Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/17/06

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/17/06


Written By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Morgan Island:

Marlena and Alex dance as Hope and Patrick dance together. Hope complains that John and Marlena belong together but Patrick counters by asking if the same was true for her and Bo. Hope insists that it is different because Alex is controlling Marlena. Patrick claims to know what is going on and Hope questions him.

Marlena pledges her love to Alex claiming to have no memory of loving John. John watches them from across the dance floor and is determined to rescue Marlena tonight.

Max’s garage:

Chelsea stops by the garage to surprise Max with a designer made racing suit and a matching jacket for her to wear as Max Brady’s #1 fan. Shawn comes out from the back but isn’t happy to discover Chelsea there. Max has Chelsea show off the “Team Brady” jacket but Shawn claims that Chelsea doesn’t even deserve to have the Brady name.

Apartment roof:

Sami enthusiastically accepts what she believes to be Austin’s marriage proposal. Carrie, though shocked, congratulates Sami. Austin is so shocked he’s speechless.


Max stands up for Chelsea but Shawn tells Chelsea that he’d prefer her in jail so he would never have to see her again. Chelsea secretly decides not to tell Shawn about her trial date being moved up to next week. Shawn tells Max to keep Chelsea out of the garage and resumes work on Max’s racecar. Max promises Chelsea that he’ll talk to Shawn.


Austin interrupts Sami’s gushing to clarify that he wasn’t proposing. Sami takes that to mean that she wasn’t the woman he wanted to share his life with.

Sami starts to cry and feels humiliated. Austin defends himself by pointing out how he couldn’t get a word in edgewise and Sami complains that Austin is making this out to be her fault. Lucas and Carrie decide to leave them alone.

Carrie spots her and Austin’s initials carved in the door and flashes back to more romantic times with Austin. Lucas assures Carrie that Austin will move on and be happy. Lucas pulls out a pocketknife and heads for the door.

Austin defends his actions by claiming he only just found out how Carrie feels. Sami points out that Carrie has been telling Austin no for months and how patient Sami has been through it all. Sami decides that it’s not worth being patient anymore because Austin will never be ready to marry her.


Patrick flashes back to making the deal with Alex but lies to Hope. Patrick tries to convince Hope that she’s only projecting her own feelings on to Marlena and John. Hope maintains that Marlena is only with Alex because he has done something to her. Hope spots John watching Alex and Marlena and decides to try and talk him out of going after Alex.

Marlena vows to let nothing spoil the honeymoon. Alex hints at giving Marlena everything she deserves.

Hope wishes John will be able to get through to Marlena and John vows that Alex’s control will end tonight. Hope persists with her desire to help. Hope agrees to John’s request of keeping Alex occupied so John can spend time with Marlena. John walks over to Alex and Marlena and politely asks to cut in.


Max asks Shawn to lay off Chelsea but Shawn brushes off the conversation. Max uses Shawn’s past drunk driving history to show that Chelsea’s crime was less reckless. Chelsea listens as Shawn blames her for breaking up Bo and Hope’s marriage. Max tries to convince Shawn to honor their family’s ways and forgive but Shawn redirects the conversation back to the car.


Alex jokes about how it’s not right to ask to dance with the bride once the couple is on their honeymoon. John pleads for the dance and Marlena makes John swear to respect her new marriage if she dances with him.

Patrick is surprised that Alex allowed John to dance with Marlena but Alex is confident that he is still in control. Patrick warns not to underestimate John and Alex tells him that it is time to take John out. Hope approaches them and inquires about their serious conversation.

John tells Marlena that he’s requested the song they are dancing to because it is their song and in time Marlena will remember it.


Lucas finishes carving his and Carrie’s initials into the door. Carrie is relieved that Lucas chose not to simply carve over Austin’s initials. Lucas and Carrie decide to head downstairs.

Sami complains that she acted too desperate and scared Austin off. Austin declares that they have to talk and Sami doesn’t like hearing that familiar phrase.

Lucas’ apartment:

Carrie feels bad that Sami was so disappointed. Lucas cautions that Sami has too many bad memories to get over. Lucas peeks in the door to his apartment and quickly closes it before announcing to Carrie that he set up a surprise for her. Lucas makes Carrie close her eyes and then leads her into the apartment. Carrie is pleasantly surprised when she opens her eyes.


Austin claims that he’s not ready to make a commitment to anyone. Sami calls that a lie because of how ready Austin would have been had Carrie chosen him. Austin yells to the world that he still loves Carrie. Sami quips that everyone loves Carrie.


Shawn shows Max his idea to help Max’s car to race faster. Max decides to take it a step further and they decide to invest with Victor to market the re-design. Shawn leaves Chelsea and Max alone to talk. Chelsea insists that if Max cared about her, he’d fire Shawn, call off the deal and cut all ties with him.


Alex tells Hope that he was telling Patrick how he trusts Marlena because of their vows. Hope points out that Marlena took the same vows with John but Alex considers them invalid. Alex asks Patrick to back up his claim but Patrick makes a hasty exit. Alex notes how chummy Hope and Patrick have become and tells Hope to give John some pointers about moving on. Alex takes Hope up on her offer to peruse the casino tables.

When the music doesn’t bring back any memories, Marlena pulls away from the dance. John injects Marlena with his own syringe.

John tells Marlena, now slightly woozy, that Alex has been drugging her and that what he gave her was the antidote. Marlena’s memories of her love for John come flooding back. Marlena, now crying, recalls all her memories to John. John’s eyes fill up with tears of relief as they hug.


Shawn talks to Mimi over the phone. Shawn hints at his new plan with Max.

Max refuses to fire Shawn. Chelsea is offended that Max would choose Shawn over her. Max insists it’s because they are family and tells Chelsea to talk to Shawn and remind him that she deserves the same family loyalty. Max leads Chelsea into the office to talk to Shawn.

Lucas’ apartment:

It is revealed that the apartment is full of flowers and baby things. Lucas reveals that Eugenia did all the work. Carrie worries that something will go wrong so Lucas promises to make an appointment with Lexie the next morning. Lucas is touched that Carrie cares so much about including Will and they kiss.


Austin defends the turnout of events by reminding Sami that he said to take things slow. Sami points out that Austin’s actions said something different. Austin brings up how Sami lied about Will’s paternity to ruin the time he did propose. Austin wants them to be honest with each other and Sami flashes back to blackmailing Lexie. Sami decides to be honest with Austin.


Max leaves Chelsea and Shawn alone to talk. Chelsea and Shawn argue over whether Chelsea deserves to be punished for killing Zack and Shawn leaves. Chelsea refuses to go to jail.


Alex wings big at the tables and Hope secretly gloats about Alex’s luck with Marlena running out before throwing a winning roll of the dice.

Marlena claims to John that he is her only love. Marlena begs John to take her away from here and relishes in being called “Doc” again. John leads a now willing Marlena away from the casino. Hope and Alex return to the terrace because Alex has decided to quit gambling while he was ahead. Alex realizes that Marlena is now gone and Hope admits that Marlena is with John. Alex finds Patrick in the casino and orders him to get his gun for they will now be eliminating John.

Lucas’ apartment:

Carrie and Lucas reminisce about the path their relationship took this past few months and they start to make love on the couch.


Sami declares that it’s time to move on because she doesn’t want to be 60 and still waiting on Austin. Sami tells Austin to move out for she would be better off if they never saw each other again.

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