Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/24/06

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/24/06


Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita

Mimi walks up the church aisle, and sits down on the front pew. She remembers her conversation with the priest about her marriage being null and void because she had lied to Shawn.

Sami talks to the priest about her problems. The priest wonders what she has done now. Sami remembers her conversation with Lexie, in which Sami had blackmailed her. She also remembers her talk with Alex in which Alex is going to let Lexie die by giving her a false biopsy report. Sami refuses to tell the priest what she has done.

Franklin and Jennifer kiss. She thanks him for being there for her and the children. They kiss again.

In a hospital somewhere

Jack lies in a hospital bed, holding a locket with Jennifer and the children’s pix. There is a knock on the door, and a doctor comes in. The doctor lets Jack know that he may can help him.

The docks

Josh and Jennifer arrive. They discuss her father, and how much she misses him. Josh lets her know that he really likes her.

Max and Chelsea arrive. Chelsea asks him for a favor. Chelsea asks him to fire Shawn just until the trial is over. Max is confused.

Billie comes into her house with a bag full of groceries. The phone rings. Billie, hurriedly, answers it. It is Bo. He lets Billie know that Hope has called him, and her life is in danger from Patrick Lockhart.

Morgan Island

Hope yells for John, but doesn’t get an answer. She sees a flower that was Alma’s favorite. Hope doesn’t know how wrong she could have been about Patrick. Hope hears yelling in the distance. She rushes in the direction of the yelling. She approaches John, Alex and Marlena. John and Alex get into a brawl over the gun. Alex manages to get the upper hand, and grabs Marlena around the neck. He threatens to kill her.

Sami thinks that there is something that she can do. The priest suggests that she make amends. Sami realizes that she will just have to take a chance with “Karma.”

Sami comes out of the confessional, and sees Mimi. Sami asks what is wrong. Mimi refuses to tell her anything. Mimi doesn’t like Sami, and Sami doesn’t like Mimi. Sami suggests that maybe they can help each other.

Billie questions Bo as to what Hope had said. Bo tells her that he is going to Morgan Island. Billie tells him to wait that she is going with him. The pilot comes in, and tells him it is ready for takeoff. Bo hangs up on Billie as he sits down.

Alex holds the gun to Marlena’s head. Hope pushes Patrick to the side as she tries to talk to Alex. She tries to tell him that it is over. Alex tells them that it will be over when he kills Marlena.

Max refuses to fire Shawn which doesn’t set too well with Chelsea. They argue a little over the situation. Max kisses her. Max insists that she and Shawn will work it out after the trial is over. They kiss.

The doctor informs Jack that he is eligible for a new protocol. The doctor wants to give it a try on Jack. Jack has his doubts about it. The doctor offers him encouragement that he should fight this if he ever wants to go back to his family. Jack doesn’t want to put his family through this. Jack remembers when he had said good-bye to Jennifer and his children. Jack won’t agree to the procedure. The doctor hands him the clipboard.

Frankie and Jennifer kiss. Maggie comes out with Jack. Jack is refusing to go to sleep. Jack, Jr. says da da da which surprises them all.

Mimi mentions Sami’s wedding to Austin. They mention Kate, and how she is against this wedding. Mimi lets Sami know that she has Sami’s old job. Sami wishes her good luck. Mimi tells her bye.

Billie thinks about Hope and how it will ruin Chelsea’s life if she comes home and testifies. She looks at a pix of Chelsea.

Bo gets a call from the captain that they are in for turbulence. Bo asks the pilot how long before they get to Morgan Island because his wife is in danger.

Alex holds the gun to Marlena’s head. John manages to get the upper hand on Alex, and they struggle over the gun. They roll around on the ground before they fall over the edge. Each man holds on for dear life. Alex loses his hand hold, and falls into the ocean. Marlena and Hope manages to pull John to safety. Marlena and John hug.

Josh mentions to Abby that they shouldn’t date anyone else. Before they can really talk about it, Chelsea and Max join them.

Abby confides to Chelsea that Josh wants them to go steady. Chelsea likes the idea of settling down with just one guy. Abby tells her that she has decided to sleep with Josh. Max and Josh re-join them.

Abby lets Josh know that she thinks that it is a good idea that they only see each other. They kiss.

Max offers Chelsea encouragement that everything will work out for her and Shawn. They kiss. Some magazine reps takes pixs of Max and Chelsea.

Jack looks at the locket and remembers Jennifer. He knows that he can’t turn her life upside down again. He refuses to the doctor’s suggestion.

Jennifer and Frankie tell Maggie and Alice that they are engaged. They are thrilled. Jennifer lets them know that Jack, Jr. had called Frankie da da.

Sami and Mimi discuss how much Belle loves Shawn. Sami orders Mimi to tell her what is going on.

Billie calls Chelsea to come home.

Bo faces turbulence on his trip to Morgan Island. Bo remembers the tragedy that he and Hope had faced concerning Zach’s death, and how that Hope had left him.

Marlena and John hug. A police officer comes up. They fill him in on what had happened to Alex. Marlena insists that they can’t arrest John. The officer fills them in that Patrick had been helping them to catch Alex. Hope is surprised.

Chelsea gets a call from Billie for her to come home.

Abby gets a call from Jennifer for her to come home.

Frankie and Jennifer wants Abby to know immediately about their engagement. Jennifer takes Jack, Jr. to bed for the fourth time.

Alice thanks Frankie for loving Jennifer.

Jennifer looks at a pix of her and Jack on their wedding day.

Mimi questions Sami as to why she is at confessional at this hour. Sami insists to her that she will find out Mimi’s secret. Sami stalks out.

Jennifer waves good-bye to Alice and Maggie. Frankie suggests getting a bottle of champagne to celebrate their engagement. Abby overhears that they are getting married.

Chelsea arrives home to find out that Hope has called Bo, and he is on his way to Morgan Island to talk to her. Chelsea goes balistic and blames Billie.

Marlena remembers that she had had amnesia because she had lost her and Roman’s child. John promises to work this through together.

Hope apologizes to Patrick for not trusting him. They kiss.

Bo arrives just in time to see the kiss.

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