Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/14/06

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/14/06


Written By Liz
Pictures by Juanita

Sami, Austin and the Basic Black photographer Marco arrive at the Basic Black studio. They discuss setting up the photo shoot with EJ Wells for his first publicity shots. Sami stresses the importance of the shoot. Marco tells Austin and Sami that he’s eager to meet Mr. Wells along with the female model Chiara he’s going to be working with. As they arrive, they hear laughing from inside the studio. Sami, Austin and Marco enter the studio to find EJ doing push-ups with Chiara on his back. Sami yells at Chiara, “What are you doing? Get the hell off of him!”

At the hospital, Philip tells Belle that he knows the doctors told Shawn and Mimi not to get their hopes up until after the first trimester. He says he feels bad for them and Belle hopes they’ll try again. She tells Philip that perhaps the next time the in-vitro will work. Bonnie walks in behind them. She overhears their conversation and runs down the hallway.

Shawn comforts Mimi in her hospital bed after the loss of their baby. Bonnie runs in wants to know what’s wrong. She tells them she got Belle’s message. By the look on their faces, Bonnie assumes something is wrong with the baby. Mimi confirms her fears and tells her she lost the baby. Lexie comes in to check on Mimi. Bonnie asks her if they can try again. Lexie tells Mimi she got her test results back and has some bad news.

Jennifer comes home to find Frankie looking over some paperwork. She kisses him and he apologizes to her for not meeting her at the pub. Jennifer explains that she thought he got “hung up” with Chelsea after the hearing. He confirms that that was the reason and that he had a lot of work to do at home. Jennifer asks Frankie about the paperwork. He tells her that they are Bo and Hope’s divorce papers and that Hope wanted them ready “a.s.a.p.” Jennifer knows how upset Hope was after the hearing. She tells him she prays that Hope doesn’t go through with it. At least not until after they’re sure that Bo is guilty of tampering with the evidence. Jennifer can’t believe that Bo is guilty and Frankie agrees. Frankie thinks that once Bo is cleared Hope may “come to her senses.” Jen fears it may be too late.

Hope arrives in the evidence room at the police station. Kate, Billie, Bo and Abe are already there. She wants to know if they have found out who switched the disks. Abe informs them that they’re about to find out. Billie asks about the break in the case. Abe explains that Tek found they had an old digital surveillance unit that was in the room since Hope had been attacked in there years earlier. She wasn’t aware that there was a camera in the room. Tek says that it was hidden in an old air duct and was still operational. Abe hopes that whatever is on the tape will clear Bo. Bo assures everyone that they will then see that he had nothing to do with the disk being taken. Hope wants to know if he didn’t do it then “Who did?” She points out that he was the only one who had access and something to gain from the evidence disappearing. Eve is also in the room and slyly glances at Kate. Billie notices the exchange of glances. Kate has a flashback of when Eve told her that the computer records will show that Bo was the only one in the evidence room. Bo tells Abe to start the video and see who took the disk. Tek starts the video. The video shows Bo dismissing the officer who was guarding the evidence room. It then shows Bo opening the gate and entering the evidence storage room. Tek stops the video. Hope asks Bo why he would do that unless he had something to hide. “How could you do this to me and Zack?”

Jennifer tells Frankie that regardless of how bad the day has been she actually has some good news. She spoke to his sister Kayla and found out that she is coming home for their wedding. Frankie is surprised and elated. Although Jennifer points out that it may be a bit hard for Kayla because she has a lot of memories in Salem. Frankie tells Jennifer that he saw her a few years back in LA when he was there on business. She was seeing some guy who was crazy for her but then broke off the relationship. He thinks Kayla winds up comparing everyone to her ex-husband Steve. No one measures up to her expectations. He explains that she always seems too busy. Jennifer says that she heard the loneliness in her voice over the phone. Frankie thinks the trip will be good for her. He asks Jennifer if Kayla is bringing Stephanie and if Kim is coming as well. Jennifer tells him that they aren’t able to come. She thinks that his mother was hoping that their wedding would be the special occasion that would bring joy to his family again. Frankie believes it will. Jennifer tells Frankie how she reflects on the past adventures of Bo and Hope and Kayla and Steve. She tells Frankie she thinks the wedding will be good “for all of us.”

Bo tries to convince Hope that he dismissed the officer because he needed a short break. Hope doesn’t buy it. She still thinks he was trying to switch the disks. He reiterates that the only reason he was in the evidence room was at the request of the D.A. Bo asks Tek to fast forward the tape so that she can see that the only thing he left with is the plastic bag with the handgun inside. Hope wants to believe him but is convinced that he is the only one who could have done it. Meanwhile, Eve once again glances at Kate. Bo tells her that someone could have easily slipped inside when he left. Tek runs the tape and is shocked at what he sees. Hope asks him if he saw who stole the evidence. He says they may never know. Abe questions what he means. Tek turns the screen to let them see. The tape shows Bo tapping at the air duct where the camera is hidden then the screen goes blank. Hope turns to Bo and demands to know what he did. Abe wants to know as well. Bo is lost for words.

Sami runs over to EJ and Chiara and pulls her off of him. Austin wants to know why Sami is “flipping out.” EJ explains that Chiara was just helping him tone his arms and chest for the shoot. Sami fumes that they will have to find someone else to work with EJ. Marco points out that Chiara is one of Basic Black’s top models. Sami insists to Austin that she isn’t the right “look” for the project. Austin thinks she’s beautiful. Sami accuses her of being a “stuck up diva.” Chiara walks out. Marco tries to convince her to stay but fails. Marco is outraged and points out to Sami that they have no female model. She says she is the wrong model for EJ. He needs someone who “looks real…like the girl next door.” Austin is angry at Sami for causing a scene. He wants to know if Sami has any ideas on who they should get to replace Chiara. EJ interrupts and says that he has a suggestion. Sami should do the shoot with him. Austin and Sami are both in disbelief. It doesn’t take Sami much convincing to finally agree.

Philip continues discussing Shawn and Mimi’s invitro with Belle. He hugs Belle and tells her that it makes them realize how lucky they are. Belle tells him she thanks God for Claire and for her family everyday. She points out to Philip that what was easy for them is causing Shawn and Mimi so much pain – they got pregnant right away with Claire. Philip wonders why they haven’t gotten pregnant again. Belle asks him if he thinks they have a problem too.

Mimi can’t believe there’s more bad news. She thinks that the news is that it was hard to harvest one egg because of the way she was responding to the fertility drugs. Lexie tells her that she wishes that were the only hurdle they were facing. Her blood work showed that her body was trying hard to reject the embryo. Shawn wants to know why. Unfortunately she doesn’t know why but tells them that both she and Dr. Ross agree that it’s highly unlikely she will be able to carry a baby to term. An upset Mimi apologizes to Shawn for not being able to give him a child.

Bo explains that he heard a strange “whirring” noise. He went to check it out. Apparently it was coming from the camera. He slapped the grate a few times. Hope accuses him of deliberately disabling the camera. He claims he didn’t mean to and didn’t even know it was there. She says it’s too much of a coincidence. “I’m a detective. I’ve heard every lie there is.” She thanks Abe for the information and believes the mystery has been solved. She walks out. Bo follows her to try and convince her that he didn’t do it. She stops him cold and tells him she’s finished. She is going to sign the divorce papers. “There’s nothing you can do or say to change my mind. It’s over!”

Billie grabs Kate by the arm and demands she tell them the truth. If Kate won’t Billie tells her she will. Kate says she will just deny it. Bo approaches Abe and thinks he believes him. Abe tells him “We got a big problem – one that may cost you your badge.” An angry Bo sticks to his story. “I did not tamper with evidence or do anything to that damn camera.” He assures Abe he loves his daughter but would not jeopardize his marriage. Abe wants to believe him and hopes he is telling him the truth. Bo, furious, tells him that he will have his badge on his desk. He walks out. Billie follows him and tells him that she believes him. Billie wants to help. Bo insists he must talk to Hope and convince her she’s making a mistake. Kate comes out and tells Billie that someday she will see that this is for the best for everyone.

Jennifer is leaving a note for the babysitter as the doorbell rings. Hope comes to tell Jennifer and Frankie that she really thinks Bo switched the evidence. She says that Bo betrayed her and Zack for Billie and Chelsea.

Belle tells Philip that if they don’t get pregnant soon they can talk to Lexie. Philip suggests that since they’re already in the hospital they should talk to her tonight. Belle looks surprised at his suggestion.

Shawn comforts a crying Mimi. He assures her that it isn’t her fault she lost the baby. Mimi agrees they can still adopt. Bit it’s still important to her to give birth to his child. Lexie suggests using a surrogate. Mimi asks more about it. Lexie explains how it works. Mimi isn’t sure she wants to pursue using a surrogate. They both thank Lexie for being helpful. Bonnie tells Mimi that they still have options. Mimi says she isn’t sure she wants a stranger carrying their baby. Bonnie thinks about it and says it doesn’t have to be a stranger. Shawn asks her if she knows someone. She says she does – “And you’re looking at her.”

Lexie walks into Philip and Belle. They ask about Shawn and Mimi. Lexie tells them they are upset but will be OK. Philip asks Lexie for a favor.

A montage of images is shown of how Sami is getting prepared for her modeling assignment. Her hair and make-up are being done. She emerges to a pleased Austin, EJ and Marco. Marco sets EJ and Sami up for their first shot. Sami is mesmerized as she looks into EJ’s eyes. They loosen up as the photo shoot continues. Kate walks into the studio hallway with Billie. Kate explains she must check on a photo shoot. She opens the door and sees EJ and Sami posing for the photographer. She is more than pleased. It’s more than she hoped for.

Abe tells Tek he must turn the case over to internal affairs. They agree it’s hard to believe Bo is guilty. Abe comments that it’s hard to believe Bo would do that to Hope. He tells Tek that if Lexie ever betrayed him he wouldn’t be able to forgive her. Tek is silent with guilt.

Hope tells Frankie and Jennifer about what happened at the police station. Frankie wants to give Bo the benefit of the doubt. Hope wants to as well but can’t understand why Bo dismissed the officer and disabled the camera. There’s no other explanation. She asks Frankie for the divorce papers. She says she’s ready to sign them and tells him to get them. As he’s getting the papers, Bo bangs at the door yelling. He demands to talk to Hope.

Tek tells Abe he must leave. Abe asks him if he has a date. Tek says it’s “something like that.” Abe invites Tek and his “lady friend” to join him and Lexie for a double date. Abe confides to Tek that he is looking forward to spending quality time with his wife. He has been neglecting her and regrets it. He wants to make it up to her. Tek quickly leaves. Abe thanks him for showing up on short notice. Once Tek is in the hallway he pulls out his cell phone and calls Lexie. He says to himself that he can’t let Abe get her back.

Mimi is shocked at her mother’s offer. However, she tells her “there is no way I would ever let you carry out child.” Bonnie explains she has plenty of experience and is healthy. Mimi asks her if she’s willing to give up drinking alcohol for a whole nine months. Bonnie says of course she will. “That doesn’t include beer, right?” Mimi assures her that it does. And she must give up smoking too – which also includes inhaling. Mimi reminds her how she almost died giving birth to her. Mimi tells Bonnie that she doesn’t want to be responsible if anything like that happened especially because of her age. Bonnie agrees that it wasn’t such a good idea. Shawn tells her it was a kind gesture. Bonnie assures him they will find someone that doesn’t have such bad habits. Mimi wishes she never had the abortion and could give birth to his child. He tells her to stop beating herself up. He tells her that if she never had the abortion she might still be with Rex and he may have never found the love of his life. Mimi melts and kisses Shawn. She tells him that he is the love of her life too. Bonnie gets all choked up and leaves.

Philip thanks Lexie for running the fertility tests on him and Belle on such short notice. Lexie tells them they should have the results shortly. Lexie’s cell phone rings. She checks the caller ID and excuses herself to take the call. Belle is glad they got the tests done. She tells Philip everything is probably all right and to relax. Philip again can’t understand why it’s taking so long for them to conceive. Bonnie appears in the background. She overhears Philip and looks worried.

Lexie answers her phone call. She tells Tek he shouldn’t call her anymore. He says he can’t stay away. He must see her. He pleads with her and tells her where he wants her to meet him.

Kate and Billie walk in during the photo shoot. A shirtless EJ poses for the camera with Sami by his side. Austin greets Kate and Billie and tells them they’re just in time. Kate asks Austin “To see what? What’s going on? Where’s Chiara?” Austin explains to Kate that they aren’t using her and that there were creative differences. EJ suggested Sami be the model. Kate can’t believe it. Austin backs up EJ’s suggestion and tells Kate that EJ and Sami have “incredible chemistry.” Marco agrees that they are wonderful together. Kate thinks they are “more than perfect.”

Marco tells Sami and EJ to take a break. Sami explains to Kate that it was a last minute decision that she be the model. She tells her that Austin and EJ thought it was a good idea. Sami is ready for a fight, but Kate says she agrees. Sami can’t believe her ears. She actually agrees with her. Kate explains why she thinks it’s a good idea for the campaign and to the key demographics. She greets EJ and introduces him to Billie. He gives her a peck on the cheek. Billie tells him that she saw him in Monte Carlo and he was amazing. Sami complains to Austin that Billie works for Countess Wilhelmina and she’s the competition. She shouldn’t be at the shoot. Austin and Billie both tell her it’s OK. She has to get back to her daughter. Billie reassures EJ that she isn’t married. EJ says he hopes to see her soon. Marco calls EJ and Sami back to work. Austin asks Kate if she really approves of Sami being the model. Kate tells him that she does. She thinks EJ and Sami have a certain something. Austin comments that he thinks “it may be the start of something huge.” As Austin walks away, Kate says to herself “Yeah, the beginning of the end for Sami Brady.”

The nurse arrives with Belle and Philip’s test results. She hands them to Belle. Bonnie watches from across the hall. She hands them to Philip but he insists she open them. She looks them over and tells Philip that the fertility problem is with him, not her. She gives the results to Philip to read. He can’t understand how it could read that he has a problem with his sperm motility when they already had Claire. Bonnie thinks to herself that there’s a reason Belle got pregnant so fast and it had nothing to do with Philip.

Shawn and Mimi are embracing and kissing. They agree they will one day have the family they want. Mimi says she hopes so.

As Abe leaves the evidence room, he leaves a message for Lexie on her cell phone. He wants to meet her before Frankie’s bachelor party and Jennifer’s shower. Before he ends the call, he tells her he loves her as he leaves the building.

A nervous Tek emerges from the hotel room. Lexie rounds the corner and meets him. He tries to lure her inside but she tells him that she can’t do this anymore. He tells her he loves her and must be with her one last time. She gives in and they share a passionate kiss. Someone is secretly watching them from afar as a gloved hand pushes back the leaves of the tree.

Frankie opens the door. Bo wants to assure Hope he didn’t switch the disks. Hope arrives at the door and sends Frankie to get the divorce papers. Hope tells Bo she is going to sign the divorce papers. Bo tells her he will contest the divorce. She wishes he wouldn’t. Bo asks her how she can just throw everything away. She turns the tables on him and asks him how he has the nerve to ask her that when he let their son’s killer go free with just a slap on the wrist. She tells him it’s over. “You’ve made your choice, now I’m making mine.” She tells him goodbye as she slams the door in his face.

Back in Jennifer’s living room, Hope asks Frankie if it’s true that only one signature is needed to make the divorce final. He tells her yes. Hope wants to know where to sign. He gives her the papers and a pen. She signs them. Bo sits down on a bench outside and can’t believe it’s over.  

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