Days of Our Lives Update Friday 6/9/06

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 6/9/06


Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita

Mimi reads her horoscope in the newspaper. Belle comes out of the dressing room to model a new outfit. She tries to get Mimi’s attention, but soon fails. She asks Mimi if she is alright. Mimi tells her, “no, that she has a confession to make.” She lets Belle know that she doesn’t deserve to have Shawn’s child .Belle is confused, but tries to comfort her. Mimi faints in Belle’s arms.

E.J. and Sami come to the hospital. Sami wants to know what they are doing here, and especially outside Lexie’s office. E.J. knocks on the door. Lexie tells them to come in. When Lexie sees Sami, she demands to know what she is doing here. E.J. tries to calm them down from arguing. He introduces himself, and tells her that he plans to donate his winnings for breast cancer. Lexie is impressed. She lets him know that she had had a breast cancer scare.

A doctor is in Jack’s room. The doctor looks at Jack’s chart. From the look on his face, Jack knows that he may not be going home to Jennifer. The doctor doesn’t seem to know how to give him an answer.

Frankie and Jennifer discuss Chelsea’s case. Frankie lets her know that the judge will not be easy to reach or to change his mind. They discuss Hope, and her testifying against Chelsea. Abby comes in. She gets Frankie to do his best to get Chelsea off. Frankie promises to do his best.

Maggie, Will, and Caroline enter the courtroom. Will hopes Chelsea gets what is coming to her. He also hopes that the judge throws the book at Chelsea. Caroline reprimands him for his remark. Will goes up, and sits down beside Abby and Jennifer. They exchange glances.

Chelsea lets Max know that she is not alright. She glances over at Billie and Kate, and remarks that she hopes that her guardian angel comes through for her today.

Billie watches Chelsea. She asks Kate what is up with her. Kate denies knowing anything. Billie acts as though she doesn’t know anything .Billie questions Kate if she had done something to help her. Again, Kate denies doing anything .

Bo tries to talk to Hope and Shawn. Bo lets them know that both he and Chelsea will take responsibility for what they had done .Bo lets them know that there are two sides to this. They go into the courtroom. Bo join Caroline. Caroline wishes that she could do something to help him. Bo lets her know how much he loves Hope. He knows that Chelsea needs to be punished, but he can’t turn his back on her. Shawn comes up. He lets Bo know that if he does anything to lose Hope, he will regret it for the rest of his life.

Hope lets Shawn know that Bo has to show her which side he is on. They see Bo bring Chelsea into the courtroom. They hug. Bo glances at Hope. The bailiff calls the court to order. The judge surprises them by telling them that there will be no trial.

Jack knows that he will not survive this. He wants Jennifer to move on with her life with Frankie. The doctor tells him that he has bad news.

The judge calls order to the court. The district attorney objects, but the judge calls both attorneys to the desk.

Hope wonders what this means to Chelsea.

Chelsea asks Bo what does this mean. She asks him if there is going to be a trial. Bo tells her that she wouldn’t count on it. Billie looks at Kate, who is deep in thought. Kate thinks about Officer Michaels and if she had been able to destroy the evidence. Billie demands to know from Kate what is going on. Kate refuses to tell her anything. The judge calls th court to order. He calls Hope to the stand. Hope holds up a pix of Zach. She lets them know that she will never again enjoy another birthday with him. She wants Chelsea to be punished. The judge calls Bo to the stand. Bo lets them know that if anyone goes to prison then he should .

Belle brings Mimi some water. Mimi feels so sick. Belle reminds her of what she had said about not deserving to have Shawn’s baby. Mimi lets her know how sick she feels. Belle mentions to her that she may be pregnant. Mimi’s spirits are uplifted at the thought that she might be pregnant. Mimi flies off to the bathroom to throw up.

E.J. pitches his idea to Lexie. Lexie confronts Sami that if she didn’t know better, she would think that Sami cared. Sami remembers talking to her good and bad sides. E.J. talks Lexie into having another mammogram. E.J. leaves. Lexie confronts Sami as to what she is up to now.

Lexie and Sami argue as usual, but this time it is about E.J. Lexie orders her to stay out of his life. EJ. Comes in, and lets Lexie know that everything has been arranged. Lexie leaves to do her part.

E.J. questions Sami as to why she is so interested in whether or not Lexie has cancer.

The doctor tells Jack that his immune system is breaking down. The doctor wishes that he could do more.

Judge questions Bo as to why he thinks that he should be the one to go to prison. Bo lets him know that he is responsible for Zach’s death. Bo confesses that he had lied to the police. Bo takes Chelsea’s side.

Jennifer tells Hope that Bo is trying to do the right thing. The judge asks to see the evidence against Chelsea. The district attorney puts the CD in.

Frankie asks Chelsea to change her plea to guilty. Chelsea looks at Kate, and refuses to change her plea.

The district attorney turns on the cd, but it is only static. Everyone wonders what is going on.

Belle brings Mimi to the Java Café to get her something to eat, but Mimi refuses. Mimi lets her know that she is too sick to eat.

Sami tries to tell E.J. that Lexie is a family friend, but E.J. refuses to believe her. Sami tells him that she cares about Lexie’s health. E.J. points out that she doesn’t care about her. Lexie comes back .

An orderly comes into Jack’s room. Jack wonders who that is. The nurse tells the doctor that his fever is spiking. The doctor is afraid of infection.

The district attorney still gets static from the cd.

Officer Michaels calls Kate out of the courtroom. She gives her the cd. Kate gives her money.

Everyone in the courtroom is puzzled as to what is going on. Billie looks around to see Kate gone .

The judge orders a complete investigation of this matter.

Jack thinks he sees his brother, Steve in his room.

Mimi thinks that she is being punished for having an abortion. Belle tries to calm her worries. Mimi tells her that she has a confession to make. Mimi begins to have sharp pains in her abdomen, and feels that she is losing the baby.

Sami panics when the test results doesn’t come back. A nurse enters Lexie’s office. She gives Lexie the file. Sami rushes into Lexie’s office, and asks if she has cancer.

Officer Michaels enters the courtroom with a file. She gives it to the judge. They find out that Bo was the last one in the evidence room .

Jack begs the orderly to say something to him. The orderly gives him water.

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