Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/8/06

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/8/06


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Max’s garage

Max and Shawn have just finished working on the racecar. Shawn tells Max that he has to get ready to go to the courthouse in order to support his Mother. Shawn and Max argue over the fact that Shawn feels that Chelsea is responsible for Zach’s death. Mimi comes in, and insists that she is going to the courthouse with him to help support him and his family. Shawn tells her that he appreciates it, but Lexie had said that she needed to stay home and relax. They kiss. Belle comes in, and lets Mimi know that she and Shawn have something very special in store for her today. Mimi is confused.

Kate’s business

Sami and E.J. arrive to see Kate. The receptionist informs them that Kate isn’t there, and she doesn’t know where she is.


Kate sits outside the courthouse where she had let Chelsea off. A police woman approaches the car. She confronts Kate about the newspaper article which states that she would do anything to help her granddaughter. She asks Kate if this is true. The police woman wants to make her an offer that she can’t refuse.

Chelsea looks into a mirror, and worries about her hair and makeup. Billie assures her that she looks fine. Billie tries to get her to calm down. Billie questions her as to what she has done now.

Police station

Bo and Frankie are in Bo’s office. Bo questions Frankie about Chelsea’s chances for going to prison. Frankie lets him know that this is not about Chelsea, but about him and Hope.

Hope tries to pick out an outfit to wear to court. Hope realizes that this isn’t about what she wears, but what she has to say when she testifies. Jennifer wonders if this trial will tear her and Bo apart forever, and is it something that Hope could live with.

Jennifer encourages Hope to work this out . Hope insists that she has to focus on today, and she has to get ready to go. Jennifer holds up a black dress for Hope to wear. Hope remembers when Zach had given her that dress for Mother’s Day. She holds up the dress, and realizes that this is the dress that Zach would want her to wear. Hope knows that she has to stay strong for Zach today. Jennifer mentions the e-mail that Bo had sent to Hope. Hope admits that she doesn’t want her marriage to be over. Jennifer lets her know that she needs to talk to Bo.

Frankie lets Bo know that the divorce papers are ready and ready to be signed. Bo refuses to sign them. He asks Frankie to stall Hope for a week or two to give him time to talk to her.

Billie orders Chelsea to tell what she had done to keep Bo and Hope apart. Chelsea remembers changing the e-mail just in time before Hope read it . Chelsea denies doing anything. Chelsea knows that she is going to prison for killing Zach. Billie tries to comfort her. Frankie comes out of Bo’s office, and tells Billie and Chelsea that there may not be anything that anyone can do.

The police woman agrees to help Kate free Chelsea from facing vehicular homicide charges. Kate wants to know in exchange for what . The police woman thinks that she would never ask.

Sami and E.J. go into Kate’s office. E.J. wonders what will happen if Kate was to walk through the door. Sami owns up that Kate doesn’t particularly like her. Sami begins to search through Kate’s desk to find out what she is up to. E.J. leaves out to make a call. Sami vows to find out what Kate is up to.

Kate demands to know from the police woman who had put her up to this. The police woman denies anyone putting her up to this. Kate gets the idea that Sami had something to do with this. The woman gives Kate her business card for her to call her, but for her not to wait too long .

Shawn suggests that Mimi go shopping with Belle. Mimi raises opposition. Shawn persuades her to go shopping with Belle. Mimi finally agrees. They tell each other that they love each other. Max comes out of the office all dressed for the trial. He lets them know that he is going to the trial to support Chelsea. Max leaves.

Frankie lets Bo, Billie and Chelsea know that the judge has changed in her case. Chelsea begins to cry. Frankie lets them know that this judge doesn’t give first time offenders a chance. Bo promises to be there for her, but she has to stand up and take responsibility for what she had done. Chelsea knows that he means going to prison. Frankie encourages her to plead guilty to the charges. Chelsea refuses.

Bo encourages her to take responsibility for her actions even if it means going to prison. Hope and Jennifer come in the door. Chelsea begins to cry, and hugs Bo. She apologizes to him. Bo promises to be there for her. Hope leaves the room. Frankie and Jennifer exchange looks. Frankie follows Jennifer out .Bo tells Chelsea that she will have to take responsibility for her actions. Chelsea begins to cry. She sees Max come in the door. She runs into his arms. She asks him to take her away from here so that they can’t find her.

Jennifer tries to comfort Hope that Bo hasn’t made his choice. Frankie join them. Frankie lets them know that the divorce papers are ready to be signed. Both Frankie and Jennifer encourage Hope to fight for her marriage.

Shawn begs Mimi to go shopping. Mimi makes him promise that he will call her. Shawn goes to get changed .

Kate enters her office. The receptionist lets her know that Sami is in her office. Kate goes into her office. Kate wants to know what Sami is doing here. Sami lets her know that they had to start without her. Kate accuses her of lying. They both hate each other. Sami wonders why Kate wants to work with her, Austin and E.J. Kate remembers seeing Sami and E.J. on the roof when he was working out .Kate smiles. E.J. listens to their conversation. Kate sees him and ushers him into the office. She apologizes for being late.

Bo forbids her to leave that she has to stay there and face the charges.

The assistant d.a. talks to Chelsea, and tells her that if she doesn’t accept a plea bargain then she is in for serious time.

Hope asks Frankie for a few minutes. Frankie and Jennifer exchange looks before leaves. Hope admits that she doesn’t know what to do. Jennifer tells her not to do something that she will regret.

Kate, Sami and E.J. continue with their meeting. Kate takes a call from Chelsea. She asks Kate to help her. Kate knows of a way. Kate asks her not to plead guilty. Kate tells Sami and E.J. that she has an important phone call to make. She excuses Sami and E.J. from her office.

E.J. finds that very interesting.

Kate calls Det. Michaels about the plan. Det. Michaels tells Kate that the deal is off.

Brooke asks Bo for some evidence in another case.

Frankie asks Bo has she decided to wait to sign the papers.

Bo goes down into the evidence room. Det. Michaels sneaks around behind to watch him.

Det. Michaels steals evidence from the evidence room.

Max offers Chelsea encouragement.

Bo brings Brooke the evidence that she requested .

Hope refuses to make this decision now. Shawn join Hope.

Shawn explains to Hope where Mimi is.

Mimi and Belle go shopping. Mimi feels that this is too good to be true. Mimi reads her horoscope In the newspaper.

Sami listens to Kate’s phone call. Kate decides to leave to go to Chelsea’s trial. Sami questions her as to what she has done .

E.J. hopes everything goes well for Chelsea.

Mimi reads the horoscope. Belle asks if everything is alright. Mimi tells her that she doesn’t deserve to have Shawn’s baby.

Bo blames himself for what had happened to Zach.

The assistant d.a. is given the videotape.

Billie tells Kate that Chelsea is up to something. Kate offers her encouragement.

Hope asks Bo what side is he on.

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