Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/22/06

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/22/06


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Shawn comes over to Belle and Phillip’s apartment and asks Belle if she is ready to leave.  Belle holds Claire who won’t stop fussing and comments that they have probably already missed the wedding.  Shawn offers to bring the car around but Belle doesn’t want o leave Claire while she’s still fussy.  Shawn offers to take her and holds Claire, calming her down a bit.  Belle comments that Shawn must have the magic touch with Claire, but Shawn insists it’s her, that she has a very calming affect on him when he holds her. 

Mimi is crying in her apartment and Phillip tries to calm her down.  Mimi says that she’s going to lose Shawn because she can’t give him a baby.  She insists that Shawn will eventually leave her and that when he’s single again, Belle will leave Phillip.  Phillip assures her he won’t let that happen.

In the cemetery outside of the church, Kayla and Steve sit on the bench and she remarks that he can’t really be there because he died in her arms.  He asks her if she’s Kayla and she says, “Of course I’m Kayla,” shocked that he would ask that.  He remarks that she looks the same as she does in the photo.  He tells her he doesn’t know her.

As Frankie and Jennifer kiss at the end of their wedding ceremony, Jennifer sees Jack at the back of the church and says his name.  Everyone turns around in shock to see Jack.  Abby gets up and runs to Jack, giving him a hug.  She tells him she knew he must have been alive and assures him that she told Jennifer not to marry Frankie.  Jack breathlessly makes his way up to Frankie and Jennifer, telling them that he came in to light a candle, having no idea it was their wedding day.  Jennifer faints in Frankie’s arms.

Kayla asks how Steve could not know her, reminding him that they are married and have a daughter together.  He tells her he has no memory of being Stephen Johnson.  Kayla tells him that Stephanie is all grown up and he’s missed her entire life.  She cries, insisting that Steve died in her arms and she buried him.  He says it’s not possible, that all he knows is that he’s Nick Stockton and works in a hospice a few hours from Salem.  He tells Kayla that a few days  earlier, a patient of his recognized him as Steve Johnson and begged him to take a DNA test which confirmed that they are brothers.  He tells her the patient was Jack Devereaux and Kayla is shocked to hear that Jack is alive.

Jack asks Jennifer if she’s alright.  She remarks that he went off the bridge in the car into the water.  She insists that no one could have survived the cold water.  Jack says he remembers being pulled from the car and saved by some fisherman.  Jennifer insists it’s impossible because no one was picked up from the river that day but Jack tells her it’s true.  She asks why he never told her he was alive and he tells her he came back several times, including Christmas, to make sure they were alright.  Jennifer is horrified to learn he came back on Christmas without telling them he was alive.  Carrie suggests to Lucas, Sami, and Austin that they give them some privacy and the four of them agree, walking out of the church together.  Lexie follows behind, saying that Sami is going to pay for what she did to Tek and herself.  Tek runs out after Lexie and Abe follows.  Abby tells Jack that she kept insisting that Jennifer belongs with him, but he tells her she’s wrong, that her mother doesn’t belong with him anymore.


Mimi comments that it’s looking more and more like she can’t give Shawn kids.  She insists he might leave her because it’s so important to him that he have his own biological baby.  She comments that Shawn would be “one hell of a temptation” for Belle if he became single.  Phillip remarks that there was a time when Belle loved Shawn but that she chose him and Claire is their baby.  In her head, Mimi reminds herself that Claire is really Shawn’s baby and Phillip asks her what she’s thinking.  She doesn’t answer him directly.  Phillip insists that both marriages are strong, that Belle would not leave him for Shawn and says he’s going to take care of that, right now.  He picks up his phone to call someone.

Belle tells Shawn she’s really sorry he and Mimi lost their baby and insists he’s going to make a great Dad.  She tells him she wishes she and Phillip had solidified their marriage a bit more before having a baby, and tells Shawn that they are young, encouraging him and Mimi to wait before having a child.  Shawn assures Belle that between Mimi’s upset feelings about the abortion and the year he’s having with his own family, that he and Mimi want nothing more then to bring a life into the world.  Belle tells him that when two people are meant to be together, nothing can keep them apart.

Sami walks outside with Austin, and somewhat frantically asks Lucas where the limo is.  He tells her that Alice and Will took the limo first and it will be back for them.  She insists they could have all squeezed in and he asks her what her problem is.  She tells them that the reason she’s upset is because Lexie and Abe’s marriage is over because Tek and Lexie have been having an affair.  Lucas asks her why she cares so much and she insists she’s worried about Abe and Theo and that Lexie will fly off the handle, undoubtedly, and cause more problems for everyone.  Austin looks at Sami and says he thinks he knows what’s really going on with her.

Tek catches up with Lexie.  She snaps at him, saying he shouldn’t have followed her but he says he had to see if she was alright.  She says she’ll be alright once she tells everyone what Sami did to keep Carrie and Austin apart.  He suggests she do it right now because they’re all there but she says the timing isn’t right because Jack might need her.  Abe comes over and remarks that they just can’t stay away from each other.

Bo remarks to Hope that Jack’s return proves that miracles can happen.  He suggests they find a place to talk but Hope insists they can’t leave Jennifer and Frankie.  Chelsea looks over at Bo and Hope from the other side of the church, mumbling to herself that they should just “shut up and get divorced already.”  Max comments that Frankie has been looking forward to this day for so long and that Jack coming back is the worst possible thing that could happen for him.  Chelsea argues that it’s the best thing that could happen to Abby and says she’d give anything to have her own parents (The Bensons) back.

Abby insists that Jack belongs with Jennifer but he says he stayed away to give them a chance to be a family with Frankie.  He tells them that he’s still dying and only has a few days left.  He only came back to say goodbye to them.

Kayla asks Steve why Jack didn’t come home.  He tells her that Jack didn’t want his family to have to go through the pain of losing him again.  He tells her that after they had the DNA test done, Jack wanted him to come back to Salem to reconnect with the Brady’s, and eventually Kayla, but that he’d said she was living in L.A.  She tells Steve she came back for a visit.  Steve tells her he came because Jack asked him to.  She asked him whether he wanted to come back.  He says when he saw her picture he remarked that she was beautiful but that he doesn’t know her.  She tells Steve that she loves him and that when he died a huge part of her died too.  She tells him she kept dreaming that he would come back one day.  Steve says he got Jack to come back to say goodbye to his family.  Kayla remarks that it’s not fair for Jennifer to see Jack, only to lose him again, and pulls Steve into a hug, crying and insisting that she won’t lose him too.  He pushes her away, telling her it’s not going to work.

Austin insists Sami must be upset because of Frankie and Jennifer, as well as Theo, because her own parents got divorced when she was around Theo’s age.  She says he’s right and tells Austin she’s so glad her knows her so well.

Shawn asks if Belle was referring to the two of them but she argues that she was talking about her parents, when she says earlier that if two people are meant to be together they will be.

Phillip gets off the phone and was apparently speaking with “Dr. James.”  Mimi asks him who that is and he tells her that   he heads fertility research at the hospital which gets a lot of money from the Kiriakis funds.  He believes he can still help Mimi and Shawn to have a biological child.  Mimi thanks Phillip.  He comments that this procedure may allow Claire to have a little brother or sister as well but Mimi stops him, saying there’s a problem.

Kayla takes out some photos and shows them to Steve.  He tells her that just three days earlier he was happy, being the guy he was and can’t take in so much information so quickly.  She asks him if he wants to adjust and he says he’s not sure.  He says he’s not sure if he’ll ever remember but she insists they can all help him.  Steve says he’s not sure if he wants to remember. 

Tek cautions Abe to be careful.  Abe tells Tek he can’t fire him but he’s on very thin ice with his job and that he’ll be a dead man if he touches Lexie again.

Hope asks Bo how God can be so cruel, letting Jennifer lose Jack all over again.

Max comments that Frankie said Jack was the one true love of Jennifer’s life.  He asks Chelsea if she’s considered what he asked her, whether she will be his girlfriend.  Chelsea is unable to answer him directly and he tells her he wants to be with a woman who only wants to be with him and walks off, discouraged.

Abby, Jennifer and Jo insist that Jack still has hope but he tells them that the only thing left for him to do is say goodbye and go back to the hospice.  Jennifer insists he’s not going back but he tells them that if he stays, all they can do is sit back and watch him die.  He says he’s glad Jennifer and Frankie got married because they have each other.  Frankie points out that the marriage is null and void because Jack is alive.  Jack comments that he always did have lousy timing.

Mimi says that even if Dr. James can harvest them more eggs, she would still need a surrogate.  Phillips tells her he’s already asked the Kiriakis Foundation to help and shows her a surrogate that they’ve found on the computer.  He assures Mimi that she and Shawn deserve to be as happy as he and Belle are. 

Shawn comments that Belle and Phillip must be getting along wonderfully because they wouldn’t want to bring a baby into the world if they weren’t sure.  He tells her the baby will bond him and Mimi together and says they can’t wait.

Carrie tells Austin that things with her and Lucas are more rushed then she would have liked and urges him not to rush things with Sami so Sami doesn’t get her heart broken again.  She points out that Sami is not the love of Austin’s life.

Lucas asks Sami if Austin was really right about why she was upset.  She says of course he was.  Lucas comments that maybe she’s upset about her own wedding since she doesn’t have a good history with weddings.  She insists she and Austin are going to live happily ever after and there is nothing he or anyone else can do to stop it.

Phillip and Mimi come over to Belle and Phillip’s apartment to tell Shawn and Belle that they’re not going to the wedding reception, they’re going to the hospital instead.  Phillip remarks that Shawn and Mimi will be having a baby together in no time.

Austin tells Carrie that she is the love of his life but reminds her that she chose Lucas.  He asks her to reassure him that that is what she wants.  She asks him if he loves Sami and he says he does, just in a different way.  He tells her his future is with Sami just like hers is with Lucas. 

Lucas tells Sami that he can see she’s desperate and is probably about to lose everything.  Sami says to herself that all of their lives will be destroyed if she doesn’t find a way to keep Lexie’s mouth shut.  Carrie looks over at Sami as she rejoins Austin, clearly upset.

Abe tells Tek to get out, to stay away from him and Lexie.  Tek leaves.  Lexie says that Sami is going to pay for what she’s done and Abe reminds her that Sami is not the one who jumped into bed with Tek.  He tells her she will be hearing from his lawyer.

Bo insists he and Hope need some time alone but she says she needs to be there for Jennifer.  He tells her they need each other too.

Jennifer tells Jack if he’s going to die, he’s not going to do it alone.  He tells her it wasn’t exactly his choice to come back, that he came with Steve.  Jo is in shock.  He tells them that Steve is right outside.

Kayla asks Steve how he can know if it’s not the life he wants if he doesn’t remember it.  He insists that Jack showed him photos and did everything to remind him of who he was.  She argues that  Jack, “didn’t do this” and kisses Steve on the lips.

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