Days of Our Lives Update Friday 6/16/06

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 6/16/06


Written By Liz

While still in the hospital, Shawn and Mimi can’t believe how fast they were able to find a surrogate. Holly gives them the forms after filling them out and tells them how thrilled she is to help them. Shawn tells her that she will hear from the lawyer who will draw up the surrogate contract. Mimi is uptight about the situation but Shawn reassures her that everything will be alright and that they will have a baby.

Belle hopes Shawn and Mimi are able to have a child soon. Philip tells Belle he hopes they can have a child soon as well. He is still puzzled how they got pregnant the first time if the test showed his sperm motility is slow. He admits it makes no sense. Belle thinks that maybe it does.

Tek and Lexie make love in the hotel room. A mysterious gloved hand is shown holding an envelope addressed to “Abe Carver.” Lexie tells Tek to stop. She is worried they will get caught especially by Abe. She says if he sees them in bed together, he will be devastated and she could lose Theo. He tells her that won’t happen because nobody knows. Lexie reminds him that Sami knows of their affair.

Sami comments to EJ how well the photo shoot went. She thanks him for going out with her. She didn’t want to be alone while everyone was at Frankie and Jennifer’s party. EJ questions why she didn’t go. She explains she could have but is considered a bit of a “bad seed.” EJ finds that hard to believe. She confides that she has a fantasy about going back in time to redo every mistake she has ever made. Then she would come back to the present day and have tons of friends. She admits it’s kind of stupid but EJ doesn’t think so. He asks her “Why don’t we have our own party – tonight?”

Bo and Frankie are doing shots at Frankie and Jennifer’s party at the pub. Kate and Austin propose a toast to Jen and Frankie. Kate asks Austin why Sami isn’t with him. She assumes they’re having problems. Austin tells her not to gloat and that they aren’t having problems. He just says she didn’t want to come and spoil Frankie and Jennifer’s night. Kate tells him that’s unusually considerate of her. Austin scoffs at her coyness. He assures Kate that Sami has changed and that he loves her. Kate wants to be sure that he isn’t hurt again. He tells her that the only way he is going to get hurt is if she sabotages their relationship. Kate assures him that she wouldn’t do that. Austin walks away. Aside, Kate thinks to herself that Sami will do that all by herself.

Abe and Billie share coffee and light conversation at the party. Billie sees Bo drinking heavily and points it out to Abe. She hates what’s happening between Bo and Hope. She loves him so much she wants him to be happy with the woman he loves. Abe tells her that not many people are that “selfless”. She’s humbled and reminds him that she wasn’t so much so in the past. She just wishes Chelsea would learn something from her. Billie can’t believe how Chelsea showed up at the party drunk. She tells Abe she’s thankful that Max and Abby escorted her out before it was too late. Abe says that unfortunately the damage had already been done. Patrick joins in on their conversation. Billie tells him that he shouldn’t be at the party. If Bo sees him he will “go ballistic.”

A drunken Bo tells Frankie they need more beer. Frankie tells him he has had enough. Bo spots Patrick and gets up. Frankie stops him and diverts his attention. Bo leans on Frankie and they share a laugh. Frankie tells Bo that he can’t believe he’s staying upstairs in his old room. Even though it’s only for one night he tells Bo that he already misses Jennifer. Bo says that he also misses Hope and that he must talk her out of getting the divorce. He has to prove to her that he didn’t switch the evidence. He tells Frankie that he loves her and that he can’t let her get away.

Kayla and Hope help Jennifer carry her shower gifts back to the house. Hope insists that the only reason Jennifer asked her to help was to get her away from Chelsea and Bo. Jennifer tells her “That isn’t true.” But Hope says she’s grateful anyway. Kayla is glad she came to Jennifer’s party. She’s glad Jennifer has a second chance at happiness. Hope comments “We all do.” Kayla disagrees with Hope, telling her that she still has Bo. Hope assures her that it’s too late. Kayla tells her that it’s not too late – “He’s here and he’s alive.” Jennifer picks up a photo and says that she can’t believe that both Jack and Steve are gone. Hope disagrees and says they’re not. Kayla and Jennifer both give her a questioning look.

Jack is excited that Steve is going to return to Salem with him. He asks his doctor if he’s well enough and the doctor tells him that the trip “will do wonders.” Steve asks the doctor if he believes that the trip will help Jack beat his illness. Jack wonders as well.

Hope tells Kayla and Jennifer that Jack and Steve are both alive in spirit. She tells them that she knows they both watch over Jennifer and Kayla respectively. Jennifer says that she is thinking more about Jack because of the wedding. Kayla tells them that she thinks of Steve more since she’s been back in Salem.

Jack asks his doctor if perhaps he may be cured. His doctor tells him that he misunderstood him. The doctor explains that seeing family and friends will help him emotionally. However, he needs time to say his goodbyes. The doctor leaves to plan for his release. Steve gathers Jacks belongings from the closet. Jack is eager to announce his return to his friends and family back at the pub.

Finishing one last shot, Bo tells Frankie “I will not lose Hope, especially to that son-of-a-bitch Lockhart!” He turns and walks over to Patrick. He tells him that if he’s there to see his wife, she already left. Patrick points out that she won’t be his wife much longer. She won’t forgive him for destroying the evidence. Bo accuses him of destroying the evidence in order to steal his wife. Billie tries to break up the argument. Bo warns Patrick to stay away from his wife. Frankie pulls Bo away. Abe wants Patrick’s word that he will stay away from Bo. Patrick assures him he will. He tells Abe he will just stay and talk to Billie. Abe leaves to call Lexie. Billie thanks Patrick for backing down. He tells her that Bo has quite a nerve for accusing him when it was Bo who was seen on the video tape. Billie stands by Bo and declares that he’s innocent. Meanwhile, Abe finds out from the phone call that Lexie isn’t at the hospital.

Back at the hotel, Tek assures Lexie that Sami won’t tell anyone about them. “She knows you’ll tell everyone she blackmailed you into lying to Carrie and then Austin would never forgive her. He tells Lexie that Sami is the one who made Carrie believe that any child Carrie had with Austin would be born with birth defects. Lexie admits to Tek that she’s the one who made Carrie believe that lie and now Carrie is pregnant with Lucas’ child. Lexie is tired of her lies and adultery. She has to find the strength to tell the truth about Sami.

Sami is taken aback at EJ’s party proposal. She reminds him that she has a fiancé. EJ just wants to have fun “as friends.” Sami just wants to make it clear that their relationship is just friends. They both agree. Sami notices a couple doing the tango. She tells him that Austin learned while he was in New York and she always wanted to learn. EJ tells her that he just so happens to know how. She then asks, “So are you going to teach me?”

Patrick asks Billie why he shouldn’t blame Bo. He points out that Bo is the only one with “the motivation and opportunity to destroy the evidence.” This prompts Billie to have a flashback to when Kate admitted that she did it for her and Chelsea. Billie remembers Kate telling her that if “you’re not going to do anything about it then I will.” Patrick thinks Bo should be punished. Billie tells Patrick that if Bo says he didn’t do it then she believes him. Patrick states “Innocent until proven guilty.” Billie reminds him that he didn’t have a problem when she applied that theory to his situation at one time. Patrick wonders if Billie is just standing by Bo to show him that he belongs with her. Billie tells him that she’s not doing anything to come between Bo and Hope and neither should he.

Tek reminds Lexie that if she exposes Sami then she’ll be sure to tell Abe and everyone about their affair. He tells her not to make any hasty decisions until she’s sure she knows who she wants to be with. Lexie admits she’s confused. Tek tells her that he loves her and wants to make her happy. They begin passionately kissing.

Abe is talking on his cell phone. He says that when he tried Lexie’s cell phone nobody answered. He tells them that when Lexie checks in to have her call him. He hangs up. Before he turns around, the envelope with his name on it is placed on the table by a gloved hand. He turns around, looks down and picks it up. After reading the note he looks puzzled.

Patrick tells Billie that they both are in the same situation. Billie loves Bo too much to come between him and Hope and he cares too much for Hope to take advantage of her situation when she’s vulnerable. Billie is quick to point out that Patrick didn’t feel like that on Morgan Island when he slept with Hope. He says that Hope turned to him. Patrick says that if Hope needs him he won’t turn his back on her but he also won’t pursue her. They continue to argue. Billie tells him that in the end Bo and Hope always end up together so he should just quit while he’s ahead. Kate overhears her and thinks to herself “Sometimes I can’t believe you’re my daughter.”

Bo tells Frankie that he thinks that Patrick is the one who made it look like he tampered with the evidence so that Hope would turn against him. Frankie tells him that if he does anything stupid, Hope will wind up blaming him. That’s what Patrick probably wants. Bo says “She’s my wife!” Frankie tells Bo that she signed the divorce papers. Bo is angry and asks him why he didn’t stop her. Frankie says there’s nothing he could have done. Bo pleads with Frankie to help stop her from going through with the divorce.

Driving back to Salem, Jack tells Steve that he was right for making him agree to go. He can’t wait to see his family. Jack worries about making it home alive. He makes Steve promise that if he doesn’t make it, not to “deliver a dead body.” Steve promises but tells him not to worry – he will see them. He asks Jack to tell him about the wife he supposedly has. Jack tells him that she’s loving and caring. He begins to tell him how he met her when she was a nurse. She took care of him when he was sick the first time. He goes on about her rather affectionately. Steve wonders if Jack once had a “thing” for Kayla.

EJ gets close to Sami as he teaches her how to tango. They intimately dance.

Austin tells Kate that Sami makes him happy. Kate asks Austin if his relationship with Sami was just a convenience after losing Carrie. Kate tells him that “rebounds never work.” He reminds her that she isn’t the authority on successful relationships. Billie walks over. Kate tells them both that she hopes they will learn from her mistakes. Billie accuses her of trying to control them and assures her that it won’t work.

Abe begins to leave. Bo asks him where he’s going. He just tells him it’s personal. As Abe leaves, Shawn, Mimi, Belle and Philip enter the pub. Bo greets them and assumes Mimi has “morning sickness in the evening.” Mimi begins to try and explain but Shawn interrupts. He tells Bo they were just busy. Shawn asks Bo where Hope is. Bo tells him that she left. Shawn asks “What - she didn’t want to hang around with you?” Shawn congratulates Frankie and tells him that it’s a shame all relationships can’t work out. Shawn, Mimi, Belle and Philip sit down at a booth. Mimi asks Shawn why he wouldn’t let her tell Bo about losing the baby. He tells her he wants to tell his mother first. Shawn begins to tell Belle and Philip about their surrogate. Mimi interrupts. She sees Holly at the bar smoking with a drink in her hand.

Jennifer, Hope and Kayla enjoy bowls of ice cream. Kayla tells them that she longs for just one last conversation with Steve. Hope admits that she regrets nagging Zack when he was alive. They tell her that she was a great mom. Kayla tells Hope that she always looked up to her and Bo. She tells her that there’s no problem that they can’t possibly work through. Hope assures her that the “gulf” between them is so wide. Kayla tries to convince her to try anything to get back to Bo. Jennifer joins in. Hope changes the subject and leaves to get some air. They insist they should go with her because it’s late. Hope tells them it’s not necessary. She’s a cop. Kayla tells Jennifer that she knows Hope doesn’t want to hear their advice about Bo. Jennifer tells Kayla that she loves her brother Frankie very much. Kayla knows but points out to Jennifer that he isn’t Jack. Jennifer explains that even though she loves Frankie, Jack was her whole life. She considers her relationship with Jack as being “forever.” Kayla admits that she feels the same way about Steve. “The Rose” begins playing on the radio. Kayla is stunned. She says that was their song. She has a flashback of her and Steve kissing many years ago. She tells Jennifer that she’s glad she and Frankie reconnected. For her, there won’t be anyone else but Steve.

As Steve is driving, the same song is playing on the radio. He tells Jack that he likes it but doesn’t know why. Jack remembers he has Steve and Kayla’s wedding photo in his wallet. At the sight of the picture, Steve says “Oh man.”

Sami and EJ continue doing the tango. At the end of the dance the other couples break into applause. They are presented with the winning trophy. They perform a short encore dance to more applause and come very close to kissing.

Kate tells Austin and Billie that if they were smart they would listen to her or live to regret it. Billie tells Austin that Kate is the one who will regret it. Austin asks Billie what Kate is up to.

Frankie offers to take Bo home. Bo gets off the bar stool and stumbles into Patrick. They argue and decide to take their argument outside. Philip tells Belle that he’s glad Shawn didn’t see that. Meanwhile, Shawn and Mimi confront Holly about her drinking and smoking. Shawn yells at her telling her they trusted her. She assures them she’s sorry. Shawn tells her that there’s no way she’s going to carry their baby. Holly walks out. Mimi knew it wasn’t going to work. Shawn comforts her.

Tek and Lexie make passionate love. Abe arrives at the hotel and tells the manager that he got a note to meet his wife there. He explains that the note said she had a surprise for him.

The hotel manager hands Abe the key to the room. Abe wonders if this is a practical joke. He opens the door to find Tek and Lexie in bed together.

Kate tries to figure a way to get Sami away from Austin. She sees Sami doing the tango with EJ and thinks she just may let “Sami and nature take its course.”

Austin again asks Billie what Kate is up to. She tells him that Kate is always up to something. They just have to watch their backs.

Shawn tells Mimi they can interview other surrogates or even adopt. Mimi is convinced nothing will work. Belle can’t believe that things keep getting worse for Shawn and Mimi. Philip tells Belle that things were once bad for them but they worked it out. He assures her that no one is taking their daughter away from them and everything will be OK for Shawn and Mimi.

Bo and Patrick argue outside the Brady pub. Frankie chases Patrick away and escorts Bo home.

Jack asks Steve if he recognizes his bride. Steve tells him he doesn’t but she is gorgeous. They approach Salem.

Jennifer assures Kayla that she will find someone else. Kayla tells her that she tried with Shane but it wasn’t right. She tells Jennifer she isn’t alone – she has her daughter and work to keep her busy. She does tell Jennifer that she does have a reoccurring dream that her doorbell will ring and she will answer it and see Steve standing there. As she tells Jennifer this, the doorbell does ring. Both women are startled. They wonder who it can be at such a late hour. Jennifer runs to answer it. She is shocked at who she sees.

As Hope walks home, a mysterious person grabs her and puts their hand over her mouth.

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