Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/18/06

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/18/06


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Mimi arrives at the garage with a package, which Chelsea, (who is also there), assumes the package is for the baby.  Mimi sets her straight and says that that would jinx things for her and Shawn before the baby was born or even conceived.  Mimi says that it is for Victor for his “Surprise Party”, and she bought him a paper weight.  Mimi shows what she bought for Victor to Shawn, and he loves it.  He then shows his engine invention to Mimi and tells her how Max is going to help him market it; Mimi is very impressed.  Max says they will make enough money on this to retire early.  Mimi tells Shawn that she's so proud of him, her little inventor.  Mimi has her own good news; Lexie says it's time for them to conceive!

Later Mimi and Chelsea get some time alone; which prompts Chelsea to talk to Mimi about how Shawn hates her and how she thought there was forgiveness in families. Mimi tells Chelsea about her and her ex-fiancé’s abortion.  She says Shawn needs time and that Shawn has had a lot of pain in his life…he's lost a lot of family members. Mimi tells Chelsea from someone who has made mistakes in her life and never got away without being punished, Chelsea should expect punishment as it is coming. Chelsea says she can't go to jail, she wouldn't survive there. She asks Mimi to speak to Shawn. Mimi says she won't make promises, but she will try. Chelsea thanks her and she hopes she gets pregnant soon, she knows Shawn wants to be a dad. Mimi thinks to herself about the Claire secret and how he already is a dad. She says she's suffered enough; don't let her pay for her other sins. Chelsea overhears her saying this and wonders what else Mimi's done; maybe she can use it to stay out of jail.

Lucas’s Loft

Kate arrives at Lucas's loft to talk about the wedding plans.  Lucas says some things have come up that are forcing some changes, Carrie is pregnant.  Kate is a tad shocked and says she wasn't expecting this so soon.  Lucas says neither were they and he asks Kate if she is happy for them.  She says it's just taking time to sink in, but she is thrilled.  Kate looks and acts anything but thrilled.  Lucas brings up that Sami and Austin dating, and Kate asks when this started happening.  They explain that Austin and Sami are on the roof having a “heart to heart”.  Lucas says that Austin was thinking out loud about his hopes and dreams, and Sami thought he was proposing to her.  She accepted before he even officially asked.  He says that Sami completely misunderstood and they are talking things over right now.  Kate is furious because she thinks Sami was baiting a trap for Austin.  She says she has to get up there and stop what Sami is trying to do.  Carrie tells Kate that she can’t do that.  Lucas then pours some drinks and makes a toast to Carrie and their future together, with Kate still there.


Sami tells Austin that she won't be his second choice anymore; he wants to be with Carrie and would marry her if he could.  Sami says that she's cutting him lose; she's standing up for himself.  Sami says she does love him; she always has and probably always will.  Sami says that she can't waste her future away thinking she'll be the one for him in time.  She doesn't know if he'll ever get over Carrie, and she can’t sit around and wait or walk away and start over.  Sami thinks she should have learned from both her sisters, they thought they found true love but ended up with other men.  Sami says she wants that, she wants a man who wants her so bad that he will fight for her no matter what…a man that will make her stop dreaming about the man she can't have.  

Sami says Belle having Claire got Carrie's clock ticking, and now that Carrie's pregnant she feels the same way.  She knows she has Will, but she wants more kids.  She says she wants a big family and a house filled with love.  Sami says she's human too, she's lonely, and she’s lonely when she's with him because she knows she's not the woman he wants.  She says there is nothing more to say other than goodbye and thanks for everything.  Sami goes to walk off, but Austin stops her and says don't go.  Austin says she's right, she's right to be mad at him for how he's treated her.  He says he got so used to treating her as a schemer that he forgot she had feelings too.  He says he got her back by leaving her at the altar, he never wanted to see her again, but that has changed.  They both talk about how each deserves better.  Sami thinks Austin deserves Carrie, and Austin says she deserves Lucas.

Sami says the difference is Lucas doesn't love her back while Austin says he thought Carrie loved him back too, but now that there is a baby, it's over between him and Carrie.  Austin knows that he can't fight a baby and won’t even try.  Austin says he's accepting that he and Carrie are over, and that Sami is helping him.  Sami tells Austin that she's glad for him, but she can't keep putting herself in this situation.  She says that she thinks they should only have contact on a business level.  Austin has to move out and they can't do anything personal…he shouldn’t even spend one more night in the same apartment.

Sami says she needs to go; there is nothing left to say.  Austin says he doesn't want her to go because he doesn't want to lose her.  He says he hasn't treated her right and that is true.  Austin says they always seem to wind up in each other's lives.  Austin says not true…she'll always have a special place in his heart.  He says he may not have a biological clock like her, but time is ticking by for him.  He wants to play with and hold his own children.  Austin says that he does love her and he knows she loves him too, which Sami agrees too.  Austin says he's loved Will since he was born and that the three of them are already a family.  Sami doesn’t exactly understand and asks Austin to paint a picture for her.  Austin gets down on one knee and asks Sami to marry him.

Lucas’s Place

Austin and Sami show up as Lucas's place as Lucas, Carrie and Kate are all toasting to the future.  Austin says they'll need two more glasses, which he uses to propose his own toast to his new fiancé.  Kate screams and Austin says to the future Mr. and Mrs. Austin Reed.  Kate asks if he's insane, and Austin says that he is insanely happy.  Kate says this won't happen, because there is no way he will marry Sami!

The Pub

Jen tells Frankie that they should take the next logical step.  Jen says she doesn't take making love to someone very casually, which Frankie doesn't either.  She says she doesn't want to be lovers anymore; she wants to be husband and wife.  Frankie is thrilled, he's wanted to ask her to marry him his entire life and she beat him to it.  Frankie says it's a yes, and he orders a bottle of the finest champagne for his bride to be.  Shawn and Caroline are thrilled, and Frankie says he's officially “the happiest man alive”.  Jen says somewhere Jack is happy for them too.

In a hospital somewhere

Jack says he had this dream in which the doctor kept telling him there is a cure for this disease.  The doctor says it wasn't a dream…there may be a cure.  Jack asks if the doctor is saying there may be a cure for him. The doctor says it's a highly experimental treatment; it hasn't cured anyone with his illness before.  Jack says that won't do it because he says he's spent far too many months preparing for his death as is.  Jack talks about everything that he has done for Jen…especially trying to insure her happiness with Frankie.   The doctor asks about if Jack recovers…what his he going to do then, since Jen will have moved on with her life.  Jack says he's not the same man he was and that he knows Jen has moved on, he set the whole romance into motion before he left town.  He says it wouldn't be fair for him to return now because he wants her to be happy…with Frankie.  Later a nurse returns with some computer search results.  The doctor tells Jack it's not good news, he's not a candidate for this procedure after all.  Jack says you win some and you lose some. Jack asks to be allowed to die here and the doctor says he doesn't have to die alone, but Jack says he does.

The Pub

Phillip brings Victor to the pub under pretenses of dinner. There he finds they have a party for him, he's very touched. Caroline tells Victor he's part of their family too. Victor thinks that is stretching the tree a bit, but Caroline says it's hers to stretch. Phillip wishes Belle and Claire could be here, but Claire's sick. Caroline says Bo claims he's overworked, but she thinks he can't bear to be at a family gathering. Shawn Sr. walks over and wishes Vic well and thanks him for saving Caroline's life once again. Caroline says they have more to be celebrating, Jen and Frankie are engaged.

Jen and Frankie continue to talk…Jen knows this is what Jack wanted; Jack wanted her to marry Frankie and be happy.  Frankie asks Jen if she's marrying him because she wants to really be his wife or because that’s what Jack wanted.  Frankie says if the only reason that Jen wants to marry him is to keep a promise to Jack then can't do it. Jen says she's not accepting because of Jack, she's accepting because it's what she wants.  However, her, Jack Jr. and Abby are a package deal. He kisses her hand and says that he does want the “entire package”.

Later Frankie thanks his dad and then he returns to Jen and says he remembered hearing awhile ago when she and Jack split up. He thought back then he had as hot, but he knew they'd work things out. Jen says they did. Frankie says he never wanted anything to happen to Jack, and he was willing to admire her from afar. He says he moved away because he knew he couldn't handle running into her now and then. He says what he's saying is that he loves her with all his heart, and he'll honor Jack by being the best husband and step-father he can be. Frankie pulls out the family woven yarn ring that Shawn gave Caroline long ago. He says he's borrowing it until he can get her a real ring. He gets down on one knee and proposes to Jen. She puts the ring on her finger and says she will marry him. Everyone in the pub applauds.

Shawn Sr. toasts to Frankie being back home and to Jen and Frankie's engagement.  He tells everyone to drink up, this is a party.  Jen and Frankie continue to talk, she can't wait to tell Abby the news, but Frankie doesn’t have much hope.  Jen reassures Frankie that Abby loves him, and she loves her dad but she knows that Jack is not coming back.  Jen add that they have an incredible future to look forward to.

Shawn, Mimi, Max and Chelsea all show up at the pub for the party.  Phillip tells Shawn and Mimi that Belle is home with Claire because Claire has a cold.  Mimi says that she can’t wait to have those “mother problems”, which Victor overhears and isn't happy.  Meanwhile, Max and Chelsea talk about Bo not being here (at the party) and how he's tracking down Patrick.  Chelsea thinks that it will cause problems for Shawn and Mimi's marriage and Max gets the idea that Chelsea wouldn’t mind that, and wonders why.

Mimi and Shawn give Victor their gift, a paper weight of Greece.  Victor says that he can't wait to take his grandchildren to Greece some day.  He is also excited about this new idea of Shawn's and Shawn thanks him for investing in it.   Victor just says that he knows a good business move when he sees one.  Phillip tells his dad how Mimi and Shawn are trying for a baby and since they live across the hall, Claire would then be like a sister to their baby.  Victor tells himself she will be the child’s sister!  Shawn and Mimi are extremely happy, and Mimi hopes to herself that the invitro thing works so she can give Shawn a baby and that he never finds out about Claire.

Later Victor tells Chelsea that he knows how it feels to be the black sheep; he almost came between Shawn and Caroline years ago and paid for it for a long time.  Victor says Bo was a black sheep as well and Chelsea says it was because Bo didn't have his real dad around, but Victor adds that Shawn was a great father to Bo.  Chelsea explains that Shawn wasn't his real father and she would know how it feels.  Chelsea says that it still has in impact on a kid, they aren't treated the same as their brothers and sisters.  Victor says that she is probably right, and that's why he worries about Claire.  Chelsea wonders what he means, but Victor tries to cover.  Chelsea doesn't buy it and she now defiantly thinks something is going on.

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