Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/7/06

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/7/06


Written By Liz

At the garage, Sean introduces the new engine for Max’s racecar to Lucas and Carrie. Lucas mentions that it doesn’t look like much but once Sean adds his turbo charge it will make the car accelerate much faster. Lucas tells Sean that once they sign the Titan contracts they will be “raking in the dough.” He also tells Sean that he’s going to need all that extra money for the diapers he may need to buy. Sean says he isn’t looking forward to diaper duty. Will and Max come into the garage. Will tells Lucas that he wants to be a driver when he gets out of school. Lucas isn’t so sure that’s a good idea and thinks they should talk it over later. Will says that Max “tore up the track” and Sean asks him what his time was. Max admits it wasn’t his best. Sean asks Max if someone beat him. Max hesitates and EJ walks in smiling.

In Sammy’s apartment, Austin pours a cup of coffee. Sammy comes out of the bedroom and greets Austin with a “Good Morning.” He asks her if she would like coffee. She asks Austin if he put a special ingredient in the coffee. He says he did but he won’t tell her. She must taste it first. Mint mocha! She asks him why he was up so early. He says he was making notes on the EJ Wells account. She comments “Oh, you mean the Kate Roberts account.” Austin tries to convince Sammy that Kate is working with them. He hopes that working with his mother on the account will accomplish a few things. He hopes that it will put ARC in the forefront of the racing world and it will help Sammy and Kate to get along. Sammy sarcastically asks Austin, “When hell freezes over are you going to find me somewhere warm to live?” With that question Austin replies “O K”, rolls his eyes and walks away. Sammy aside says that “the best way to get rid of Kate is to remove her from the planet.”

Kate is in her office sitting at her desk. She is holding a picture of EJ and reviewing a pamphlet that contains his information. There is a knock on the door. Chelsea enters. She tells Kate that she heard from Billie that Kate wants to see her. She reminds Kate that today is her trial. Kate tells her that she has done everything to help her. Chelsea says that nobody can help her. Kate hands her a folded newspaper and tells her to look at it. Chelsea opens the paper. She is stunned and doesn’t believe what she sees.

Hope comes downstairs in robe and slippers. She picks up a picture of her and Zack. Clutching the photo, she has flashbacks of Bo telling her to read the email he sent her and of her reading the email to Jen. In the email, Bo tells Hope that now that Zack’s gone he hopes that they can move on together. Their marriage is too important to just throw away. But Bo does add that if Hope insists on speaking out against his daughter at the trial, he will consider their marriage officially over. His ultimatum: “It’s up to you Hope - our marriage or your vengeance.” She continues talking to the photo of Zack. She tells him that his father used him for the last time. She thought that Bo was really trying to save their marriage, but she believes he is really trying to save Chelsea instead. She blames Chelsea for taking Zack away and wonders how Bo could dare ask her to forgive Chelsea. Hope can’t wait for the trial to be over so she won’t have to hear Chelsea’s name again. The phone rings. It’s Bo. He wants to know why Hope hasn’t returned his messages. She wants to know exactly why he is calling. He asks her if she read his email. She says yes and he tells her that then she knows exactly how he feels. She tells him she is tired of playing games. Bo doesn’t know what she is talking about. Hope tells him there is nothing more to talk about. She tells him not to call the house again. Before hanging up she ends the phone call by telling him “I’ll see you in court, Brady.” Jennifer comes through the door. She tells Hope that the kitchen door was unlocked so she just came in. She asks Hope what’s wrong. They give each other a hug and Hope says that she’s lost everything. Jennifer reassures her that she hasn’t.
As Billie opens the door to Roman’s office at the police station, she just misses being hit as Bo throws an object at the wall.

Chelsea opens the newspaper to see the headline “My Granddaughter Is Not A Monster!” Kate comments that her interview for the paper was pretty good. She mentions to Chelsea that the press finally got the story right. Chelsea says she doesn’t think anyone in the family believes in her. Kate says that her mother and father love her very much. She blames Hope for interfering in Bo and Billie’s happiness. She claims that if it weren’t for Hope, Chelsea would be living with both of them and her trial wouldn’t even be taking place. Chelsea knows that Hope has it out for her. She tells Kate that she will probably be visiting her in jail. Kate reassures her that once the jury finds out what a lovely girl she is, there’s no way they won’t acquit her. Kate tells her that “they will realize that there’s no way she could cause pain and unhappiness for anyone.” Chelsea has a flashback to when she secretly changed Bo’s email to Hope. She tells Kate she appreciates how much Kate is doing to help her but she isn’t the person that Kate thinks she is. Kate looks surprised.

Jennifer brings herself and Hope hot tea. Jennifer wants to know everything. Hope explains that after she read the email on Bo’s boat she returned home to a bunch of messages from him. Jen asks why. Hope thinks he did it to torture her. Jen disagrees. She asks Hope if he left the messages in order to find out if Hope read the email. Hope thinks so. She tells Jen she can’t believe that Bo was trying to figure out a way to “work” her so she wouldn’t testify against Chelsea. Jen says that doesn’t sound like the Bo she knows. Hope tells Jen she doesn’t even know him anymore. She confides in Jen that what makes her most angry is the way Bo is using her grief over losing Zack. Jen tells Hope that when she was gone Bo was very lost. She believes he regrets his mistakes. He loves Hope. Hope disagrees. Jen says men don’t just change overnight. Hope says that when they want something bad enough they do. Jen asks Hope, “What does he want more than you?” Hope replies “Not what, who?” Hope reminds Jen what Chelsea said to Max, that Bo wants Billie.

Billie asks Bo if he is finished throwing things. Billie asks him what happened. A very angry Bo tells her that he don’t get it. He can’t figure out why Hope is acting this way after he told her he would do anything to get her back. He tells Billie that he found Hope the day before at Zack’s gravesite. Billie is sorry. He explains that he asked Hope to go get something to eat. They went to Che Rouge. Everything was going fine between them. Then the evening was ruined when Chelsea showed up. Hope left and he followed her home. He tells Billie that since Hope was having a hard time, he contacted Marlena in hopes that she can help the situation. After he left Hope’s he tells Billie he went back to the boat and sent her an email. Billie yells at Bo for using email again. She tells him it lacks emotion. Bo insists he was very clear with his words. He wants her back. Billie reminds Bo about being “very clear” with the last email and she reminds him that didn’t get through to her either. He continues to explain to Billie that when they got down to the boat he told Hope to just go in and read the email. He then received an emergency page to the police station which he later found to be bogus. He returns to the boat to find that the email had been deleted. Billie asks if he is sure she read it. Bo thinks so because he tells Billie about his recent phone conversation with Hope. He tells Billie what Hope said about seeing him “in court.” He tells her that he thinks Hope doesn’t mean at Chelsea’s trial, but in divorce court.

EJ tells Max that their “race” was only a practice run. He tells EJ that he times every race. EJ says Max shouldn’t put pressure on himself like that. Lucas chimes in that once Sean puts the turbo charge into Max’s car, EJ will be eating dust. EJ tells them that he is very eager to see what the engine can do. Carrie must leave because she is expecting a package to be delivered to her apartment. She asks Lucas for a ride. They both leave the garage. Lucas asks Max to look after Will. EJ asks Sean if he would mind if he took a look at “his baby”, the engine. Max interrupts and tells him that they will not tell him how the turbo engine works.

Sammy sits in her apartment. She has a flashback about EJ touching her cheek on the rooftop. The doorbell rings and Sammy runs to the door to see who it is. A delivery man has an overnight package for “Miss Brady.” She says she didn’t order anything but accepts the large brown box anyway. She takes it inside and begins to open it. Carrie and Lucas run into the delivery man in the hallway. She asks him if he delivered a package for Carrie Brady. He tells her that he just delivered it. She assumes that it was delivered in error to Sammy. She tells Lucas she will knock on Sammy’s door and find out. As she opens the door, Sammy is holding Carrie’s wedding dress. Sammy asks Carrie “Is this yours?” Carrie has a flashback of Sammy reciting her wedding vows to Austin at their wedding. Carrie faints.

Jen tells Hope that Bo doesn’t love Billie. Hope reminds Jen about seeing Bo in bed with Billie at the hotel. Hope tells Jen that it hurts too much. Hope thought that the vision of Zack was a sign. Jen tells her to hold on to that as hope. Hope believes its time to admit that what her and Bo had is now gone. Hope opens the newspaper and sees the same headlines that Kate showed Chelsea.

Back at the police station, a woman police officer is reading the same headlines. She says to herself that it’s interesting that Kate Roberts would do anything to save her granddaughter. Bo continues to explain to Billie that he will have to talk to Hope at the courthouse. And if he sees Lockhart he will have to hurt him. Billie hates to see Bo so unhappy. He apologizes for dumping everything on Billie. He tells Billie that had he not given Chelsea permission to drive the SUV, all their lives would be different. Billie assures Bo that he is not responsible for Zack’s death. And neither is Chelsea. Billie tells him “It’s just a tragedy for all of us”. Bo says Billie doesn’t have anything to do with Bo and Hope’s marriage breaking up. Billie reminds him that she didn’t have to take the blame for the accident and then make Bo go along with the plan. Bo tells Billie that every time he and Hope try and get back together, there seems to be a force keeping them apart. Billie tells Bo there is “and her name is Chelsea.”

Chelsea confesses to Kate that she set up the phone call on the pier so that Hope would overhear. She pretended to talk to Max saying the only reason Bo would get back together with Hope is so that Hope could help her. Kate asked how she reacted. She was upset. Bo wanted to talk with her. Chelsea sent a text message pretending it was an emergency from the police department. Chelsea also tells Kate about changing the email. Chelsea has regrets and admits to Kate that she is a bitch. Kate sympathizes and says she is only trying to take care of herself. Chelsea does not want to go to jail and wants her parents back together. She wonders why it is so wrong to want a normal life.

EJ says it’s fine if they don’t want to show him the design for the engine. Sean says he doesn’t see how it would hurt. Max gives in. Sean shows EJ the design. He tells Sean the design is unique and asks where Sean came up with it. Sean tells him it just came to him one day. EJ tells him it’s a very intelligent design. Sean confesses that he is a college drop-out. EJ tells Sean that college isn’t for everyone. Sean comments that EJ is beginning to sound like his father. He explains that he and Bo aren’t close. EJ likes the design and offers to match Titan’s offer for it. Max walks in and accuses EJ of trying to steal their engine.

Austin gets Carrie some water. Carrie yells at Sammy for taking her wedding dress out of the box. She tells Sammy that now that Lucas has seen it she can’t wear it. Sammy innocently claims that the package was for “Miss Brady” and that she is Miss Brady, too. She apologizes to Carrie. Sammy tells Carrie that if Lucas stops following her around everywhere then maybe he wouldn’t have seen the dress. Lucas then pulls Sammy aside.
Lucas tells Sammy that just because all her weddings turned out bad, she doesn’t have to ruin it for Carrie. Sammy is appalled at this accusation. She wants Carrie to have a fabulous wedding. Austin tells Carrie Sammy opening the package was just a freak mistake. He asks if she’s OK. She tells Austin she remembered how Sammy stole her wedding dress once before and married Austin.

Commenting on the headline in the newspaper, Hope tells Jen that Kate always knew how to work the media. She shows it to Jen. She tells Jen that the article plays a very sympathetic portrait of Chelsea. Hope recalls Zack playing with Chelsea. She tells Jen that he trusted and loved her. Jen says children have a way of seeing good in people. Hope wishes she could change the way she feels about Chelsea for Zack’s sake. Hope firmly believes that she is responsible for killing him and that’s what she is going to say in court.

Bo asks Billie why she thinks Chelsea is working against him. Billie explains that Chelsea always manages to get into trouble and pull Bo away from Hope. Bo tells Billie that Chelsea isn’t the only one to blame for what has happened to them. Billie has a flashback about sneaking into bed with Bo at the hotel. Billie agrees with Bo that Chelsea isn’t the only one to blame. She tells Bo “I am.”

Kate tells Chelsea that it isn’t up to Chelsea to save Bo and Hope’s marriage. Kate believes that Bo is Billie’s soul mate and she would like to see them back together. Kate thinks her children are “cursed with nobility” and she knows they didn’t get it from her. Chelsea smiles upon hearing this. She says that she may have inherited her smile from Kate. Kate tells Chelsea that at least she doesn’t take after her Uncle Austin. Kate can’t believe Austin let Sammy back into his life. Kate tells Chelsea she may have found a way to “drive a wedge between them” – and she does mean “drive.”

EJ tells Max he is not trying to steal the design. He explains he simply made an offer to compete with Titan’s offer. Sean is flattered by the offer. Max reminds him that they made a deal with Titan. EJ reminds Max that it is only a verbal agreement. Sean explains that Victor is his grandfather and the owner of Titan. Sean tells him that Philip has agreed to underwrite Max’s racing team. EJ understands that they want to keep it in the family. He informs Max and Sean that he is about to sign a deal with Basic Black. They agree Basic Black is a good company but Sean warns him to “keep an eye on Sammy.” EJ tells them he intends to.

Lucas and Sammy argue. He warns Sammy that she better be telling him the truth. She tells him to get out of her face. Lucas ends the argument and walks away. He passes a desk and notices the pamphlet with EJ’s picture. He accuses Sammy of stalking EJ. She informs him that EJ now works for ARC and Basic Black. He can’t believe that she is going to work with his mother. Sammy tells him “If you can forgive her, so can I.” Sammy asks Lucas where Will is. Lucas tells Sammy that Will is at Max’s garage. She says that perhaps EJ can teach Will something. Lucas becomes a bit jealous. Sammy continues to tell Lucas that she thinks EJ is smart and charming and she loves his accent. Lucas tells Sammy that it’s apparent that she has a crush on EJ.
Austin tells Carrie that the bad memories of Sammy are in the past. They are moving on –her with Sammy and Carrie with Lucas. Carrie really wants to believe that everything between her and Sammy are better, but she is skeptical. Austin questions the reason she fainted. He suggests Carrie should see a doctor. Carrie disagrees. Austin tells Carrie that she isn’t the same person he knew. She sounds unhappy. Carrie tells him that no one is happy all the time. He tells her it is easier if you are with the right person.

Austin tells Carrie he hates seeing her down. Carrie denies being down and tells Austin she is just a bit overwhelmed and overworked. She mentions to him that she thinks the dress incident was a superstition. Austin tells her superstitions are dumb. She says she is starting to sound like Sammy. She believes both of them can be very happy but just not with each other.
Sammy tells Lucas she is a grown woman and doesn’t have crushes anymore. She is marrying Austin - her “one lasting true love.” Lucas has a bad feeling about her and Austin. He wants to know why she is rushing her marriage to Austin. Sammy changes the subject and tells him to just make sure Will gets home on time. She goes to check on Carrie.

EJ tells Sean and Max that he sees that Sammy’s reputation precedes her. Sean agrees that she has done some crazy things. EJ believes it’s good to keep your enemies close. Although he assures them that Sammy isn’t his enemy. EJ concedes that he won’t have Sean’s engine. But he tells them he does have a new car and will be storing it next door to their garage. Before he leaves he tells Max he will see him on the track.

Kate drives Chelsea to the police station. Kate tells Chelsea to have only one thing on her mind in court: freedom. She explains to Chelsea that the jury most likely will have seen the headlines in the newspaper. They haven’t received their instructions yet to avoid the media until the trial begins. Chelsea tells Kate that she is smart. Kate tells Chelsea to be brave and that she takes after her. They embrace and Chelsea gets out of the car. The woman police officer who was looking over the newspaper headline stops Kate. She approaches Kate’s car and asks her if she is willing to pay large sums of money to save her granddaughter. Kate asks her exactly what it is she has in mind.

Hope hugs Jen and thanks her. She tells Jen she doesn’t know what she would do without her family.
Bo tells Billie that she’s done nothing to hurt him. He thinks he has taken advantage of her and apologizes. Billie is crying. Bo wants to know why. She explains that he will have to relive Zack’s death all over again at the trial. It will be hard. She says they have a chance to save Chelsea. She wouldn’t be able to live through it if Chelsea went to prison. Chelsea walks in and the three of them share a hug.

Jennifer wishes she could do something to help Hope get through the day. Hope explains that she has to do this for her little boy. She tells Jen she will face anyone in court and that includes Bo. She asks God to give her strength.

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