Days of Our Lives Update Friday 6/9/06

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 6/9/06


Written By Liz
Pictures by Juanita

Belle tries on clothes. She emerges from the store’s dressing room. She tries to get Mimi’s attention. Mimi is lost in thought reading a magazine. Belle asks her if she’s OK. Mimi tells her she isn’t OK and that she doesn’t deserve to have Shawn’s baby. Belle assures her that she’s wrong and Mimi collapses in her arms.

EJ’s surprise for Sami brings them to the hospital. Sami wonders what his surprise could be in a hospital. He brings her to Lexie’s office. Upon seeing Sami, Lexie becomes angry and asks her what she wants now. EJ introduces himself to Lexie and explains that he is the product spokesperson for Basic Black and he is working with Sami and Austin at Reed and Company. She tells him that no wonder he needs a doctor. EJ explains that his visit is worthwhile. He informs Lexie that he would like to donate his winnings from his last race to breast cancer research at the hospital. She is surprised and tells him that she recently had a scare with cancer. Sami looks puzzled.

A very ill Jack lies in his hospital bed. The doctor treating him asks how he’s feeling. He tells him he feels “like crap.” Overlooking Jack’s chart, he doesn’t say anything as Jack rants on about how bad his condition is and that he most likely won’t make it back home to see Jennifer.

Jennifer asks Frankie what Chelsea’s chances are in court. He tells her slim to none. She comments that she wouldn’t want him for a lawyer. But Frankie confesses that Judge Lawler doesn’t give second chances and Hope’s testimony will surely make her sentence longer. Abigail enters and tells them that she’s scared for Chelsea. She asks Frankie if he can really do anything to help her. He says he will defend her to the best of his ability. Abigail and Jen take their seats in the courtroom. Maggie, Will and Caroline enter the courtroom. Will says that he hopes Chelsea gets what’s coming to her.

Max and Chelsea arrive and stand in the hallway. Max asks her if she’s alright. She tells him that of course she isn’t. As she glances over at Kate and Billie, she tells Max that she is counting on her “guardian angel” to come through for her. Billie catches the glance. She turns to Kate and demands to know what’s going on. Billie asks her if she’s done something to try and help Chelsea. Kate says that she tried but it was too late. Billie is furious. Kate tells her to focus on Bo because he is going to need her.

Bo approaches Hope and Shawn. He wants to know how Hope is doing. She isn’t sure she can relive Zack’s death again. Shawn wants to know what Bo will say on the stand. He says he will tell the truth. Shawn asks “What version?” A bit irritated at the question, Bo tells Shawn that both he and Chelsea will take responsibility for what they did. Bo and Shawn continue to argue. Bo tells Shawn that he is trying to make him see that there are two sides to the situation and that nobody is perfect. Shawn vindictively agrees. Hope and Shawn go to sit down. Bo sees Caroline and goes over to talk to her. She wishes she could help him. He says that he loves Hope and Chelsea needs to be punished. But he can’t turn his back on her. Caroline tells Bo that “we all make sacrifices for our children.” Victor walks in. He tells Bo not to do anything to risk losing the woman he loves or he’ll regret it for the rest of his life. Hearing this from Victor, Caroline glances down at the floor.

Back in the courtroom, Shawn sees the look on Hope’s face as Bo walks in with Chelsea. He tells her that it is apparent that she still wants to be with him. Hope says that she does but Bo must first show her what side he’s on. Bo hugs Chelsea then shares a glance with Hope. The judge enters and the trial begins. To everyone’s surprise, the judge announces that there will be no trial.

Jack continues talking to his doctor. He tells him that if he isn’t going to survive he will never get in touch with his wife. He wants Jennifer to move on with her life. He asks the doctor if he has a better idea. The doctor actually tells him he has bad news.

With Judge Lawler’s announcement, Abigail tells Jennifer that perhaps the miracle she’s prayed for is finally coming true. The prosecutor in the case objects to the judge’s ruling stating it would be a “mistrial of justice” to dismiss the charges against Chelsea. The judge continues to explain that he was just assigned the case and is unfamiliar with it. He will wait to see the jury and instead hold an informal hearing. He calls Frankie and Miss Bettis, the prosecutor, to approach the bench. Hope wonders how this will affect the outcome for Chelsea. Shawn tells Hope that he will throw her in jail himself. Chelsea turns to Bo and asks him if it’s possible that she won’t have a trial after all. Bo says that he doesn’t think so. He informs her that the judge had a grandson who was killed by a hit and run driver. Chelsea believes she now doesn’t stand a chance. Billie glances back at Kate. Kate thinks to herself that if she hasn’t yet heard from Eve, the woman police officer who was supposed to destroy the evidence against Chelsea, that it may be too late to save Chelsea. Billie interrupts Kate’s thoughts and wants to know what’s going on. Billie thinks Kate is up to something. Kate denies she is involved and tells her she knows nothing.

Judge Lawler calls Hope to the stand. She shows the court a picture of Zack and tells him that today would have been his sixth birthday. His future and the dreams they had were prematurely ended because of Chelsea. Crying, Hope tells the judge that if Chelsea goes free she’s sure she will hurt someone else. She wants Chelsea to learn from the tragedy she caused. She tells the judge that her son will rest in peace when justice is done. Hope leaves the bench. Kate is afraid that the judge will give Chelsea the maximum sentence. The judge calls Bo to the stand. Bo breaks down as he talks about Zack. He regrets not being there when he died. He says that it’s something he will never forgive himself for. He tells them that Zack and Chelsea both loved each other. Zack wouldn’t want another tragedy to arise from the tragedy of his death. He asks the judge for leniency and justice for Chelsea. He claims he is also partly responsible and says that “If anyone needs to go to prison, let it be me.”

Belle brings Mimi a drink. Mimi claims she just got out of breath. Belle wants to know what Mimi meant when she said she didn’t deserve to have Shawn’s baby. Mimi tells Belle she feels really sick. Belle thinks it may be morning sickness. Mimi is elated to think that the invitro fertilization may have worked. Mimi runs to throw up.

EJ tells Lexie that Sami told him about Lexie’s cancer scare. Lexie thinks that Sami couldn’t possibly care about her condition. Sami has a flashback to when she was caught between good and evil thoughts regarding what she should do when she found out about Lexie’s cancer. The angel on her shoulder told her to “change her ways before it’s too late.” She tells Lexie she does care and told EJ about her breast cancer because he wanted to make a donation. EJ asks Lexie to be the face of the public relations campaign. Lexie refuses. She reiterates that she doesn’t have cancer. Her tests came back negative. EJ tries to persuade her to have a retest. She gives in and agrees. EJ leaves Sami and Lexie to go and make the arrangements. Once alone, Lexie accuses Sami of being up to her old tricks.

Lexie accuses Sami of scheming to get EJ to convince her to get retested. Sami denies having anything to do with EJ’s idea. But she tells Lexie that his idea is a good one. Lexie tells Sami because EJ seems to be such a nice guy she should stay out of his life. Sami assures her that they just work together. She is marrying Austin. Lexie doesn’t buy it and tells Sami she is just “hedging her bets” for when Austin finds out about all her lies and deceit. Sami reminds Lexie that if that ever happens she will spill the news to Abe about Lexie’s affair with Tek. EJ returns and tells Lexie that she is ready for her recheck. She comments about how fast it took. He tells her that he wrote them a “very generous check.” Lexie leaves to get retested. Sami thanks EJ for getting Lexie to get retested. EJ says he did it for Sami because she committed herself to being a good person. He asks her why she thinks it’s so important for Lexie to retake the medical test.

Jack assumes that the doctor’s bad news is that he’s dying. A man wearing a black watch and scrubs stands outside Jack’s room listening to the conversation. The doctor tells Jack that his immune system is breaking down and the prognosis isn’t good. He suggests hospice care. Jack takes comforts in the thought that Jennifer won’t have to know he is dying again.

The judge asks Bo why he thinks he should be punished for his daughter’s actions. Bo tells him that he is the one who signed the release form that allowed her to drive after she lost her license. He tells the judge “I loaned her the SUV – “I am the reason Zack is dead.” The judge is sympathetic to Bo’s plea but tells him that he is not “criminally liable.” He wasn’t the hit and run driver who lied to police. Bo assures the judge that he did lie to police to try to protect his daughter. He agrees Chelsea has to be held accountable for her actions but assures the judge she is sorry. Jen tells Hope that Bo is trying to do the right thing. Hope isn’t so sure. The judge dismisses Bo from the stand. Judge Lawler makes a request to see the evidence against Chelsea before he calls her to testify. The prosecutor is sure the video surveillance footage will be conclusive. She walks over to the television and inserts the DVD. Frankie tells Chelsea it isn’t too late to change her plea. She glances back at Kate then tells him that she doesn’t want to change her plea.

Belle takes Mimi to Java to get some peppermint tea to sooth her stomach. Mimi insists she doesn’t want tea. Belle mentions she has to eat but wouldn’t recommend the chocolate croissants that Mimi usually likes. Mimi is queasy at the mention of food. Belle continues to talk about food and Mimi ponders having morning sickness. Belle tells her that morning sickness usually lasts only for the first trimester. She gets sick to her stomach again. Belle tells her to take deep breaths.

Sami tells EJ that Lexie is a family friend. EJ tells her that he overheard their conversation and knows they can’t stand each other. Sami assures him that she does care about Lexie’s health. She tells him that Lexie is just angry at her for nagging her to get her to take a retest. Sami compliments EJ for getting Lexie to take the retest. She tells him she wishes she knew what was going on in his head. He says that everyone needs a bit of mystery. Lexie returns from taking the test and tells them that she’s sure the test results will come back completely normal.

Jack is spiking a fever and his vision is blurry. He notices a man pass by his bed. He asks the doctor who it is. The doctor tells Jack that he’s just an orderly who works in hospice care. The doctor tells his nurse that Jack is at high risk for sepsis and if he gets an infection it could kill him.

Everyone in the court watches as the DVD is played. It shows nothing. The prosecutor tells the judge she previously observed the DVD. It must be a glitch. Max wonders if the evidence is there. Chelsea believes it is. Everyone wonders what’s going on. Kate glances back at the policewoman Eve in the back of the courtroom. Eve leaves the courtroom and Kate leaves as well. Frankie can’t believe that the DVD is blank. Chelsea asks Frankie if this means she won’t have to go to jail. He tells her not to get her hopes up. The judge suggests the prosecution check with the police to make sure they have the right DVD. Abigail tries to convince Will that Chelsea should be forgiven. Maggie asks Victor how justice could be done without the evidence. Victor points out that there is other evidence. Caroline thinks that Hope must be going crazy having to go through this.

Kate questions Eve. Eve tells her that she got to the disk just in time and peeled off the “Evidence” label and put it on a blank disk. She hands Kate the DVD and Kate hands her the money. Kate asks her if she is sure she won’t get caught. Eve points out that the computer records will show that the only officer in the evidence room was Bo Brady. Kate points out that that will show that he will be the one who will be accused of taking the evidence. Eve asks if that’s a problem. Kate tells her it’s a bonus and hands her extra cash. Kate tells her that she will be in touch.

Miss Bettis tells the judge that the DVD is labeled correctly but it is blank. She believes someone has tampered with the evidence. The judge asks her if she may have erased it by accident. She is sure she didn’t. Bo tells Billie he has to find out what happened. Kate returns to the courtroom. The judge orders a complete investigation. Billie exchanges an accusing glance with Kate.

A delirious Jack calls out for Jennifer. The doctor orders him to hospice care. Jack looks up and sees the orderly standing near his bed. He is surprised and says “It’s you!”

Mimi is eating soup and crackers. Belle asks Mimi if she feels better now that she has eaten. She tells her that she isn’t sure how she’s supposed to feel. The last time she was pregnant she didn’t have morning sickness. She tells Belle she feels like she is being punished for having an abortion. Belle disagrees. Mimi explains that she can’t have a baby the natural way. She tells Belle that since they only were able to harvest one egg this may be the only chance she will have to have a baby with Shawn. She knows how much it means to him to have his own child “like Claire.” Belle is taken aback and wonders why Mimi said “like Claire.” Mimi is silent. She tells Belle she has a confession.’

EJ brings a tense Sami a cup of coffee. EJ questions why Sami seems more nervous than Lexie about the test results. Sami thinks the results could be bad news. The nurse arrives and brings the results to Lexie in her office. Sami tries to overhear the news.

Lexie signs the release form for her results and the nurse leaves her office. EJ asks Sami once again why she is so nervous. Sami bursts into Lexie’s office and asks her if she has cancer or not. With a blank stare Lexie looks up at Sami.

Mimi tells Belle she has to tell her the truth. Before she has a chance to tell her she gets a bad cramp. Mimi is afraid she is losing her baby.

The orderly tries to give Jack some water. Jack thinks he recognizes the orderly as his brother Steve.

Hope tells Jen that she hopes Chelsea doesn’t get away with losing the evidence. Hope concurs “She needs to be punished.” Eve enters the courtroom. She approaches the bench and hands Judge Lawler the computer records from the evidence room. He looks at them. She informs him that only one officer used his security pass to gain access to the room. Hope asks who it was. Eve tells her it was Bo.

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