Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/15/06

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/15/06


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Mimi sits in her bed at the hospital with Shawn at her side.  They discuss the possibility of using a surrogate mother to have their baby.  They both agree that they would still like to adopt a child someday but an older child, who needs a family.  Mimi tells Shawn she’d really like to have a baby right away and that she really wants Shawn to have his own child, “like Claire.”

Chelsea and Max are walking around Salem and Chelsea suggests to him that they go dancing just as she takes a swig of alcohol.  He tells her she shouldn’t be drinking (underage) especially after everything that’s happened.  She remarks that it was so wonderful of Bo to save her future, and now she can have things to look forward to.  He questions Chelsea as to whether she tampered with the evidence herself.  Chelsea takes another swig of alcohol.

Abe speaks to Billie somewhere outside of the pub.  She asks him what’s going to happen to Bo and he tells her that Bo could lose his badge and may get jail time.  He remarks it must be the worst year of Bo’s life, having lost Zack and now Hope.  She asks Abe if he thinks they’ll work things out and he says he doesn’t see how.

Lexie and Tek are kissing at the motel.  Tek begins to take off Lexie’s dress and lays her down on the bed.  She tells him they shouldn’t do this as he continues to kiss her neck.

Steve comes into Jack’s hospital room carrying the DNA test results on a tray.  He opens the envelope, revealing the fact that he is Jack’s brother and is stunned.  Jack assures him that he’s Steve Johnson, husband of Kayla and father of Stephanie but Steve still can’t believe it.  Jack insists that DNA doesn’t lie and tells Steve this is his chance to get back with his family.  Steve stubbornly insists he doesn’t know his family in Salem but Jack persists in begging him to go back.

Bo comes into the pub and tells Shawn and Caroline that Hope wants to go through with the divorce.  Caroline insists that God will give him an answer.  They tell Bo they’re about to have a party for Frankie and Jennifer and he wants to leave, knowing Hope will be there.  They encourage him to stay.  Bo says that he supports Frankie and Frankie knows it, but that Frankie is getting the woman he loves, while Bo is losing the woman he loves.  Kayla arrives from California and runs to hug Shawn, Caroline and Bo.  Bo asks her if she’s there for the wedding and she tells him she is, but is also there to tell Bo he has to do whatever it takes to get Hope back.

At Jennifer’s house, Hope tells Frankie that he should go ahead and file the divorce papers, even if Bo refuses to sign.  Jennifer begs her to reconsider but Hope insists that Bo has left her no choice and wants to focus on Frankie and Jennifer’s wedding.  Jennifer suggests maybe it’s the wrong time and says maybe they should cancel.  Hope asks Jennifer if this means she doesn’t want to marry Frankie and Jennifer looks over at him.

Jennifer tells Hope she meant the party, not the wedding, and Hope tells Jennifer she’d never forgive herself if she cancelled it.  Jennifer points out that Bo will probably be there and Hope says she will just have to deal with it, that she doesn’t want to ruin their happiness.  Jennifer tells Hope she wants her to be happy too and Hope tells her the only thing she’s sure of is that Bo is not in her future.

Kayla tells Bo that he, Hope and Shawn really need one another to get through the pain of losing Zack.  He assures her that is what he’s been telling Hope all along.  She points out that she and Steve have no chance of being together since Steve is dead but he and Hope still have a chance.

Steve tells Jack that he doesn’t know him, regardless of what the DNA test says.  Jack says he must have amnesia and Steve says he doesn’t know.  Jack insists the DNA tests are accurate and tells Steve he should know, being a medical professional.  Steve argues he’s just an orderly but Jack insists he’s a lot more than that.  He tells Steve he had a great life and he must go back and sees his family who’s been thinking he has been dead for years.  Steve asks him how he can go back to a family who thinks he’s dead and Jack points out he has done it himself, many times.  Steve says he doesn’t remember growing up with Jack and Jack tells him that’s because they didn’t grow up together, that their mother Jo gave them up for adoption to protect them from their abusive father, Duke.  He tells Steve that he grew up in an orphanage while Jack was being raised by Harper Devereaux, a political hack and serial killer.  Steve insists no one could forget a story like that.  Jack tells Steve if he goes back to Salem the Brady’s can tell him everything about himself and that his wife Kayla is in California.  Steve tells him he won’t go back.

Shawn remarks that Claire is not his child and Mimi insists her mind must be going off in all different directions.  Shawn says it wouldn’t hurt to take the next step and asks Mimi if she’d like to find a surrogate to have their baby.

Chelsea tells Max there was no way she could have tampered with the evidence because she’s not a cop and reminds him of how scared she was, insisting it had to have been Bo.  Max tells Chelsea that Bo could be prosecuted but she insists he won’t, saying that cops stick together.  She tells him that she wants Bo to be happy with her mother Billie but Max tells her they can’t be happy if it’s based on a lie.

Billie tells Abe that no matter how many times she’s tried to break up Bo and Hope in the past, she can’t and she accepts that but can’t understand why Hope doesn’t realize how much Bo loves her.  Abe says when he and Lexie lost Isaac (Zack) it almost tore up their marriage because it is easy to take out one’s anger on the people they love the most.  He’s grateful he and Lexie got a second chance. 

Lexie gets up off the bed, telling Tek they can’t be together one last time.  He says that he loves her and she tells him she’s sorry.  She says she needs to leave so she won’t be late for Jennifer’s party and he suggests they meet up afterwards.  She agrees and Tek promises her she won’t regret it.  He asks her to give him something to think about during the party and they begin to kiss again as someone watches from behind the bushes outside of the window.

Max tells Chelsea that having Bo and Billie together will not make any of them happy because Bo is in love with Hope.  Max brings up Frankie and Chelsea gets suspiciously defensive, asking what Frankie told him.  He assures her Frankie didn’t tell him anything but says he knows she feels guilty about something and had better fix whatever she did to break up Bo and Hope.  Abby walks up to them and comments that Chelsea could never admit she’s done anything wrong.  Max asks Abby why she’s not at the party and she tells him she’s not in the mood.  Max tells her he’s going and Chelsea announces she is too.  Max warns Chelsea not to go because Hope will be there.

Steve says perhaps he should go back to Salem with Jack because Jack is dying, but that he won’t because he’s not thoughtful.  Jack tells him he is, but it takes him a while to warm up to people.  Steve calls Jack, “Jackson” and Jack tells him he used to call him that.  Steve demands that Jack tell him who he is working for and asks if he is being set up.  Jack tells him he has a daughter and Steve says he’s not a family man.  Jack says he wasn’t one either but that all changed when his kids came along.  He suggests that Steve can tell Jack Jr. about him when he’s older but Steve snaps back that he can’t because he doesn’t know him.  He tells Jack that if he misses his family so much he should call them and Steve tells Jack the only way he’ll go back to Salem is if he goes with him.

Jennifer and Hope walk into the pub and Hope immediately notices that Billie is there.  Billie tells Bo that Frankie asked her to come but she knew it was a mistake.  Bo tells her he’ll handle it and walks over to Jennifer and Hope, congratulating Jennifer.  Hope turns away.  Kayla comes over and hugs Hope and Jennifer.  She tells Hope she’s sorry about Zack and that if she ever needs to talk she is just a phone call away.  She pulls Bo over and tells both of them she’s not leaving town until they’ve worked things out.

Shawn and Mimi look through files with a doctor to search for a surrogate mother for their baby.  Shawn comes across a woman he likes and Mimi agrees she’s “perfect.”  The doctor tells them the woman is having her check up right there in the hospital as they speak.  Shawn insists it must be a sign and Mimi asks the doctor if she can go and get her.  The girl comes in and introduces herself as “Holly Landro.”  She seems very excited.

Hope tells Kayla that she’s wasting her time because she and Bo are not getting back together.  Kayla reminds them they are there to celebrate Frankie’s and Jennifer’s wedding, who are getting a second chance at happiness which doesn’t happen too often.  She tells Bo and Hope that nothing is worth giving up what they have but Hope insists it’s over.

Outside the pub, Lexie tells Tek they can’t go in together.  He whispers to her about being together, later, “one last time” and she pulls away from him, telling him to stop it and goes inside.  A person wearing black gloves watches them from the side of the building.  Tek walks inside and watches Abe and Lexie hug.

Abe tells Lexie that after seeing what’s happening to Bo and Hope he doesn’t want anything to put their own marriage at risk.  He tells her he’ll go through any procedure or surgery to making love to her again.  She tells him she loves him and gives him a hug as Tek watches, mumbling, “I can’t let this happen.”

Kayla says Bo wouldn’t deliberately do anything to hurt Hope but Hope insists he’s changed since Zack died.  Kayla says she knows it’s not the same but that her life has never been the same since she lost her husband.  She says that Stephanie doesn’t even remember her father but that if Steve were to walk through the door, right now, she would never let anything come between them again.

Kayla walks over to Bo and Caroline and asks Bo what he did to make Hope so angry.  He answers that Hope thinks he tampered with the evidence but that he did not do it.  Caroline reminds him that Abe thinks there’s proof but Bo insists he wouldn’t break the law to keep Chelsea out of prison.  Kayla urges Bo not to give up. 

Hope comments to Jennifer that it’s amazing that so many people think she should forgive Bo when Chelsea got away with killing Zack.

Outside the pub, Abby tries to stop Chelsea from going in.  She insists she was welcomed into the Brady family and goes in.  Billie spots her immediately, yelling at Chelsea, demanding to know why she’s there and notices she’s drunk.  Chelsea says she’s there celebrating her freedom and gives Bo a big hug, just as Hope turns around and sees them. 

Bo tells Chelsea she shouldn’t be there and insists she is only there to hurt Hope.  Billie tells him she’ll handle it and takes Chelsea aside.  Chelsea tells Billie she should go for it with Bo now that “Hopeless” is out of the picture and Billie tells her to stop.  Kayla comes over and pushes her way into an introduction with Chelsea, telling her she’s heard, “so much about her.”  Chelsea replies, “All bad, I’m sure.”

Abby tells Jennifer she can’t be happy for her like everyone else is and insists it’s wrong for her to marry Frankie.  Jennifer reminds her it’s what Jack wanted and that Frankie will be her Step- Dad.  Abby tells Jennifer that as far as she’s concerned she’s on her own after the wedding.

Tek sends Lexie a text message saying, “I need you” and Lexie lies to Abe, telling him she has an emergency at the hospital and leaves.  Abe notices Tek is leaving as well and asks him if he has a “hot date” which he says he does.  Abe suggests he bring his mystery woman to the wedding and Tek says he doesn’t think he can but if that changes, Abe will be the first to know.  He leaves to meet up with Lexie.

Holly assures Mimi and Shawn that she’s in good health and says it will give her a whole new life to become their surrogate.  After she leaves, Mimi begins to cry again.

Shawn apologizes and tells Mimi he’s probably rushing things.  She says she’s fine and doesn’t want to stop him from having the family he wants.  She says she wants to do it and says that Holly is the one.  Shawn runs to catch Holly and finds her outside the room.  Mimi tells Holly they want her to be their surrogate and an excited Holly rushes off to start the paperwork.

Back at the motel, Tek and Lexie start taking their clothes off and Lexie repeats that it has to be their last time.  Outside the window, the person with the black gloves stands watching them holding a letter, addressed, “Abe Carver.”

Frankie and Jennifer open their gifts at the party.  Max tells Chelsea he is taking her home to sober up and she says she wishes it were her parents who were getting married.  Billie tells her that will never happen.

Caroline asks Kayla how she is doing and she tells her being home is hard.  Seeing Bo and Hope, she wishes things could be the way they were and says she misses Steve.

At the hospital, Jack tells Steve he misses his family and Steve tells Jack he should go back to Salem to see them because he doesn’t have much time left.  Jack decides to go back and says that uniting Steve and Kayla will be his last good deed.    

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