tek. Sami swears to her that she didn’t do it. Lexie tells Sami that it’s now her turn to ruin her life. Lexie points out that since there’s nothing more to blackmail her with, it’s Sami’s turn to suffer. Lexie tells her she will make sure she loses Austin and ends the conversation by saying “Payback’s a bitch isn’t it?”

Back in the church, Jennifer tells Jack that his bad timing doesn’t matter. She’s glad he came back to say his good-byes. She doesn’t want him to die alone or with strangers. He tells her she’s strong and seems sure of herself. They both tell each other how much they love one another. Jen says she is sure. And he wouldn’t have come back if he didn’t change his mind. Jack proceeds to tell everyone that he didn’t come back by himself. He turns to his mother Jo and tells her that he came back with Steve. Everyone is shocked. Jo reminds Jack that Steve has been dead for years. Jack assures everyone that he is not dead. “He’s alive and well and is right outside.” Chelsea tells Max that it’s all her fault. Caroline asks where Steve is. Jennifer wonders where Kayla has gone.

In the graveyard, Kayla and Steve discuss the fact that Steve can’t remember his old life. She tries to convince him to get help to try and remember. He says it won’t work. She grabs him and gives him a passionate kiss on the lips hoping the kiss will jog his memory.

Jennifer helps Jack sit down. Abby runs to tell Chelsea that she’s glad her dad is back. Chelsea confesses that the prank call she received earlier that morning was her dad. Abby is angry and asks her why she didn’t tell her. Chelsea says she thought it was someone playing a sick joke.

Jo can’t believe that Steve took care of Jack in the hospital. Jack says that at first he thought he was delirious but then had Steve take a DNA test which proved that he was his brother. He explains that Steve has no memory of his wife or family and tells everyone that he’s outside the church. Caroline points out that Kayla went out for air but never came back. Her husband Shawn wonders if Kayla saw Steve.

After the kiss, Steve tells Kayla that he enjoyed it but it didn’t make him remember her. He wishes he did. He tells her that if he’s the man she knew, he already hurt her a lot by being gone so long. Kayla assures him that it couldn’t be his fault. He points out that they both don’t know what happened. He can’t give her false hope that everything will be as it was. He tells her he’s sorry.

Shawn is confused. He assures Mimi that he hasn’t had a baby yet with anyone. Mimi covers her words and explains that she meant having a baby with another surrogate. He apologizes to Mimi for the way the previous surrogate turned out. Philip tells them they won’t have to worry anymore. Dr. Janes introduces himself. He takes Belle and Mimi to begin the treatment.

Austin asks Lucas if he has ever heard of anyone changing. He points out to Lucas that he has changed for the better. Lucas agrees. Austin tells him that he then should give Sami a break. He intends to have a future with Sami. Lucas tells him he feels sorry for him. He hopes Austin’s relationship with Sami doesn’t “blow up at the altar like last time.”

Sami explains to Lexie that it’s “the end of the line” for her. Austin trusts her and she needs him. Lexie retorts, “Like I need Abe and my little boy?” She tells her she’s lost everything. Sami tells her that it was her fault. She’s the one who broke her wedding vows. Lexie tells Sami that she has no right to judge the situation between her and Abe. They continue arguing. Sami swears she didn’t tell Abe anything. Lexie says she’s now free to tell Carrie the truth about how Sami blackmailed her to lie to Carrie about having a child with birth defects with Austin. She tells Sami Austin will leave her once he knows the truth. Sami warns Lexie not to tell him but Lexie assures her she will. The “girl who cried wolf” responds, “Oh no, Lexie. I’m going to make sure you don’t tell them anything.”

Lexie tells Sami to stop the empty threats. She points out that not even her “daddy” will be able to help her once he finds out what she’s done. No one will forgive her for playing God with her sister’s life.

Kayla continues to try to convince Steve. He tells her that both of them have lived different lives for years. He assures her that she can’t make him into the person she wants him to be now. Kayla tells him that she knows who he is. He says that she doesn’t. He’s Nick Stockton, an orderly who works in a hospice not a marrying man. She asks him why he came back to Salem with Jack. He tells her that he came back to help Jack and he didn’t expect to see her because she was supposed to be in Los Angeles. He’s not the man she used to love. She says the kiss told her that he is definitely her husband, Steven Earl Johnson. Just then, his mother Jo runs into his arms and gives him a hug. He doesn’t recognize her. Jack, Jennifer, Abby, Frankie, Max, Bo, Hope, Shawn and Caroline join them. Everyone introduces themselves to Steve. He admits to them he doesn’t remember a thing. Bo introduces himself and tells him they knew each other since childhood and in the merchant marine. Hope then tells him how much they all love him and he will feel that love someday. She also knows how he feels. She found her way back to the man she loves.

Jennifer tells Kayla she can’t believe that Jack and Steve are back. Kayla says that Steve is unsure of her and she’s unsure of his past. Jennifer tells Kayla to just ask him about his past and where he’s been. Kayla admits that she’s afraid of what he might say.

Austin asks Lucas that since he’s going to be happy with Carrie, why does he have a problem with him being happy with Sami. Lucas points out that with Sami there’s always a twist. She always has something to hide. Austin admits he’s right. Lucas wants them both to be happy, but he doesn’t think it will work for them as a couple. He asks Austin if he sees the way Sami looks at EJ. Austin says she can look. Lucas wishes him the best. However, he asks him if Carrie didn’t pick him would he still consider making Sami his wife.

Lexie continues scolding Sami. She tells her that her scheming and lying has destroyed lives and now it’s her turn.

Philip and Shawn talk about their difficulties in getting pregnant. Shawn tells Philip that unfortunately it happens but not to him. He tells him, “Wouldn’t it be weird out of the four of us if Belle and I were the only ones who can make babies?”

Belle tells Mimi that she’s happy they were able to harvest their eggs together. Mimi thinks it’s not going to work for her again. Belle assures her everything will be fine. Mimi points out that Belle’s life is so perfect. Belle disagrees and points out to her the reasons it’s not all perfect, including her post-partum depression. Mimi understands that it most likely was just the circumstances that brought it on. She goes on to tell Belle that she and Shawn are now together and trying to have a baby and so are her and Philip. She reassures Belle that everything will be a lot better for her this time.

As Jack gets up off the bench, he tells Steve, “Welcome home.” Jo is sitting beside Steve. She tells him that she gave him up for adoption when he was just a boy so he could have a better life. He was all grown up when she found him. He didn’t know her then like he doesn’t know her now. She tells him she’s never going to lose him again.

Kayla tells Jennifer that maybe Steve loves someone else. Jennifer says that she doesn’t believe that. Kayla was the great love of his life like Jack was hers. She feels as if she’s been unfaithful to Jack. Kayla points out that it was Jack’s idea for her to be with Frankie.

Jack tells Frankie that if he knew it was their wedding, he would have stayed away. Frankie tells him not to worry about it and that his time with Jennifer is precious. Jack thanks him for being such a good friend and taking care of his family. Jack tells Frankie he hopes he won’t change his mind. Jack is in pain. He doesn’t want his family to remember him like that.

Hope walks into the graveyard. She sits down. Bo comes and sits next to her and hands her a red rose. He asks her if she remembers that these flowers were her wedding bouquet. He tells her that he’s touched about what she said to Steve. He wants to know if she believes destiny brought them back together. She tells him she’s not sure what she believes now. Bo says he believes it was. He tells her their love brought her back to him and brought him all the good things that happened in their lives. Hope has a flashback of professing her love for Bo during their first wedding ceremony. And she has another flashback of Bo renewing his vows to her. Bo asks her for another chance.

Lexie tells Sami that she had her destruction coming for years like she destroyed others lives. Sami says that since Lexie is a doctor she should show some compassion. Lexie says she does but not when it comes to her. She tells Sami she is going to tell Austin. Lexie is about to walk into the church when Frankie stops her and tells her that Jack needs her. She gives Sami a nasty look.

Austin admits he wants Carrie but wants to see her happy even if it’s with Lucas. But he says that if Carrie chose him he would have married her and she would be having his baby. Sami peeks her head inside the door and overhears him say this.

An angry Philip tells Shawn that he already had a family when he and Belle had Claire. Shawn apologizes and assures Philip that he loves Mimi. Philip asks Shawn if he can’t have a child biologically if he can handle it. Shawn says he would be OK with adoption. They both hope they get good news. The doctor tells Belle and Mimi that there was a complication.

Shawn and Philip knock on Belle and Mimi’s door. Dr. Janes tells Belle he was able to harvest the eggs from her. He tells Mimi that he was only able to harvest one egg from her. Mimi says one is better than none. Dr. Janes says he will have to do more tests. She wonders why she can’t have a kid “like Belle.”

As Sami eavesdrops, Lucas says Carrie can’t be cloned and that only one of them can marry her. He tells Austin he’s sorry that he got caught up in Sami’s web again. He tells Austin that even if she is Carrie’s sister, he doesn’t think Sami can make him happy. Lucas goes to check on Carrie. Sami is upset and begins to cry.

Lexie examines Jack. She wants to take him to the hospital for tests but he refuses. He wants to go home. Jennifer says it’s OK. Abby wants him to get better. The three of them share a hug. Steve offers to help them take Jack home. Kayla says she will go but Steve says it’s not necessary. They all leave. Kayla is left with Frankie. They sit down on the bench. Kayla comments to Frankie that “nobody gets a happy ending.”

Hope collapses in Bo’s arms. The rose falls to the ground.

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