Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/30/06

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/30/06


Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita

Kate takes a picture of Philip, Belle, and Claire. Kate notices how hot that it is in here. They let her know that the air conditioning is on the blink. Kate lets Philip know how proud that she is of him, marching in the Memorial Day parade. He lets them know that he has a plan for his future. They are impressed.

Mimi and Shawn sit in front of a fan. Mimi wants to know when the air conditioning will be fixed. She is anxious to get to the appointment to find out if she can have a child.

Austin and Sami come into the apartment. She wonders about her neighbors. Austin grabs her, and pulls her into the apartment, and begins to kiss her.

A delivery man has the new tenant sign for the boxes outside his door. The tenant’s name is Mr. Wells. Mr. Wells mumbles to himself that this feels like home.

Chelsea opens the door, and finds Hope standing there. They exchange looks. Hope remembers Chelsea trying to apologize for the death of Zach. Hope knew that it was hard coming back to Salem, but she didn’t know how hard until she saw Chelsea. Frankie and Jennifer walk up as does Bo and Billie.

Philip fills Kate and Belle in on his plan to bank roll the project. He wants to be a pt and a number 2. In order words, Philip wants to drive a race car. Belle will not allow him to do this. Philip wants to do this. Belle can’t believe that he wouldn’t talk to her about this. Philip gives Claire to Belle, and gets up from the couch. After he leaves, Kate tells Belle that this is all her fault.

Austin is on the phone. Sami brings him his lemonade, and then sits down in his lap. She wonders what this is all about. He lets her know that he has a tip on a new project for their company. Austin goes to take a shower. Sami questions him, but Austin refuses to tell her anything. Austin kisses her. Mr. Wells hears the noise.

Jennifer brings Hope into the house. Chelsea tries to apologize, but Hope just looks at her, and walks off. Chelsea tells Billie and Bo that Hope will never forgive her, and why should she since she had killed her own brother. Billie remarks, “Chelsea”, but Chelsea leaves without looking back .Bo and Billie look after her.

Jennifer pours Hope some water. Jennifer encourages Hope to stay in control. Hope can’t wait until she can put Chelsea behind bars for being the cause of Zach’s death. She wants Chelsea to pay for what she had done.

Belle and Philip discuss his plans for becoming a racing partner with Max and Shawn. Belle is totally against the idea. Philip tries to persuade Belle that this will be a way that he can set a good example for Claire.

Shawn and Mimi share a Popsicle. Shawn believes that Zach is watching out for them. He also believes that this baby was meant to be. He feels that God is going to bless them with a child. Mimi has doubts since she had lied about Claire being his daughter. She remembers her talk with the priest at St. Luke’s.

Sami hurries out of the bathroom, and informs Austin that the shower is leaking. He hurries into the bathroom as she hurries next door to get the wrench. Mr. Wells opens the door, wearing only a towel. Sami looks at him from bottom to top. He goes to get the wrench, and in doing so, he steps on the towel, and it falls to the floor. Both Mr. Wells and Sami are embarrassed.

Billie blames herself for throwing Bo into Hope’s arms once again. Kate tries to get her to fight for Bo. Billie will not agree to Billie’s plans.

Frankie and Chelsea discuss Hope, and how that Hope is going to testify against her in the trial. Chelsea knows that Hope hates her. Frankie tries to persuade her to tell Bo and Hope what she has done. Chelsea refuses.

Bo comes into the kitchen and tells Hope that he needs to talk to her. Jennifer leaves. Hope calls Bo a “liar”. They discuss Chelsea, and how that Bo had protected her all along. Hope informs him that he should have been honest with her. Hope knows that Bo should have told her. Hope lets him know that she needs justice for Zach. Hope remembers Bo being in bed with Billie. Hope lets Bo know that she doesn’t believe him. Bo wants to work things out with Hope, but Hope refuses. Hope mentions the e-mail to him that he had sent to her.

Philip lets Belle know that Shawn and Max may not even accept his proposal. He gives Claire to Belle and leaves.

Kate blames Belle for Philip doing this. Kate threatens Belle not to ever leave Philip for Shawn.

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