Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/29/06

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/29/06


Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita

In a hospital somewhere

Jack questions the doctor as to how he is. The doctor cannot give him any solid info.

Alice, Maggie, Jennifer and Frankie have all gathered at Jennifer’s house to celebrate Memorial Day. Jennifer greets Caroline and Shawn at the door. They all reminisce about other family members. Alice and Shawn are glad that Frankie and Jennifer are going to get married, and wonder if they have set a date. They take a moment in silence to honor all our American troops across the seas.

Marlena and John arrive at Jennifer’s, but Marlena is reluctant to go in. John just wants to share the news with them that Marlena is home, and has her memory back.

Chelsea watches Max’s auto race on television. Billie comes in, and stands in front of the television. She asks Chelsea is she ready to go. Chelsea declines from going by saying that she wants to be there when Max comes home from the race. Billie informs her that she is going to the Horton’s barbeque. The doorbell rings. It is Bo. Bo informs Billie that Hopo did not come home with him. Billie is surprised.

Hope comes into hers and Bo’s home. She notices that all of Zach’s things are gone. She looks at a pix of her, Bo and Zach’s. Patrick tries to console her as they hug. Shawn and Mimi come in. Shawn welcomes her home with a big hug. Hope lets him know that this is not home anymore.

Chelsea tells Bo that she only wants him to be happy. Bo lets them know that Hope wants to see Chelsea pay for what she has done. Chelsea asks him about the e-mail. Bo wonders why Chelsea would ask him that. Billie questions him as to what had happened on Morgan Island. Bo lets them know that Hope and Patrick were together.

Hope and Shawn discuss about Zach being gone, and she and Bo are divorcing. Shawn lets her know that he and Mimi are her family. Hope confronts him about him and Mimi getting married, and not inviting her. Hope congratulates Mimi with a hug. Mimi lets her know that they had lots of pictures. Hope remembers reading the article on the internet about their marriage. Patrick also apologizes for not being there for their wedding .Shawn lets Hope know that they have great news. Shawn lets Hope know that he and Mimi are going to have a baby. Hope is thrilled.

Jack and his doctor discuss how that Jennifer might have moved on with someone else. The doctor encourages him to be optimistic.

Jennifer, Frankie and the rest of the Horton family watch Max’s exciting car race on t.v. They applaud loudly as Max wins the race. Abby comes, slowly, down the stairs. Abby remembers Jack, and how he would always prepare the hamburgers. Jennifer and Frankie see her. Jennifer asks her if she would help Frankie prepare the hamburgers .Abby refuses. Abby confronts Jennifer about what day that it is besides Memorial Day. Abby reminds her that it is hers and Jack’s wedding anniversary.

John tries to assure Marlena that her family will be thrilled to see her. Marlena feels guilty that she hasn’t been there for her family in the past. Abe, Lexie, and Theo come up. Lexie lets Marlena know that it is her fault the ways things happened. Marlena and John are confused.

Jack asks his doctor what is today. The doctor informs him that it is Memorial Day. Jack asks him for a hamburger and beer. The doctor refuses. Jack also tells him that today is his anniversary.

Jennifer can’t believe that Abby would say such a thing about her not remembering their anniversary. Alice overhears their conversation, and confronts Abby about her remark to her mother. Maggie lets them know that everyone loses someone that they love. Abby admits that she just misses her father. She apologizes to Jennifer. Abby agrees to help Frankie prepare the hamburgers the way her father had fixed them .

Lexie blames herself for having Alex in Marlena’s life. Abe lets John know that the charges against him have been dropped. Regretfully, Abe lets them know that Alex’s body has not been found. Marlena begins to worry that Alex might still be alive, and will come back after them.

Chelsea wants to know what had happened between Bo and Hope. Billie suggests that Chelsea go to the Horton’s for the barbeque because Bo is not in any mood to celebrate. Chelsea leaves. Bo questions Billie as to what had happened with Chelsea since he has been gone. Billie doesn’t really want to answer him. Bo lets her know that Patrick was a hero in Morgan Island. Billie wants to know what Patrick had done. Bo proceeds to fill her in.

Hope finds out that Mimi and Shawn are planning to have a baby through invitro fertilization. Hope wants to know how they had found out about the invitro. They proceed to fill her in on the waitress, and what they had told her. Bonnie comes rushing in, and hugs Hope, and welcomes her home. Bonnie sees Patrick, and hugs him. She pulls him aside to find out the latest gossip between him and Hope.

John assures Marlena that Alex is dead. He persuades her to go into the house with her family. Belle is escatic to see Marlena. Marlena fills her in on what had happened to Alex.

John fills Frankie and Jennifer in on Marlena and what had happened to Alex. Abby comes out of the kitchen to get the door. It is Chelsea. They go outside to talk. Chelsea attempts to make plans with their boyfriends, but Frankie and Jennifer stop them.

Shawn, Mimi and Bonnie encourages Hope to go to the barbeque. Hope reluctantly agrees.

Bo lets Billie know that it is over between him and Hope . He also lets Billie know that he had kept something from Hope that he should have told her right off.

Hope arrives at Jennifer’s only to see Chelsea face to face.

Jack has reservations about going home, and interfering in Jennifer’s life.

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