Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/5/06

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/5/06


Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita

Marlena’s condo

John is busy doing some paperwork when Marlena comes downstairs from her nap. She pours herself a glass of water. John questions her as to what is wrong. Marlena lets him know that she just cannot stop thinking about the baby that she had lost. Marlena blames herself for losing the baby.

Sami hurries into the apartment, and finds Austin on the phone. She tells him that she knows of a way to get the contract away from the Titans. He looks at her puzzled.

Kate is stranded by the side of the road. Her car has stalled out on her. She is on the phone with a tow truck. They inform her that they will be there in forty five minutes. Upset, she hangs up with them. She sees a car’s headlights approaching. A man gets out of the car, and offers to help her. She is reluctant to let him help her, but he insists.

Chelsea looks in the window at Hope’s living room. She overhears them talking on the porch. Bo doesn’t want to ever let Hope go, but she insists that he will have to. She goes into the house. She imagines seeing Zach, standing on a chair, and holding out his hands. He is begging her for help. She begins to scream which attracts Bo’s attention. He comes running into the room, and takes Hope in his arms. Chelsea sees Bo comforting Hope.

Chelsea notices Bo comforting Hope while she cries over Zach. Hope feels that Zach was trying to tell her something. Bo gets her to sit down. Hope feels that after the trial is over, and justice is done then maybe Zach can get some peace.

E.J. looks at the car, but then lets the hood down. Kate thanks him. They introduce themselves. Kate wonders if he is going to seduce her. He asks her if she wants him to.

Marlena and John both responsible for losing the baby. Marlena feels badly for all the months that she had lost while she had had amnesia. John wishes that he could help her. Marlena discusses her patients. She doesn’t know how to help them much less help herself. She doesn’t understand how John can be so forgiving when she had broken their marriage vows, and had become pregnant with another man’s child.

Sami tries to explain to Austin on how they can get Shawn’s account. Austin is confused. Sami grabs him by the arm, and pulls him out into the hall. There they meet up with E.J. She pulls him into their conversation. All is confused but Sami.

John tries to get Marlena to stop torturing herself over this. They discuss Alex. He holds her by the shoulders. She wonders how he can be so forgiving. He tells her because he loves her. He gets a call from Bo. He asks Marlena to come see Hope. John offers to go, but she refuses. Marlena leaves.

Bo gives Hope some coffee. Bo tells her that he called Marlena. Hope thanks him for calling Marlena. Bo wants to give her an answer about whose side he is on. Bo tells her that he will be supporting her. Chelsea listens to their conversation.

Sami and Austin give E.J. their proposal. E.J. refuses to agree to their idea. E.J. refuses to be part of their plans. Sami refuses to accept his answer. Austin gets a call. E.J. asks her if he can go up on roof to exercise. Austin has to leave. E.J. tells her that it is a shame that she can’t stay longer. Austin asks her if she is coming. Sami thanks him for the soda and leaves.

Bo tells Hope that he will be on her side because he wants justice for their little boy. He wants Chelsea to face the consequences for her actions. Chelsea listens. Bo wishes he could have been a better father. Bo begins to cry. Bo is halfway responsible. Bo has missed Hope. He holds Hope’s hand. The doorbell rings. He thinks it is Marlena. He thanks her for coming by. Bo excuses himself. She thanks him. Marlena wants to know what that was all about .Marlena knows that Hope wanted BO to stay.

Chelsea listens to Marlena’s and Hope’s conversation about Bo. Hope doesn’t know what she wants anymore. Hope tells Marlena that she thought that she had seen Zach tonight. Hope feels like a failure. Marlena tries to offer her encouragement. Marlena tells her that she may need more time. She wants Zach’s killer brought to justice. Hope owes this to Zach. Marlena wants to know why Hope sent Bo away. Hope still loves Bo.

Bo wanders around in dark. He sees John. They discuss Chelsea’s trial. Bo wants to save his marriage. Chelsea has to find a way to climb out of the hole.

Austin offers Sami encouragement about her idea. Sami wants to know what he thinks about E.J. The doorbell rings. He wonders what she is doing here. Sami goes to her room to wait until she leaves. Kate cautions Austin against Sami.

John encourages Bo about his love for Hope, and they will love and support each other.

Marlena and Hope discuss how that Chelsea is Bo’s child too. Hope has doubts that she has anything to fight with.

Austin and Kate argue over Sami, and Austin’s feelings for her . Kate looks out the window, and then leaves.

Sami climbs out the window and down the ladder onto the roof to talk to E.J. He refuses to talk to her about business .She starts to leave, but he stops her. He lays a hand on her cheek. Kate watches them from outside the door. E.J. tells her that he is glad that she is here. Kate mumbles to herself that Sami will mess things up just as she always does.

Marlena comes home. They discuss Hope, and how she is doing .Marlena admits that Hope helped her more than she had helped Hope. They kiss.

Bo stands outside on the pier, looking up at the stars.

Chelsea still stands outside Hope’s living room window.

Hope imagines seeing Zach again, and him asking her when his daddy will be home. They give each other a high five. Hope vows to fight for her marriage as she hurries out of the house.

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