Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/15/06

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/15/06


Written By Jessica
Pictures by Juanita


Jen is thinking about making love with Frankie.  She's at the pub and Maggie shows up to meet her, who apologizes for being late…there was a spat between chefs at the restaurant.  Jen asks about Gran and Maggie says she's not coming; she had a quilting meeting today that she couldn't miss.  Jen thinks maybe its better that it's just the two of them because she needs some advice about Frankie.  Maggie thought things were going well between her and Frankie whom Jen say t, but Jen says it was a huge step…maybe too huge.  Jen thinks that she might be getting cold feet and Maggie says that what she's feeling is normal because she loved Jack so much and he hasn't been gone that long.  She says this thing with Frankie has been moving so fast, since Abby walked in on her and Frankie making love.  Jen says this is something a mother never wants her daughter to see and Maggie agrees.  She adds that Abby isn’t a child anymore and Jen agrees and says that she talked to Abby, who later understood after the hock wore off.

Maggie talks about how when she and Mickey were first married, and when Mickey was sent on a trip and he was supposedly killed in a plane crash. Jennifer remembers this and Maggie says she thought she lost her husband and she was alone with their two daughters.  Maggie says she was grieving, but a part of her knew she had to pick up the pieces.  She says she didn't want to spend the rest of her life feeling sorry for herself, but she didn't know if she could face dating other men. She says then Don Craig came along, she could talk to him.  She says things between her and Don got serious, and then she began to feel guilty.  Maggie looks over, and there sits Alice, who gave Maggie the advice that she is here to give to Jen today.  Alice comes over to join them, her meeting ended early.  Maggie says she was just giving Jennifer the advice Alice gave her, she was too young to wear widow’s wings.  Alice tells Jen that Maggie is right, she can't let Jack's memory stop her from living.  They tell her if she loves Frankie then not to let him go.  She thanks them both for their help.  She says she needs to go pick up Jack Jr. now.  Jen leaves and Alice tells Maggie she left out a bit of the story.  Maggie says she knows, her heart led her back to Mickey who came back from the dead.  Maggie says they both know Jen doesn't have to worry about that though, Jack won't be coming back.

In a hospital somewhere

We see a very week Jack in a bed with a nurse checking on him.  He holds a locket with Jen, Jack Jr., and Abby’s, photos on it.

Billie’s Place

Chelsea meets Frankie outside Billie's place, she was told by Billie to meet him here.  She thinks this has to do with the trial.  Frankie thinks her parents should tell her what is going on, they should go in.

Bo and Billie are inside and are waiting for Frankie and Chelsea to show up.  Bo is feeling guilty for not telling Hope about the trial because he doesn't know why he has to make a choice between Hope and Chelsea.  He says this trial would give Hope some peace of mind and closure.  Billie says Hope would send Chelsea to jail though, but it is his choice.  Frankie and Chelsea show up, she asks what is going on.  She learns her trial date is coming up, and Bo says he and her mom will do everything they can to help her; Frankie says he won't lie; this case is going to be hard.  Frankie says she did hit and kill Zack and she didn't stop.  Bo says he's been devastated by this, but he knows it was an accident.  Chelsea says Hope doesn't, she's going to make sure she goes to jail.  Bo says maybe not, they aren't telling Hope about the trial date change.  

Frankie knows this isn't his decision to make, but Bo's making a mistake.  Bo says this is none of his business.  Frankie tells Bo to go outside, so they both go outside, Frankie says it is his business, he's his brother and Chelsea is his client.  Bo says and he's Hope's divorce lawyer too.  Bo says Hope wants a divorce and has moved on.  He says she's with Patrick now, they have slept together.  Frankie tells Bo not to give up.  Bo says he doesn't want to, he wishes this was all a mistake but it's not.  

Frankie remembers Chelsea confessing what she did to Bo and Hope with the email scam.  Bo says it kills him to say this, but it's over between him and Hope.  He says he has to concentrate on Chelsea and her future now.  Frankie asks Bo if he thought about the consequences when Hope finds out about the date change…Bo just hopes that she won't find out.  Frankie says she will, and when she does, he'll lose her forever.  Bo says he's just following Hope's request not to talk to her again.

Back inside, Chelsea thanks Billie for what she and dad are doing for her.  She says lying to Hope. . . Billie says they aren't lying, they just aren't telling her about the date change.  Billie says it's the DA's job to tell Hope, and the DA doesn't know where she is.  Chelsea says Bo and Frankie know and they could call her, but Billie says that won't happen.  Frankie is obligated not to say anything if Chelsea doesn't want him to, and he's only representing Hope in the divorce.  Chelsea thinks she has a chance of staying out of prison after all, and she thanks her mom.

Later, Chelsea decides to go see Max.  She runs into Frankie on the way out.  He wants to ask her something, not as a lawyer but as an uncle.  He asks if she was in Hope's shoes, wouldn't she want to be at the trial?  He says Hope needs closure and is entitled to it.  Chelsea says she feels for Hope, but Zack wouldn't want her to go to jail for an accident.  She tells Frankie to think about that.  Chelsea then walks off.

Lucas’s Place

At the apartment, everyone is shocked when Carrie is in tears and destroys the dress designs and says it's over, the wedding won't happen. Lucas takes Carrie into the bedroom to talk. Carrie has news for him, after he hears this there may not be a wedding. Carrie tells Lucas something we don't hear, it leaves him speechless. Lucas asks if she's sure. Carrie says she's positive. Lucas says he wasn't expecting this. Carrie thinks she's ruined everything, but Lucas says no. He says it's just a lot to take in.

In the living room Sami and Austin wonder what is going on here.  Austin begins thinking that maybe Carrie has realized this is moving too fast, maybe she is calling the wedding off.  Sami doesn't think so, Carrie made it clear who she has chosen and she tells Austin not to get his hopes up.  Austin says Carrie has chosen Lucas, she's out of his life and it's time for him to move on.  Austin and Sami later decide they should go; whatever is going on it's not their business.  Suddenly Lucas and Carrie com~ out of the bedroom.  Austin says they were going to leave.  Lucas says no stay; they have something to tell them.  Sami asks if the wedding is off.  Lucas says no, everything is fine.  Lucas wants Carrie to tell them.

Carrie says she and Lucas are having a baby, she's pregnant.  Sami and Austin are stunned.  Sami gives Carrie a hug and congratulates her, and Austin does the same with Lucas.  Sami doesn't exactly look pleased.  Carrie tells them that she's been queasy the past few mornings; she thought it was just from the surgery.  She says she got a pregnancy test and took it on an off chance, she didn't think it would come back positive.  

She thinks she won't be able to wear any of those gowns, but Sami says she can if she gets married right away.  Carrie says no, she wants her mom, Eric, Brady and Chloe to be there.  She says that takes time to arrange.  Sami thinks that is a cope out, and wonders why she is stalling.  Sami says she didn't mean it to come out like that, she just meant they don't have to get married tonight.  Lucas says it's okay and there will be a wedding.  Sami suggests they go out and celebrate, and Carrie says she'd like that. Lucas sets things up, and Austin tells Carrie he's happy for her, he knows she's always wanted a child.  Sami says to her that she's happy for all of them.

Morgan Island

On Morgan Island, John walks into the casino and looks around for Alex and Marlena because Alex is a “dead man”.  Out on the terrace, Hope asks Marlena if she's sure she is okay because she doesn't seem herself.  Marlena assures her that she's fine; she's in the most beautiful place in the world with a man she loves.

Alex tells Patrick that he has his assignment.  Alex knows John is coming here, he left a trail.  Alex says when John shows up; Patrick will help him kill John.  John then walks out and thinks this is interesting, he finds Hope and Patrick dining with Alex and Marlena.  He says hello to them all.  Marlena asks John what he's doing here.  John says she should ask Alex, he's the one who wanted him here.  Alex says he wouldn't invite John to join them on their honeymoon, especially since he just tried to kill him.  Hope asks what he's doing here.  John says he's been trying to find Marlena since Alex took her away.  He says he tried to track the jet, but Alex jammed the transmission.  Alex says he is stalking them, and he didn't invite him here.

John says Alex had his real-estate agent call him, and he called him himself to goad him…because Alex wanted him (John) to find him.  Alex claims he did call John and maybe he did want John to find them.  Marlena asks why he'd bait John.  Alex says he wasn't doing it on purpose, he called the Salem Police department and John answered.  He claims he called to talk to Roman to make sure john was being kept from him.  Hope finds that hard to believe, after all he's on an island far away from Salem.  Alex says he got a call from his real-estate broker who is selling the cabin for him; she received a call from John to buy the penthouse.  Alex says he was just trying to track them down, he knew if he put an offer in the penthouse that the broker would call Alex, and then John traced the call.  John admits he traced the call.  However he says Alex didn't call Roman, he called him on his cell phone.  He also says Alex's agent called him to say the penthouse and everything in it was for sale.

Alex says Marlena agreed to sell it and he put it up for sale for her.  John says that's interesting, Kate said Marlena told her that they were coming home after the honeymoon, where will she live?  Alex says they haven't decided yet, but Marlena just doesn't remember putting the penthouse up for sale.  Alex says she did.  John wants to hear from Marlena, Alex isn't letting her speak.  Marlena says she may not remember the specifics, but she trusts Alex and knows he wouldn't hurt her. John becomes angry.  Hope pulls John aside and tells him not to do this; Alex is trying to get him to make a scene.  John knows she's right.  John asks Hope why she's here and why she's with Patrick.  Hope doesn't want to talk about it right now, she'll explain in time.  She tells John that he can't go after Alex; it will only make things worse with Marlena. John says he knows.

Back at the table, Alex tells Marlena that he's sorry about this. Marlena says it's okay; she won't let him ruin their honeymoon. Marlena excuses herself, and Alex tells Patrick things are moving too quickly. Alex says John has to die tonight. Patrick doesn't think killing John will solve all his problems. Alex says he's not paying him to think. Patrick says fine, he calls the shots and he'll take care of it. Alex says he was wondering whose side he was on. Patrick says the side of money.

Meanwhile, John continues talking to Hope.  He says he's very concerned about Marlena. Hope says he did the right thing coming here.  Hope tells John that Marlena admitted Alex was controlling her, but then Alex got her alone and her memory of their conversation vanished.  Hope says something isn't right here.  Hope fills John in about what she's noticed going on with Marlena before he came, how she's not the same Marlena.  Hope feels bad that she didn't pick up on this earlier; she has just been so preoccupied with Zack's death.  John says she's had a lot to deal with, and Marlena has been distant from all of them lately.  He says North is doing something to her, he's responsible for how she's been behaving.  Marlena walks up to them and says Alex is responsible.

She says she's a new person and a happy person, Alex has shown her what love can truly be.  John asks how she can say she's happier now if she doesn't remember her life before.  John says she was happy with him. Marlena says it can't compare to Alex's love.  John says he loves her more. Marlena tells John that his love is not healthy, he needs professional help.  Alex walks up and says he agrees.  Alex says a second opinion free of charge; he needs to let Marlena go as her destiny is with him.  Alex kisses Marlena, which prompts John to attack him.

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