Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/16/06

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/16/06


Written By Jessica
Pictures by Juanita

Lucas takes Carrie, Austin and Sami up to the roof.  It’s rather dark on the roof, and Lucas says that he has done something for Carrie.  He lights up the entire roof, with lights everywhere.  Carrie thinks that it is gorgeous and beautiful, while Sami says that Lucas never did anything like this for her.

Austin sees Carrie and Lucas kiss and is very angry, and Sami isn't happy either.  They all sit down at a table and Lucas pours sparkling water for everyone.  He also proposes a toast to Carrie. In his toast, he says when he met Carrie years ago he fell in love with her, and part of his heart has always been with her.  He also says he's always been honored to call her a friend and he is honored to bring a baby in this world with her.  

Austin asks Sami to dance, and Lucas asks Carrie to dance.  Carrie tells Lucas that she's getting used to being spoiled and Lucas says she hasn't seen anything yet. Lucas tells Carrie that he knows they agreed to start a family, they just didn't know it would be so quickly.  Carrie just thought it would take a little longer.  Lucas informs Carrie that wedding will have to be moved up, but Carrie thinks it's not about the wedding it's about the marriage.  She thinks that marriage and family are what is important.  Lucas knows she wanted to marry Austin and informs her of it, but Carrie disagrees and says that that dream was given up long ago.  Carrie is so happy to be having this baby with him. Lucas’s phone rings and announces that the food in which was ordered has arrives.  Lucas goes to get the food.

Meanwhile, Sami wants to know is Austin is alright, and he says yes, but it is hard to deal with.  Sami reassures him that she can understand.  Austin the most jealous about them having a kid, because he has had such a wonderful life, but….has missed a kid.  Austin explains his reasoning for staying in Salem: he wanted to start a successful business and raise a family.  Austin really wants to be the father he never had, and for his kids to grow up in a family with two parents that love them. Since it didn't work out with Carrie, but he still has a second chance.  Sami thinks that all that is missing is the right woman for him.

Carrie asks if she can interject and talk with Austin.  Carrie and Austin dance, and they tell one another they want the other to be happy.  Carrie thinks Austin will be happy, maybe sooner than he thinks, but Austin doesn’t think so.  Sami sits down and watches them dance.

Sami goes and helps Lucas with the food.  Sami says that she is happy for him and Carrie.  Lucas thanks her and wants her to find happiness with Austin, hopefully even marriage. They set the food up and Austin and Carrie come over and say this all looks great. Austin says before they start he wants to talk to Sami in private. Austin takes Sami aside and says before Carrie cut in, they were talking about what he wanted in life, a wife and kids. Sami says all he's missing is the right woman. Austin says about that. . . Sami is stunned; she asks if he's asking her to marry him?

Bo returns home and hears someone upstairs.  He thinks it is Hope and rushes up, but it turns out to be only Jen.  She's is packing up Zack's stuff for Hope.  Bo is furious and says his soon to be ex-wife seems to forget she's not the only one grieving for their son.  Bo apologizes because he doesn’t mean to take it out on her, but it's just that he hasn't been in Zack's room since that night.  Seeing all this stuff reminds him of what he's lost, the life he'll never have back since Hope's moved on with Lockhart.  

Bo tells Jen that she knew that Hope was with Lockhart…right?  Jen says yes but Hope says they are just friends.  Bo says she's sleeping with him and explains the story about the call to Jen.  Bo wants to know how Hope could do this to him.  Jen explains that since Hope knew that he had moved on with Billie, she thought that she should do the same.  Bo asks how Hope knew and Jen remembers seeing him in the hotel with Billie, but doesn’t tell Bo. 

Jen decides to leave, and Bo begins to have flashbacks to when he and Hope were extremely happy with Zack.  Bo says he was the luckiest man in the world, how did this happen to his family.

Frankie shows up at the pub to talk to Caroline.  She wonders if something is wrong with Jen.  Frankie says no, but there is something wrong with…Bo.  Frankie says that he usually loves his job, but defending his client (Chelsea) means hurting someone he cares about (Bo and Hope).  Caroline asks what’s going on, but Frankie can’t say because of “lawyer and client confidentiality”.  Caroline knows that this is a hard decision because he is representing Chelsea and Mickey's representing Hope in the divorce.  Frankie says they are two different cases, but Caroline says they are related.  

Caroline explains that Zack's death is what is causing the divorce, and Hope is planning to testify which makes Chelsea's case more difficult.  Frankie says he hates this job right now, and things have gotten way too complicated.  He says he's defended killers he knew were guilty, but it was a job then and he felt they deserved the best defense they could get. He says it's never been this personal before, he's hurting because the people he cares about are hurting.  Caroline says he has to do what is best for his client.  Frankie asks even if it destroys Bo and Hope's chance of getting back together and Caroline says he may not be able to help Bo and Hope…only they can help themselves.

Caroline says she has to get back to decorating. Frankie asks what is going on here at the pub.  She says it's Victor's birthday and she's giving him a party.  Frankie asks if Pop knows, and Shawn Sr. shows up and says it was his idea.  He says if it wasn't for Vic saving Caroline on that island and in that castle, he wouldn't have her today.  They invite Frankie, but he says he already has plans with Jen.

Jen shows up, and they are happy to see them together.  They also invite them both to stick around for the party, even if only for a few minutes.  Jen and Frankie talk in private, Jen needs to talk to him about their future.  Jen tells Frankie that she thinks they should take the next step in their relationship….not just lovers, but husband and wife!  Then they kiss.

In a hospital somewhere, a pretty weak Jack holds a locket with Jen and the kids’ photos in it.  A doctor checks on him and asks how the patient is doing today and the nurse replies that he slept through the night.  She explains that he has something to fight for…the locket which he is holding and the people in it.  The nurse says he slept through the night.  The doctor can't believe he lived all these months with this condition.  The nurse says he has something to fight for, look what he's holding.  We see the locket in his hand.  The doctor discusses Jack's condition with his nurse; he thinks there is a chance they can give this man (Jack) back his life.  The nurse asks if the patient is in shape for such an experimental procedure and the doctor simply replies that it is the only chance that he has.  As the doctors aren’t looking Jack opens his eyes and says "Jennifer."

On Morgan Island, Marlena and Patrick stop John from attacking Alex and John asks Patrick whose side he is on…the good guys (John) or Alex's.  Marlena announces that Alex is not a monster.  Marlena takes Alex off somewhere, and Patrick tells John to stay away from Alex which leaves Hope a bit shocked.  Patrick warns John that the only reason he hasn't been locked up by the island authorities because he put in a good word for him.  Patrick says the island doesn't care that he is John Black; they will lock him up for a long time.

John thinks Patrick is working for Alex, but Patrick says Alex and Marlena just showed up here tonight, so he couldn’t be working for him.  Hope tells John that Patrick knows more about this island and he is one of the good guys.  John says he's wanted back in Salem and Chicago as a murder suspect; while Hope still says he is innocent.  John thinks perhaps he should call Bo and let him know where she is, but Hope says she won't let him do that.  Hope asks for a moment alone with John, so Patrick leaves.  

John tells Hope that Patrick is dangerous.  Hope doesn't care what he or Bo has to say about Patrick because she knows him.  She reminds John that it was Patrick that saved them on Tony's island.  John says the two of them go way back and normally he trusts her instincts, but there is something about Patrick he just doesn't like and it isn’t right.  Hope says she's learned more about Patrick since being here with him; he's private but has a good heart.  

John says the jury is still out, and Bo would be unhappy to know she's with Patrick.  Hope says he knows they are here together, he called her. John says Bo hadn't told him that, and he finds that odd.  Hope thinks that Bo has no right to be upset since he's gotten back with Billie.  John says he hasn't been with Billie at all; he has been trying to find her and work things out.  Hope says Bo told her that he wanted a divorce, which is new news to John.  

Hope claims that Bo made his choice to stand by Billie and Chelsea and not by her, which means that any hope they had of getting back together is gone. John says he's very sorry, but Hope tells him not to be.  Hope says right now he needs to concentrate on getting Marlena away from Alex.  John intends to do that but thinks he'll need her help.  John tells her his plan which (as viewers) we don't hear.  She asks if she thinks this will work.  He says it has to, because he will protect her even if it kills him.

Marlena tells Alex they could always go to another island, but Alex says it wouldn’t do any good because John will follow them.  They sit down and have some drinks, and Marlena has a Mai Tai.

Alex excuses himself and talks to Patrick.  Patrick knows that Alex that is right about John Black, the sooner they take care of him the better.  Alex says his plan has worked, now that John has attacked him in public then it will look like he killed him in self defense when the time comes.  Patrick asks why he doesn't take Marlena and run away with her, but Alex says John will still find them.  Patrick is concerned with the effects of Marlena's amnesia which leads him to question Alex about why she can’t remember her life with Alex nor conversations she had earlier in the day. Alex tries to explain why that is so, but can’t.  He finally admits that he caused the “traumatic” event that happened to Marlena…the abuse.  Alex then says that he came to Salem a “changed man” and that is all that needs to be known and now he needs to take care of John Black.

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