Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/12/06

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/12/06


Written By Jessie
Pictures by Juanita

Lexie is sitting in her office looking over her breast cancer test results.  Sami and EJ are standing outside the office and Sami comes bursting through the door, asking Lexie if she has breast cancer or not.  Lexie tells her the results confirm the previous test; that she does not have breast cancer.  She questions why Sami is so concerned about her, considering she’s never shown concern for anyone before, especially her.

Belle helps Mimi into the hospital as she is having severe cramps.  She tells Mimi everything is going to be alright but Mimi insists she is losing the baby.  Belle yells for a doctor and an orderly comes to their aid and helps Mimi into a wheelchair.  She tells the orderly Mimi is pregnant and having cramps.  The orderly wheels Mimi off as she yells, “Please don’t let me lose my baby.”

Jack is in bed in the hospital and his brother, Steve “Patch” Johnson, whom he believed to be dead, sits next to him, urging him to drink some water.  Jack is very weak and believes his mind is playing tricks on him.  He says, “For a minute there I thought you were my brother.”  Getting a better look at Steve, he realizes it really is him.

Back at Chelsea’s trial, Officer Michaels tells Judge Lawler that the only person who used his security pass to gain access to the evidence room was Bo.  Bo stands up and says they couldn’t think he’s the person who’s taken the disk containing the evidence against Chelsea.  Shawn and Hope are not sure what to think but Jennifer insists Bo wouldn’t do that.  Judge Lawler asks Bo if he had anything to do with the disappearance of the evidence and he says he did not, confirming he was only there to retrieve the evidence from the narcotics case and gave that gun to the DA.  Lawler says he will get to the bottom of it, lowering the boom on whoever took the evidence but for the time being, proceed with Chelsea’s trial.  The DA moves to adjorne to search for the disc, insisting that the state needs the evidence.  Judge Lawler denies the request, saying they already know it shows Chelsea using her phone while driving.  Frankie insists that this is a matter of timing, which could have been explored using the disc but since it no longer exists he moves that the charges against Chelsea be dropped, that what occurred was an accident, that nothing criminal occurred.

Jack struggles to breath and Steve gets him to drink some water.  Jack remarks it is a miracle that Steve is alive.  Steve says, “I’m sorry Sir, but I don’t know you.”

Frankie repeats that without physical evidence the case against Chelsea should be dropped.  The DA insists that Bo must have taken the disk from the evidence room and Bo yells back that he did not.  Frankie says that Chelsea should not be held accountable for the state’s negligence, losing the disc.  He reminds the judge that Chelsea didn’t realize she had hit Zack and would have stopped if she had.  The DA argues that Chelsea must have felt the bump and it was reckless of her not to stop and see what she had hit.  Judge Lawler says he has heard enough and finds Chelsea guilty of vehicular manslaughter and will proceed with sentencing.

Lexie asks Sami where her sudden concern is coming from and insists something else must be going on.  EJ comes in and tells Sami she needs to go and pick up Will and Sami excuses herself, telling Lexie she really is glad she’s alright.  Lexie tells EJ that Sami doesn’t deserve his help and if he’s smart he’ll end things with her.

Belle paces around the hospital waiting room and Phillip comes in, asking if Mimi is alright.  He says Shawn is still at the trial but that he left him a message and he’ll be there.  Belle then sees the orderly from earlier and asks her how Mimi is.  She tells Belle and Phillip that their friend lost her baby.

Belle goes with orderly to be with Mimi who is in bed, crying.  She asks if there is anything she can do for her and Mimi sobs that it is all her own fault.

Jack struggles to speak, insisting to Steve that he must remember his own brother.  Steve tells Jack he’s delirious and gives Jack some more water.  He insists he’s never seen Jack before and Jack begins having a seizure.  Steve tries to hold him down as he yells for a doctor.

Judge Lawler tells Chelsea that the maximum sentence for her crime is 25 years in prison and a $300,000.00 fine but he will however take into account the facts that she has no previous criminal record, that Zack was her brother and that he cannot gage her level of concentration without the disc.  He sentences her to 200 hours of community service and revokes her drivers’ license.   Hope and Shawn are horrified at such a mild sentence.  Kate tells Chelsea that she’s very relieved for her and that they’ll talk later.  Chelsea thanks Bo for everything.  Shawn tells Hope he wants nothing to do with Bo, convinced he’s the person who stole the evidence.  Hope tells him it’s not worth it, nothing they do will bring Zack back.  Billie tells Kate she’s sure she’s the one who got rid of the disc.  Hope tells Jennifer she’s disgusted with the judicial system, and Bo.  Chelsea complains to Bo that it will be difficult to do community service without a driver’s license and Shawn snaps at her for her insensitivity.  He tells Bo he’s not his father anymore.

Belle calls Shawn, who still has not seen Phillip’s message and tells him he need to get to the hospital, saying Mimi needs him.  He tells Belle he’ll be right there.

Caroline calls Kayla and tells her they need her to come home.

EJ tells Lexie he can see a lot of people are not fond of Sami but it doesn’t bother him because he’s not involved with her.  Lexie asks if he’s sure about that.  She says Sami is no one’s friend and he insists that she’s just misunderstood, and that he’s always considered himself a bit of an outsider.  Lex tells him Sami is a bitch and that if EJ spends any time with her he’ll become one of her victims.

Sami lights a candle in the chapel and thanks God for the fact that Lexie does not have breast cancer, noting aloud that she fell for Alex’s story, keeping quiet about the fact that he changed Lexie’s test results, believing he would help her with Austin.  She remarks that her conscious is now clear and gets up to leave when she is stopped by Tek who tells Sami they need to have a little talk.

Belle reassures Mimi that losing the baby was not her fault but Mimi insists that if she had been a better person, God wouldn’t have taken her baby.  Mimi says she should have told the truth.  Before she can ask Mimi what she means Shawn comes in and Mimi tells him she lost the baby and it’s all her fault.  Shawn and Mimi hug as Belle watches.

The doctor tells Steve that Jack is stable and is surprised he had a seizure.  He asks Steve if something upset Jack and he tells the doctor Jack believes he’s his dead brother.  The doctor asks him why he’d think that.

Caroline tells Kayla that Chelsea got off only having to do community service and that things have never been worse for Bo and Hope.  She says she wishes Kayla could have been there for Zack’s funeral and she tells her she had a critical patient.  She urges Kayla, in light of everything that is going on, to find some way to come home.

Billie asks Kate if she had anything to do with the missing evidence and Kate asks if she did, why Billie wouldn’t be happy.  Billie tells her she wanted to see justice served.  Kate argues that the vendetta against Chelsea was uncalled for and assures Billie she can make the evidence against Chelsea reappear if she’d like to see her daughter go to jail.

Chelsea thanks Bo again, letting him know she assumes he got rid of the disc.  He tells he had nothing to do with it and intends to find out who did so that real justice can be served.

Tek tells Sami he’s not going to see a good person like Lexie go through hell and Sami points out that good people don’t cheat on their spouses.  Tek tells Sami her lie will come back to haunt her and leaves.  EJ walks in and asks her what that was about.  She says, “Nothing.”  She thanks him for helping her with Lexie and asks how she can show her appreciation.  EJ raises his eyebrows.

Belle and Phillip walk back to the waiting room and Belle comments that it’s not fair for Shawn and Mimi to lose their baby, especially on the same day as the trial.  Phillip brings up giving Claire a little brother or sister but Belle remarks she doesn’t think it’s right to talk about that since Mimi just lost her baby.

Shawn apologizes to Mimi for not being there for her.  He tells her there’s nothing they could have done.  Mimi repeats that it’s all her fault because she didn’t tell the truth.  Shawn assumes she means about her abortion.

Sami tells EJ she wants to repay him for saving her from Lexie but EJ insists that she couldn’t get him what he wants.  She tells him he won’t know unless he asks.  He tells her the price could be pretty steep.

Tek comes into Lexie’ office, asking if she is alright.  She tells him she’s fine, that the results cam back negative, and he shouldn’t be there.  She tells him she doesn’t want anyone seeing them together but he grabs her from behind, telling her he can’t stay away from her and he loves her.  He asks her to make him a deal, give him a fair chance and if she still wants to stay in her marriage he’ll back off.  He kisses her before she has a chance to answer.

Belle reminds Phillip that this could have been Mimi’s only chance to get pregnant and Phillip points out they can still adopt.  Belle remarks that Mimi feels it’s her own fault because of the abortion.  Shawn tells Mimi that she needs to forgive herself for the abortion, that he has and that God would.  She tells Shawn that she’ll understand if he doesn’t want to be with her anymore, especially since she can’t give him a baby.  He turns her head to face him and tells Mimi he married her because he loves her and that he watched his father destroy their family in court and that he won’t let that happen to them.  He says they can adopt and that all that matters is that they’re together, even if they don’t have kids.

Kayla tells Caroline she understands what’s going on with Bo and Hope but doesn’t know what she could do.  Caroline tells her she could just be there, that she and Bo were close and he misses her.  Kayla says she has a lot going on and couldn’t possibly uproot her daughter Stephanie to Salem, with everything going on her life.  She tells Caroline she herself has volunteered to work at Bill Horton’s clinic in Africa over the summer.  Caroline remarks that the real reason Kayla won’t come back to Salem is because of Steve, and all the sad memories.

Jack lays in the hospital bed, asking for Steve, the orderly who had just been there.  The doctor tells him he must mean “Nick” and goes to get him.  Steve comes back into the room and Jack says he thought he had been seeing things, but now he’s sure Steve is alive.

Billie tells Kate that what she did was wrong.  Kate insists she did the right thing for Billie as well because she loves Bo.  Billie tells Kate she needs to stay out of her children’s lives but Kate tells Billie she needs to take her chance with Bo, now that he will be available.

Frankie apologizes to Hope, telling Bo he was only doing his job.  She tells him that he doesn’t need to apologize, it was Bo’s fault, not his and she has her answer regarding their marriage.  She asks Frankie for the divorce papers and tells him she’s ready to sign them.

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