Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/12/06

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/12/06



Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita

Sami, Austin, and William visit a video arcade. Will is reluctant, and doesn’t like the idea too much. Will walks off. Sami and Austin discuss Lucas, and how Will doesn’t like the idea too much that they are separated .

Carrie looks at some wedding books. Lucas offers some coffee which she takes. Carrie needs to talk to Sami about her matron of honor dress. Lucas cautions her not to let Sami push her into something that she doesn’t want. Carrie knows that this is generous of Kate to do this wedding for them. Lucas fills her in that Kate had sponsored a honeymoon for Shawn and Mimi which they hadn’t taken yet. Carrie mentions seeing them at the hospital to see Lexie that they are planning on having a baby. Lucas mentions that they may be next. They discuss Austin, and how that if Austin interferes in their life then Lucas may have to teach him a lesson.

Bonnie waits for Mimi as she gets off the elevator. Mimi starts to cry that she doesn’t understand why this is happening since they had just been to Green Mtn. Lodge, and were making plans to have a baby. Bonnie urges her to get into the apartment before it is too late. Mimi goes into the apartment, and sees clothes all over the floor. Mimi begins to cry. Shawn and Belle come out of the bedroom. Everyone is speechless.

John is on the computer, and he has found that Marlena is at Morgan’s Island.

Alex takes Patrick into the apartment, and shows him a suitcase of money which he explains is just the beginning. Patrick tells him that he would make a deal with the devil if it would keep him with Hope. Alex assures him that he has.

Alex wants Patrick to stop John at any cost.

Marlena lets Hope know that she cannot give up on Bo. Hope senses that Marlena is getting her memory back. Marlena admits that she is gradually. Marlena knows that Hope loves Bo with all her heart.

Billie visits Bo in his office at the police station. He lets her know that he has talked to Hope, and she is shacking up with Patrick Lockhart. Bo informs Billie that when he finds Lockhart, he will kill him.

Bo asks Billie if she has any idea where Patrick is. Billie has no idea. Billie lets him know that he cannot kill him. They argue over Patrick. Bo lets her know that Hope has made a decision to be with Lockhart.

Frankie thinks that Alex is setting him up for total disaster.

Alex tells Patrick that he wants John out of Marlena’s life, and he will help to get Bo out of Hope’s. Alex and Patrick make a deal.

Hope tells Marlena that her marriage is over. Hope is glad that Marlena is getting her memory back. There is a knock on the door. It is Alex, and he wants to talk to Marlena. They leave.

Shawn wants to explain to Mimi as to what is going on. Bonnie lashes out at Shawn as to her not believing him. Mimi begins to cry, and confronts Shawn as to what is going on.

Carrie tells Lucas that she doesn’t want them fighting over her. Lucas knows that Sami still loves Austin, and she is obsessed with him. Carrie and Lucas notice how funny things work out between them. They hug. Lucas lets her know that he is happy that he is with her. Carrie notices that the light on the answering machine is blinking. They notice the call is from Austin.

Austin wants to know how he can help with William. Sami is thrilled that he wants to help. She asks him if he is having fun. Austin notices William playing a video game, and goes over to join him.

William and Austin discuss Lucas and Sami’s breakup. They discuss Austin being with Sami now. William tells him that he just wants Sami to tell him the truth about things. Austin encourages William to give Sami another chance. Sami watches them.

John gathers up his things, and leaves the office. He thanks Frankie for his help.

Alex wonders what Marlena and Hope were talking about. Marlena lies and tells him that they were discussing her and Bo, and her love for Bo. Alex notices that Marlena isn’t her old self. Marlena tells him that she is getting back to her old self more and more. She reveals that she knows that he has been drugging her. She takes out the bottle, and smashes it under her foot. Alex grabs her, and holds his hand over her mouth. They struggle.

Hope wants to find a way to help Marlena. Hope lets Patrick know that Bo has been with Billie. She tells him that her marriage is over.

Bo has to find a way to protect Hope from Patrick. Billie wonders if Hope is worried. Bo lets Billie know that Hope had asked him if he had been with Billie. Bo knows that Hope has slept with Lockhart. Bo wonders how did his marriage crumble like this.

Sami is surprised to see Carrie and Lucas come in. Austin had invited them to the celebration. William thanks Lucas for coming. William breaks the news to him that he is moving back in with Sami. Austin states that this will give Carrie and Lucas more time to plan the wedding. Sami hugs William.

Carrie thinks that it is good to see Sami and William together.

Mimi admits that she is jealous of Shawn and Belle. Belle wants to explain, but Mimi raises opposition. Shawn and Belle go to get dressed.

Mimi can’t believe this is happening. Mimi discusses the secret that she knows about Claire. Bonnie knows that Shawn does love Mimi.l Bonnie encourages Mimi to let Shawn explain. Belle and Shawn come out fully dressed. Belle lets her know that they should tell her what they have been up to.

Marlena struggles with Alex. He injects her with the medication. Alex tells her that John is on his way here, and he is going to punish them both. Marlena comes to. Alex welcomes her home. She laughs. He hands her her necklace to put back on.

Hope lets Patrick know that she is going back for Chelsea’s trial. She has to be there for Zach.

Frankie informs Bo and Billie that Chelsea’s trial has been moved up. Frankie advises Bo to think about his marriage.

Marlena and Alex join Hope and Patrick. Hope pulls Marlena aside to see how she is. Marlena denies the things that she had said to Hope before. Alex urges Marlena to let them go downstairs so that Hope and Patrick can get changed. When they leave Hope tells Patrick that she is worried about Marlena.

Carrie, Lucas, Sami and Austin arrive home. They notice an envelope on the table. Carrie opens the envelope, and it is sketches of wedding gowns. Carrie and Sami pick out the perfect wedding gown. Carrie begins to cry and leaves the room.

Mimi can’t get over the nursery that Shawn and Belle had fixed for her. Shawn remembers his and Belle’s paint fight. Mimi thinks that this is so incredible. Mimi asks him to forgive her for what she had been thinking.

Belle tells Mimi that she knows what is wrong with her is the hormone shots. Mimi agrees.

Carrie comes out of the bedroom, and asks where is the sketch of the wedding gown. She tears it up, and tells them that she can’t do this anymore. She has tears in her eyes.

John arrives at the casino on Morgan’s Island.

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