Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/21/06

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/21/06


Written By Liz
Pictures by Juanita

Lucas, Carrie and Austin are in Sami’s apartment waiting for Sami and Will to finish getting ready for the wedding. Sami helps Will with his tie. Lucas pulls Carrie aside and tells her that he has a bad feeling about Sami going to the wedding. “Sami and weddings are a recipe for disaster.” Austin overhears him say this and he tells him to give Sami a break. Will asks Sami if she’s sure she wants to go. He also points out that bad things happen when Sami is at a wedding. Her bad karma rubs off. She sternly tells him that she doesn’t have bad karma. She assures him that Jen and Frankie will have a beautiful ceremony just like her and Austin. He hates to tell her this but he feels like her future with Austin is “doomed”.

At the church, Abe and Lexie are sitting on opposite sides of the church. Tek enters and spots Lexie sitting in the pew and takes a seat behind her. She has a flashback of when Abe caught them together in the hotel room. She then thinks to herself “I lost everything and Sami is going to pay.”

While waiting at the altar, Frankie tells Max he can’t believe he is going to marry Jen. Max tells him “this was meant to be” and that Jen is the love of his life. Frankie points out that Jack was the love of Jen’s life, too. And if he hadn’t died this would not be possible. Max tells him that he knows they’re both sorry Jack is gone but he will make Jen very happy.

Caroline assures her husband Shawn that she isn’t going to cry. She’s too happy. Kayla tells Bo that Jen may have lost Jack but she has a chance at a happy ending. She hopes that the same can be true for him and Hope. He tells her “From your lips to God’s ears.”

Chelsea complains about how hot it is in the church because of the broken air conditioning. Abby feels that the wedding shouldn’t be taking place. She tells Chelsea that she thinks it’s an insult to her dad. Jo overhears her and tells her that she also misses Jack but he isn’t coming back and Jen deserves a second chance at happiness.

Maggie comments to Alice that she hopes Abby doesn’t “cause a scene”. Alice thinks that would be awful.

Hope begins the procession down the aisle. Bo sees her and smiles. Chelsea eyes her up as well. Hope has a flashback to her and Bo’s wedding and smiles. Kayla looks down at her wedding rings and also has a flashback of her and Steve’s wedding. “The Wedding March” begins and everyone stands. Jennifer begins her walk down the aisle. Before approaching the altar she stops and gives Alice a kiss on the cheek. The ceremony begins. Hope smiles at Bo. Kayla has various flashbacks of her life with Steve. She then tells Caroline she must step outside.

Steve parks the car in front of the church. He wants to know why Jack asked him to stop there. Jack tells Steve that it’s where he remarried Kayla. Jack asks Steve if the church seems familiar. Jack notices that something is going on. He suggests they walk around to see if anything jogs Steve’s memory. Steve thinks Jack is just getting “cold feet” about seeing his wife. He admits he’s nervous because they both are coming back from the dead. Jack knows everyone is going to be shocked. Steve wants to go but Jack insists on going into the church to light a candle and say a prayer. Meanwhile, Kayla is in the church vestibule crying. She hears the door creak and turns around.

Back at the ceremony, Hope and Bo exchange affectionate glances. Chelsea notices and tells points it out to Abby. She has a feeling they’ll get back together because of the wedding. Abby thinks they belong together and asks Alice if she thinks the same thing. Alice says to have faith that they find their way back to each other. Abby replies “Like my mom and dad.”

Jennifer and Frankie light the unity candle. The priest then asks if anyone in the congregation knows any reason why they shouldn’t be married to “speak now or forever hold your peace.” Abby looks annoyed but is silent. Maggie and Alice glance down at her.

Roman enters the church vestibule and hugs Kayla. They both share their initial greetings. He asks if she’s OK. Crying, she tells him it’s been hard being back in Salem. She misses Steve and could never love anyone else. She runs outside.

As she leaves, she just misses Jack and Steve as they approach the church. Steve asks Jack if he’s sure he wants to do this. Jack says he’s fine. He urges Steve to walk around the garden and graveyard to see if he remembers anything. Jack wonders what did happen to cause Steve to lose his memory. Steve tells Jack he needs to find out. Steve then notices flowers on the church doors and realizes that there’s a wedding taking place. He tells Jack that he can’t interrupt and go inside and he will have to go “pray in the car.” Jack notices the calla lilies and comments that they’re Jen’s favorite flower. He has a brief flashback of Jennifer in her wedding dress holding her bouquet. Steve sees Jack leaning on the door sweating. He asks if he’s OK. Jack longingly says Jennifer’s name.

Lucas tells everyone that they’re going to be late. Sami asks Will if he really doesn’t want things to work out between her and Austin. Will tells her that he’s afraid her next wedding will be same as the others and that something terrible will happen. Sami has a flash forward of what may happen. She sees her and Austin at the altar exchanging vows. When the priest asks if anyone has just cause why they shouldn’t be joined together, she envisions Lexie bursting in and revealing her lies. Austin, Carrie and Lucas all turn on her. Will enters and tells her he never wants to speak to her again. She then snaps out of her vision and yells at Will, telling him that that won’t happen. He’s taken aback and wonders why she got so upset. Lucas looks at Sami suspiciously.

A nervous Lexie stands in the vestibule of the church. Tek comes out to see if she’s OK. She tells him she’s not and that her life is over. He asks her if she thinks Sami is the one who wrote the note to Abe. She tells him it had to be Sami and “she will get what’s coming to her - today.” Lexie plans on telling Carrie, Austin and Lucas what Sami did to keep Carrie and Austin apart.

Abe tells Roman that he caught Lexie cheating on him and that their marriage is over. Roman asks him if there’s a way to fix it. He suggests counseling but Abe assures him that there’s nothing that can be done. Roman is in disbelief.

Chelsea asks Abby if she thinks her dad could still be alive. Abby tells Chelsea that she thinks anything is possible when it comes to her dad. She poses the question “But what if he is still alive?”

Jack tells Steve it’s a bit overwhelming being back in Salem because it brings back a lot of memories. Steve admits he also feels “a strange vibe.” He urges Steve to walk around the grounds. Steve doesn’t want to leave Jack alone but Jack assures him he’s fine. He takes Jack’s advice but tells him to call if he needs him.

Meanwhile, Kayla places flowers in front of Steve’s gravestone. She tells him she needs him and she’d give anything to have him back. Steve walks through the graveyard, stops, and then walks behind a bush.

Tek agrees that if Sami did write the note to Abe she deserves to pay. Lexie tells him she will make sure Sami loses everyone she loves and do jail time for blackmail.

The priest announces that Jen and Frankie would like to exchange words before their vows. Jo reassures Abby that everything will be alright. Jen will never forget her dad. Alice tells Jo that Jack will always be with them in their hearts “Just like Tom.”

Frankie tells Jen she was his first and only love. He found his soul mate. His love has grown stronger through the years. He wishes they would have been reunited under happier circumstances. He’s sorry it’s been difficult. He thanks God for giving them a second chance. He promises to be the best husband and the best father to her children and to love and cherish her “all the days of our lives.”

Jennifer first thanks Jack for giving them his blessing. She feels his presence. She thanks her grandfather Tom and "gran" Alice. She mentions her mom and dad could not attend because they are away in Africa. She welcomes Frankie to her family and tells him she’s excited to become a Brady. It’s true they loved each other for a long time. The wait is over “I am yours now and forever. She tells him she will love him and stand by him “all the days of our lives.” The congregation applauds. She turns to Hope and tells her not to give up. “Your vows are forever just like mine and Frankie’s will be.”

Jack recognizes the music playing inside the church as being one of Jen’s favorites. He walks to the window.

Kayla stops at Zack’s gravestone and wonders why God takes “the ones we love so innocently.” Steve continues walking through the graveyard.

Jack collapses behind the bushes just as Sami, Austin, Lucas and Carrie arrive. As they enter the vestibule, Tek grabs Sami by the arm, pulls her aside and tells her he has bad news. It’s over and she is finished.

Lexie sits by Abe and points out how happy Jen and Frankie are just like they used to be. She asks him to forgive her.

Frankie and Jennifer exchange rings. Everyone in the congregation claps except for Abby. Caroline wonders why Kayla hasn’t returned.

Steve stands glancing down at his headstone. He says aloud “Steven Earl Johnson who the hell are you?”

Meanwhile, Kayla imagines Steve walking in on her in the graveyard. She wonders why he left her so soon. He tells her he didn’t. “I’m still here.” When she comes back to reality, she hears a male voice exclaim “I’m still here!”

She thinks she must be hearing things and wishes that it was true that he was there. She dreams of herself in her wedding dress and Steve dressed in a tuxedo standing in the graveyard. He tells her that he is still here and will always be with her in her heart. They exchange their vows then he disappears. She comes back to reality crying. Steve continues walking. Jack is still passed out.

As Jennifer and Frankie exchange vows, Roman tells Bo not to give up on Hope. He confesses he kidnapped Hope and took her to the Horton cabin to talk. Bo thinks the talk and the wedding will help her come back to him.

Lucas asks Carrie if she’s ready to exchange their vows. Austin wonders where Sami is.

Sami tells Tek that Lexie won’t say anything because she doesn’t want Abe to find out about their affair. She is stunned to learn that Abe already knows about it. Tek tells her that Lexie plans to expose her lies. “Lexie is going to blow you out of the water here in front of everybody.”

Lexie again begs Abe to forgive her. She asks him to do it for Theo’s sake. She swears to him that it’s over between her and Tek.

Sami is shocked. She assures Tek she isn’t the one who sent the note. Tek says it doesn’t matter. “The truth is out and you will get what you deserve.”

Austin asks Lucas and Carrie if they’ve seen Sami. Lucas tells him that Sami can cause major trouble.

Bo dreams of remarrying Hope.

While passed out, Jack has a flashback of exchanging vows with Jennifer at their wedding. He wakes up and opens the front doors of the church. He enters the vestibule and opens the doors to the ceremony and sees Jennifer and Frankie at the altar.

Lexie still pleads with Abe. He tells her “Our marriage is over. You betrayed me for the last time. Good bye.” He walks out.

Sami returns to her seat next to Austin. He asks her what’s wrong. She doesn’t answer.

Bo thinks to himself that Hope will come back to him.

Abby comments to Chelsea, “This is so wrong.” Chelsea assures her its OK.

The priest pronounces Frankie and Jennifer husband and wife. They kiss. As Jennifer hugs him, she sees Jack standing in the aisle in the back of the church.

Steve walks in on Kayla. She has her back to him. He hears her crying and asks if she’s alright. Kayla recognizes the familiar voice and in disbelief says “It can’t be!” She turns, sees Steve and faints in his arms. He then realizes that she’s his wife Kayla.

In disbelief, Jack walks down the aisle toward Jen and Frankie.

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