Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/23/06

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/23/06


Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita

Mimi and Bonnie argue over the fact that Mimi wants to tell Shawn that Claire is his daughter. Mimi knows that Shawn is going to find out the truth, and she wants to be the one to tell him. Bonnie tries her best to keep Mimi from telling Shawn the truth. Mimi knows that she needs to talk to someone so she leaves. Bonnie, quickly, unties Max and follows Mimi before she makes a big mistake.

Sami reads Will’s paper on “Karma”. She knows that if she keeps on doing things against other people that she is going to be found out. She figures out what she must do.

Bo and Billie come downstairs with boxes of Zach’s things that they are going to donate to charity. Billie thinks that this is generous of Hope to do this. Billie watches Bo as he sits with his head in his hands. She asks him if he alright. He tells her that he misses Hope.

Hope confronts Patrick about his working for Alex, and was about to kill John because Alex had ordered him to. She wonders how he could do this to her as close as they had became.

John tries to explain to the police officers that Alex is going to kill Marlena. The police doesn’t buy John’s story, and thinks that he is the bad guy instead of Alex.

Alex takes Marlena deep into the woods. She wants to go back, but Alex refuses to let her. Alex insists that he can’t let John take her away from him again. He also insists that he can’t lose her again. Marlena tells him that she belongs with John. This doesn’t set too well with Alex for he pulls a syringe out of his coat pocket. Marlena notices what he has, and she insists that he is not going to drug her again.

Billie thinks that this is good for Bo to do this so he gain closure in Zach’s death. Bo wonders what about Hope. Billie insists that all Hope wants is to send Chelsea to prison for a long time.

Hope knows that Bo had tried to warn her about Patrick, but she had refused to believe him. She also knows that Patrick has taken advantage of her. Hope thought that they had had something special between them, but she was wrong. She knows that this all is just a big game to Patrick. He takes her by the arms, and insists that he does care about her.

Mimi goes to the church to talk to a priest. Bonnie catches up to her before she can go in. They begin to argue again about what Mimi is about to do. Mimi wins the argument, and goes in to the see the priest.

Sami comes into the church. She kneels down, and lights a candle. She asks for help in this situation. The candles suddenly goes out. She hears a woman’s voice telling her that she had heard what she had done. She looks up to see Bonnie. Bonnie explains to her how she had found how she had gotten Austin to propose.

John tries to tell the police officers that you can’t trust Alex, but they refuse to believe him. John also tells them that Alex had drugged Marlena. The police tells him that they have no proof that Alex had drugged Marlena.

Marlena threatens to scream. Alex tells her that no one will hear her. He looks at the syringe, and suddenly changes his mind about drugging her since John had caught up with him. Marlena confesses that she loves Alex although she knows the bad things that he has done.

Bo and Billie discuss how good that Chelsea has been doing, and that the jury might go easy on her considering her good attitude as of late. Billie notices that Bo still thinks that there is a chance for him and Hope.

Hope tells Patrick matter-of-factly that he doesn’t care about her that he has only been using her. Hope insists that he knew that she was weak, and he exploited it.

Marlena knows that Alex doesn’t understand about her feelings for John. She fingers the locket around her neck. Marlena admits that she loves Alex. She denies that John is stalking her, that he only cares about her safety. Alex admits that he wants her only to himself. Alex tells her that if he can’t have her then no one will.

The priest pours some coffee. Mimi tells him that she needs to talk to him that she needs some advice. They discuss her and Shawn and how they have been doing. Mimi confides to him about the in-vitro, and they are planning on having a baby. The priest is happy for them. He is also happy that Mimi had told Shawn that Claire was his daughter. Mimi admits that she hadn’t told him about Claire being his daughter. The priest is surprised. He informs her that her marriage to Shawn is null and void since it was founded on a lie. Mimi is speechless.

Sami insists to Bonnie that Austin had proposed to her because he had loved her. Bonnie doesn’t buy that explanation. Bonnie lets her know that Sami is the one, who needs the confessional more than Mimi does. Sami wonders what Mimi has done that she needs a confessional.

John admits to the police that he had tried to kill Alex. He persuades one of the police officers to call the Salem Police Department and check on him. The officer agrees. John tells him to call Abe.

Marlena begs Alex not to do this. He takes her hand, and kisses it. He asks her if there is a chance for him and her. Marlena tells him, “no.” Alex then tells her that she leaves him no choice, but she will have to die.

Bo admits that his feelings for Hope will never change. They discuss Patrick, and how he had led Billie on. Bo knows that Hope still loves him. Bo apologizes that he hadn’t meant to lead her on.

Hope approaches John. She questions him if there is any word on Marlena. Hope tells him not to take the law into his own hands that she will try to find the proof that Alex had been drugging Marlena. The officer comes back and lets John know that his story checks out, but he is ordered to stay away from Alex and Marlena.

Alex drops the syringe to the ground. He grabs her by the arms. They struggle. She claws his face as she falls to the ground. He vows that she will pay for that. She remembers how Alex had abused her in the past, and how he had been the one, who had killed Lois. He grabs her, and tries to push her off the ledge.

Mimi knows that Shawn will never forgive her for not telling him that Claire was his daughter. She leaves the office.

Mimi meets Bonnie outside the office. Mimi fills her in on what the priest had told her. Bonnie is devastated. Mimi orders her out. Mimi tells Bonnie that she has to tell Shawn the truth.

Marlena struggles with Alex. John comes up behind Alex. Alex pulls a gun on John, but John manages to knock it out of his hand. He knocks Alex to the ground. Marlena and John hug. He realizes that the necklace around Marlena’s neck is what is keeping her in Alex’s control. John pulls the necklace off, and throws it away. They hug and kiss. Alex comes to, and sees John and Marlena kissing. He then spies the gun on the ground.

Mimi prays for God’s help in this situation.

Sami talks to the priest in the confessional on “Karma.”

Hope tries to call Bo to tell him that he was right about Patrick.

Bo helps Billie carry the boxes to the car. He arrives back in the house on the last ring, but doesn’t manage to reach it in time.

Marlena notices that Alex has come to, and is reaching for the gun. Alex threatens to kill them both. John and Alex struggle for the gun.

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