Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/20/06

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/20/06


Written By Jessie
Pictures by Juanita

EJ is doing push-ups in his apartment. He has a flashback of dancing with Sami earlier in the Tango competition.

Sami is sitting in her apartment with Austin looking at the pictures of EJ and herself from the photo shoot. Austin tells Sami that she and EJ look hot together and Sami asks if he minds that she and EJ hang out together. Austin asks if she thinks he should mind and Sami assures Austin she’d much rather be spending time with him but knows that he’s busy. She says it’s nice hanging out with someone who doesn’t know much about her. She opens the door to pick up the morning paper and finds a topless EJ standing in the hallway. Lucas, topless as well comes out of his apartment and asks EJ if he’s recovered from his “little dip in the river” with Sami. Sami goes back into her apartment but continues listening at the door. Lucas warns EJ that Sami likes to be rescued and tells him that with Sami, nice guys finish last. Carrie comes out of Lucas’s apartment and tells him his comment is unfair.

Lexie stands in her living room, crying, dressed for Frankie and Jennifer’s wedding. Abe comes into the room carrying Theo and Lexie asks Theo if he had a good breakfast. Abe tells Theo that Celeste is taking him to the park and he asks Abe why he can’t take him. He tells Theo that they are going to a wedding and takes him to get him dressed. Lexie offers to dress him but Abe gives her an icy stare and says that he can do it, carrying Theo to his room. Celeste arrives and comments that it’s a beautiful day for a wedding and sees that Lexie is upset. Lexie tells Celeste that Abe knows about her and Tek.

Bo wakes up after sleeping on the couch in the cabin. He walks outside and sees that Hope spent the night sleeping in a chair outside.

Max comes by Jennifer’s house and finds Frankie walking through the backyard with his tux. He yells at Frankie for coming to see Jennifer on the day of their wedding and tells him he needs to leave. Frankie insists he’s not going to let a superstition ruin the best day of his life.

Steve and Jack are driving toward Salem and Jack wakes up. He asks Steve how long he’s been asleep and he tells him a while. He comments that Jack looks pretty content for a dying man, perhaps because he’s going to see his wife and kids. Jack reminds Steve that he’ll be having a special reunion of his own with his own wife.

At Jennifer’s house, Kayla insists that Jennifer have something to eat and she sits down and pours herself some orange juice. Chelsea and Abby walk in and Abby is still very upset about the wedding but tells Jennifer she’s going to get dressed and smiles slightly. Jennifer excuses herself to go and talk to Abby. Kayla tells Chelsea that since they haven’t really gotten a chance to know each other, perhaps they can at the wedding reception. Chelsea asks her if she’s sure she wants to do that and Kayla assures Chelsea that at least a few people in their family like her, like Bo and Max. Someone helping out with the wedding comes in with some alcohol for the wedding reception and Chelsea helps herself to some vodka while he goes off to get more. Someone comes to the door and Kayla answers it, stunned to see who it is.

Frankie tells Max that since he’s found someone, maybe it’s time Max do the same. Max says he may have already found her.

Chelsea puts the vodka into a container in her purse, saying she knows Max wouldn’t approve but knows she couldn’t make it through the wedding day otherwise.

Jo arrives for the wedding and gives Kayla a hug. She tells Kayla it will be hard seeing her son’s widow (Jennifer) marrying another man. Kayla tells her that Abby, especially, needs her support. Jo comments that she and Jack were very close. Kayla tells Jo that she will be going to work at a clinic in Africa. Jo asks Kayla how Stephanie is and she tells her she’s great; independent and into a million things. Jo tells her that she and Vern were planning to come out to see them but were never able to because Vern’s mother got sick. She tells her he won’t be joining them for the wedding. Jennifer and Abby come in and hug Jo. Kayla rushes off with Jennifer to help her with her dress. Abby tells Jo she’s upset about the wedding and Jo tells her that her mother needs her support. She encourages her to be happy for Jennifer. She says that she can’t accept the marriage and Alice walks in with Maggie, telling Abby that she is making a mistake she will live to regret.

Jack tells Steve that he doesn’t want to freak Jennifer out and asks Steve if he has a cell phone so he can call her. He dials the number and Chelsea answers the phone. He tells her its Jack and he needs to speak to Jennifer.

Bo goes over to wake Hope and brings her back into the cabin. She tells him she needs to get home for Jennifer’s wedding. He asks her why she slept outside all night and she says she just couldn’t leave him.

Carrie tells EJ not to listen to what Lucas says about Sami because Lucas has issues with her. EJ assures Carrie that he can take care of himself and loudly asks Sami if she agrees, letting everyone know that Sami has been listening behind the door. Sami assures Lucas she’s just been listening long enough to be reminded of what a complete jerk he is and Carrie stops them from getting into a fight, urging Lucas to go and get dressed for the wedding. Carrie asks Sami if she is going to the wedding and she tells them she’s not. Austin comes out of the apartment and says that she is.

Lexie cries as Celeste tells her she knew this would happen. She tells her mother that Abe wants to file for divorce and sue for custody of Theo. Celeste asks how Abe found out and Abe comes back into the room, telling her that someone sent him a note.

Frankie asks Max if Chelsea is the girl he’s talking about and he tells him she is. He feels that Chelsea needs some guidance but thinks Max could give it to her. Max is unsure of whether Chelsea feels the same way. Frankie says he must really be in love with her and Max tells him that’s why he puts up with her. Grandpa Shawn comes into the yard and tells Frankie and Max he’s been looking all around for them and leads them out front to leave.

Chelsea doesn’t believe that Jack is who he says he is. She tells him Jennifer’s busy. Jack tells her to tell Jennifer that he’s on his way and is bringing Steve with him. She’s convinced it’s a crank call and hangs up. Abby asks who was on the phone and she tells her to just be glad she wasn’t the one that answered. Abby says she’s going upstairs to do her hair and leaves. Chelsea takes the phone off the hook and leaves it so the “crank caller” can’t call back.

Steve asks Jack who Chelsea is and he tells him she’s a friend of Abby’s and that she wouldn’t believe it was him. He tries to call back again but can’t get through. Steve says everyone will just have to be surprised.

Bo asks Hope if the reason she couldn’t leave is because she’s decided to give him another chance. She says she’s not sure. He assures Hope that she is the last person he’d want to hurt and asks her if she will forgive him. She tells him she can’t think about that right now because she needs to get back for the wedding. She says she will at least think about it and Bo is finally happy, thinking this is a step in the right direction for them.

Austin insists that Sami go to the wedding and she agrees to go and leaves to get dressed. Austin asks EJ if he’d like to see the photos he took with Sami and EJ says he’ll come back and see them after he gets changed. Carrie and Lucas say they’d like to see the photos and comment that they are really good. Lucas teases Austin that there is some serious chemistry between Sami and EJ.

Abe realizes that Celeste knew where Lexie was the previous night. Celeste insists that Lexie loves Abe but he tells her this is between Lexie and himself. She goes upstairs to sit with Theo. Abe tells Lexie that their marriage is over. She asks if she can ride with him to the wedding and he tells her if she needs a ride she should call her lover, Tek.

Shawn, Frankie and Max arrive at the church and Max sees Chelsea outside and goes over to talk to her. Abby says she is going to see if her mother needs help and goes inside, whispering to Chelsea not to blow it before she leaves. Max asks Chelsea if she has given any thought to them being boyfriend and girlfriend. She tells him she’s had a lot on her mind and asks him if she can have some time to think about it. He tells her that’s fine and goes off to get ready. Bo and Hope come walking by and Hope runs off into the church when she sees Chelsea. Chelsea asks Bo if they are back together and he tells her they’re not yet, but things are looking up.

Hope comes into the church room where Jennifer is getting ready for the wedding and hugs Kayla and Caroline, telling them that the reason she is late is because Bo kidnapped her. Jennifer asks if she heard him out and Hope says she doesn’t want to say anything more about it. She tells Jennifer the day should be all about her wedding. Alice comes into the room with Maggie and Abby asking where the bride is and Jennifer steps out in her wedding dress. Maggie comments that Jack must be smiling down from Heaven and Jennifer tells them that is why she’s asked Jack to give her away.

Steve announces to Jack that Salem is the next exit as they continue to drive home.

Austin comments that the reason the photos look so hot is because they had a great photographer. Sami comes out of her room asking if she heard her name. Austin says Sami looks fantastic in person and goes up to her and gives her a kiss. Carrie asks Lucas to go and get dressed so they are not late for the wedding. He smirks at Austin before he leaves, sarcastically wishing him luck with the campaign. Sami asks why he was even looking at the pictures. EJ tells Sami she looks incredibly natural in the pictures. On the other side of the room, Carrie comments to Austin that anyone could tell he really loves Sami. He tells her it wasn’t the way he wanted things to work out but that he’s happy. He says he just has to let Sami be Sami and insists that she really has changed.

Celeste tells Lexie she wishes she had told Abe the truth herself. Lexie agrees it would have been easier for Abe to hear about the affair from her. Both women are convinced that Sami was the one who gave Abe the letter telling him about Lexie and Tek. Celeste remarks that it’s strange Sami would have done it, considering Lexie didn’t undermine her relationship with Austin. Lexie says that Sami is going to pay for what she’s done. She vows to make Sami lose everyone close to her and says she hopes she’s at the wedding.

Theo sits watching cartoons in the living room as Celeste reads her Tarot cards. She says that Lexie and Abe will not be the only people in Salem having problems.

EJ tells Sami she looks beautiful in one of the photos and points it out to her. Carrie and Austin agree that acceptance is the key to living with Sami. Austin says it”s important for Sami to go to the wedding because it’s her family. Lucas comes back in and insists that Sami and weddings don’t mix and comments that she’d better not ruin it. The three of them watch as Sami and EJ laugh together.

Everyone except Hope leaves Jennifer alone to take their seats for the wedding. Hope tells Jennifer to enjoy every second of her day.

Steve and Jack pull up to the church and Jack tells Steve he wanted him to pull up there because it’s the church where he and Kayla got married. He asks Steve if he remembers it and he tells him he does not. He notices that something is going on inside and encourages Steve to go with him and check it out.

Inside the church, Lexie wonders where Sami is and comments that this is the day she gets to kiss Austin goodbye.

Jo tells Abby it’s good that she is there to support her mother but Abby still does not feel that Jennifer should be getting married so soon.

Shawn comments to Caroline that Frankie is finally ending up with the woman he loves.

At the back of the church, Bo tells Hope he is looking forward to having their talk and goes back to sit down. Jennifer stands behind Hope, ready to walk down the aisle.

Jack encourages Steve to come into the church and see if anything jogs his memory. Steve says he remembers nothing. Jack says after talking to Chelsea he has realized how shocked everyone will be. Steve wants to leave but Jack insists they go inside and light a candle. Steve agrees a little prayer wouldn’t hurt.

Jennifer gets ready to walk up the aisle and asks Jack to wish her luck.

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