Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/26/06

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/26/06


Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita

Salem Hospital

Shawn and Mimi discuss about the in-vitro fertilization with Lexie. Lexie assures her to stay positive about this situation. Lexie goes into her office. Shawn and Mimi hug.

Lexie, with a file in her hand, discuss with Abe about the possibility of them having another child. Abe has his reservations.

Austin and Sami discuss the details about their wedding. Sami is deep in thought, and is hardly listening to a word that Austin says. He questions her as to what her mind is on, the wedding or the honeymoon. Sami reveals that she was thinking about the article that Will had written on Karma. Sami is worried that all the bad things she has done in her life is coming back to destroy her happiness with Austin. Austin vows to put a stop to this once and for all. He leaves her at the table.

Jennifer and Abby discuss the fact that Abby wants to have a child. Jennifer lets her know that she is not going anywhere. Abby calls her a, “hypocrit” for telling her one thing to do, and then turning around and doing something just as bad. Abby gets through with talking, and rushes upstairs. Frankie comes in, and wants to know what is going on. Jennifer tells him that she wished Jack were here that he could handle this situation.

Jack is asleep when his doctor comes into his room. Jack wonders if the procedure was successful. The doctor lets him know that it is too soon to tell.

Morgan Island

John can’t wait to get Marlena back to Salem. He kisses her hand. Marlena realizes that they have lost so much time. Marlena can’t believe that they are finally back together. They kiss.

Bo tries to explain to Hope that they are meant to be together. Bo tells her that he loves her. Hope tells him that she loves him, too.

Abe lets Lexie know that he has to come to terms with who he is now. Abe understands why Lexie wants to have a child. Abe lets her know that he can’t meet her sexual needs . She remembers making love to Tek. Lexie tells him that she loves him. Abe suggests a romantic dinner to which Lexie agrees.

Lexie picks up the phone to check on Shawn and Mimi and their test results.

Mimi wonders if this has worked. Lexie comes out of the office, smiling. Lexie tells them that the doctor had said that she will let them know as soon as she hears from the embryology lab. Mimi and Shawn are thrilled. Lexie leaves them with a smile on her face .

Shawn has somewhere he wants to take Mimi.

Jack relives the past with Jennifer. The doctor tells Jack to call Jennifer. He hands Jack the phone.

Jennifer knows that Jack is not coming back. Jennifer has to figure out what to do with Abby. They discuss Chelsea and Abby and what the picture on the internet will do to her case .Frankie knows that Chelsea is in trouble. Frankie lets Jennifer know that Bo had gone to see Hope.

Bo holds Hope’s hand. Hope reveals that she wants to work it out .They discuss Chelsea and the lies that Bo has told her. Bo tries to make Hope see that it was only an accident. Hope only blames Chelsea for the accident . Bo tries to make her see that during bad times families need families. Bo mentions the e-mails and how that Hope had never answered him. He asks her didn’t she get his e-mails.

Sami looks at the decadent dessert that Austin has brought her. She takes a bite of it. She remembers her talk with the priest. Austin wonders what is wrong.

Abe and Lexie come in, and Lexie spies Sami from across the room.

Shawn and Mimi visit the nursery. Shawn daydreams of how it would feel when Mimi held their child in her arms. He hugs her. A nurse approaches them and tells them that the doctor will see them now.

Abby is on the computer when Jennifer knocks on the door. Jennifer forces her to open the door. Jennifer tells her that they have to talk. Abby tells her that she hates her, and wishes it had been her that had gotten the deadly disease.

Jennifer comes downstairs. She lets Frankie know what had happened. Frankie pours them a drink. He asks her if she wants to postpone the wedding. Jennifer decides to call Hope.

Bo and Hope discuss Billie and Chelsea, and Bo taking up for them against Hope and Shawn. Bo tries to explain, but doesn’t do any good. Hope confronts him about the trial date being set up, and his not telling her.

Lexie excuses herself from the table .

Sami excuses herself from the table .

They meet in the bathroom. Sami tries to persuade Lexie to get another opinion concerning her biopsy. Lexie refuses.

Shawn and Mimi gets the news that her egg is now an embryo. Mimi and Shawn are thrilled that they are going to be parents.

Hope lets Bo know that it is over between them, and she can’t wait to testify against Chelsea.

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