Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/8/06

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/8/06


Written By Jessie

Mimi and Shawn are talking at the garage, and she tells him she wants to be there to support him at Chelsea’s trial.  Shawn tells her he doesn’t want her to come because it’s not good for her and the baby.  He tells Mimi he’s organized a distraction for her for the afternoon and Belle walks in, saying she and Shawn have planned something special for Mimi.

Sami and E.J. come into Basic Black looking for Kate.  Joelle, the receptionist, tells them that Kate is not there and that she should have been back already.

Kate is sitting in her car and is approached by a police woman, Officer Michaels, who addresses her by name.  She tells Kate she knows her from the article in the newspaper which says she will do anything to help her granddaughter, Chelsea.  She asks Kate if it’s true.  Kate says that it is and Officer Michaels tells her she’s about to make her an offer she can’t refuse.

Chelsea is at the police station with Billie, checking her hair and makeup before the trial.  Billie tells her she looks fine and to calm down.  Chelsea says she can’t calm down when she’s about to go to trial for her life.  She mumbles that at least her Dad will be on her side since Bo and Hope won’t be getting back together.  Billie begins to get suspicious and asks her what she’s done now.

Frankie tells Bo he has bad news for him regarding him and Hope.

Hope is nervous and upset in her room, getting dressed for Chelsea’s trial and Jennifer is trying to calm her down.  Jennifer asks Hope if she really wants to testify and she insists that she has to do it for Zack.  Jennifer reminds Hope that Chelsea is Bo’s daughter and this trial could tear her and Bo apart forever.  She asks Hope if that is something she’s willing to live with.

Jennifer tells Hope it doesn’t have to be over for her and Bo.  Hope says she can’t focus on her and Bo right now, she has to focus on getting ready for the trial and still doesn’t know what to wear.  Jennifer holds up a black, sleeveless dress and tells Hope she should wear it.  Hope has a flashback of Zack giving her the dress for Mother’s Day, telling her that Bo helped him pick it out.  The flashback ends with Bo, Hope and Zack hugging.  Hope decides to wear the dress, saying that is what Zack would have wanted.  She mentions the email that Bo sent her (which Chelsea altered to say that if Hope testifies against Chelsea, it’s over between them), still upset about it.  Jennifer insists that she doesn’t think Bo really meant it.  She tells Hope that their marriage won’t be over until Hope says it is and that she knows that’s not what she wants.  Hope agrees it’s not and Jennifer tells her she needs to tell Bo before it’s too late.

Frankie and Bo are in Bo’s office and Frankie tells Bo that the paperwork has come in for Bo and Hope’s divorce.  Bo says he won’t sign it and insists the whole thing is a mistake.  He asks Frankie if Hope has signed it yet and he tells him she hasn’t.  Bo asks Frankie to stall for a while so he can try to convince Hope the divorce is a mistake and he agrees.  Frankie tells Bo he has bad news about Chelsea.

Billie demands that Chelsea tell her what she did to come between Bo and Hope.  Chelsea has a flashback about altering Bo’s email to Hope.  She carefully tells Billie that all she is saying is that if Hope testifies against her in court, it will probably be the end of their marriage and Chelsea herself.  Billie insists that Frankie is a great lawyer and he will keep her from going to prison.  Frankie walks in and says he doesn’t think there’s anything anyone can do.

Kate asks Officer Michaels what her proposal is and she tells Kate that the surveillance video of Chelsea on the phone while she’s driving is their entire case and that she can get the tape for her.  Kate asks her what she wants in return and she says she  “thought she’d never ask”.

Sami tells Joelle that she and EJ will wait for Kate in Kate’s office, insisting that EJ is a very important person.  In the office, EJ tells Sami that Kate probably wouldn’t want them waiting in there but she insists Kate shouldn’t be late in the first place and there’s something strange about Kate wanting to work with her in the first place.  She begins looking for clues on Kate’s desk and EJ tells Sami she’s unbelievable.  Sami tells EJ she’s come up with a “Good Deeds to Do” list and the first thing on the list is to make sure Lexie is re-checked for breast cancer.  He asks why that is at the top of her list and Sami has a flashback of talking to her good conscious angel, recalling that she knew Alex North changed the results of Lexie’s test, therefore, if Lexie died, it would be her fault.  EJ asks if they are good friends and Sami says they are not, but she feels very strongly that Lexie should be retested.  EJ tells Sami he has to make a few phone calls and leaves the room.  Sami vows to find out what Kate is up to.

Kate asks Officer Michaels if anyone else is involved and she says no.  Kate says they have no deal, not wanting to go to jail herself.  Officer Michaels hands Kate her business card, saying she can call her if she changes her mind.

Shawn convinces Mimi to go shopping with Belle and she reluctantly agrees.  Belle watches Shawn and Mimi kiss and has a flashback of herself giving Shawn a teddy bear, telling him when he sees it he should remember how much she loves him.  Max comes out in a suit and tells them he’s leaving for the trial to support Chelsea.  Shawn dryly remarks that Chelsea can use all the support she can get.

Frankie tells Chelsea that Judge Fitzpatrick is tied up on another case and Judge Lawler, the toughest judge on the bench will be filling in.  He urges Chelsea to plead guilty so that she can at least get out of jail in a year or two but she refuses. 

As Hope and Jennifer leave for the trial, Jennifer suggests that Hope speak to Bo and give him another chance.  Hope looks at a picture of herself with Bo and Zack and says she knows what she needs to do.  When they arrive at the courthouse she tells Jennifer she’s decided to talk to Bo and try to salvage their marriage.  She says she’ll meet him halfway but the rest is up to him.

Bo tells Chelsea that no one can force her to plead guilty and that he will tell the judge he’s responsible because he is by giving her permission to drive but she will be held accountable for her part.  Chelsea says he is just trying to send her to jail because that’s what Hope wants.  Hope walks in and Chelsea hugs Bo when she spots her and Bo tells Chelsea that he and Billie will be there for her.  Hope gets upset and leaves and Jennifer and Frankie follow her, just before Bo can tell Chelsea that she will have to accept whatever punishment she’s given.  Max comes in and Chelsea runs over and hugs him, asking him to take her away someplace where no one can find her.

Hope tells Jennifer that there’s no longer any question where Bo’s loyalty lies but Jennifer insists it is a complicated situation.  Frankie tells Hope that the divorce papers have been drawn up but this is no time for her to be making life altering decisions.  He advises her to give the marriage another chance.

Mimi says she will go shopping with Belle but insists Shawn call her if he needs her.  She asks Shawn what will happen if Chelsea is found innocent but he says nothing will keep her from getting what she deserves.

Kate arrives and yells at Sami for snooping around her desk.  Sami asks Kate why she wants to work with her and Kate insists it will be good business.  Sami has a flashback about EJ flirting with her.  Then Kate says that having EJ as a spokesperson will be a “benefit” to all of them.  Sami insists that she loves Austin and there is nothing going on between her and EJ.  EJ comes back into the room and Kate tells him she is looking forward to doing business with him, purposely alternating the word “seductive” for “productive” to describe it, then correcting herself.

The DA tells Chelsea that the video of her using the phone while driving makes her case a slamdunk for manslaughter.

Frankie tells Hope that Bo is not anxious to sign the divorce papers and she should take all the time she needs.  She tells him she needs a few minutes and he tells her he needs to speak to the DA.  Jennifer tells Hope to take her time, that she will regret it for the rest of her life if she signs the papers.

Kate excuses herself from Sami and EJ and leaves the room.  Sami tells EJ she’ll be right back and follows Kate.  Kate gets a call from Chelsea who says she needs her help.  Sami listens as Kate tells Chelsea she’s not going to prison and may have a way to help her out.  Kate goes back into her office and asks Sami and EJ to leave because she has an important call to make.  She calls Officer Michaels and asks her to destroy the evidence but she tells her it’s too late.

Back at the courthouse, the DA tells Bo that she needs him to get her the evidence from the drug bust he handled and he goes to get it.

Frankie asks Hope if she’s decided to wait before signing the divorce papers.  Bo goes to get the evidence from the drug bust while Officer Michaels watches.  After he leaves the vault she sneaks in to get Chelsea’s video but it’s not there.

Bo gives the evidence to the DA and Billie comments to him that she is worried about Chelsea and how she gets when she’s desperate.

Hope tells Jennifer and Frankie she will wait to sign the divorce papers.  Shawn comes in and Frankie and Jennifer leave to give them a minute alone.  He tells Hope that he didn’t want Mimi to come because she’d be taking a chance with the baby and she says that she and Bo should’ve been just as careful with Zack.  Bo walks in.

Belle and Mimi are at the store picking out clothes.  Mimi says she wishes she were at the trial with Shawn and that Shawn worries about her too much.  Belle tells Mimi it’s because he loves her.  Mimi says sometimes she thinks it’s too good to be true.  Belle says that’s ridiculous, that they are married and once they have their own baby they’ll be bonded like she and Phillip are with Claire.  As Belle walks away Mimi mumbles if only Belle knew that Shawn is Claire’s father.  Mimi spots a magazine with horoscopes and picks it up to read hers.  It contains the message, “A lie you told will come back to haunt you.”

Kate comes back out of her office and finds Sami standing very close to the door.  Sami reminds her that they had a meeting but Kate insists she had a very important phone call and apologizes to EJ, saying she’s wrapped up in her granddaughter’s trial.  Sami sarcastically agrees that they all want to see Chelsea “get what she deserves.”  Kate says that won’t happen and Sami asks her if she’s done something to make sure it won’t.  Kate says she needs to get to the courthouse and leaves.  EJ tells Sami he has something to show her and it’s a surprise. 

Belle comes out of the dressing room and finds an upset Mimi.  Mimi tells Belle she has a confession to make and announces that she doesn’t deserve to have Shawn’s baby.

Bo tells Hope that what happened to Zack was not her fault, it was his and Chelsea’s.  Billie comes in and tells Bo that they need to get down to the court so they won’t be late.  He tells Hope that they’ll talk later and leaves with Billie.  Another officer gives the videotape to the DA and she puts it in her purse as Officer Michaels and Chelsea are seen watching her. 

Frankie tells Jennifer that once Judge Lawler sees the tape it will be very difficult to keep Chelsea out of jail.

Billie tells Kate she thinks that Chelsea is up to something.  Kate tells Billie she needs to be there for Bo and Chelsea.

Hope tells Bo that the trial is his last chance and asks him who’s side he’s on.     

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