Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/13/06

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/13/06


Written By Jessie
Pictures by Juanita

At the pub, Shawn asks Caroline if Kayla will be coming home for Frankie and Jennifer’s wedding and she tells him she wasn’t planning to.  He says it’s bad enough that Kimberly can’t come home.  He says there shouldn’t be anything to think about, that her brother Bo needs her and he’s family.  Caroline comments that the real reason Kayla doesn’t want to come back to Salem is because of Steve.

At her home in California, Kayla remarks to herself that she hasn’t seen everyone in Salem in so long and would like to go but can’t.  She holds Steve’s picture against her chest and says to herself, “I still miss you so much.”

Back in Jack’s hospital room, Steve repeats to Jack that he doesn’t know him and tells him his name is “Nick Stockton.”  He comments he must look something like Jack’s brother, who must be missing one eye as well.  Jack says he knows he’s Steve and cannot understand how because they buried Steve a long time ago; but he insists he’s looking right at him.  He tells Jack he has work to do and leaves the room as Jack begs him not to leave.  Steve walks out of the room and appears to be in deep thought.  Jack tells himself the man is Steve and that Jennifer and Kayla would agree with him.

Celeste sits at the Java Café reading Tarot cards and remarks to herself that many lives will be turned upside down, beginning with Abe’s and Lexie’s. 

Lexie and Tek are still kissing in Lexie’s office.  She tries to pull away, saying she is committed to her marriage with Abe but Tek insists that she make love to him again one last time.  She tells him she can’t and her phone rings, Celeste is calling, telling her she’s 20 minutes late.  She tells her she’ll be right there and hangs up.  Tek tells Lexie her mother can wait and starts kissing her again.

Abe meets with Officer Michaels in the evidence room and notes that Bo was the last person there before Chelsea’s trial.  She says she can’t believe that Bo would take the evidence and Abe declares that he didn’t, and he’s going to prove it.

At the courthouse, Frankie asks Bo if he took the evidence and he tells him he didn’t.  Bo says if Frankie is questioning him, he can only imagine what Hope is thinking.  He says he has to stop Hope from signing the divorce papers and Frankie says he doesn’t think he has a choice.  On the other side of the room, Hope tells Jennifer that maybe Chelsea will learn something, even just from doing community service but Hope insists she won’t, that Chelsea killed her baby and Bo helped her get away with it.  Jennifer says they don’t know that he did for sure but Hope is convinced and wants to sign the divorce papers.  Bo comes over and begs her not to, saying he didn’t switch the disc but Hope says she would believe anything about him at this point.  She says that he got Chelsea off and that’s all that really mattered to him, then  runs off.  Jennifer stops Bo from going after her, and tells him she wants to believe him but the only way he can save his marriage is by proving he didn’t take the disc.  Bo says he can do that. 

Outside of the courtroom, Chelsea and Kate hug, remarking that it’s over and Chelsea is finally free as Billie stands by.  Patrick arrives and asks Billie if Bo switched the discs.  She says she doesn’t know, then has a flashback about the moment she realized Kate was responsible for stealing the disc.  Kate says they need to go and celebrate Chelsea’s freedom and Hope comes out of the courtroom saying, “Not so fast.”

Officer Michaels asks Abe how he plans to prove that Bo wasn’t the one who tampered with the disc.  He says he doesn’t know but that Bo wouldn’t do something like that.  She reminds him the computer log doesn’t lie.  He says he knows the man who can help them out and calls Tek on the phone.  Tek pulls away from Lexie to answer and Abe insists he stop whatever he’s working on and meet him in the evidence room because he has an investigation he wants him to work on.  Tek says he’ll be right there and tells Lexie he’ll call her later.  She discourages him but he insists she made a promise about “one last time” by kissing him back.  He leaves for the station.

Jennifer tells Frankie that his mother wanted to meet them and go over some last minute details for their bachelor and bachelorette party.  He asks if he can meet her there and says he wants to talk to Chelsea for a minute.  She says “sure” and they kiss goodbye.

Hope tells Billie, Kate and Chelsea that she accepts the judge’s decision about Chelsea’s sentence, even though she feels it wasn’t right.  She tells Chelsea she has a second chance at life and shouldn’t screw it up.  Chelsea asks Hope if she forgives her and she says no, but that she’ll try because that is what Zack would have wanted.  Chelsea says she loved him too and she’ll never forget him.  Hope tells Chelsea that justice wasn’t served and Chelsea runs off upset with Billie and Kate following.  Patrick comes over and tells Hope that what she did was a wonderful thing.  She repeats it’s what Zack would have wanted and says she can’t hate Chelsea because it’s not her fault, it’s Bo’s.  They both agree that they can’t believe that Bo switched the disc and Bo interrupts, saying he didn’t but he knows who did.

Lexie joins Celeste at the Java Café and tells her she had an emergency at the hospital.  Celeste tells her she knows she was with Tek.

Caroline and Jennifer sit together at the pub, agreeing that Chelsea’s sentence was wrong.  Caroline tells Jennifer she has a favor to ask her.

Steve urges Jack to eat something but he refuses.  He tells Jack the drugs he is taking can do a number on him and Jack asks if he believes he’s hallucinating.  Steve tells Jack it isn’t uncommon for people with illnesses like Jack’s to think they are seeing people from their past.  Jack insists that Steve is not a spirit and that he’s not imagining things either and says he’s going to prove who he is by calling his wife.

Kayla sits on her porch and begins having flashbacks about Steve.  She recalls Steve putting her engagement ring on her finger first, then  has another flashback of them getting into a boxing ring.  He helps her put on a pair of boxing gloves and she proceeds to punch him in the face.  In her last flashback, Steve is singing to her while using sign language.  Her phone rings suddenly and she answers it, saying, “I can’t believe it.”

Billie catches up to Chelsea and asks her why she is running away, telling her that Hope was trying to make a turn around for them.  Chelsea says it’s her own fault that Zack is dead and she keeps doing one horrible thing after another.  She asks what is wrong with her and Billie and Kate insist that nothing is wrong with her, they all make mistakes.  Billie tells Chelsea what’s important is that you learn from them and that is what Hope is trying to tell her.  She tells her they can’t change the past but they can change the future and Chelsea declares that is what she’s going to do.

Patrick tells Bo he’s crazy for insinuating that he was the one to switch the disc because he was the one to give it to the police in the first place.  Bo insists Patrick would have done it to cause a bigger rift between himself and Hope.  Hope insists Bo is nothing but a desperate man trying to cover up his own guilt.  Bo says he is desperate but didn’t do anything and wouldn’t do anything to hurt Hope.

In the evidence room, Abe tells Tek he wants to prove that Bo didn’t take the disc.  Officer Michaels insists that computers don’t lie but Tek argues that they are fallible too.  He says he has a way to prove who took the disc.

Lexie admits she was with Tek but says that she’s broken up with him, even though walking away from him wasn’t easy.  Celeste reminds her that sex is a powerful temptation but is no substitute for love.  She hesitantly tells Celeste that when she told Tek it was over he told her he loves her and believes he really meant it.

Jennifer speaks to Kayla on the phone and tells her she could give Bo and Hope a fresh perspective if she came back to Salem.  Jennifer says she knows what it’s like to lose the man you love but having the memories of Jack in Salem help her to feel close to him.  Kayla agrees to come home for Frankie and Jennifer’s wedding.

Steve tells Jack to pick up the phone and call his supposed wife but Jack tells him he doesn’t have the number.  He suggests that Jack call Jennifer to get it but he tells him Jennifer already thinks he’s dead and he won’t put her through the pain of losing him again.  He tells Steve that Kayla is still out there and loves him.  Jack shows Steve a picture of his family and asks Steve if he knows the woman in the photo.  Steve says, “That’s your wife,” leading Jack to assume he remembers her.

Tek shows Abe and Officer Michaels that he rigged the evidence room with a digital camera after Hope was attacked by the Salem Stalker.  He says they may be able to use it to see what happened down there.  Abe tells Officer Michaels he needs her to drive him to the courthouse but she hesitates, insisting Tek might need help.  Abe insists and she reluctantly agrees.

Frankie asks for a moment alone with Chelsea and asks her if she’s going to tell Bo and Hope the truth about the emails that she altered, now that the trial is over and she says she won’t.

Kate asks Billie why she’s being so self righteous and reminds her that she herself gave a phony confession to protect Chelsea.  She tells Billie she is being given a second chance with Bo and needs to take it.

Frankie asks Chelsea why she won’t tell Bo and Hope the truth and she says it won’t make a difference to their marriage because Bo stole the evidence.  Frankie reminds her they don’t know that for sure.

Patrick urges Hope not to stand there and listen to Bo again but she tells him they need a minute alone.  After Patrick leaves, Bo tells Hope that he still loves her and she says she loves him too and probably always will.  However, what she and Bo once had is finished.

Celeste tells Lexie not to be taken in by Tek and compares him to the devil.  She tells Lexie that she read her cards and that if she doesn’t break things off she will lose not only Abe but Theo as well.

Jennifer happily tells Caroline that Kayla has agreed to come to the wedding.

Kayla looks at Steve’s picture and says aloud that maybe her mother and Jennifer are right; that she can’t hide from her memories and maybe its time to go home.

Steve tells Jack he doesn’t remember Jennifer and just assumed the woman in the picture must be his wife.  Jack says that his dying wish is for Steve to take a DNA test with him.

Lexie gets a page from the hospital and says she has to leave.  Celeste warns her again to be careful.  After she’s gone Celeste remarks that Tek will be Lexie’s undoing.

Caroline tells Jennifer that her wedding to Frankie is exactly what they all need.  She suggests that Jennifer help Kayla because they’ve both lost their husbands and Jennifer comments that she knows how Kayla feels because she loves Frankie but she’d be with Jack if he were alive.

Kayla leaves her house, suitcases in hand, for Salem.

Steve tells Jack that if it will help him rest easier, he will take the DNA test.

Tek checks out the video of the evidence room and comments, “Abe’s not going to believe this.”

Billie tells Kate that she has no right to play God in Bo and Hope’s lives.  Kate insists she just wants her children to be happy and that Bo will make Billie happy.  Chelsea interrupts and asks if they can go celebrate.

Bo insists it can’t be over between him and Hope.  Abe comes in and tells them there’s been a break in the case regarding who stole the disc.  Officer Michaels whispers to Kate to destroy the disc and Kate tries to leave but is stopped by Abe who insists she come down to the station with them.  Bo tells Hope she’ll find out he had nothing to do with it.

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