Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/6/06

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/6/06


Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita

Belle sits in a rocking chair with Claire in her lap. She looks at an old school annual. She points out different pics in the annual. She remembers her and Shawn at a school dance. She picks up Claire and carries her over to the window, and opens it. She sees Mimi, standing on the fire escape. She quickly steps back from the window.

Mimi stands outside on the fire escape, enjoying the cool night air. Shawn comes out to join her. Shawn lets her know that he had awaken, and had seen her gone. Mimi lets him know that she couldn’t help but think about the little life inside her. She hopes that it works this time because they may not get another chance. Mimi wants Shawn’s baby so badly. Belle steps back from the window.

Austin comes out of the bedroom, and finds Kate gone. He apologizes for the call taking so long. He wonders where she could have gone.

E.J. places his hand on Sami’s cheek. She quickly pulls away from him. Kate watches them. Kate thinks to herself that this is so good that Sami is throwing herself at a complete stranger because when Austin finds out she can kiss her future with him good-bye.

Bo calls Hope, and leaves her a long message. He tells her that he loves her. He begins to send her an e-mail.

Chelsea walks on the pier. She remembers overhearing Hope’s conversation with Marlena. She vows that she cannot let Bo and Hope get back together.

Hope rushes to meet Jennifer on the docks. Hope lets her know how she had felt when she had seen Zach standing there. Jennifer is glad that she had talked to Marlena. Hope feels that seeing Zach was a sign that she should fight for Bo. She wanted to talk to Jennifer first to see if this was a right choice.

Belle and Claire listen to Shawn and Mimi talking out on the fire escape.


Shawn and Mimi discuss their having a baby. Shawn knows that she will be a great Mom and Shawn will make a great Dad. Belle lies Claire down in the crib. Mimi wishes that they had more financial security to take care of their child. Mimi vows that she wants them both to be there for their baby. Belle continues to listen to their conversation. Mimi admits that when she was little, she wished that she were Belle.

Bo e-mails Hope about him and Billie covering up for Chelsea. Bo wants Hope to forgive Chelsea.

Chelsea has to figure out a way to keep Bo and Hope apart until after the trial. She gets on the phone to talk to Max. Hope hears them talking. She shh’s Jennifer so they can hear what Chelsea is saying. Chelsea turns around and sees Hope watching her. She tells Max that she will have to talk to him later. Hope tells her that she knows what she is doing, and she is not going to let her get away with it.

Austin remembers his and Sami’s talk with E.J. about joining their team in which E.J. had refused their offer. Austin know that there has to be a way to get E.J. on their team.

E.J. tries his best to flirt with Sami while Kate listens all the time.

Kate is glad that Sami came up to talk to E.J. She knows now that if Sami becomes interested in EJ., and Austin finds out about it then it will all be over for Austin and Sami.

E.J. encourages Sami to tell him her idea. She proceeds to fill him in on the details. E.J. finally agrees to have a meeting with her and Austin. Excitedly, Sami hugs him and then leaves . E.J. is deep in thought after Sami leaves.

Mimi remembers a time when they were children when a boy had pushed Belle to the ground, and Shawn had taken up for her. Shawn and Belle hug. Shawn doesn’t remember the experience. When Mimi was a youngster, she had thought that Belle and Shawn would end up with each other. Shawn realizes how funny things work out .

Bo continues his e-mail to Hope.

Hope confronts Chelsea about her conversation with Max in which she had told him that Bo was only being good to Hope to get her on their side so Hope wouldn’t testify against Chelsea. Hope is devastated by the news. Chelsea leaves knowing full well that she had accomplished what she had set out to do.

Jennifer encourages Hope to try to talk to Bo about this before she makes a final decision. Hope knows that he wants to persuade Hope not to send his daughter to prison. Bo interrupts them, and tells them that Hope is right. Bo continues to tell them that he had finished writing Hope an e-mail. He encourages Hope to read it. His cell phone rings. He has an emergency at the police station. He, again, encourages her to read the e-mail. He leaves. Jennifer tries her best to encourage Hope to read the e-mail.

Austin is busy at work when Kate comes in. He had wondered where she had gotten off to. She begins to fill Austin in on her idea to have E.J. become the face of Basic Black. Austin is enthused with the idea. Kate looks at the picture of Austin and Sami. She realizes that this may help her get Sami out of Austin’s life once and for all.

Shawn wonders why Mimi would say that he belonged to Belle. Shawn lets her know that Belle was his past, but Mimi and their child is his future. Shawn tells Mimi that he loves her. Belle listens to their conversation. Shawn and Mimi hug and kiss.

Belle agrees that she is his past. Claire begins to cry, as Belle picks her up. Shawn and Mimi hears the baby cry.

Chelsea makes a call on her cell phone. Chelsea realizes that she has to change that e-mail before Hope can read it. Pulling off her shoes, she goes down the ladder into the water.

Sami hurries in, excitedly, to tell Austin her good news. She turns around, and sees Kate still there. Sami wonders what she is still doing here. Austin fills her in that Kate had had the same idea as her. Sami doesn’t want Kate to have anything to do with this. Austin pulls her aside to try to talk to her, but Sami will not listen. The doorbell rings, and it is E.J. Kate ushers him inside.

Chelsea changes Bo’s e-mail just in time before Hope and Jennifer can read it . Hope can’t believe her eyes. Hope knows now that her marriage to Bo is over .

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