Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/19/06

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/19/06


Written By Jessie
Pictures by Juanita

Max offers Chelsea an iced coffee to help her sober up and they begin yo walk home.

Carrie, Lucas and Austin are walking around Salem after Jennifer and Frankie’s engagement party.  Carrie comments that the party was really nice and tells Austin and Lucas that she had a crush on Frankie herself when she was younger.  Lucas says he never knew that and Carrie comments that there are things he doesn’t know about her.  Lucas comments that the evening was tense for everyone, especially because of everything going on with Chelsea, Bo and Hope, and not to mention, Abby not wanting the wedding to take place at all.  Carrie says she just needs to get used to the idea.  Lucas comments that at least Sami didn’t show up and turn the party into “a real freak show.”  He apologizes to Austin who tells him he needs to cut Sami some slack.  He decides to give Sami a call to see if she would like to join them but she doesn’t answer the phone.

Sami and EJ are still dancing the tango together after winning the contest.  She tells EJ he’s just like “Prince Charming” and thanks him for making the night so much fun for her.

Jennifer and Kayla are in Jennifer’s living room when the doorbell rings.  Jennifer goes to answer the door and Frankie surprises her with flowers.  She tells him it’s bad luck to see the bride before the wedding and quickly closes the door.

Jack lies in bed at a motel and Steve covers him with a blanket, insisting that he needs to rest. He tells him they will resume their trip to Salem in the morning.  He takes Jack’s wallet out of his bag to find the wedding picture of himself and Kayla to look at it again.

Lexie and Tek are making love at another motel and Abe comes through the door, discovering them in bed together.  Tek gets out of bed and Abe punches him hard in the face, looking completely furious.  Lexie cries, begging him to stop.

Hope’s kidnapper begins to untie her gag and blindfold and she demands to know who it is.  He unties her and she jumps up out of her chair, grabbing a gun and pointing it at him, finally realizing it’s Bo.

Chelsea and Max are walking around Salem near the dance contest.  He tells her she needs to take her second chance more seriously, and stop doing stupid things like drinking.  She complains about having to do community service with no license.  Max tells her she should use this opportunity to show Salem who she really is, the girl he enjoys hanging out with.  She asks him if he really does and says she’s tired of him telling her she always makes bad choices.  She tells him she doesn’t care if he, or the rest of the world hates her and tells him to leave her alone and walks off.

Austin insists that Sami is probably just taking a bubble bath or something and that’s why she isn’t answering the phone.  Lucas tells him he’s a fool if he believes that.

Sami and EJ continue to dance.

Bo tells Hope he had to kidnap her because it was the only way to get her to listen and convinces her to put down the gun.  She tells him he can’t stop her from leaving and walks out.  Bo has a confident smile on his face.

Lexie screams and jumps on top of Abe to stop him from strangling Tek to death.  He screams at Lexie, asking her how she could do this to him and tells Tek he’s going to take out his gun and shoot him.  He asks her when she started sleeping with Tek and remarks how he felt so guilty when he was blind, reminding Lexie that she told him that his coming back from the dead was the greatest miracle of her life.  She sobs that it was, as Abe begins to cry himself.

From outside the door, Frankie tells Jennifer he just wanted to tell her loves her and she decides to let him in, deciding it’s not so terrible because it’s still before midnight.  He gives Jennifer the flowers and gives Kayla a hug.  Kayla takes the flowers into the kitchen to give them a few minutes alone.  He remarks that by the same time the following day they will be husband and wife.  Jennifer says that Jack will be watching over them and tells Frankie she hopes he doesn’t mind her saying that.  He says he doesn’t.  They remark that the wedding would not be happening if it weren’t for Jack being so selfless and agree that he would be happy for them.

Steve continues to look at the picture of Kayla and asks how the beautiful woman he is looking at can really be his wife.

Kayla sets Jennifer’s flowers in a vase in Jennifer’s backyard.  She has a flashback of her and Steve exchanging vows at their wedding.  She remarks that no matter how hard she tries to go on with her life, she just can’t.

Abby sits on Chelsea’s bed reading  a  magazine and Chelsea comes in.  She asks her where she’s been, reminding her that she is sleeping over and Chelsea tells her she was off fighting with Max.  Abby comments that Max wants her to learn something from her experience and assures her that the reason Max is being so hard on her is because he cares about her.  Max, who is standing at the top of a ladder in Chelsea’s window  tells Chelsea that Abby is right.

EJ tells Sami that the tango is about passion and says that is something Sami has a lot of.  Austin, Carrie and Lucas come walking by and see Sami and EJ dancing.  When Sami sees Austin she falls backward off the peer into the water and EJ jumps in to save her.

Hope comes back and throws something at Bo’s head, yelling at him for taking the spark plugs out of the motor of the boat and making sure that there were no oars.  He tells her they need to talk and try to save their marriage.  Hope says their marriage is over because she already signed the divorce papers but Bo remarks that he knows her and she won’t give up on their marriage so easily.  She says to Bo that if he loved her, he never would have lied for Chelsea but he assures Hope that the only reason he lied for Chelsea in the beginning was because Hope was devastated and needed time.  He apologizes for not saying anything when Billie took the blame.  He points out  the Hope sent an email asking for a divorce which she clarifies that she sent in anger and that Patrick told her not to do it.  She tells Bo the email was a test, one that he failed miserably.  He tells Hope that they’ve both said things that they didn’t mean and asks if she can forgive him.  She tells him she can’t.

Lexie tells Abe that her affair with Tek has been going on, on and off, since Abe came back from Tony’s island.  He tells her he had his suspicions, but felt guilty for thinking it.  He asks Tek how he could have done something so despicable.  He points out that Tek is only half the problem and says that Lexie has done this before, adding that she’s never been satisfied being married to him.  He reminds them that she’s had affairs with Jonah and Brandon as well.  He tells Lexie that she should have been honest with him and told him the truth when she found out he was alive.  He says he even gave Lexie an out, telling her to go ahead and divorce him.  She says she didn’t want to and Abe insists she must have wanted to stay with him only to keep custody of Theo.  He remarks angrily that Tek must know all about their sex life.  He tells Lexie that he thought she was the most patient and supportive wife and screams at Lexie and Tek hysterically.  He realizes that Lexie was trying to be with Tek one last time before leaving him, catching Lexie in her lie and tells her it was a good thing he got the note when he did.  Lexie realizes someone told him about them. 

Chelsea tells Max that he can come in from outside the window and Abby leaves them alone to talk.  Max tells Chelsea he really likes her a lot and asks her if she’d like to take their relationship to the next level.  She asks him if he’s ready to have sex with her.

Frankie remarks that he’ll never be able to thank Jack for what he did, for trusting him to be a husband to Jennifer and father to his kids.  He says that Jack’s reason for wanting him to marry Jennifer was the same as his own, they both love her.  Frankie and Jennifer kiss.

Steve holds a washcloth on Jack’s forehead and remarks  that Jack doesn’t look so good and he hopes he’ll make it home to see Jennifer before it’s too late.

EJ brings Sami out of the water and asks her what made her fall in and Lucas walks up announcing that she’s afraid her fiancé will see she’s up to her old tricks again.  Austin walks up and Sami defensively tells him she can explain.

Hope tells Bo she can’t forgive him after what happened in court.  Bo points out to Hope that she did not actually see him switch the disk in the evidence room on the tape because it didn’t happen.  She asks how she is supposed to believe him after all the lies he told.  He tells Hope that if she really believes he would do something like that, maybe their marriage really is over.

Abe shows Lexie the note that he was given, telling him that Lexie and Tek were at the motel.  She begs Abe to talk to her but he declares that the time for talking is through and their marriage is over.  She hugs him, sobbing hysterically, begging him for it not to be over.

Chelsea and Max sit down on her bed and he tells her he wants to have sex with her for the right reasons.  He tells her there are times he doesn’t respect her and says he thinks there are times she doesn’t respect herself.  He says he wants to help her change that and make her realize how special she is.  He tells her he’d like to be boyfriend and girlfriend.  Abby comes back in and insists that Chelsea say yes.

Jennifer tells Frankie has to leave because of her superstition about not seeing him before the wedding and she rushes him out.  After he leaves she stands looking at a picture of herself with Jack.

Jack wakes up from a nightmare, insisting that he needs to get back to Jennifer and Salem but Steve tells him he needs his rest and they’ll head back in the morning.  He observes that Steve has been looking at the wedding picture of himself with Kayla.  He tells Jack he hasn’t remembered anything about her yet, that he just liked looking at it.

Jack tells him that he used to say Kayla was the love of his life.

Jennifer meets up with Kayla in the backyard and notices she’s a bit teary eyed.  She remarks that it’s wonderful to have a second chance at love with Frankie and Kayla tells her that it sure is.  Jennifer tells Kayla she would love that for her too, if she wanted it.  Kayla excuses herself to go and call Hope.  Jennifer looks up at the sky, telling Jack she needs to have his blessing before she walks down the aisle and marries Frankie.

Sami quickly explains to Austin that she and EJ just wanted to unwind after Frankie and Jennifer’s party and decided to go for a walk and happened to find the tango competition down by the peer.  EJ explains that Sami told him that Austin is a good dancer and agreed to give her a few lessons so that she could dance with him at their wedding reception.  EJ tells Austin that they won the dance competition and Sami tells Austin that she got nervous when he came by and tells him that is why she fell into the river.  Lucas insists that Sami was cheating on Austin, but Austin insists he is not threatened by Sami’s relationship with EJ.  He asks her to show him what she learned and proceeds to tango with Sami on the peer.

Jack keeps calling for Jennifer as he lays in bed, very weak.  Steve goes to the window and questions how he could have left Kayla behind if he loves her.

Kayla leaves a message for Hope, asking her to give her a call when she gets home so that she and Jennifer know she got there alright.  She goes on to call her mother-in-law,   Jo, and tells her that she’s in Salem.  She tells her that being back in Salem is overwhelming and comments that she misses Steve so much.

Jennifer looks up at the sky, asking Jack if he will give her away at her wedding the following day.  She sees a shooting star and believes that Jack has agreed to give her away.

Abe tells Lexie she can kiss their marriage and her son goodbye.  He tells Tek he certainly won’t be getting any more investigations.  He tells Lexie that she “really is a DiMera.”  He wishes “good luck to both of them and tells them their going to need it.  Lexie cries and Tek tries to hold her, telling her to let Abe cool off.  She yells at Tek to get off of her and tells him she knows who did this.  Tek insists it was Sami and Lexie vows that she’s going to pay.  The person with the black gloves is seen outside of the motel room.

Bo tells Hope there is no point in trying to salvage their marriage if she thinks so little of him.  He gives her back the spark plug and tells her to take the boat.  He says if there is no trust in their marriage, there is no marriage.  Hope leaves and Bo smashes a ceramic pitcher against the wall.

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