Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/25/06

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/25/06


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Shawn works on Belle’s car. He lets her know that it will be a while. She decides to hang out with him a while, while he fixes it . He tells her to hand him a ratchet, but then has to tell her what a ratchet looks like. They discuss him and Mimi having children. Shawn lets her know that he wants nothing more than to have a child with the woman that he loves.

Mimi is deep in thought outside of the garage.

Abby finds out that Jennifer and Frankie are engaged. She throws it up to both of them that Jack has only been dead a year, and Jennifer is already planning a life with somoeone else. Abby threatens to move out if Frankie and Jennifer go through with this wedding .

Chelsea and Billie discuss Bo and Hope, and their reconciling. Chelsea knows that she will go to prison for sure if Hope comes home, and testifies against her. Chelsea lets it slip that she was so close to keeping them apart. Billie demands to know what she has done.

Morgan Island

Marlena feels as though she has lost so much time since she has had amnesia. Marlena asks John if Alex is really dead .John assures her that he is. John also assures her that she is safe .They kiss.

Patrick and Hope kiss. Bo comes rushing up, and separates them. Bo orders Patrick to get his hands off his wife.

Billie orders Chelsea to tell her what she had done. Chelsea remembers when she had written the e-mail to Hope, and pretended like it was Bo that had written it .Chelsea lies to her, and tells her that she had been praying every night that Billie and Bo would get back together. Chelsea starts to leave, but soon stops outside the door. She knows that if Hope comes home, and her and Bo reunite then it will be over for her and Billie to reunite as a family.

Hope holds Bo back from beating up on Patrick. She tries to defend Patrick to Bo, but Bo doesn’t believe her .They try to explain to Bo that Patrick had helped the police find Alex and trap him.

Marlena and John hug. John makes her promise that she will never leave him again. They confess their love for each other. She thanks him for not giving up on her, and for finding her before Alex had a chance to kill her.

Bo warns Hope about Patrick and his police record. Patrick denies being in Chicago. Hope and Bo argue over Patrick and what kind of person that he is. Bo confronts Patrick about his police record. Bo blames Patrick for his and Hope’s marital problems.

Bo turns to Hope and tries to explain to her that he loves her and she belongs with him. Hope doesn’t necessarily believe him.

Mimi listens to Belle and Shawn talk about Claire and how attached that he is to her, and his feelings for her .Belle tries to make him understand that Mimi understands that Shawn wants a boy. Belle confides to him that she had had the best boyfriend. Belle regrets losing Shawn to Mimi.

Jennifer forbids Abby to move out .Frankie gets a call on his cell phone, and takes the call in another room. Abby thinks that Jack will come home to them. Jennifer explains to her that she can’t spend the rest of her life waiting for Jack to return. Jennifer wants someone to grow old with. Jennifer tells Abby that she loves Frankie. Abby wonders how Jennifer can do this to Jack and his memory. Frankie comes back in, and hurriedly gets on the computer. He shows Jennifer the article on the website, but doesn’t want Abby to see it . Frankie knows that this sure doesn’t help Chelsea’s case. Jennifer kisses him bye as he hurriedly leaves the house.

Abby finds the pix of her and Josh on the website also. She closes it down before Jennifer can see it, but Jennifer manages to see it anyway.

Frankie informs Billie and Chelsea about the pix of her and Max. Billie reprimands her for doing this since it will go against her in court. They discuss Hope, and how that if she comes home, she will testify against Chelsea.

Marlena hugs Bo, and is glad to see him. Bo takes John aside to talk to him about Patrick.

Hope is happy for Marlena that she is back with John. Marlena lets her know that she can be happy again, too. Hope tells her that she cannot reconcile with Bo.

Hope apologizes to Patrick for doubting him. Patrick knows that Hope loves Bo. Hope knows that she should have trusted Patrick.

Bo and John discuss Chelsea’s trial. Bo mentions that Hope wants to send Chelsea to prison for Zach’s death. John tells Bo that he has to tell Hope about the change in the trial date. John also tells Bo to be straight with Hope.

Hope comes up, and asks Bo what is he lying to her about. Bo tells her that he has something to tell her, and that is why he is here.

Belle and Shawn discuss how that Hope wants a divorce from Bo. They also discuss Chelsea and how that Bo has defended her. Shawn knows that he would never do that to his family. He lets Belle know that he trusts Mimi. Mimi listens to them.

Jennifer lets Abby know that this pix of her and Josh is embarrassing. Abby throws it up to Jennifer how that she and Frankie had made love, and them not married.

Billie warns Chelsea about her actions. She reprimands her, and tells her that this will look bad on her in court. Billie tells her that she is grounded. Chelsea becomes angry and stalks out. Billie tries to go after her, but stops. Chelsea knows that her life will be over if Hope testifies against her .

Patrick, Marlena and John leave Hope and Bo alone to talk.

Bo begins to try to explain to Hope how much he loves her, and they can work this out. Hope just listens to him.

Abby lets Jennifer know that she wants to have sex just like the other girls, and maybe have a baby. She vows that she would be a better Mother than Jennifer.

Mimi knocks over some tires which lets Shawn and Belle know that she is there. Shawn asks her how long has she been standing there.

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