Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/22/06

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/22/06


Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita

Shawn and Mimi’s apartment

Shawn and Mimi arrive home from the hospital. Mimi is upset over something, but will not reveal what is troubling her. Philip, Belle and Claire walk up to join them. Philip wants to know how things had gone at the hospital. Mimi is reluctant to tell them anything. They just look at each other.

Abe and Lexie’s apartment

Abe, with some papers in his hand, leaves Lexie and Kate to talk. When Abe leaves the room, Kate begins to question Lexie as to what Sami has on her. Lexie is reluctant to answer her as she looks around for Abe. Lexie denies knowing anything she is talking about . Kate offers her help.

She lets Lexie know that Sami and Austin are back together.

Sami has just broken a wine bottle. She is frantic. Austin and Carrie tries to calm her down .Carrie mentions that if you break a wine bottle on purpose then it will be for good luck. Sami lets her know that it was an accident.

Patrick holds a gun on John. Hope is totally surprised by Patrick’s actions. She then realizes that Bo had been right about him all along. Alex orders Patrick to kill John. Hope tells Patrick don’t he dare as she steps in front of Patrick. The gun accidentally goes off. Marlena steps in front of John to save the man that she loves.

Mimi lets Philip and Belle know that everything had gone fine. Shawn invites Belle and Philip in to talk. They all go into the apartment .Shawn offers them a drink. They all discuss the child that Shawn and Mimi are going to have. There is a knock on the door, and it is Bonnie. Bonnie comes in all enthused, and wants to know when she will have a grandchild.

Alex questions Marlena as to what she means by saving the man that she loves. John confronts Alex as to what he had been doing to Marlena. Marlena lets it slip that John had given her an injection. Alex demands to know what John had given to Marlena. Marlena tries to explain, but only results in making everyone more confused. Hope questions Patrick as to what is going on. Marlena insists that nothing is wrong with her, she is just confused.

Kate insists that Lexie knows something on Sami, but refuses to tell what it is. The phone rings, and it is answered by Abe in the other room. Lexie looks around for Abe as she continues to talk to Kate. Kate still insists on knowing what Lexie has on Sami. Lexie still refuses to tell her anything. Kate offers Lexie her help if she will only tell her what she has on Sami or what Sami has on her. Abe comes in, and sits down on the arm of the sofa. They talk a little before Kate gets up to leave.

Sami, Austin, Lucas and Carrie discuss the article that Will is writing for school or Karma. Lucas insists that Sami is hiding something. Sami refuses to answer. She remembers her talk with Lexie in which she had blackmailed Lexie into doing as she asked. She also remembers her conversation with Alex in which she had learned that Alex was going to let Lexie get false lab results about her breast cancer. Sami gets on the defensive, and wants to know why they are questioning her. Lucas demands to know what Sami is hiding.

Bonnie questions Mimi as to how it had gone at the hospital. Mimi lets her know that there were no problems. Bonnie smiles. Max begins to think to himself.

Mimi, Shawn, Belle and Philip discuss baby names. Belle lets them know that her and Shawn had discussed baby names when they were dating.

Hope pulls Patrick and questions him as to what is going on. John talks to Marlena. Marlena reminds John as to what he had done to Lois. John insists that he didn’t do anything. Hope walks up to defend John. She insists that John hadn’t done anything. Alex insists that he and Marlena are in love. The police come up with their guns drawn. Alex tells them that he wants John arrested. Everyone is surprised.

Abe and Lexie discuss their plans for Theo’s birthday party. Abe lets her know that Clarence the clown had called, and would be able to come to Theo’s birthday party. Abe fills her in on Clarence’s custody hearing for his son. This unnerves Lexie that maybe Abe would fight for custody of his son if Abe was to find out that Lexie had cheated on him.

Carrie and Lucas discuss how superstitious Sami is. Sami reminds them of how Kate had broken them up. Lucas reminds Sami of the things that Sami had done in her past. Lucas points out that Sami acts guilty.

Belle, Shawn, Philip and Mimi discuss baby names. Max begins to tug on his lease. Bonnie decides to take him out, and Mimi decides to go with her. They discuss how that Claire is really Shawn’s baby instead of Philip’s.

Abe offers Lexie comfort about Clarence’s custody hearing .They hug as Lexie looks at a pix of herself, Abe and Theo.

Sami takes a garbage can into the bedroom. An angel of Sami sits on Sami’s shoulder, and gives her good advice as to what to do. The evil Sami sits on her other shoulder, and also gives her advice. Sami is confused as to what to do.

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