Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/7/06

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/7/06


Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita

Shawn, Lucas and Carrie admire the engine that will he connected to Shawn’s turbo engine. Lucas mentions that he wants to get the contracts signed with the Titans. Will and Max come in. Max is feeling downhearted. Lucas wonders why. Max lets him know that someone had beaten his time. Max nods his head at E.J., who comes in behind them.

Austin offers Sami coffee as she comes into the kitchen. He insists that she tastes it. The coffee is flavored with mint. Sami is impressed .They discuss Kate, and Sami’s working with her. Austin tells Sami that her and Kate may get a chance to work out their problems.

Kate looks at a pix of E.J.. Chelsea comes into the office. Chelsea reminds her that today is her trial. Kate shows her the file. Chelsea can’t believe her eyes.

Hope comes downstairs. She looks at a pix of her and Zach. She remembers her talk with Bo. She also remembers when she had read Bo’s e-mail. The phone rings, and it is Bo. He wonders why she hadn’t called him back. She warns him not to call her again. She also tells him that she will see him in court. Jennifer comes in through the kitchen. Hope lets her know about the phone call. They hug.

Bo throws something onto the floor as Billie comes into the office. Billie is startled.

Chelsea reads the article, and thanks Kate for being on her side. Chelsea knows that Hope is out to get her. Chelsea remembers changing the e-mail on Bo’s computer.

Jennifer makes Hope a cup of tea, and tells her to thoroughly enjoy it. Jennifer wants to know everything that had happened. Hope tries her best to fill her in. Jennifer tries to tell her that Bo was so lost without her, and Bo loves her. Hope insists that Bo wants Billie.

Billie insists to Bo to tell her what had happened. Bo fills her in on what had happened the previous day. Bo closes the door. Bo continues to fill her in on what had happened with Hope, and then Chelsea had shown up. He explains to Billie about sending Hope an e-mail. Billie feels that he should talk to Hope face to face.

E.J., Lucas, and Max discuss the turbo engine. Carrie decides that she needs to leave because she is expecting an overnight package. She asks Lucas to take her. They leave.

E.J. wants to take a look at their baby. Max refuses .

Sami works on some papers. She remembers the closeness that her and E.J. had shared. The doorbell rings. It is a delivery man with a package for Brady. Sami is confused since she hadn’t ordered anything. She signs for it. She takes the package, and opens it.

Carrie and Lucas meets the deliveryman in the hall. She asks him if he is delivering a package for Brady. He informs her that he already has. She lets him know that she is Brady. Carrie goes over to Sami’s door. She knocks on the door, and slightly opens it. Sami is holding up her wedding gown. Carrie remembers when Sami had married Austin. She faints.

Hope reminds Jennifer that they had seen Bo and Billie in bed. Hope admits that she can’t do this anymore. Hope is so confused over this whole matter. Hope has to admit that it is over between her and Hope. Hope sees the newspaper.

A policewoman sees the newspaper on Chelsea, and finds it very interesting.

Bo fills Billie in on Hope and what had happened. Bo is sorry to dump this on her. Bo blames himself for Zach’s death. Billie tries to offer him encouragement. Billie calls this just a “tragedy.” Billie lets them know that Chelsea is the one, who is pulling him and Hope apart.

Chelsea fills Kate in on what she had done to Hope and Bo again. She also explains about the e-mail. Chelsea feels horrible about herself.

E.J. asks to see the plans for the turbo engine. Max refuses. Shawn talks to Max, and they agree to let him see the plans.

Shawn shows E. J. the blueprint of his turbo engine. E.J. calls the blueprint brilliant. E.J. wonders how he had come up with it. They discuss their fathers. Shawn not trusting his father, and E.j. not ever seeing his father. E.J. offers to buy the plan. Max comes in, and tells him that he knew it that he wanted to steal the plan for the turbo engine.

Sami lets Carrie know that Austin had brought her some water. Carrie insists that she doesn’t want any water. Carrie reprimands Sami for opening the package when it wasn’t addressed to her. Sami apologizes, but Carrie will not accept apology. Lucas pulls Sami to the side so that he can talk to her. They argue again as usual.

Carrie lets Austin know that she had overreacted .Carrie asks for the water. Carrie remembers when Sami had married Austin before.

Hope and Jennifer discuss Kate’s article in the newspaper. Hope remembers how that Chelsea would play with Zach, and how much he had loved her. Jennifer asks Hope has she changed her mind about Chelsea. Hope denies changing her mind.

Billie remembers how she had climbed into bed with Bo to make it look like that she had slept with him. Billie blames herself for trouble between Hope and Bo.

Kate reminds Chelsea that Billie is Bo’s soul mate .Kate knows that Billie is a very selfless person. Chelsea smiles. They discuss Sami and Austin, and how that Kate is going to drive a wedge between them.

E.J. denies stealing the design. They discuss that this venture is a family affair. Shawn warns E.J. against Sami.

Lucas and Sami still argue. Sami lets him know that she will be working with Kate. Lucas accuses her of having a crush on E.J.

Austin insists that they are both starting over. Carrie with Lucas and Sami with Austin. Austin notices something different about Carrie. He encourages her to get checked out . She resists, but he insists that she get checked out .

Sami denies having a crush on E.J. Lucas wonders why she and Austin are rushing this marriage.

Shawn warns E.J. against Sami that she is trouble with a capital, “T”. E.J. shows them his new car.

Bo comforts Billie. Chelsea pokes her head in the door. He pulls her to him also.

Jennifer comforts Hope.

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