Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/19/06

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/19/06


Written By Jessica
Pictures by Juanita

Mimi and Shawn arrive at the hospital for their in vitro procedure.  Mimi is feeling a bit ill; she thinks it's just nerves.  Shawn says that Lexie said that this procedure with harvesting would be painless, but Mimi remembers her saying it could be uncomfortable.  Mimi wonders if she'll be crankier when she's pregnant.  She says she shouldn't have said when, she should have said if. She says they don't know if this will even work, Mimi has a bunch of nerves and Shawn calms her down.  The nurse asks if this is their first. Shawn says yes, the first of many they hope.

They go in to the doctor's office, Mimi is on the table, and Shawn is with her. Mimi has been sedated a bit, but is awake.  The doctor says it's fine and she finishes harvesting Mimi's eggs. Mimi says she didn't feel a thing. They gained five follicles, which doesn't mean five eggs.  Mimi begins having worries, what if they get pregnant with far too many kids, what if she's put on bed rest and can't work.  She says this is a huge responsibility, what if they are making a mistake.  Shawn says it is a huge responsibility, but it's what they wanted to do.  Mimi says they never got to go on their honeymoon; they may not get to Paris for 20 years now.  She wants to make sure they aren't rushing into this, that they aren't being selfish.  Shawn says wanting a child is a bit selfish, but they know what they are getting into and they will be great parents.  Shawn tries to get her to relax, and the doctor tells her if it helps everything is going well.  Mimi thinks nothing goes well for her, and the odds are only 50/50.  Shawn says if it doesn't work then they'll try again.

Mimi just can't believe she'll get to be a mom and Shawn says and he can't believe he'll have a child of his own.  Mimi rolls her eyes.  When it comes time for Shawn to make his contribution, Mimi asks if he needs her help since he was here for her?  Shawn says no thank you and walks off.  Later they get news from the doctor; she was only able to successfully fertilize one egg, which means the odds just got slimmer.  The doctor says they can try again though, so don't get discouraged.  The doctor lets them look at the egg through the microscope and says this could be a peak of their son or daughter to be.

At Lucas' place, Carrie and Lucas are happy for Sami and Austin, but Kate is not happy at all.  Kate asks Austin why he's doing this; does he remember what Sami did to him?  Does he want to go there again? Kate can't believe this.  Sami tells Kate that for the record she won't be going anywhere the night before her wedding or drinking anything Kate puts in front of her.  Sami says this is the happiest moment of her life, but knowing what it does to her makes it just a little better.  Sami says everyone is onto Kate now so there is nothing she can do to ruin this.  Kate says don't be so sure of that. Kate says the woman is a monster!  Kate says she's nearly destroyed everyone's lives in this room.

Carrie says everyone here has done things they aren't proud of, including Kate.  Carrie says Sami has been nothing but supportive since she came back to town, and Austin says Sami is the person he knew she could always be.  Kate says they are all insane.  Will walks in at this point and asks what is going on?  Austin says he and Sami are getting married.  Will says all right.  He says he approves, it's the next best thing to her marrying Dad.  He says sorry for how that sounded. Kate keeps making remarks.  Will tells Kate that he knows she's not happy about this, but don't ruin this for his mom.  Austin tells Will that nothing will mess this up as Sami's not keeping any secrets this time.  Sami flashes to blackmailing Lexie.  Kate says Sami is not capable of being honest.  Lucas tells his mom to knock this off otherwise he, Austin, Carrie and Will won't have anything to do with her again.

Lucas then tells Will some more good news, Carrie is pregnant.  Will thinks this is awesome and tells his mom and Austin to get to work too.  Will knows his mom wants more kids.  Will also says not to worry about Kate, dad won't let her mess this up again.  Lucas ends up asking his mom to go; she's spreading around a lot of negativity here.  She says he may be right as she's feeling physically ill.  Kate and Lucas go out in the hall.  Kate tells Lucas that they are all making a mistake about Sami, she is a poisonous snake.  She says she saved him from Sami and she will save Austin.  Lucas thinks she ruined his life is what she did.  Kate says well he didn't go back to Sami.  

She asks if he can say he'd have been happier with Sami than he would be with Carrie.  No, she says he can't.  Lexie says Sami is going to make Austin miserable and she will stop her.  Lucas says there is nothing to stop, and as far as he's concerned it is his mom who is poison.  Lucas returns to his apartment, and Kate says she brought down Sami before and will have to do it again.  Austin breaks out the champagne, and Sami thanks them all for giving her another chance, they won't regret it. She thinks today was a good omen.  Sami struggles with the champagne and ends up breaking the bottle.  She thinks it means bad luck for her.

Abe has a romantic evening set up for Lexie at home when she arrives and finds flowers, candles, and the works everywhere.  He's also got a nice dinner prepared.  Lexie asks what they are having.  Abe says her favorite, crab cakes.  Abe wants this to be the first night of a new beginning of their relationship.  Abe tells Lexie nothing is more important than her, Theo and their marriage.  He knows he's trying to relieve stress in her life, and he fears most of it is caused by him.  Lexie flashes back to being blackmailed by Sami.  Lexie says that isn't true, but Abe thinks it is.  Abe knows how hard his impotence is on both of them.  He says he wants her to know how much he loves her, and they kiss.  Theo walks up and says "0oooo you love each other!"  They laugh and Abe picks him up.  He has a book Eddie gets a baby brother.  

Theo says he wants a baby brother.  Abe says he'll have to read him this another time.  Lexie tells Theo it's time for him to go to bed.  Lexie takes Theo up to bed while Abe frets over the book.  Lexie returns and tells Abe not to let this get him down.  Abe feels like he's letting everyone down.  Lexie says he's not, both of them are working so much and Theo isn't ready to share his life with a sibling, he has no idea what he'd be getting into.  She tells him not to let this ruin their evening.  Abe says she's right.  The doorbell rings, and Abe wonders who that could be.  Lexie goes to answer, it is Tek. He hopes he's not interrupting but he has reports for Abe.  He says Roman needs him to review case files.  Lexie asks if it can't wait and Tek says he has a meeting in the morning so it can't.  Abe says dinner is a ways off; he'll go over these with Tek till then.  Abe has to go work on dinner, and Tek thinks Abe has upset Lexie somehow.  Tek tells Lexie that she doesn't deserve this and he doesn't deserve her.  Abe returns as they are talking, Abe wants to go over the reports with Tek now.  

As they go over the reports, Kate shows up to talk to Lexie.  Lexie invites Kate in to talk.  Lexie and Kate talk in private, she needs to know what Sami has on Lexie or what Lexie has on her.  Lexie claims nothing is going on, but Kate says she knows there is tension going on between them. Lexie says that's because she hates Sami. Kate doesn't believe her.  She offers Lexie to let her help her; she will be on her side.  Kate says Sami has moved her way into Austin's life again, and she will do everything she can to stop her.  Kate tells Lexie to just tell her what she knows as one way or another she'll find out what is going on.

On Morgan Island, Alex is furious and thinks Hope helped John get away with Marlena.  Hope says she's glad Marlena is with her real husband.  Alex says John has no right to Marlena.  Hope says Alex is a danger to Marlena, but Alex says John is the danger.  Alex goes to Patrick and says they have to find Marlena and John before John does something terrible to her.  Hope tells Patrick not to help him!  Hope and Alex begin arguing over whether John is a bad man or not.  Alex keeps saying John was responsible for Lois death, he stalked him and Marlena, and he even tried to shoot him at the wedding.  Patrick asks if Alex can prove this.  Alex says he can call Roman, Roman will verify all of this.

Hope says Roman doesn't trust Alex either; they are scared for Marlena when she's with Alex.  Alex says they better hope they don't find out how wrong they all are too late for Marlena.  He says Marlena has been kidnapped by Stefano's chief mercenary, they have to do something!  Patrick tells Hope to go call the airport and see what is going on with John's jet.  She leaves to make a call, but not to the airport.  Meanwhile, Alex tells Patrick once again that he wants John dead.  Later Hope talks to Patrick, she knows Alex has to be using mind control on Marlena.  Hope says Marlena remembers John now; Alex is going to have a hard time getting her back.  Patrick asks where they are.  Hope says all she knows is they are near the ocean; she heard it in the background.  Patrick thinks they are on the beach at the changing tent.  Hope says they can't let Alex know, but Alex has heard and says too late!

John and Marlena have fled to the beach.  Marlena has remembered all and tells John she loved their life together.  John says once Alex is out of their lives then they can get back everything he thought they had lost.  Marlena says she does remember their life; it's like a flood gate opening up.  John says nobody will hurt her again, especially not Alex. Marlena says while she remembers her love for John, she doesn't think Alex will hurt her.  Hope calls John and warns him Alex is out for him.  John isn't worried, Marlena has remembered and if Alex shows up then he'll kill him.


John tells Marlena that they have to get out of here.  Marlena says she remembers loving him, but she remembers she was married to Alex.  John asks if she doesn't remember what he did to her. Marlena sees him laughing at her, and we hear the sounds of slapping, but Marlena says her memories are very vague.  She says all she knows is that she owes it to Alex not to run out on him.  


Suddenly Alex, Patrick and Hope show up.  Patrick has a gun on John, Alex orders Patrick to shoot him.  Marlena says she won't let him get away with this.  Hope asks Patrick what he's doing.  Alex says what he paid him to do. Hope thinks Bo was writing about Patrick all along.


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